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American Poems and Poetry from United States

American poems and poetry from United States. Read examples of american poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Death tempted AmericanUnited StatesWard, Zachary01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Fighting God AmericanUnited StatesCurtis, Jerry T01/31/2015
Sweet Embrace AmericanUnited StatesHoose, Mary Jo 01/31/2015
No one is permanent AmericanUnited StatesWilson, Taylor 01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Broken AmericanUnited StatesSmith, Bev01/31/2015
Magic Beans AmericanUnited StatesPlatt, Dina01/31/2015
MY wolfie ONLY AmericanUnited StatesKate, Just01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Forlorn Love AmericanUnited StatesSmith, Bev01/31/2015
Most Screwed Up Religion AmericanUnited StatesStevenson, Jerry01/31/2015
Paradox of Civilization AmericanUnited StatesDrug, Graphite01/31/2015
Peaceful Shore AmericanUnited StatesSquires, John 01/31/2015
Sebastian Aaron Baez AmericanUnited StatesNance, Casarah01/31/2015
Fisherman AmericanUnited StatesSquires, John 01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Early Morning AmericanUnited StatesWright, Tom01/31/2015
Sorrel Swamp AmericanUnited StatesSquires, John 01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Questions of Life AmericanUnited StatesHeemstra, Robert01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem When are You going to be done AmericanUnited StatesHarrell, Toquyen01/31/2015
Duke of decay AmericanUnited StatesKopec, Patrycjusz01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Child Returns to Innocence AmericanUnited StatesYates, Bill01/31/2015
One Pair Of Hands AmericanUnited StatesMorgan, Raymond01/31/2015
Life of a Scarecrow AmericanUnited StatesBen, Su01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Thistle Solitude-- Visual No 1 AmericanUnited StatesRichards, Carrie01/31/2015
RECIPROCITY AmericanUnited Stateslowe, millard01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem A Time For All Things - Visual Number 3 AmericanUnited StatesGorelick, Barbara01/31/2015
Brighter Day AmericanUnited StatesCarey, Ninette 01/31/2015
ABANDONED SNEAKERS AmericanUnited Stateslowe, millard01/31/2015
I want mustard on those fries AmericanUnited StatesKate, Just01/31/2015
Dear Father Son And Holy Spirit AmericanUnited StatesKOLTER, MICHAEL01/31/2015
EXPATRIATE AmericanUnited Stateslowe, millard01/31/2015
Gross Fruits AmericanUnited StatesFisher, David01/31/2015
Broken Ice AmericanUnited StatesCameron, Jeffrey01/31/2015
My Dream World AmericanUnited StatesForshay, Matthew01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem A Mirrored Wall AmericanUnited StatesKendrick, Sara01/31/2015
Testing Environment AmericanUnited StatesHinchman, Emily01/31/2015
Understanding In The Shadows AmericanUnited StatesHofert, Edwin01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Connie Marcum Wong AmericanUnited StatesDietrich, Andrea01/31/2015
Old Rusty Metal Things AmericanUnited StatesBradfield, Evan01/31/2015
for real AmericanUnited StatesSky, Jay01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem Song To D H Lawrence AmericanUnited StatesPetersen Potter, Dorian01/31/2015
Azalea Red and Tears AmericanUnited StatesBoebert, Janet01/31/2015
Magic Beans AmericanUnited Statesjohnson, robert01/31/2015
Kickoff AmericanUnited StatesBradfield, Evan01/31/2015
ARISING ON A POETIC MORNING AmericanUnited Stateslowe, millard01/31/2015
Repentance of Sins AmericanUnited StatesNusairat, Fatima01/31/2015
Ode to Now AmericanUnited StatesWhalen, David01/31/2015
ANGELS AmericanUnited Statessimpkins, susan01/31/2015
Premium Member Poem VISUAL 1 AmericanUnited StatesParise, Rick01/31/2015
ME AND MY BABY IN WINTER TIME AmericanUnited Statescurtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka01/31/2015
MUSIC SAIDS IT ALL AmericanUnited Statescurtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka01/31/2015
THE REASON FOR FOUR SEASON AmericanUnited Statescurtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka01/31/2015