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Ghanaian Poems and Poetry from Ghana

Ghanaian poems and poetry from Ghana. Read examples of ghanaian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

In A Daze GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/20/2017
Imagine An Imagination GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/20/2017
A Confession GhanaianGhanaAniagyei, Wilfred01/17/2017
Leave, Live My Soul GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
Midst Of Lone GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
In All Of These GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
One Day Someday GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
By Myself GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
In My Dialogue Box GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
Up And Down SIze GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
My Friend GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
Still Colloquial GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
The Turning Point GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/14/2017
Vindicta My Love GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
Above The Rim GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
Free Fight GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
Along The Beach GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
I See The Moon GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
Once Upon A Time GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
Street Bound GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
Take Me As I Am GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
When The Light Is Out GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
Divine, My Brother GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/13/2017
DREAM GhanaianGhanaARTHUR, CHRISDAD KOJO01/13/2017
Load On My Chest GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/12/2017
The Peaking Pikin GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/12/2017
Sing Your Favourite Song GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/12/2017
Chances Grow Tiny GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/12/2017
By All Means GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/11/2017
Abandoned Slave GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/11/2017
All I Want GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/11/2017
For The Road GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/11/2017
Going To Hell GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/11/2017
My Life GhanaianGhanaAmerasb, Pikin01/11/2017
SEED GhanaianGhanaARTHUR, CHRISDAD KOJO01/09/2017
The Little Magnetic One GhanaianGhanaAniagyei, Wilfred01/06/2017
Forsake Me Not GhanaianGhanaAniagyei, Wilfred12/30/2016
Love letter GhanaianGhanaAnyane, Enoch12/26/2016
Our blissful and romantic morning fight GhanaianGhanaMohammed, Abdul Rashid12/22/2016
Don't love me for a Reason GhanaianGhanaObeng, Benjamin Joshua12/18/2016
My first Christmas present B GhanaianGhanaMohammed, Abdul Rashid12/17/2016
My first Christmas present A GhanaianGhanaMohammed, Abdul Rashid12/17/2016
LIFE IS SHORT,MAKE THE MOST OUT OF IT GhanaianGhanamensah coleman, kyereboah12/16/2016
My Trampolina GhanaianGhanaAfful, Kakraba12/10/2016
My Trampolina GhanaianGhanaAfful, Kakraba12/10/2016
Geronimo GhanaianGhanaAfful, Kakraba12/10/2016
Ignited Ignored GhanaianGhanathe poet, Buet 12/06/2016
Ghana votes tomorrow GhanaianGhanaMohammed, Abdul Rashid12/06/2016
We Were Once Beautiful GhanaianGhanaMohammed, Abdul Rashid12/06/2016
MY TEENAGE CRUSH GhanaianGhanaCommey , Emmanuel 11/23/2016