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anxiety appreciation
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art assonance
aubade august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
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Long Paradise Poems

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Long Poems
Long poem by Ivor Davies | Details |

Legacy of Penang

Back in 1962 when I was just a lad
my dad gave me a holiday
the best I ever had.
A holiday of every dream
that one lifetime could hold
so listen while this wondrous time 
to you I now unfold:

In bygone years to travel far
was not a normal thing,
to travel some six thousand miles
by plane was amazing!
Propellers aided by a jet,
a very modern way,
aboard a British Eagle plane
my life would change that day.

A little island in the sun
where British troops were based
on active service out Far East
where they would get a taste
of jungle warfare while they helped
to form a brand new state
by helping stop objections from 
a few this change did hate.

But as a teenage boy, you see,
the politics of war
were not as noticeable to me
as other things I saw.
I felt the beauty of this land
with folk of every kind
for at this time in England
few ‘cultures’ could be found. 

For back at home in Blighty
a youngster such as me
had to know his place in life
and couldn’t roam quite free,
but out here in the tropics
no prejudice I found
of the nature that had kept me thus
by England’s limits bound.

Now out here in Malaysia,
on this island of Penang,
I found a place where deep inside
stirred memories that sang
of a time in my existence
that I’d never felt before
born of ancient inner knowledge
that my soul was screaming for.

To continue with my story
of the time I was a lad,
when in a British Barracks
with a soldier for a dad
I had given up my schooling
for adventure in the world
and like a butterfly emerging
my wings were now unfurled.

On this truly wondrous island
Minden Barracks was my home
with excitement and adventure
wherever I could roam.
I immersed in all the wisdom
of simplicity I met
and learned that what you give to life,
returns in what you get.
For the Chinese and the Indians,
Malays and some ex-pats
had found ways to live together
though all wore different hats,
in perfect symbiosis
where all fulfilled their roles
and by leaning on each other
could emancipate their goals.

Now even at this early age,
I was not too dim to see
that the rich were getting richer
and the poor were never free,
but something buried deep inside
these people of Penang
bore a certain understanding
of the common song they sang.

Now I grew up very quickly
as my friends all went to war,
young soldiers who were now my age
what were they fighting for.
Atrocities befell them 
as they fought Malaysia’s side
against those from Indonesia
who would not join this ride.

Skirmishes abundant
though Penang was hardly hit,
it was only very seldom
that we faced a scary bit.
When Minden B’ was threatened
all the locals stayed inside
just in case the British soldiers
started shooting the wrong side!
But throughout this ‘confrontation’
my job became pure joy,
for the Army’s recreation 
then became my brand new toy.
On the island’s sandy beaches
you would find me day by day
driving speed boats for the soldiers
when they found the time to play.

In Penang, their favourite island,
 the troops would take their leave
and have fun while water skiing
as they took a short reprieve
from the nature of their duties
that had brought them to this land
and for just a fleeting moment
could enjoy the sea and sand.

For three years whilst Water Skiing
I enjoyed this paradise
but the days I was not working
were all equally as nice
for at home in Minden Barracks
was a special swimming pool
where friends would meet
and wash their souls
with conversation’s tool.

This really was the centre
of our commune in this land,
the meeting place for sharing
where all friends would understand.
Soldier’s wives, their men at war,
and others gathered round,
if any place is hallowed
then this pool is sacred ground.
But Georgetown and its traders
was the place I loved to be
where the colour, noise and culture
always let my soul soar free.
Where the many, many trishaws
and the bikes and traffic mix,
with the hawkers, shops and markets
this is where I got my fix!

Four good years I lived my life
in this very special place,
absorbing understanding
at a multicultural pace.
I’d been born into a country
that the world thought was mature,
but maturity is lost of mind
when progress is the lure.

Back in 1962 when I was just a lad
my dad gave me a holiday
the best I’d ever had.
Back in 1966 I went back home again
and the schooling that I’d given up
had not been lost in vain,
for I’d learnt the real meaning
of my Life in this short stay,
a meaning full of everything
I carry till this day.

So now I’m in My sixties,
not the sixties of my past
and the thing I’ve found along the way
is most things never last.
But learn from where you travel,
let morals be your guide
for none can steal the things you hold
and carry deep inside.

