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Maltese Poems and Poetry from Malta

Maltese poems and poetry from Malta. Read examples of Maltese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Monochrome MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul03/05/2015
Up A Gum Tree MalteseMaltaVassallo, Alfred 03/05/2015
Last Tango MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul03/04/2015
My God is Hopeless MalteseMaltaVassallo, Alfred 03/04/2015
Premium Member Poem How You Make The Stars Hush MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine03/04/2015
A Child's Faith MalteseMaltaVassallo, Alfred 03/03/2015
Break The Habit MalteseMaltaVassallo, Alfred 03/02/2015
Break the Chain MalteseMaltaVassallo, Alfred 03/02/2015
Aurora and Avalanche MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Just One Touch Of Your Hand MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine03/01/2015
Jess and Ness MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul03/01/2015
Pierced MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/27/2015
Ostentation MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/27/2015
Amusement Park MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/24/2015
On Loch Ness MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/21/2015
The Ladies On Soup A:Z MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/21/2015
Crowning Glory: co-write with Carolyn MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/21/2015
Spring MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/18/2015
Ninja Girl MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/17/2015
Till Morning Came MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/16/2015
Premium Member Poem I Think Of You MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine02/16/2015
Longing MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/15/2015
She Was His MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/14/2015
Education MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/12/2015
Tanka Tears MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/12/2015
Premium Member Poem BetweenThe Lines MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine02/10/2015
Aphrodite MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/10/2015
Premium Member Poem Happy Valentine's Day MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine02/08/2015
Premium Member Poem About Life,Death ,and Cherry Blossoms MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine02/08/2015
Where Has Love Gone : Visual 7 MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/07/2015
Red MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/06/2015
My Valentine MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/03/2015
The Vigil MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul02/01/2015
The Fool MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/31/2015
Karma MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/30/2015
Chille Pepper MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/30/2015
Temptress : a collab with EM MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/28/2015
Premium Member Poem A Greener Grass MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine01/27/2015
Premium Member Poem Tonight I Close My Eyes MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine01/25/2015
Playtime MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/25/2015
Premium Member Poem Reaching Deepest Oceans MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine01/24/2015
Hidden Beauty MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/22/2015
He Gives You Roses MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/21/2015
The Wombat MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/18/2015
Premium Member Poem Against The Silent Wall MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine01/17/2015
Faith Is a Powerful Thing MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/17/2015
The Day We Met : a collab with EM MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/14/2015
Hope MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/13/2015
Premium Member Poem Little By Little MalteseMaltaChircop , Charmaine01/12/2015
Sunshine Visual 7 MalteseMaltaCallus, Paul01/11/2015