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Filipino Poems and Poetry from Philippines

Filipino poems and poetry from Philippines. Read examples of Filipino poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Premium Member Poem FRAGILE HEARTS FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/24/2016
Premium Member Poem RELISHED JOYS FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/23/2016
Second Chance FilipinoPhilippinesAneki, Sheep10/23/2016
An Admirer's Pure Heart FilipinoPhilippinesAneki, Sheep10/23/2016
A Voyager FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/23/2016
Change FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/22/2016
I am a future Criminologist FilipinoPhilippinesRamos, Charlemagne James10/22/2016
Destined FilipinoPhilippinesUy, Robert10/21/2016
Ash FilipinoPhilippinesDoe, Jane10/21/2016
Premium Member Poem HAZY TEARS BURST FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/21/2016
Premium Member Poem DANGER AHEAD FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/20/2016
Sonnet VIII: Sunset FilipinoPhilippinesTortoza, Franchesca Mia10/20/2016
Candle FilipinoPhilippinesAnne, Kat10/20/2016
MULTIP-LIE FilipinoPhilippinesVitor, Shan10/19/2016
Premium Member Poem MAY I DANCE WITH YOU FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/19/2016
Sleepless nights FilipinoPhilippinesMolina, Victoria10/18/2016
NOBODY FilipinoPhilippinesStrauss, Lei10/18/2016
Haiku On Bob Dylan's FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/17/2016
Premium Member Poem MAIDEN SUMMER FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/16/2016
To my fair-haired FilipinoPhilippinesJebulan, Joji 10/15/2016
Glazing Luster FilipinoPhilippinesJebulan, Joji 10/15/2016
Clock FilipinoPhilippinesJebulan, Joji 10/15/2016
Legacy FilipinoPhilippinesJebulan, Joji 10/15/2016
Recurrent FilipinoPhilippinesJebulan, Joji 10/15/2016
Retribution FilipinoPhilippinesJebulan, Joji 10/15/2016
Luntian FilipinoPhilippinesJebulan, Joji 10/15/2016
Premium Member Poem LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE LIMERICK CONTEST FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/14/2016
A Scene FilipinoPhilippinesVelves, Robert10/14/2016
Holocaust at the Time FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/14/2016
Obey the Rules or Else FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/14/2016
Premium Member Poem LAST GLOW FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/14/2016
Premium Member Poem OUR LAST POSTSCRIPT FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/13/2016
Torn Apart FilipinoPhilippinesSomnium, Angelus10/13/2016
IT In Love FilipinoPhilippinesGudez, Flora Mae10/13/2016
6289 FilipinoPhilippinesVelves, Robert10/13/2016
Nightmare FilipinoPhilippinesGudez, Flora Mae10/13/2016
Life and Death FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/12/2016
Sham Dealings FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/12/2016
CB Tribute Contest One: All First Five CB FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/12/2016
Living for the Moment FilipinoPhilippinesloueljie, sweet10/12/2016
On a Train Ride FilipinoPhilippinesUy, Robert10/11/2016
Premium Member Poem HER FRESH BLOSSOM FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/11/2016
Premium Member Poem CB TRIBUTE CONTEST ONE FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/11/2016
A Hint FilipinoPhilippinesFlower, Moon10/11/2016
Premium Member Poem LAUGHING GAS FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/10/2016
Sonnet VII: My Love In Her Sleep FilipinoPhilippinesTortoza, Franchesca Mia10/10/2016
Sonnet VI: My Imprisoned Princess FilipinoPhilippinesTortoza, Franchesca Mia10/10/2016
Sonnet V: Love Through A Distance FilipinoPhilippinesTortoza, Franchesca Mia10/10/2016
Sonnet IV: Rebirth FilipinoPhilippinesTortoza, Franchesca Mia10/10/2016
Premium Member Poem BREATHLESS IS APRIL FilipinoPhilippinesonclaud, nette10/10/2016