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Indian Poems and Poetry from India

Indian poems and poetry from India. Read examples of Indian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Speech Therapy IndianIndiaGhodkar, Giridhar05/04/2016
Peace IndianIndiaGupta, Probir05/04/2016
Vagitanus IndianIndiaCheema, Balveen05/04/2016
She IndianIndiaKalra, Srishti05/04/2016
A wise amongst fools is a fool amongst wise IndianIndiaPohankar, Sudhir05/04/2016
ROCK AND ROLL IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/04/2016
TWO LOVERS SITTING IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/04/2016
GASEOUS SHOUT IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/04/2016
TREES OF SOWING SEEDS IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/04/2016
LOTUS HEART BLOOMS WITH WISDOM IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/04/2016
A dead man IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma05/04/2016
My Family IndianIndiaGupta, Probir05/04/2016
The better - half IndianIndiaLokanath, Litty05/04/2016
Paradisiacal Retreat IndianIndiaCheema, Balveen05/04/2016
My family IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma05/04/2016
My Family IndianIndiaKannan, Supraja05/04/2016
Listen to the Warm IndianIndiaDaniel, Jo05/04/2016
FAITH IndianIndiaDaniel, Jo05/04/2016
Winter in Chennai IndianIndiaDaniel, Jo05/04/2016
Familial Ties IndianIndiaMisra, Karam05/04/2016
'The Platform old' IndianIndiaLokanath, Litty05/04/2016
The Search Of My Identity Card IndianIndiawahab, wahab05/04/2016
Mystery She Wrote Part 2 IndianIndiaSaxena, Manya 05/04/2016
Apples IndianIndiaGupta, Probir05/03/2016
Writer's block IndianIndiakiran, ravi05/03/2016
EVEN THE ANGELS WEPT TEARS IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/03/2016
Frustration of Inner Soul IndianIndiaPandit, Vikas05/03/2016
let me burn away IndianIndiagelod, mayur05/03/2016
FROM THREE HUNDRED MILES UP ABOVE IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/03/2016
Adopt a child IndianIndiaKannan, Supraja05/03/2016
THIS AUTUMN IndianIndiaVerma, Satish05/03/2016
ending IndianIndiaTagore, Aahna05/03/2016
The weather - Preterition IndianIndiaDaniel, Jo05/03/2016
CASTEISM IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/02/2016
Oh If I Could Cry Once IndianIndiaKaur, Harpreet05/02/2016
The Morning IndianIndiaGupta, Probir05/02/2016
life must go on IndianIndiatanwar, manu singh05/02/2016
HOPE NEVER DIES IndianIndiaDalei, Manmath05/02/2016
The Dance on the Mountain Peaks IndianIndiaGupta, Probir05/02/2016
Epitaph for The Dysfunctional --- Life of John Doe IndianIndiaMisra, Karam05/02/2016
The meeting IndianIndiaGupta, Probir05/02/2016
ANIMA IndianIndiaDutta, Anisha05/02/2016
My Family IndianIndiaMukherjee, Sohini05/02/2016
Some Thoughts On PS Contests - On a Whimsical Note IndianIndiaMisra, Karam05/02/2016
Mystic vision IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma05/02/2016
Societial side effects IndianIndiabhattacharjya, anjanjyoti05/01/2016
Nuns IndianIndiaGupta, Probir05/01/2016
MY FAMILY IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/01/2016
I AM A POETRY SONG IndianIndiaDevnath, BL05/01/2016
Poetry Tears IndianIndiaDaniel, Jo05/01/2016