Ivor G Davies

Copyright © Ivor Davies | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details |

Variations on a Cultural Theme

It was sometime back in the 70's,
my later 20's,
I woke up one morning to realize
EgoSelf as an often dissonant nest 
of natural systemic TaoEarth,
a mindbody bicameral treehouse
in some way that felt socially
and economically
and perhaps even politically awkward.

Too much like an Ugly Duckling Ego
in a Cinderella Opera,
clearly expecting myself to overcompensate
for my alien social-regenerative nature,
by learning to play each of the other roles
co-arising adeptly.

Prince Charming to my kids and husband,
somehow especially sadly 
because I have the only AngloIdentified
in my Ugly StepSister/Brother and Cinderella and
Prince Charming family. 

Carefully avoiding LoseLose Economist
as SuperUgly dualdark StepMother
of malicious,
hateful intent 
to play out a MonoCulturally supremacist Win-Lose Opera,
with me in charge of racist misery.

It was not until we all began stretching together
to comprehend what it means,
in terms of health and beauty,
goodness and truth,
to become daily reborn
into a PostMillennial Taoist Unitarian Universalism,
more richly hued polycultural health outcomes increase.

In this PostTaoist UU Landscape,
I have come to correlate
Left MindBody Language,
with YangPowered nutritional-natural health outcomes

If, and only if,
co-arising MidWay Tipping Point
of deductive-within-inductive mutual nature/spirit interest and value,
Elder Right MindBody Inductive-Empathic-Subjective
nutritional-nurturing PermaCultural 
dialectical decomposition confirms
RNA (0)-soul regenerative health enculturation-confluence, 
no ecosystemic stress,
trending toward PolyCultural Climaxing Outcomes,
where P as Exterior Landscape
reiterates reverse-temporal intention
of NotNot P as EcoInterior Right MindBody Landscape.

This is densely substantial and speaks of rich fertility,
and is kind of a lot to carry around in one bicamera-rolling mindbody ecosystem,
for us,
together, I hope,
our already shared Main (0)Mega Point Principle of Time,
is a dipolar nature-spirit nondual radically symbiotic hypothesis

Universal-ConVex c-squared YangTime
functions unitarian within 4D RealTime e-squared 
PrimeRelational Right MindBodies
Newtonian gravitational waves -,-
Einsteinian radiant frequency bilateral +,+ mutually positronic-elational,
are also double-bound reverse-immune aptic-negentropic-electronic fractal ballast.

I hope you are familiar with Right-brain love of health as symmetry
and truth and goodness
and light rather more than dual dark
as sensual-polycultural-receptor color and tone,
autonomic temporal balance of bilateral/bicameral systems,
breathing and heart-beat norms of mindbody health,
blood flow nutrient ebb and flow streams of energetic balance,
these bilateral-revolving flow structures,
like DNA ladders
twisting in fractalspiral ordered revolutions
never quite reaching EgoHome,
but fully-defining-refining
our Earth-centered hearts and rivers
of internal nutritional blood-systemic fueled
neural mindbody flow systems of balance,
ebb-exhale YinUnitarian,
flowing inhale diastolic Yang Universal.

Now I unfold each morning
stepping into a PermaCulturing Opera,
co-arising Janus-faced bicameral mindbody spacetime
and language,
dialects and seasonal nutritional dynamics of light love
and peaceful contentment-nature,
with dipolar appositional dualdark AngerLose-FearLose
cognitive-affective dissonance,
Tipping Point notices from Elders past
ruminating dualdark voices of Time's languaged present

Buckminster Fuller often plays
Elder Ugly Duckling Prophet and Father of Time.
He speaks eco-logos to biological UU systems
using analogies of temporal-bilateral dialects,
transforming-fusing fold and unfold functions
metaphysical correlations incarnating physical form,
development regenerative potential.
Time folds Yang convexly,
Physical Universe as closed present-tense diastatic potential,
achieved through cooperative co-mentorship of design and development,
Time unfolds Yin bilaterally OpenSystemic,
concavely unitarian-integral-dialectic-fractal-prime-dipolar-relationship-elation-co-gravitation-implicate-string-nature's-time-syntaxed-order....

