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Indian Poems and Poetry from India

Indian poems and poetry from India. Read examples of Indian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Pierce my heart IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/31/2015
Eat me raw IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/31/2015
How hot were we IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/31/2015
THERE IS STILL A SILVER- LINING IndianIndiaNayak, Anulaxmi07/31/2015
Enslaved To Time IndianIndiaCheema, Balveen07/30/2015
Mother Of The Age IndianIndiaCheema, Balveen07/30/2015
ALL COSTLY GEMS' KEPT IndianIndiaDevnath, BL07/30/2015
Complete The Lines IndianIndiaCheema, Balveen07/30/2015
Memorable Rides IndianIndiaCheema, Balveen07/30/2015
LIFE'S A PRECIOUS GIFT IndianIndiaDevnath, BL07/30/2015
Fireworks IndianIndiaAgrawal, Suhani07/30/2015
The Murder IndianIndiaMithai Wala, Khuzema07/30/2015
Sohni Mahiwal IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/30/2015
If you could see IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/30/2015
A Tribute to the Great Master's Composition -Sonnet 18 IndianIndiaDas, Avijeet07/29/2015
Be quiet IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/29/2015
Birth of Universe IndianIndiaDesikachari, Vasudevan07/29/2015
BUDDY POP-UP IndianIndiaNayak, Anulaxmi07/29/2015
Mystic IndianIndiaSur, Amitava07/29/2015
O lovely kids IndianIndianair, sadashivan07/29/2015
Tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam IndianIndiaKhan, Shajid07/28/2015
An Endless Feeling IndianIndiaKumar, Rahul07/28/2015
Salt Fields IndianIndiaDatta, Nikita07/28/2015
No big deal IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/28/2015
A TRUTHFUL LIE IndianIndiaSivakumar, Pooja07/28/2015
Love of nature IndianIndiaGauttam, Jatin07/28/2015
My Life, My Rules IndianIndiaPatil, Nishant07/28/2015
A last note IndianIndiaME, BEYOND 07/28/2015
A P J ABDUL KALAM- a tribute IndianIndiaNayak, Anulaxmi07/28/2015
Oh lord Please answer my questions IndianIndiaMukherjee, Sohini07/28/2015
Jasmine forever IndianIndiaTagore, Anindya Mohan07/27/2015
Tremors IndianIndiaTagore, Anindya Mohan07/27/2015
TWO BECOME ONE IN IndianIndiaDevnath, BL07/27/2015
Dream Conquer Achieve IndianIndiabhattacharjya, anjanjyoti07/27/2015
Thirsty heart IndianIndiaTagore, Anindya Mohan07/27/2015
Ice cream IndianIndiaTagore, Anindya Mohan07/27/2015
Desire IndianIndiaDutta, Anisha07/27/2015
I WILL REMEMBER IndianIndiaDevnath, BL07/27/2015
MY HERO- MY DAD IndianIndiaSivakumar, Pooja07/27/2015
I am sure IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/27/2015
dreams IndianIndiaahmed, mohammad07/27/2015
meditation hour IndianIndiapoet, kash07/27/2015
You are remembered by my heart IndianIndiasalian, jyothi07/27/2015
The endless Journey IndianIndiaDas, AB07/27/2015
Do I have to Start Again IndianIndiaDas, AB07/27/2015
Pyaar IndianIndiaMohammad, Bohari07/27/2015
Love in a far off place IndianIndiaA. Sharma, Dr. Upma07/26/2015
Secret IndianIndiaKumar, Rahul07/26/2015
Premium Member Poem Sun's Message IndianIndiaKapoor, Ravindra K07/26/2015