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Maltese Poems and Poetry from Malta

Maltese poems and poetry from Malta. Read examples of Maltese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Gods of Winds MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul12/18/2014
Premium Member Poem Where Crimson Bleeds Its Rose MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine12/17/2014
Premium Member Poem Painting With Stardust MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine12/13/2014
Santa's Special Delivery: a collab MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul12/10/2014
The Call MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul12/08/2014
Premium Member Poem Facing The Sun MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine12/07/2014
Macaulay Culkin MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul12/06/2014
Premium Member Poem Multicultural Britain - An Unapologetic Statement MalteseMaltaMansfield, Thomas12/05/2014
Russian Roulette MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul12/04/2014
Premium Member Poem The beach at Orca Praia Funchal Madeira MalteseMaltaMansfield, Thomas12/03/2014
Premium Member Poem Every Night I wonder MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine12/02/2014
Premium Member Poem The Clown MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine12/01/2014
Premium Member Poem One Way Ticket ,Mussetle MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/30/2014
Premium Member Poem There's A Message In A Bottle MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/29/2014
Premium Member Poem The Blissful kiss MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/29/2014
Fading Love MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/28/2014
Dear Santa MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/28/2014
Premium Member Poem Far From Wistful Whispers MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/28/2014
Premium Member Poem Sunsets In The Blues MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/27/2014
Fragrant Whispers MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/26/2014
Prayer MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/26/2014
Premium Member Poem Softly Spoken MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/26/2014
Premium Member Poem Ballroom Delights MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/25/2014
Premium Member Poem I've Loved Moons That Did not Glow,Before MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/23/2014
Frozen in Crystalline - number 4 MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/23/2014
Wind-Kissed MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/22/2014
Flaming Oak Forest MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/21/2014
Premium Member Poem Beneath The Mistletoe MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/20/2014
Rain over Vietnam MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/20/2014
Chariot of Fire: co-written with OE Guillermo MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/19/2014
Premium Member Poem It Seems To Me But Yesterday MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/19/2014
Daughter of the Gods MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/18/2014
Premium Member Poem Into The First Hours Of Twilight MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/17/2014
Invisible: co-written with C Devonshire MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/16/2014
The Voice MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/16/2014
Cheryl Dunn MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/15/2014
Sexy MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/15/2014
Premium Member Poem In Memory Of Chan Hurst-The Archaic Poet MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/15/2014
Premium Member Poem I Want To Love You MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/14/2014
Premium Member Poem The Wind MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/13/2014
Premium Member Poem Alone With The Moon MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/12/2014
Premium Member Poem Yuletide Shadows MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/12/2014
War and Peace MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/11/2014
Premium Member Poem Every Night MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/11/2014
Premium Member Poem Love Is The Present MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/11/2014
Premium Member Poem When I'm Gone MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine11/10/2014
Doc's Advice MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/10/2014
Silhouette MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/10/2014
Sequence MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/09/2014
Poisoned Sequence MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul11/09/2014