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Russian Poems and Poetry from Russian Federation

Russian poems and poetry from Russian Federation. Read examples of russian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Sad lions RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen08/27/2016
Bottled World RussianRussian FederationWarner, Ijen08/26/2016
I like that you are ill, but not by me RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/21/2016
9 11 RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/20/2016
BREAKFAST AT HOME RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/20/2016
Comas RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
Twitter notch RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
Lizard RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
I browsed the notes RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
Why RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
Pray RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
Detached RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
Learn again RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
Go so far RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
A death note RussianRussian FederationMachineIQ, MachineIQ08/19/2016
I hate you RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/17/2016
Trees are rustling in the park RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/17/2016
PEACE IN AMERICA RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/13/2016
DIGNITY RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney08/12/2016
We have been telling that the time has fled RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/10/2016
Yesterday I died RussianRussian FederationBlack, Julia08/03/2016
It's all because RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge08/01/2016
Words RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia07/30/2016
Thunder words RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia07/27/2016
There is July RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge07/27/2016
Why RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia07/27/2016
MIRACLE OF CHILDHOOD REGAINED RussianRussian FederationBeck, Sidney07/26/2016
Oh, love, you are evil in daily contest RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge07/25/2016
With the trembling of my worried soul RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge07/21/2016
The torment of the bard RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge07/17/2016
You're feeling better after talk RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge07/14/2016
When vicious things will be the saint RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge07/08/2016
Time RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia07/02/2016
Thanks RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia07/02/2016
I was dreamt about you, but I could never say RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge06/30/2016
To my love my inspiration RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/27/2016
Awake RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/27/2016
Think RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/27/2016
Nowhere RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/24/2016
Feels RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/24/2016
Remind RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/24/2016
Fade RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/24/2016
Voice RussianRussian FederationPopkova, Evgenia06/24/2016
We were Skalds RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge06/17/2016
Epitaph RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge06/12/2016
Helga's wrists are out of caress RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge06/06/2016
From cradle to Enslave RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge06/02/2016
Oh, my faces and image of mine RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge05/31/2016
Naive RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge05/21/2016
Hymns of heart will admire your flesh RussianRussian FederationLyrewing, Serge05/19/2016