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Nigerian Poems and Poetry from Nigeria

Nigerian poems and poetry from Nigeria. Read examples of nigerian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Love In Unexpected Places NigerianNigeriaIbe, Chidiogo12/20/2014
ONCE UPON A TIME NigerianNigeriaSamuel, Emerho O.12/18/2014
A celebration of life NigerianNigeriaoffor, emeka12/18/2014
PRICE OF OBJECTIVISM NigerianNigeriaOlanrewaju, Adetunji12/18/2014
LONGING NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun12/16/2014
No baby smiles at birth NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
We are the victim every time NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
Find the moment now NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
Child labour NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
Old man yet working NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
God in nature NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
God in me NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
God in life NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
God in you NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/16/2014
DAIRY OF ALHAJI TANKO NigerianNigeriaNwaorgu, Timothy-Paker12/16/2014
One Christmas Eve with Dyad NigerianNigeriaNwaorgu, Timothy-Paker12/16/2014
To Liza NigerianNigeriaSOLOMON, ITSOGHOLE O12/16/2014
HYDROGEN NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun12/15/2014
Conversation With The Lord NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun12/15/2014
A PIECE TO MY LOVE NigerianNigeriaNaldo, Tunaldo12/15/2014
Intercourse NigerianNigeriaSOLOMON, ITSOGHOLE O12/14/2014
THE GROUND WILL LAUGH NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john12/13/2014
IF THE WALLS HAVE EARS NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john12/13/2014
MY BENEFACTOR NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john12/13/2014
AND YOU SAID WE SHOULDN'T TALK NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john12/13/2014
LET GO AND LET GOD NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john12/13/2014
PAGES OF LIFE NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john12/13/2014
A HOUSE WIFE TEARS NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john12/13/2014
Divine hand NigerianNigeriaAlumbugu, Basiru12/13/2014
THE STRUGGLE OF OHIKU NigerianNigeriaAroke, Paschal12/12/2014
Tribute to peter duggan NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/05/2014
Let it be me NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/05/2014
Am alive again NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/05/2014
Trinity NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 12/05/2014
HEART NigerianNigeriaOLUWAFEMI, AWOLESI12/05/2014
COMPETITION NigerianNigeriaEseke, Austin12/03/2014
The Void Of Flight NigerianNigeriaAdenuga Ayanjompe, George12/03/2014
Death NigerianNigeriaAdenuga Ayanjompe, George12/03/2014
Rite Of Passage NigerianNigeriankanu, okoi12/02/2014
The Old Child NigerianNigeriaAnyikwa, Chukwuemeka12/02/2014
DOTH A MAN NigerianNigeriaJENEWARI, SHARON12/01/2014
BRIGHTBY NigerianNigeriaJENEWARI, SHARON12/01/2014
If there is a God in heaven NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 11/30/2014
Excuse me baby NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 11/30/2014
Society view of beauty NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 11/30/2014
Mountain never reach NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 11/30/2014
Simplicity is a power NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 11/30/2014
Prayer NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 11/30/2014
Eyes and mind NigerianNigeriannoli, richard 11/30/2014
Jobs- NigerianNigeriaOyewole, Abdulhafeez11/30/2014