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Nigerian Poems and Poetry from Nigeria

Nigerian poems and poetry from Nigeria. Read examples of nigerian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

AWERO NigerianNigeriaAce, Micheal10/23/2016
Ode to a Terrific Teacher NigerianNigeriaAdeite, Adeleke10/23/2016
The moon NigerianNigeriaMuideen, Afolabi10/23/2016
HEART MADE OF GOLD NigerianNigerialateef, basit10/22/2016
TO DEAR FATIMA NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john10/21/2016
MELODY OF NIGERIANS NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john10/21/2016
Falling for you NigerianNigeriaKyle, Rouna10/21/2016
Defining me NigerianNigeriaDambani, Deborah10/20/2016
Awake in my sleep NigerianNigeriaKyle, Rouna10/20/2016
OMISSION NigerianNigeriaedolo, yinlaifa10/20/2016
THE FIST OF THE POLYGAMOUS CHILD NigerianNigeriaFerdinard, Victory Udochukwu 10/19/2016
IKPA MBEKE NigerianNigeriaFerdinard, Victory Udochukwu 10/19/2016
An Errand of Condom NigerianNigeriaFerdinard, Victory Udochukwu 10/19/2016
Dismay and Disillusioned NigerianNigeriaFerdinard, Victory Udochukwu 10/19/2016
SHE WAS NO ORDINARY GIRL NigerianNigeriaChika, Sylvia10/19/2016
LET ME STOW IN YOU NigerianNigeriaIzegwire, Odion10/18/2016
THEY DID IT FOR US NigerianNigeriaFerdinard, Victory Udochukwu 10/18/2016
My King of Queens NigerianNigeriaHAMMED, JIMOH10/17/2016
OUR INADEQUACIES NigerianNigeriaikpesu, prince10/16/2016
Grace, like a rooster NigerianNigeriaIkwuamaesi, Celestine10/16/2016
She Belongs to the Other Room NigerianNigeriaAdeite, Adeleke10/16/2016
Tribute to Grandpa NigerianNigeriaFerdinard, Victory Udochukwu 10/16/2016
ERUWHU NigerianNigeriaikpesu, prince10/15/2016
PEACE, BE UNTO THE DEAD NigerianNigeriaAfolabi, Ijalana10/15/2016
IN MY STORY BOOK NigerianNigeriaIzegwire, Odion10/15/2016
Premium Member Poem Indulgence NigerianNigeriaJumbo, Sandison10/15/2016
CB TRIBUTE NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun10/14/2016
Diversity - Our Way of Life NigerianNigeriaAdowei, Ebikeme10/13/2016
sun shine NigerianNigeriaadeyemi, Christian10/13/2016
SUN AND MOON NigerianNigeriaikpesu, prince10/11/2016
When I Bought a Dream NigerianNigeriaAdeite, Adeleke10/11/2016
Premium Member Poem Beauty and the beast NigerianNigeriaJumbo, Sandison10/11/2016
Premium Member Poem The Gold 'Mind' Within NigerianNigeriaJumbo, Sandison10/11/2016
it all a lie NigerianNigeriaadeyemi, Christian10/11/2016
A LOVE DECLARATION NigerianNigeriaikpesu, prince10/10/2016
PROUDLY A NEGRO NigerianNigeriaikpesu, prince10/10/2016
AMAJU NigerianNigeriaikpesu, prince10/10/2016
IRHAWOO NigerianNigeriaikpesu, prince10/10/2016
When goodness a'time laughed on us NigerianNigeriasage, white10/10/2016
Toast to Tomorrow NigerianNigeriaAdeite, Adeleke10/10/2016
IT IS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY NigerianNigeriaChika, Sylvia10/10/2016
Light went off NigerianNigeriaArowolo, olusegun10/09/2016
Pussycat NigerianNigeriaInyang , Divine 10/09/2016
Ocean Waves NigerianNigeriaInyang , Divine 10/09/2016
WE ARE ONE NigerianNigeriaInyang , Divine 10/09/2016
yes I do NigerianNigeriaadeyemi, Christian10/09/2016
Within Her Eyes NigerianNigeriaOgundare, Abosede10/09/2016
Conception of Deception NigerianNigeriaAdeite, Adeleke10/09/2016
Noises Nature Nurture NigerianNigeriaAdeite, Adeleke10/09/2016
Nature Nurtures Noises NigerianNigeriaAdeite, Adeleke10/09/2016