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Portuguese Poems and Poetry from Portugal

Portuguese poems and poetry from Portugal. Read examples of Portuguese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

You and me PortuguesePortugalSofia, Monica10/22/2016
The Clouds PortuguesePortugalYamin, Mohammad10/16/2016
The Splendid Times PortuguesePortugalYamin, Hamida07/13/2016
Doomed by Being PortuguesePortugalYamin, Mohammad07/13/2016
Termite of time PortuguesePortugalYamin, Mohammad06/19/2016
The Bliss of Solitude PortuguesePortugalYamin, Hamida06/02/2016
O My Life PortuguesePortugalYamin, Hamida04/25/2016
Now that was magic PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah01/22/2016
Dawn is a new day PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah01/21/2016
Greg Davies, too hot a comic PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah01/21/2016
Bored in Manhattan PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah01/03/2016
The true meaning of Christmas, for Christmas Abecedarian contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah01/03/2016
In the dead of night, for Anacreontic Verse 2 contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah01/03/2016
Foolish PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah01/03/2016
Resolutions for contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah12/13/2015
My car is my Angel for women only contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah12/13/2015
Cats and Christmas trees, for contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah12/08/2015
In my blood For contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/30/2015
Deck the halls For Christmas Carols contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/28/2015
Dear Daniel PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/27/2015
When you get close to me PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/27/2015
Life PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/25/2015
Why can't we all be friends PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/25/2015
Broken for contest PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/25/2015
Understanding depression PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/23/2015
Just once more PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/11/2015
fFreedom PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah11/10/2015
The Wound PortuguesePortugalYamin, Mohammad11/07/2015
STARS PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah10/25/2015
He sits PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/27/2015
Betrayal PortuguesePortugalHachmi, Marouane09/26/2015
Tear Untitled PortuguesePortugalHachmi, Marouane09/26/2015
Ghosts of the past PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/25/2015
The devilish chocolate cake FOR CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/25/2015
Angels and demons PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/23/2015
Secrets and lies PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/23/2015
Anticipation PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/23/2015
Sensing sensuality, Sensual ABC CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/23/2015
One last tear FOR GIVING THANKS CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/21/2015
Twisted mind FOR FOUR LINES CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/20/2015
Stand by your man FOR CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/20/2015
Repentence PortuguesePortugalYamin, Mohammad09/19/2015
Inside my head FOR CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/17/2015
Nothing FOR CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/16/2015
You have no chains PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/16/2015
I give you my all PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/16/2015
The old oak tree PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/16/2015
OUTSIDE MY WINDOW FOR CONTEST PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/16/2015
Graceful Aging PortuguesePortugalYamin, Mohammad09/12/2015
The jealous wife PortuguesePortugalBryant, Sarah09/09/2015