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Dutch Poems and Poetry from Netherlands

Dutch poems and poetry from Netherlands. Read examples of Dutch poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Music DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie07/27/2016
Premium Member Poem NOT ALONE DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren07/16/2016
Premium Member Poem DANCE DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren07/14/2016
No, Im not black DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie07/12/2016
Premium Member Poem I CAN FLY DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren07/07/2016
Autumn blossom DutchNetherlandsKuijpers, Vesper07/05/2016
Premium Member Poem FIREFLY DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren07/05/2016
Premium Member Poem LEAVE DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren06/28/2016
Premium Member Poem BUTTERFLY DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren06/18/2016
Premium Member Poem DYING INSIDE DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren06/17/2016
There is something you dont know DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie06/17/2016
Premium Member Poem I AM HOLDING YOU DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren06/12/2016
Premium Member Poem DANCE DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren06/08/2016
Premium Member Poem POND DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren06/07/2016
Premium Member Poem CITY DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren06/06/2016
Premium Member Poem DIGITS DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren05/31/2016
Premium Member Poem TO DO OR NOT TO DO DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren05/28/2016
Premium Member Poem I AM NOT HERE DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren05/27/2016
Premium Member Poem SCARS DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren05/27/2016
Premium Member Poem DREAM DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren05/27/2016
Premium Member Poem BEACH DutchNetherlandsWhite, Darren05/27/2016
Mans world DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie05/19/2016
Why I stayed DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie05/16/2016
Everything nothing DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie05/15/2016
Black DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie05/15/2016
Feminism, They tell me DutchNetherlandsDavis, Jacquie05/15/2016
Mirror, Mirror Eye Sea DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy03/25/2016
flowers DutchNetherlandsStone, Belle Victoria03/24/2016
Emo Portrait:The boy who heard Death DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy02/29/2016
a simple hello DutchNetherlandsStone, Belle Victoria02/28/2016
Premium Member Poem Simple Pleasures DutchNetherlandsAnchored Poet , An01/18/2016
what is happening to the world DutchNetherlandsveenstra, aukje01/12/2016
Premium Member Poem IT IS WHAT IT IS DutchNetherlandsAnchored Poet , An12/27/2015
December Mourn DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy12/22/2015
Utopian DutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny10/03/2015
Breathing Vapor DutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny09/28/2015
Devil Within 25 08 2013 DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy08/14/2015
Dyed with Madness DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy08/10/2015
screaming DutchNetherlandsStone, Belle Victoria08/06/2015
Character DutchNetherlandsvanB, Rien07/23/2015
Lost home DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/28/2015
Enjoy every moment DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/25/2015
The Flower That Survived DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/25/2015
Self-respect DutchNetherlandsSara, May05/22/2015
Rex Angulus Mortis DutchNetherlandsBrouwers, Jimmy04/06/2015
tiger stripes DutchNetherlandsStone, Belle Victoria03/16/2015
another shade of blue DutchNetherlandsStone, Belle Victoria03/01/2015
Life is like a Maypole DutchNetherlandsSara, May01/19/2015
This year Carl marries Olivia DutchNetherlandsKushueva, Zhanara01/17/2015
Hope for Happiness DutchNetherlandsSara, May01/07/2015