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Maltese Poems and Poetry from Malta

Maltese poems and poetry from Malta. Read examples of Maltese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Premium Member Poem The Storm of Our Love MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/30/2016
Premium Member Poem Gone MalteseMaltaChircop, Charmaine09/30/2016
Regret MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/29/2016
Your Words MalteseMaltaPisani, Elena09/29/2016
Premium Member Poem Love Yearning Dreams MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/28/2016
Premium Member Poem Terrible Melancholy MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/26/2016
Premium Member Poem A Lone Traveller On A Journey MalteseMaltaChircop, Charmaine09/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Fantasy MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/24/2016
Forgiving MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/24/2016
Premium Member Poem The Poison Ivy MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/22/2016
Wild Thyme Haiku MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/21/2016
Silly Billy MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/21/2016
Premium Member Poem Old Age Happiness MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/21/2016
Elixir MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/19/2016
Premium Member Poem Evergreen MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/19/2016
Premium Member Poem Haiku: About A Sandwish MalteseMaltaChircop, Charmaine09/17/2016
Premium Member Poem Autumn to Spring in New York MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/17/2016
Premium Member Poem Beautiful Frivolous Queen MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/15/2016
Premium Member Poem The Labyrinth of Your Soul MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/14/2016
Premium Member Poem Icy Waters MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/11/2016
The Weight of Pain MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/10/2016
Premium Member Poem Maiden, do not dream MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/09/2016
Let It Be MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/08/2016
Premium Member Poem The Scream MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/08/2016
Beauty MalteseMaltaPisani, Elena09/08/2016
When your Angry MalteseMaltaPisani, Elena09/08/2016
Premium Member Poem In My Heart MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/07/2016
Her Reassuring Hand MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/06/2016
Premium Member Poem Love on the Planet Evon MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/04/2016
Unfettered MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/03/2016
Premium Member Poem Candlelight MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor09/02/2016
Under Bryony s Spell MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul09/01/2016
Premium Member Poem Luxury's Dream MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/31/2016
Premium Member Poem Deluge MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/29/2016
Premium Member Poem Lone He's Playing The Bassoon MalteseMaltaChircop, Charmaine08/29/2016
Double-dealer MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul08/29/2016
Premium Member Poem The Lure of Sailing MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/28/2016
Beyond Her Reach MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul08/28/2016
Premium Member Poem The Truth of Love MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/26/2016
In My Shoes MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul08/25/2016
Premium Member Poem As Autumn's Breeze MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/25/2016
Premium Member Poem A Crave MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/24/2016
Chessman MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul08/23/2016
Premium Member Poem Night Wind MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/22/2016
Premium Member Poem Love's Dance MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/20/2016
Premium Member Poem Respite MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/18/2016
Aborted Dreams MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul08/18/2016
Premium Member Poem A Prayer of a Lonely Soul MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/17/2016
Premium Member Poem Where is my Love MalteseMaltaBuhagiar, Victor08/16/2016
Belles MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul08/16/2016