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Mauritian Poems and Poetry from Mauritius

Mauritian poems and poetry from Mauritius. Read examples of Mauritian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The sky MauritianMauritiusBoodhun, Azad06/25/2016
Introspection MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/24/2016
Tending to my garden MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/24/2016
Life does be not so cruel MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/24/2016
A slip which changed my fate MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/20/2016
Dong Dong Dong MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/20/2016
Writing a new version of the story MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/18/2016
How desperate is desperate MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/17/2016
Even if it hurts MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/15/2016
Children's voices MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/15/2016
I had to do it MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/15/2016
Bluffers MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/14/2016
Fireworks, merge with me MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/13/2016
In the silent night MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/13/2016
The Night Silence MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/13/2016
An Ideal MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/12/2016
Rise above it MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/10/2016
My cold distance MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/09/2016
My Secret Power MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/07/2016
Mysterious Love MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/07/2016
On the island of Fantasy MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/04/2016
Ghosts, this world's invisible hosts MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka06/03/2016
Death Partner MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/02/2016
Something different MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U06/01/2016
Our life's whip MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka05/31/2016
MOTHER'S DAY MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U05/25/2016
And the Cemetery was MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka05/19/2016
Falling in love - back to square one MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U05/18/2016
Friends MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U05/16/2016
Go slow, Oh heart MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U05/16/2016
Weird or Stupid MauritianMauritiusPalawon Daiboo, Sunita U05/16/2016
The Mad World MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka05/15/2016
For eternity MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka05/10/2016
My Flame-Haired Gypsy Maid MauritianMauritiusscott, john05/09/2016
The Desire i have for you MauritianMauritiusscott, john05/09/2016
The angels are weeping MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka05/02/2016
tight wad MauritianMauritiusscott, john05/02/2016
Castle on a Hill MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/21/2016
Sun shines on the righteous MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/14/2016
In being happy MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/14/2016
Closed eyes MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/14/2016
The nurse MauritianMauritiusBoodhun, Azad04/14/2016
Do you ever be grateful MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/10/2016
Never to let go MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/10/2016
If I could have my own way MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/10/2016
So do I be MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/03/2016
Seasons come and go MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka04/03/2016
My rebirth to Life MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka03/27/2016
The Feminine Flames of Freedom MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka03/22/2016
My favorite place MauritianMauritiusGangabissoon, Anoucheka03/18/2016