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Nigerian Poems and Poetry from Nigeria

Nigerian poems and poetry from Nigeria. Read examples of nigerian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

REST IN PEACE NigerianNigeriaOloye, Olufemi07/24/2016
LET ME BE, LET ME HEAL NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo07/24/2016
I PRAY NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo07/24/2016
pain NigerianNigeriaDambani, Deborah07/21/2016
Dos and Don'ts NigerianNigeriaAyinla, Oluwaseye07/21/2016
REALNESS OF THINGS NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo07/21/2016
HARVEST - A Trilogy NigerianNigeriaRICHARDS ADEWALE, TANIMONURE07/21/2016
kind melancholy NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/20/2016
Rain Haiku NigerianNigeriaDambani, Deborah07/20/2016
BURY THE TRUTH NigerianNigeriaChika, Sylvia07/20/2016
GERALD NigerianNigeriageorge, tonye07/20/2016
A Painful Death NigerianNigeriaChiagoziem, Ndubisi07/18/2016
When Death Comes NigerianNigeriaChiagoziem, Ndubisi07/18/2016
OUT OF THE DARKEST SHELL I EMERGE NigerianNigeriaOdiete, Ovi07/17/2016
Heaven's key Not For Contest NigerianNigeriaMuideen, Afolabi07/17/2016
WHEN SADNESS HAUNTS NigerianNigeriaOdiete, Ovi07/17/2016
unknown bird NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
forlorn governor NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
Witch Craft NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
Dying Poet and Yesterday NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
uncertain infernal doom NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
fire flies NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
the tormented judgement day NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
Nigeria had I own you NigerianNigeriaKakamu Aliyu , Umar07/17/2016
Poetry Has Many Stories To Tell NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john07/15/2016
To Shirly NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john07/15/2016
Nigeria Has Gone Mad Again NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john07/15/2016
WE ARE AT WAR NigerianNigeriaAfolabi, Ijalana07/15/2016
left NigerianNigeriageorge, tonye07/15/2016
To Brescia NigerianNigeriaOlubodun, Babafemi Yinka07/15/2016
When Sunset at Dawn NigerianNigeriaOgundare, Abosede07/14/2016
THE WEE HOUR RAINFALL NigerianNigeriaMayowa, Ifedayo07/14/2016
CAUGHT ASTRAY WITH THE GODDESS NigerianNigeriaOloye, Olufemi07/13/2016
To My Dead Uncle NigerianNigeriaOgundare, Abosede07/13/2016
Underneath a Poet NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
Dust NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
Noise NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
That Thing NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
An Empty Cross NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
Virtues - Rhetoric for a Friend NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
Tides NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
Taking My Place NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
Worlds Apart NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
What a World NigerianNigeriaIdiong, Divine Friday07/13/2016
Write Me A Letter NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john07/12/2016
The Age Of Mother Earth Is Numbered NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john07/12/2016
I Have Seen The Grasses Of Nigeria NigerianNigeriachizoba vincent, john07/12/2016
THE SHADOW WITH FEELINGS NigerianNigeriaOkonneh, Frederick07/12/2016