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Egyptian Poems and Poetry from Egypt

Egyptian poems and poetry from Egypt. Read examples of egyptian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

lost EgyptianEgyptfar, mo01/17/2016
Old Memories EgyptianEgyptbadr, Ahmed01/07/2016
Secretive Garden EgyptianEgyptAmmar, Manar12/15/2015
A moment EgyptianEgyptbadr, Ahmed12/05/2015
Map of your face EgyptianEgyptAmmar, Manar10/31/2015
Identity EgyptianEgyptAmmar, Manar10/26/2015
A Grain Of Sand EgyptianEgyptElmonier, Mona10/11/2015
Short story EgyptianEgyptishak, faten10/06/2015
my son EgyptianEgyptishak, faten10/03/2015
smart woman EgyptianEgyptishak, faten10/03/2015
Thanx in advance EgyptianEgyptishak, faten10/03/2015
What a strange feeling EgyptianEgyptbadr, Ahmed09/26/2015
Heart vs Mind EgyptianEgyptbadr, Ahmed09/26/2015
Beautiful Chemist EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed09/24/2015
cry EgyptianEgyptsultan, farah09/19/2015
Unfinished buisness EgyptianEgyptsultan, farah09/16/2015
Sleeping On The Shore EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed09/09/2015
In Heaven EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed09/05/2015
As A Star EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed09/02/2015
A Kind Of Greed EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/27/2015
Following EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/25/2015
The outburst of lamentations EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy08/24/2015
The inevitable EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy08/18/2015
Praise EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/18/2015
Barefoot on the snow EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy08/17/2015
Goodbye EgyptianEgyptBadr, Ahmad08/16/2015
Teenage love EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/09/2015
My bride EgyptianEgyptBadr, Ahmad08/05/2015
Pictures EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed08/05/2015
Burn EgyptianEgyptAmmar, Manar07/29/2015
Tigress EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed07/28/2015
A Kind Of Love EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed07/19/2015
Drink EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed07/11/2015
A question EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed07/04/2015
Unsent Letter EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed06/24/2015
Thoughts EgyptianEgyptAdel, Mohamed06/19/2015
Silence EgyptianEgyptHisham, Maryam06/15/2015
Scattered leaves EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy06/14/2015
The Last Symphony EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy06/04/2015
The Life Truth EgyptianEgyptgoda, sherif06/04/2015
The battle of death and life EgyptianEgyptgoda, sherif06/04/2015
Human Truth EgyptianEgyptgoda, sherif06/03/2015
Seasons EgyptianEgyptgoda, sherif06/03/2015
Natural Beauty EgyptianEgyptgoda, sherif06/03/2015
A call to my friend EgyptianEgyptgoda, sherif05/31/2015
Beautiful Chaos EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy05/29/2015
Goodbye school days EgyptianEgyptgoda, sherif05/28/2015
Lust and Passion EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy05/28/2015
Roses EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy05/28/2015
Stars EgyptianEgyptTadros, Sandy05/28/2015