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American Poems and Poetry from United States

American poems and poetry from United States. Read examples of American poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Premium Member Poem Just want to shock ya AmericanUnited StatesHarrell, Toquyen03/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Fuck me AmericanUnited StatesHarrell, Toquyen03/02/2015
There in the meadow AmericanUnited StatesRoss, Jules03/02/2015
Premium Member Poem A Moment In Paradise AmericanUnited StatesLeiser, Laura03/02/2015
Spit that Shit AmericanUnited Statesbaxter, kimico03/02/2015
Now That's Relativity AmericanUnited StatesCallaway, Kathleen03/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Flower Song AmericanUnited StatesDietrich, Andrea03/02/2015
Premium Member Poem My Saddest Day -A Dog Gone Tableau AmericanUnited StatesDietrich, Andrea03/02/2015
The Picture AmericanUnited Stateshunjeri, njeri03/02/2015
Starvation AmericanUnited StatesXiong, May03/02/2015
Baltimore Tales AmericanUnited StatesMagno, Gabriel03/02/2015
My Dash AmericanUnited StatesPorter, Roxane03/02/2015
Pulse AmericanUnited StatesBankson, David03/02/2015
Premium Member Poem Deep Thinker AmericanUnited StatesSchneiter, Paul03/01/2015
Body meet Avalanche AmericanUnited Statessheltra, kevin03/01/2015
In A Swirling Groove of Surrealism Version 2 AmericanUnited StatesShafeek, Jawaud03/01/2015
In A Swirling Groove of Surrealism AmericanUnited StatesShafeek, Jawaud03/01/2015
Who I Really Am AmericanUnited StatesForshay, Matt03/01/2015
Overacheiver AmericanUnited StatesHall-Matson, Sarah03/01/2015
Visible Invisible Cape AmericanUnited StatesHall-Matson, Sarah03/01/2015
she AmericanUnited Stateshunjeri, njeri03/01/2015
The Death of Winter AmericanUnited StatesMeskell, Kaitlyn03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Beautiful 'But' Ugly AmericanUnited StatesREAMS, TAMMY03/01/2015
I Have Never Felt This Way AmericanUnited StatesGamble, Troy03/01/2015
Would you AmericanUnited StatesCassio, Kay03/01/2015
F r e e S p a c e s AmericanUnited Statesshr00ms, Mush03/01/2015
Sweet Memories AmericanUnited StatesMagno, Gabriel03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Stinky Skunk AmericanUnited StatesRoper, Eve03/01/2015
Faded Memory AmericanUnited StatesMcCoy, Lauren03/01/2015
Let Go AmericanUnited StatesMcCoy, Lauren03/01/2015
Leave AmericanUnited StatesMcCoy, Lauren03/01/2015
Must be AmericanUnited StatesWhalen, David03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Now with God AmericanUnited StatesCarey, Ninette 03/01/2015
Daisy's Dream AmericanUnited StatesCyphers, Terrence03/01/2015
He AmericanUnited StatesMcCoy, Lauren03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem a wish upon an Iris AmericanUnited StatesGreene, River03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Trumpets of the Dawn AmericanUnited StatesGuzzi, Debbie03/01/2015
Clown Macbeth AmericanUnited StatesBen, Su03/01/2015
is this you AmericanUnited Statesconner, jessie03/01/2015
Lonely Being AmericanUnited StatesXiong, May03/01/2015
Backwards AmericanUnited StatesJohnson, Kenna03/01/2015
Redneck Easter AmericanUnited StatesSpencer, Mark03/01/2015
Suicide Suicide AmericanUnited Stateshunjeri, njeri03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem The Weary Soldier AmericanUnited StatesJennings, Marilyn03/01/2015
Our Love AmericanUnited Statesmohn, david03/01/2015
Premium Member Poem Confession AmericanUnited StatesParker, Frederic03/01/2015
My Loving Heavenly Father AmericanUnited StatesKOLTER, MICHAEL03/01/2015
My Heavenly Father AmericanUnited StatesKOLTER, MICHAEL03/01/2015
An Unusual Friend AmericanUnited StatesFriedman, Mark03/01/2015
Cancer Treatment Center Of America AmericanUnited StatesKOLTER, MICHAEL03/01/2015