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Japanese Poems and Poetry from Japan

Japanese poems and poetry from Japan. Read examples of japanese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Colleagues JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi02/06/2016
Mindtraveller - 2, Neo Tokio JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto01/31/2016
-smile- JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment01/26/2016
Midnight Friend JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi01/23/2016
Beauty of the Beast JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi01/23/2016
Healthy Life JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi01/23/2016
Comes out of Tomorrow JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi01/20/2016
Bare Trees JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi01/17/2016
When the Pendulum Stops JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi01/17/2016
Adult Love JapaneseJapanB.A, Kaila01/15/2016
Winter evening JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto01/13/2016
Love the way you JapaneseJapanHaikutwinkle, Angeline01/12/2016
Story of Fairies - Elen JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto01/09/2016
-crystallization- JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment01/04/2016
-my own- JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment01/04/2016
Healing room JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto01/04/2016
Cancer, Pain, Morphine JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi01/03/2016
Find from Nothing JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi12/30/2015
Discrimination JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/30/2015
Winter noon JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/29/2015
Shadow in the Night JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi12/26/2015
Time for Harmony JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi12/26/2015
Supernova JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment12/23/2015
Unbroken Smile JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi12/19/2015
Life - 1, Growing JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/19/2015
Message from Death JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi12/19/2015
Fatigue JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi12/19/2015
Who is happy in this year - 2016 JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/19/2015
Winter - 4, Friday is Curry-Soup day JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/17/2015
Yijing apprenrice - 3, The incident JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/16/2015
Winter - 3, Rest JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/15/2015
Winter - 2, Overtime work JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/15/2015
Winter - 1, Cold wind JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/15/2015
Mindtraveller - 1,Prologue JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/14/2015
The Surfer JapaneseJapanHaikutwinkle, Angeline12/12/2015
Escape JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/10/2015
Alone JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/05/2015
Winter morning JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto12/05/2015
Yijing apprentice - 2 Repellence JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/27/2015
The White Tiger JapaneseJapanMo., Nani11/26/2015
Something is going to end, Something is going to begin JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/22/2015
Yijing apprentice - 1, First meeting JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/21/2015
A Certain Journey JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/21/2015
Set us free JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/20/2015
Yijing apprentice - Introduction JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/16/2015
Inner voice JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/10/2015
Life JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/10/2015
Honey JapaneseJapanKatoh, Reimi11/08/2015
Trial JapaneseJapanOgino, Makoto11/07/2015
Mismatched Me JapaneseJapanBroken, Unfragment11/04/2015