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Russian Poems and Poetry from Russian Federation

Russian poems and poetry from Russian Federation. Read examples of Russian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

READ MY SHORT STORIES RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney12/04/2016
Children of the night RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge12/02/2016
Everything's OK RussianRussian FederationVodyakhin, Denis11/29/2016
Perhaps RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge11/26/2016
LEAVING CINCINNATI RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/23/2016
I'll never let you see me cry RussianRussian FederationBlack, Julia11/22/2016
HERE RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/20/2016
What Makes Our Friends True RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom11/16/2016
Last Farewell RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom11/14/2016
Evening is cold evening is starry RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge11/13/2016
THE LANGUAGE OF THE MOUNTAINS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/13/2016
Steelwork summer RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen11/11/2016
SKIING RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/10/2016
Freedom Fighters RussianRussian FederationAvalon, Ria April11/10/2016
Tear me apart, throw me away RussianRussian FederationBlack, Julia11/09/2016
SKATING RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney11/06/2016
The window s glistening November RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge11/04/2016
I'm here RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge10/29/2016
Happy birthday, brother RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom10/28/2016
METRO BOULOT DODO RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney10/26/2016
People Petals RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen10/24/2016
A GLOW of MARIGOLDS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney10/20/2016
Hymn of unhappened love RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge10/19/2016
The Millions RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen10/14/2016
We All RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom10/12/2016
Mid-autumn RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen10/06/2016
Sad Picture RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom10/06/2016
BALLOONS RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney10/03/2016
Oh, something strange is boiling in my soul RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge10/02/2016
Love Named Eternal RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom10/02/2016
SUNSET DOG RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/28/2016
Special Day RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/27/2016
WINTER IS COMING RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/26/2016
Your black eyes know about my tiresome silence RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge09/26/2016
I'm Okay RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/23/2016
That One Guy RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/22/2016
STEP CHILD RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/21/2016
Response to Night at the River RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen09/18/2016
I don't speak RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge09/17/2016
One More Minute RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/16/2016
WALKING RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/15/2016
Brother No More RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/11/2016
Biggest Honor RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/11/2016
TIDES RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/10/2016
EVENING RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/10/2016
GRAMMATICAL CLARIFICATION RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney09/10/2016
To Those Who Left Too Early RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/10/2016
The sky grows old RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen09/09/2016
Perhaps I came to you my dear RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge09/08/2016
Stay Hopeful RussianRussian FederationBurns, Tom09/07/2016