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Dutch Poems and Poetry from Netherlands

Dutch poems and poetry from Netherlands. Read examples of Dutch poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Utopian DutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny10/03/2015
Breathing Vapor DutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny09/28/2015
Devil Within 25 08 2013 DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy08/14/2015
Dyed with Madness DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy08/10/2015
screaming DutchNetherlandsStone, Bella Victoria08/06/2015
Character DutchNetherlandsvanB, Rien07/23/2015
Premium Member Poem Blinded by the sight DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 06/14/2015
Premium Member Poem Only a fews days more DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 06/09/2015
Premium Member Poem Bye Bye to double digits DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 06/08/2015
Lost home DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/28/2015
Premium Member Poem Trapped in the twilight zone DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 05/28/2015
Enjoy every moment DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/25/2015
The Flower That Survived DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/25/2015
Self-respect DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/22/2015
Premium Member Poem Lifeline's deadline DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 05/12/2015
Premium Member Poem Skyfall DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 05/07/2015
Rex Angulus Mortis DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy04/06/2015
tiger stripes DutchNetherlandsStone, Bella Victoria03/16/2015
another shade of blue DutchNetherlandsStone, Bella Victoria03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Tidings DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 02/19/2015
Premium Member Poem Pandora's Box DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 02/11/2015
Premium Member Poem Times are changing DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 02/10/2015
Life is like a Maypole DutchNetherlandsSara, May01/19/2015
This year Carl marries Olivia DutchNetherlandsKushueva, Zhanara01/17/2015
Hope for Happiness DutchNetherlandsSara, May01/07/2015
Confused mind DutchNetherlandsSara, May01/05/2015
In a different frame DutchNetherlandsTod., Maya12/04/2014
Discarded grief DutchNetherlandsTod., Maya12/04/2014
don't follow me DutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny11/15/2014
In Tchibo Germany DutchNetherlandsYan, Van10/26/2014
Cheap Cigar DutchNetherlandsYan, Van10/25/2014
Nets DutchNetherlandsYan, Van10/22/2014
These Brick Bound Boxes DutchNetherlandsCats, Lottie10/07/2014
Destination DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
Change DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
Enlightenment DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
The universal language of love DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
Angel DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
Underground DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/14/2014
At a birds-flight of joy DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/10/2014
Angels of light DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/10/2014
A tear fights his way through desolation DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/10/2014
Premium Member Poem for Irfana Ali Bhat amidst of Kashmir floods DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 09/09/2014
And immortalize you in my fire DutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/09/2014
flowers in my minds garden DutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny09/05/2014
when im dead and gone DutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny08/30/2014
Premium Member Poem Comments DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 08/26/2014
i love you DutchNetherlandsFekri, Yasaman08/23/2014
If I could turn back the time DutchNetherlandsFekri, Yasaman08/08/2014
Premium Member Poem 193 Dutch and so many more angels in heaven DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly D. A. 07/19/2014