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Sri Lankan Poems and Poetry from Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan poems and poetry from Sri Lanka. Read examples of Sri Lankan poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

SENTENCE Sri LankanSri LankaThajudeen, Muhammad Safa11/29/2015
My own proverb Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi11/29/2015
THE SWEET LAND Sri LankanSri LankaThajudeen, Muhammad Safa11/27/2015
MASHMALLOW Sri LankanSri LankaThajudeen, Muhammad Safa11/25/2015
ICE IS NICE Sri LankanSri LankaThajudeen, Muhammad Safa11/25/2015
JUST A FACT Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/23/2015
for her DREAM would be you Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/23/2015
You left Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/23/2015
Everything is trapped Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi11/21/2015
Kite Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi11/20/2015
Rainbow Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi11/20/2015
She walks in beauty Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/20/2015
Thank you God Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi11/19/2015
A request Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/19/2015
Departure Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/18/2015
Encounter Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/18/2015
I've forgotten you Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/18/2015
August Wind Sri LankanSri LankaAloysius, Saumya11/18/2015
Twinkle, twinkle all the nights Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi11/17/2015
My own proverb Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi11/11/2015
Sun Sri LankanSri LankaRajadurai, Govarthenan11/06/2015
Moon Sri LankanSri LankaRajadurai, Govarthenan11/06/2015
Conscious -Speaks Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi11/06/2015
Crown Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi10/30/2015
My Hands Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi10/30/2015
Grandpa's Wrinkles Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi10/30/2015
Rain Drop Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi10/30/2015
Note Book Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi10/29/2015
Q to Z Thoughts Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi10/29/2015
Autumn Leaves Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi10/29/2015
Let my love clutches with you Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi10/28/2015
Father Sri LankanSri LankaNarayanapillai, Ananthasagaran10/26/2015
Reality Sri LankanSri LankaNobody, Lonely10/26/2015
BEFORE THE SUN SET Sri LankanSri LankaNarayanapillai, Ananthasagaran10/26/2015
children are now a days Sri LankanSri LankaNarayanapillai, Ananthasagaran10/24/2015
My firend's love Sri LankanSri LankaNarayanapillai, Ananthasagaran10/24/2015
Political Leaders Sri LankanSri LankaNarayanapillai, Ananthasagaran10/23/2015
Best Guy Friend Sri LankanSri LankaNobody, Lonely10/23/2015
Call Me Sri LankanSri LankaNobody, Lonely10/22/2015
Naughty dog Sri LankanSri LankaAravinth, Kethushan10/22/2015
I want you to be mine forever Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi10/21/2015
My own proverb Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi10/14/2015
Lord Jesus Christ is there for us Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi10/07/2015
Because, you love me so much Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi09/29/2015
The Rose and the Thorn Sri LankanSri LankaFernando, Senura 09/28/2015
My own proverbs Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi09/18/2015
My love, I am sorry to hurt you Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi09/08/2015
Where is peace Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi09/03/2015
The Sea Sri LankanSri LankaRajaratnam, Gunadevi08/30/2015
My own proverb Sri LankanSri LankaSathasivam, Ravi08/30/2015