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Malawian Poems and Poetry from Malawi

Malawian poems and poetry from Malawi. Read examples of Malawian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Best of Me MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings05/26/2016
Do The Right Thing MalawianMalawiPen, John05/24/2016
DEATH MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John05/23/2016
Let Us MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings05/11/2016
UNSUCCESSFUL LOVE JOURNEY MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John05/05/2016
SECOND LETTER FROM ALBINOS MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John05/04/2016
TEARS OF AN ALBINO MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John04/27/2016
THE GODLY DEVIL MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John04/27/2016
LOVE MISSION MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John04/18/2016
ADORE YOU MalawianMalawiWhite, Yohane04/11/2016
THE SUN RISE MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John03/20/2016
HOW I WISH MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John03/06/2016
EVERY MORNING WHEN I RISE MalawianMalawiPen, John03/04/2016
SHE HAS IT MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John03/02/2016
BRIGHT FLOWER MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John03/01/2016
THE WARRIORS MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John02/20/2016
Perhaps MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings02/16/2016
He Passed by MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings02/03/2016
Not Forgotten MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings02/02/2016
THE SOUTH MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John01/29/2016
WITHERED FLOWER MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John01/29/2016
My Little Angel MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/27/2016
THE POOR MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John01/27/2016
MORNING SHADOW MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John01/26/2016
FACEBOOK MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John01/25/2016
FLOODS MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John01/25/2016
LETTER TO X GIRLFRIEND MalawianMalawiLembi, Kuleza John01/25/2016
Redemption MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/25/2016
You are MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/24/2016
Fare Thee Well MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/22/2016
He MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/21/2016
Hero in her sky MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/21/2016
Time and tide, wait for no man MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/20/2016
When The Moon Fades MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/20/2016
Unbreakable MalawianMalawimulaga jana, subilaga blessings01/20/2016
ZANZIBAR MalawianMalawiitimu, aisha01/05/2016
CAUGHT MalawianMalawiPen, John11/04/2015
THE DARKENING LIGHT MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso10/20/2015
Change MalawianMalawiKaumphawi, joseph08/06/2015
PAINLESS ENDEAVOR MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso07/21/2015
THE LIES OF NYAMATHANGA MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso07/21/2015
COUNTERFEIT LOVE MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso07/21/2015
FREEDOM MalawianMalawiPen, John06/25/2015
FORGIVE ME MalawianMalawiLoti, Christopher06/24/2015
BEGINNING OF END MalawianMalawiLoti, Christopher06/24/2015
FLOWERS MalawianMalawiLoti, Christopher02/05/2015
Singing in the sun MalawianMalawiPen, John11/21/2014
MELODIES OF SHAME MalawianMalawimwaungulu, Madalitso11/19/2014
AT THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT MalawianMalawiMunthali, Hanif11/07/2014
SUCH MUSLIMS MalawianMalawiMunthali, Hanif11/07/2014