And, maybe,
wondering what you UniversalYang with UnitarianYin Right MindBody Balance
bicamerally ego/eco-conscious folks polypathically think,
what we might find,
within Bucky Fuller's Synergy,
as Polycultural Climax ReGenerative TemporalSpatial Design,
and elsewhere too,
in PermaCultural apps for cooperatives
and political
and ecological
and health-value systemic
by divesting of toxic monocultural over-competitive anthro-development
within this lifetime's Ego-Deductive-Dominant PreMillennial Memory.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by T Wignesan | Details |

Which paradise is not the elusive chimere

Which paradise is not the elusive chimère?
…how long does it take to live one life…learn the lessons of a lifetime…find the time to live…find the time to sort things out…know what you did was wrong…know in whom lay the blame…what court hears your plea over your unwanted unwilled birth…who is there to tell you here is where you went wrong in the choices you made…take you by the hand and tell you this is not your making…this is all a dream…a dream that’ll never come true… what… is the maker a masochist…to what enduring purpose have you been asked to join the rest… would you want sex if you knew who you would put into this world… is there a crime more despicable than the life you engender into a world you cannot foresee… can you live as long as your progeny to protect them from the torture your genes prepare them for… can you provide for the unforeseen… for the dark that awaits you…your own faults visited on some one else you could never have conceived in thought…since the yonder is dark unknowable for all you know empty why continue… what ultimate purpose aeons from now affects you… is there a purpose to purpose…we search and search and see far enough only to be told we are getting closer and closer to the truth… nearer and nearer to the eternal truth… the one single formula to explain it all… the unified theory of theories… only to be told in between lie the dark matter the black holes three times the known dimensions of worlds hidden within unfathomable worlds of universes buried beyond sight beyond thought… all exploding colliding intermingling intersecting  in the unreachable distance that may have been but never probably was…that the infinitely tiniest world releases the infinitely bigbangish universe… who is to believe we’re going anywhere… who is to believe we are going some place…can you conceive of anything of anybody of anybeing of any self-making engine who/which can create an ounze of space let alone the mighty exploding skies hidden within the atoms… can you conceive of a plan so complex so minute so self-propagating so complete so thorough from time immemorial to time eternal from the ends of the endless space which could have inhabited some mighty self-sufficient all-mightiness…and yet it is true… it must be true…how else can you explain this eternal laila this eternal ephemeral-ness this eternal dance…nadaraja stomping twisting flailing his six arms in all six pairs of eye-directions…siva the destroyer…siva the adept dancer…siva the twelve to twenty-nine strings dancing vibrating in dimensions unseen to the eye… IT is there to be seen and be wondered at to be felt and to be suffered to be thought of and to keep thinking about to be befuddled about and to be flabbergasted by… to know that IT exists… touch yourself and you touch the IT… think you’re touching and you’re the IT thinking… but spread your fingers and cry abacradabra… no matter materialises no ready-made canvass no finished book no symphony drivels drops drips from your fingers… is this a mystery… is this a joke… if i’m part of the IT why is there no nothing at my command… are we then part of the IT… can we be part of the IT… or is the IT split into smithereens… no more the IT… no more the creating preserving destroying omnipotent IT the dancing Nadarajah the thundering Rudra the wailing Vayu the slaughtering Kali the admonishing Krishna the cool beneficent Vishnu…is the IT then in need of its sundered parts…must we all come to gather come together to save the IT and put IT back into place… put IT back in ITS self-conceiving womb never again to see the light of the Brahma Day…is the IT in need of all the consciousnesses IT split into to constitute ITS once inconceivable consciousness…is this  the Christian redemption… is this the Arabian heaven watered by streams of milk by date-palms… oases… to the sound of the singing of seventy-two virgins…nay…succulent dates…’a book of verse/a jug of wine/and thou singing beside me in the wilderness/and the wilderness is paradise enow//” …is this the Buddhist nirvana… is this the Taoist-Stoic submission to the ways of Nature…if not what purpose is there to a finalising finite world… what purpose is there to extending a quest for betterment when the Aztec sun drunk with human blood never rises again…when suns quasars galaxies universes are all doomed to be exploded out of their orbits… what purpose to so much human suffering and animal and insect and plant degradation…but gaseous-mineral stoicness….           

