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Croat Poems and Poetry from Croatia Republic

Croat poems and poetry from Croatia Republic. Read examples of croat poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Last Poem CroatCroatia Republicgavranovic, marko09/03/2014
Introduction CroatCroatia RepublicUlman, Miche08/28/2013
Love energy CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko08/21/2013
Maybe CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko08/19/2013
Charon's obol CroatCroatia RepublicUlman, Miche08/07/2013
Family Matters CroatCroatia RepublicUlman, Miche07/03/2013
Crossroads CroatCroatia RepublicUlman, Miche06/28/2013
dissapointments CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila05/01/2013
Nobody CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila05/01/2013
To Decay CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila05/01/2013
one Day Comes CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila04/19/2013
Statue CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila04/19/2013
The Shy CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila04/17/2013
Paradise is where CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila04/17/2013
Why CroatCroatia RepublicAnka, Leila04/15/2013
Confession Chamber CroatCroatia RepublicUlman, Miche03/25/2013
Observer CroatCroatia RepublicUlman, Miche03/23/2013
Lucid Dream CroatCroatia RepublicUlman, Miche03/22/2013
jesusing CroatCroatia RepublicSimic, Mirela02/28/2013
a trip, a trap CroatCroatia RepublicSimic, Mirela02/28/2013
the driving ones CroatCroatia RepublicSimic, Mirela02/28/2013
drifting plankton CroatCroatia RepublicSimic, Mirela02/28/2013
The Killer and The Muse CroatCroatia Republicgavranovic, marko11/19/2012
A Butterfly Of Life CroatCroatia Republicgavranovic, marko11/19/2012
Yearning To The Silence CroatCroatia Republicgavranovic, marko11/19/2012
Triton CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko10/16/2012
An estuary CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko09/30/2012
God's hand CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko09/24/2012
The crystal ball CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko07/13/2012
Bravery is Overrated CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario06/23/2012
A chirp before dawn CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko06/23/2012
My First Life - part 2 CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario06/20/2012
My First Life - part 1 CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario06/20/2012
Serious Poem CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario06/19/2012
Am I a poet CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario06/19/2012
You cannot Survive CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario06/19/2012
Naughty Cat CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario06/15/2012
Traces CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko06/01/2012
Simplicity of Life CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/25/2012
Our green lagoon CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko05/22/2012
SoulSeeker CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/20/2012
Sandstorm CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/18/2012
On the Road CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/15/2012
Relax and Enjoy CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/14/2012
Riddle CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/13/2012
Sun is trying to kill me CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/12/2012
Inner space of my mind CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/12/2012
Fight for THE light CroatCroatia RepublicColic, Mario05/12/2012
Lonely riders CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko04/12/2012
The crystal storm CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko03/30/2012