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Filipino Poems and Poetry from Philippines

Filipino poems and poetry from Philippines. Read examples of Filipino poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
SONNET II FilipinoPhilippinesBalbuena, Sherwin08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem HEADY CHARMS OF A WIND FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem Your Poem FilipinoPhilippinesde Torres, Aiyah08/28/2015
Premium Member Poem RAINDROPS OF IMMORTALITY FilipinoPhilippinesGuillermo, Olive Eloisa08/28/2015
SENRYU: FEELINGS FilipinoPhilippinesbellen, charmane08/28/2015
The Starry Night FilipinoPhilippinesCabanes, Nudershada08/27/2015
RETRACT TWO POINT ZERO FilipinoPhilippinesDe Castro, Jesus08/27/2015
Premium Member Poem DELUGE OF ANGST FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/27/2015
Your Son FilipinoPhilippinesAlatraca, Kaylo Miguel08/27/2015
Premium Member Poem The Crossover - Collaboration with PD FilipinoPhilippinesNunez, Kim Patrice08/27/2015
Premium Member Poem BITTER LOVE FilipinoPhilippinesNgo, Meline08/27/2015
Premium Member Poem BAMBOO FilipinoPhilippinesNunez, Kim Patrice08/26/2015
Premium Member Poem THE HUMBLE CATHEDRAL FilipinoPhilippinesGuillermo, Olive Eloisa08/26/2015
A Spring HexSonnetta FilipinoPhilippinesCabanes, Nudershada08/26/2015
Premium Member Poem DREAMS NOTWITHSTANDING RHYME FilipinoPhilippinesGuillermo, Olive Eloisa08/26/2015
Premium Member Poem POWER OF NOW FilipinoPhilippinesNgo, Meline08/26/2015
Premium Member Poem WISTERIA FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/26/2015
Golden Jubilee FilipinoPhilippinesVillarosa, Noel08/25/2015
This Life FilipinoPhilippinesAlatraca, Kaylo Miguel08/25/2015
Premium Member Poem OCTOBER SKY FilipinoPhilippinesde Torres, Aiyah08/25/2015
Premium Member Poem PURE LOVE FilipinoPhilippinesNgo, Meline08/25/2015
Farewell FilipinoPhilippinesCanada Jr., Domingo08/25/2015
Premium Member Poem crisp wind dips low FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/25/2015
Premium Member Poem LOVERS IN DISGUISE FilipinoPhilippinesNgo, Meline08/24/2015
Rainfall FilipinoPhilippinesMiraflore, Jade08/24/2015
Premium Member Poem FORBIDDEN LOVE FilipinoPhilippinesNgo, Meline08/24/2015
Premium Member Poem FLORAL SCENES FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/23/2015
Tears Under The Sun FilipinoPhilippinesCabanes, Nudershada08/23/2015
Sadness and Tears FilipinoPhilippinesCabanes, Nudershada08/23/2015
Premium Member Poem MY LOST ROMEO FilipinoPhilippinesNgo, Meline08/23/2015
Premium Member Poem Sukiyaki FilipinoPhilippinesNunez, Kim Patrice08/23/2015
Fictions on Occasions FilipinoPhilippinesDignos, Yvette08/22/2015
Premium Member Poem Respect Amidst Diversity - The HexSonnetta FilipinoPhilippinesNunez, Kim Patrice08/22/2015
Premium Member Poem RITES OF HARVEST MOON --HexSonnetta FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/21/2015
Thinking of You FilipinoPhilippinesDoe, Jane08/21/2015
Premium Member Poem BACK TO PURE DELIGHT FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/20/2015
Premium Member Poem October Sky FilipinoPhilippinescelestial, marvin08/20/2015
Premium Member Poem Song in the Night FilipinoPhilippinesNunez, Kim Patrice08/20/2015
Behind My Laughters FilipinoPhilippinesIligan, Joan08/19/2015
UNSPOKEN WORDS FilipinoPhilippinesIligan, Joan08/19/2015
Like A Dream FilipinoPhilippinesCabanes, Nudershada08/19/2015
The Power of Words FilipinoPhilippinesCabanes, Nudershada08/19/2015
Please Define FilipinoPhilippinesRubio, Maria Rheza Mae08/19/2015
Premium Member Poem NEW FRONTIERS FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette08/18/2015
Family Conflict FilipinoPhilippinesMadsen, Stuart08/18/2015
Love is an Obsession FilipinoPhilippinesMadsen, Stuart08/18/2015
Distant Love FilipinoPhilippinesMadsen, Stuart08/18/2015
Premium Member Poem Dare I Write for You FilipinoPhilippinesNunez, Kim Patrice08/18/2015
Premium Member Poem A CASTLE OF TEMPTATION - collab with JA Fraser FilipinoPhilippinesGuillermo, Olive Eloisa08/18/2015
Wilted Leaves FilipinoPhilippinesCabanes, Nudershada08/17/2015