Abstracted from T. Wignesan. Ice in my Eyes…Paris, 2004-06, pp.  308-310.
© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2016.

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by J. W. Earnings | Details |

Lovers Gonna Love

See me in the Garden of Eve
Because a sinner like me...I deceive
The flock of sheep,
Yet it's my job not to weep
I'll be the good example everyone wants me to be
I'll be the good example 
Shake off the dread
The styles of modern art - never dead...never dead\

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

I want to be a good leader
I'm trying my best to pass the test
That life gives me...lover,
Lovers gonna love and haters gonna hate
Heart broken and shameful...
My hopeless Spirit - so bashful

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Balloons in the air like we don't care
Sex in the air like we don't care
But, sex isn't the only thing in mind
A past never spoken is left behind

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

I want to be a good leader
I'm trying my best to pass the test
That life gives me...lover,
Lovers gonna love and haters gonna hate
Heart broken and shameful...
My hopeless Spirit - so bashful
I want to be a good leader
I'm trying my best to pass the test
That life gives me...lover,
Lovers gonna love and haters gonna hate
Heart broken and shameful...
My hepeless Spirit - so bashful

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

You flatter me with words of wisdom, oh Lord
I shall not lie, 
I shall honor my father and mother,
I shall not kill
I am so worried about my beloved brother
He has gone to a place
So far away - I hide my face
Don't view me - the disgrace...
Please don't...
I won't...
Hurt you
Do you get the clue?

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

I want to be a good leader
I'm trying my best to pass the test
That life gives me...lover,
Lovers gonna love and haters gonna hate
Heart broken and shameful...
My hopeless Spirit - so bashful
I want to be a good leader
I'm trying my best to pass the test
That life gives me...lover,
Lovers gonna love and haters gonna hate
Heart broken and shameful...
My hepeless Spirit - so bashful

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love
I am the one in love
I Am Disgraceful 
Tension-whelmed and wonderful,
Wonder feelings douse me
I am the bubbles in the tub
I need a massage - a love rub

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Twerking at the sound of ridiculous music
I am found and brainwashed...

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time
This time
This time......

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

I want to be a good leader
I'm trying my best to pass the test
That life gives me...lover,
Lovers gonna love and haters gonna hate
Heart broken and shameful...
My hopeless Spirit - so bashful
I want to be a good leader
I'm trying my best to pass the test
That life gives me...lover,
Lovers gonna love and haters gonna hate
Heart broken and shameful...
My hopeful heart beats on...
Positivity has hit me....
No longer distressful until the arrival of the dawn
Negativity comes rollin' in 
Take a seat next to me, sin
Let me whisper gently in your ears
The secret I longed to say for years:
I have bisexual tendencies...
I'm as crazy as the monkeys, hanging from the trees

Come on and hear me out
Hear me out this time

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

Lovers gonna love

& the haters *laughs* they gonna hate
Please don't pick a fight over here and debate
Put my mind at ease......

Copyright © J. W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by J. W. Earnings | Details |

Stimulation: Paradise of Passion

Paradise of passion has dawned upon my mind of my once dusked mindset (desired future of peace that has transformed my mind that was of darkness for the better) 
I'm envious of others' ecstasy for some reason still unknown to me and it gets me awfully upset, which leads to ridiculous regret 

Sensitive by the spooky darkness you mused about - you've spoke with me about them many times
A thousand times, I've listened to your nonsense babbling...the clock of wisdom and a logical understanding behind it chimes (understanding wise sayings when someone speaks foolishly)

Don't think ill of me because I am attempting to do what's best
Rumors of me have spread like a cancer in my skin, making me feel afraid beyond control 
Don't fail me with an F, professor of pleasure - I just detest your test (not accepting authority as of education-wise)
I keep on assuming that I know the solutions to some of their problems, but I can't cheat them into the snare of I'll-always-be-there - I'm overwhelmed somewhat as a whole more or less...my skull is banging with irritably that catches on fire like crow-black coal 

