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Pakistani Poems and Poetry from Pakistan

Pakistani poems and poetry from Pakistan. Read examples of Pakistani poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Running away PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/20/2015
EXASPERATION PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/20/2015
Sleep Forever PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/16/2015
Memorable Vacations PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/16/2015
What to do PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/16/2015
LOVE PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/15/2015
Best Friends will always be best PakistaniPakistanImran, Mahad 04/15/2015
River and Brook PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 04/14/2015
The Wise Villager PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 04/14/2015
Just within reach PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/12/2015
Happiness PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/12/2015
A TREASURE MOST RARE for a haughty person PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/10/2015
The world I see PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/10/2015
Afnan Hafiz PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/10/2015
Bored PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/10/2015
Premium Member Poem Best Friends PakistaniPakistanMemon, Asma04/06/2015
Premium Member Poem And they went PakistaniPakistanMemon, Asma03/22/2015
Premium Member Poem Next door leads to the cruelty PakistaniPakistanMemon, Asma03/22/2015
Sweetest Girl PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid03/16/2015
Second to none PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid03/16/2015
The Silent Talk PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan03/13/2015
A product of my Environment PakistaniPakistanJAVED, HASAN03/05/2015
A barren Place PakistaniPakistanJAVED, HASAN02/16/2015
JUST RANDOM PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA02/13/2015
The Way to Hell PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 02/11/2015
Irony of Eggs PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 02/04/2015
The Devonian PakistaniPakistanKhan, Azam02/02/2015
Love is a Mirage PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 01/28/2015
HEART OF STONE PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA01/21/2015
Peshawar Massacre by Terrorists killing 134 school children PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 01/21/2015
Unconquered PakistaniPakistanEffendi, Mohammad Taha12/26/2014
Do or Die PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/15/2014
Why and I PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra12/12/2014
Love,Life and Death PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/11/2014
Flowers that Died in Wane PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra12/10/2014
The Terrorist PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra12/10/2014
Rose Bud PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/09/2014
Do Ashaar--Two verses PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/08/2014
Dua Kion Nahi Laitay--why don't you take my blessings PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/08/2014
Khud jee loon ga khud mar loon ga-Will live by myself Die by Myself PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/07/2014
New World Order PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/04/2014
Shab e Gham--Evening of Sorrow PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 12/04/2014
Hallucination PakistaniPakistanNizamani, Hashim12/02/2014
Curl and Twirl PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/30/2014
Santa PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/30/2014
Dozakh aur Sharab PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/29/2014
Hire a Judge PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/25/2014
Jab teri qabr se guzarta hoon PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/22/2014
Gender Discrimination PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/18/2014
My Pussy PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/17/2014