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Seychellois Poems and Poetry from Seychelles

Seychellois poems and poetry from Seychelles. Read examples of Seychellois poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
When I was the Queen of May SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla05/07/2015
Incubus SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/21/2015
Behind the yellow door SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/21/2015
Walking with Angels SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/21/2015
My cross to bear SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/21/2015
Love to the Nice Man SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/20/2015
The mortal in immortality SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/12/2015
WORKSHOP POEM : I, puppet SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/10/2015
Muse SeychelloisSeychellesHibonne, Jemilla02/10/2015
Break Up SeychelloisSeychellesBrewster, Teresa06/30/2014
Loneliness SeychelloisSeychellesBrewster, Teresa06/30/2014
UnderRated Beauty SeychelloisSeychellesBrewster, Teresa06/30/2014
She would not cry SeychelloisSeychellesMarie, Helda10/14/2013
I was once yours SeychelloisSeychellesMarie, Helda09/12/2013
This is what i remember SeychelloisSeychellesMarie, Helda09/11/2013