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Somali Poems and Poetry from Somalia

Somali poems and poetry from Somalia. Read examples of Somali poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

upsidedown pound cake SomaliSomaliaTaylor, Mark04/29/2016
colourfication SomaliSomaliaTaylor, Mark03/15/2016
Who am I SomaliSomaliaTaylor, Mark02/05/2016
Minds SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/30/2015
Boden's mate SomaliSomaliaTaylor, Mark08/02/2015
Oh Gash SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam06/01/2015
Ordinary Is Love SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam03/30/2015
Inside Abstract SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam12/03/2014
AB And Then SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam11/10/2014
Companions SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam11/05/2014
In Andalusia SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam11/03/2014
Livelihood 4 Lives SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam11/02/2014
At Majaz SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/27/2014
Love Is SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/23/2014
Greedy Belly SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/22/2014
Incense On Fire SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/21/2014
Triple S SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/21/2014
Endure SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/20/2014
Butterfly On Moon SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/16/2014
Home SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/15/2014
Wright Or Wrong SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam10/12/2014
Prosperity Milking Cow Of Good SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam09/18/2014
Grace Of Heaven Woman SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam09/08/2014
Ican SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam09/08/2014
Explosive True SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam09/02/2014
Love And You SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam08/31/2014
Crows of Graveyard SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam08/23/2014
Jaded Shadows SomaliSomaliaTaylor, Mark08/21/2014
Silence Is Monk SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam08/19/2014
Learning Of Life SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam08/16/2014
Wings Of Two SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam08/04/2014
Poet SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam08/03/2014
Frog On Pug SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam07/31/2014
Lick Of Leak SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam07/25/2014
Man And Love SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam07/25/2014
Firm Land SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam07/23/2014
Is Jazz SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam06/22/2014
In A May SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam06/07/2014
State of upside down SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam05/08/2014
370 SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam04/05/2014
Silence's Talk SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam04/05/2014
Mascara and Masks SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam04/05/2014
Gettig Old SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam03/22/2014
Baabo and Baboon SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam03/20/2014
God's Love in spring SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam03/15/2014
Recall SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam03/13/2014
popcorn popsickle SomaliSomaliaTaylor, Mark03/02/2014
Icons of dark SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam02/23/2014
Streets SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam02/23/2014
One whole art SomaliSomaliaYassin, Sallam02/21/2014