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Croat Poems and Poetry from Croatia Republic

Croat poems and poetry from Croatia Republic. Read examples of croat poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

THE ONLY DAWN CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max09/16/2015
SUMMER'S REQUIEM CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max09/16/2015
A HYMN TO THE NIGHT CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max09/16/2015
Nazor's street CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja09/01/2015
Sadness lasted two whole days CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja08/25/2015
Fragile cargo CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja08/04/2015
I owe you the desires CroatCroatia RepublicSitar, Željko08/03/2015
A special place CroatCroatia RepublicGudelj, Matej07/19/2015
The All-God CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino07/11/2015
It Escapes Me CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino06/22/2015
Cowards CroatCroatia RepublicCC, Mario06/18/2015
Chant of Emeralds CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino06/14/2015
Cover pot from the bad clay CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja06/09/2015
My bones will finally get their cloak CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja06/09/2015
Rediscovery CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino06/06/2015
DAWN CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max06/05/2015
MY CLOUD CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max06/04/2015
RAVEN'S QUILL CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max06/04/2015
The World is Silent Again CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino06/04/2015
MY LOST LOVE CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max06/03/2015
THE MOONLIGHT ROMANCE CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max06/02/2015
A DYING NIGHTINGALE CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max05/29/2015
PHANTASMAGORIA CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max05/29/2015
A Dystopian Dream CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/28/2015
Immanuel Kant - Cleri-who CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/28/2015
A POET'S PIPE CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max05/28/2015
A COFFIN CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max05/28/2015
IN DOLEFUL SHADOWS I LIE CroatCroatia RepublicCorvus, Max05/28/2015
Still You Reject My Silicon Soul CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/28/2015
Identity CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/26/2015
Unfinished CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/25/2015
The Loner and His Guitar CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/24/2015
Allies of Peace CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/21/2015
Caress Me with Your Words CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/20/2015
Becoming Complete CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/16/2015
The Mockery of Her CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/15/2015
Gold and Sanity CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/15/2015
The Philosopher CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/15/2015
Overlord CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/15/2015
Beyond - Rhyme Time CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/14/2015
Barren Lands of Ancestors CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/13/2015
The Sin of Silence CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/11/2015
My Flower CroatCroatia RepublicKadic, Nino05/11/2015
The seeds of democracy CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja05/04/2015
The line CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja04/07/2015
Mass media CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja03/29/2015
Imprints CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja03/07/2015
The card of unnecessary effort CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja03/06/2015
Nucleus CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja03/01/2015
The Sniper CroatCroatia RepublicCokolic, Sanja03/01/2015