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Tanzanian Poems and Poetry from Tanzania

Tanzanian poems and poetry from Tanzania. Read examples of Tanzanian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

You come from TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/23/2015
I do not know TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/23/2015
I am poor TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/23/2015
I have already the bowel TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/23/2015
I am at the top of the mountain TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/23/2015
Give me my vest TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/23/2015
I am the life which I seek TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/22/2015
Receive my gifts TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/22/2015
I real love TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/22/2015
It is more for you TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED11/22/2015
Nailed it TanzanianTanzaniaBalele, Emmanuel11/20/2015
You too TanzanianTanzaniaMASOUD, MASOUD11/18/2015
On My Mother's Grave TanzanianTanzaniaMusagasa, Mukoi09/28/2015
My Withered Flower TanzanianTanzaniaMusagasa, Mukoi09/28/2015
Baqreid the 2nd Eid TanzanianTanzaniaKamoonpuri, S.zaynub09/27/2015
We met online TanzanianTanzaniamittal, sima09/25/2015
Unwanted TanzanianTanzaniamittal, sima09/25/2015
The difference between you and me TanzanianTanzaniamittal, sima09/25/2015
FIST TanzanianTanzaniaKarashani, Justin08/30/2015
We Are TanzanianTanzaniaKarashani, Justin08/24/2015
Autumn's Ceremony TanzanianTanzaniaKamoonpuri, S.zaynub08/20/2015
What I TanzanianTanzaniaMkude, Lucas08/02/2015
Cat curiosity TanzanianTanzaniaKamoonpuri, S.zaynub07/14/2015
Rising TanzanianTanzaniaLUDOVICK, EMANUEL07/09/2015
MISSING MY FAR AWAY MOTHER TanzanianTanzaniaMkude, Lucas07/08/2015
A day flower TanzanianTanzaniaLUDOVICK, EMANUEL07/06/2015
Dot on the ceiling TanzanianTanzaniaMASOUD, MASOUD07/05/2015
A little grey dog TanzanianTanzaniaMASOUD, MASOUD07/04/2015
The mirror that died yesterday TanzanianTanzaniaMASOUD, MASOUD07/02/2015
A heart TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
each day's step TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
Relate TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
wisdom TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
love and care TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
Why don't you listen better TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
Hate yourself TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
Society is now one TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
Believe in you TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
It is thus TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/30/2015
Alive TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
Dogs go by TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
Poetry TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
Friends of the earth TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
food for all TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
most seats TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
Our ancestors TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
You speak correctly TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
right here right now TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015
blood and sand TanzanianTanzaniaANTHONY, ABED06/27/2015