I gotta tell you that anger-inspired disheartenment has taken its toll in my life 

Dreams that I've dreamt flood into my mind at last and I can explain it with my unspeakable speech 
I never understood the meaning of life until God has set me free from fear and anxiety 
Gleaming glory was hard to reach until my hopes were ascended like the sunset at the beach
Funny that you never knew exactly where I stood until I spoke to you in private, drawing you away from the commotion crowd that is of glee obscurity (happiness that's full of uncertainty and of unknown reasons) 

Know that I'm genuine in what I say...
What I do has made me look rebellious in every single way
I apologize for being a foolish boy that tried to fulfill my temporary lusts that turn to dust in the long run (worthless as a whole) 

Don't seek me in times of trouble...you told me I was untrustworthy in your speech that I don't beseech at all 
I'm not wise...and you're not the fool, so don't just make assumptions that I'm drunk off of the wine of I'm-fine-and-you're-not-fine (I don't judge irreverently, so don't think that I do)
Predicting the future in a negative way did me no good obviously...
You're so oblivious of my insane pain in my heart...I can now see to a somewhat high degree 

You don't know my mind and I don't know yours
You sit around at home and I do endless chores
I'm trying to get your attention I longed to get
But, all this tension we have in our relationship, frankly, is building up like unpaid debt

I'm scared for your well-being...
Ignorance doesn't necessarily belong to a narcissistic being (meaning being unaware doesn't mean you're self-seeking)
Just know that I've saved you from future heartache and what I did was a mistake...
It wasn't for the sake of misleading you into being with me...these leaves just need a rake (my mess just needs a cleaning)

Don't keep your distance from me...
I want you back in my life 
I'll say what I need to say and take action...
Jealousy will not wear me down as it did lately
I'm jealous because I want, but I can't give...I need doubts to die, but I need to let live (in other words, I need to move on with no worry in mind) 

I lie awake for your acceptance time and time again

I cheated death many times in my life
Suicidal thoughts have only led to strife
Deep inside, I want to cry because the positivity that I try to think up on gets drowned by poorly-built guilt 
Things are getting outta hand all the time I say the wrong words that I don't mean to say...all I say is not always heartfelt - my flowers of flourishing hopes and joyous mopes wilt (positivity turns into negativity) 

Complicated dilemmas I watch on television
It was never my intention to gaze away at my procrastinated decision (meaning I didn't mean to distract myself from doing something important)

Dyslexia put me in fear
Writing this has made me shed a tear
Because all that I hold dear
Is pretty much gone from my grasp 
God is near to repair me until I'm faithfully functional again...so, here I am...I am waiting for your awed gasp (meaning waiting for someone's approval) 

Genius pervertedness floods society's system...switched into the mindset of keep calm and go with the program
I am used as a gem, then abused by the signs of their corruption, taking advantage of me - I am still God's wandering lamb

Copyright © J. W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Poetryof Providence | Details |


You have fixed   all movements   within time 
every trails destination    have you outlined
no creature     can operate           outside its rule
the regulations of the cosmos       no man can overrule

You oh Jah are the former of    our clay
little have you asked    but learn to love your way
forsake us will you never            only we can turn away
ever open are your promises   beckoning us to      stay

you have sent your voice       gently into the wind
to inform us all   of the future               YOU intend
the invitations are being sealed          until the end
from your throne itself                did they descend 

Oh governor of Israel   your servants have a task
to walk the path of truth           false religion to unmask
upon Christ's shoulders    all government shall come
peace on earth completed             when your will is done

all the histories show            every        ruler of men
foster violence , injustice , hatred                      greed and sin
their arsenal of weapons              their intentions a crime
full detonation             is only            a matter of time

fomentation of terror     false stories do they use
lie to their own citizens        calumny as news
misleading of the nations    earths peoples do abuse
to pursue the cause of justice                   do refuse

I can hear the weeping  , the cries have filled my ears
earthwide is the suffering ,     children daily live with tears
famine and starvation , disease           wars and fears
past the point of denial ,                    left to us extinction nears

Without Gods intervention      mankind would not survive
those holding the power            don't care if you remain   alive
your slavery is their fuel        so in wealth they thrive
for power and pleasure    is the focus of their drive

Earths current calamites   occurring as was foretold
materialism and technology          sought for just like gold
every form            of promiscuity       ones body has been sold
violence and crimes and hatred           in  characters taken hold

Everything you plan   to your children       you do inform
the blueprint for the future    your purpose to perform
every framework and design    will earthly place transform
a government that loves         on the verge      of being born

No other fathers instructions        have been so clear
every happiness conceived          planned on placing here
from the beginning   you have designed   what was to come
the implementation and time              taken it to be done

You designed the blueprint    of the children you would raise
those who alongside Jesus     and his character displays
anointed and appointed to serve      everlasting days
who will rule the nations         teach them all your ways

As sure as a refiners fire       separates the gold
a razors edge      on the sword of truth       foretold
the forger of the weapon        the right-hand of God
until his governors      in his footsteps   fully trod

From the heavens   true justice          will descend
incorruptible            who mankind's   tyranny    will end
will remove all oppression   and little ones  defend
of its loving-kindness   and mercy            can everyone depend

Every prophet from beginning the kingdom given voice
that between life and death           you have been given choice
installation of its kings     is drawing very near
God who by Christ Jesus    expressed intentions very clear

No child will ever hunger           in this place
every physical infirmity   and disease effaced
every sorrow and mourning       with joy replaced
and even death itself            has been erased

These promises      God has through  Christ demonstrated
for its fulfillment have        his servants     ever waited
where happiness and bliss          lives in every home
the original design        that exalts this throne

Your work oh Jah I magnify , joy and blessings bring
all glorious and majestic ,       crowning of your King
through him and his companions   praise on earth  will ring
of its exaltation            those who love him sing

Gen. 1 & 2 Isaiah  9:1-7 , 11, 13:9-13,
16:5 , 24,35 , 55 ,   65:17-25
 Zec 9:9-17  Gospel parables of the Kingdom

COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

Copyright © Poetryof Providence | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by J. W. Earnings | Details |

Sitting On The Ground - Embrace Your Passions

Give me a minute to catch my breath before I discover what’s in store Embrace your passions…never let it go… I smell the scent of death…what am I waiting for? Embrace your passions…never let it go… One…two…three…four…I’m waiting behind the closed door…for you’re the one I adore…(count with me…count on me...)x2 Embrace your passions…never let it go… One…two…three…four…count the stars in the ebony skies and find my young heart’s goodness, boldness and eternal bliss Embrace your passions…never let it go… It feels good to do good works…instead of hanging out with countless jerks! Embrace your passions…never let it go…doing the wrong thing makes me guilty and I suck up woe and sprinkle baking soda & wheat flour upon the gooey & soft dough, soon to be puffed up so! Go with the flow…don’t let the wicked wind blow Embrace your passions…never let it go… Let the blessed breeze blow and let your ardent auras glow Embrace your passions…never let it go… Give me another chance to grow into a young man Embrace your passions…never let it go… Give me another reason to overcome – Please! Get me out of my lonesome pit! I forlorn and sit These waves of emotions – I’ll face em like a man if I can! Embrace your passions…never let it go… Give me another chance to overcome – Come on! Let His healing rain fall down and let me bathe in it I’ve fallen hard on the cement… But, my heart is pounding with content… Were you and I meant to be forever blue? You wanna be part of my crew? Embrace your passions…I’ve seen you’ve changed..you obeyed me and let go of your wistful woe (the night is shrouded with the wings of a crow & you rejected your possibility of going with the flow...you let my emptiness and numbness show...I lack your confident, sunlit glow) For the first time around, I see you’ve made a difference – I see the new you… wow, I never knew the new you…that change came out of the blue Be good to me and I’ll do good to you… I don’t wanna know your dark side and I don’t want to… Your miracles out of the blue…out of the blue… I’m still getting over the aftershocks of the love flu Come on and shine your light on me…give me your inner inspiration Come on and be mine day in and day out with glee – you’re my beloved aspiration…you’re my admiration…sweet and salty sensation You make my heart beat with anticipation You make my heart beat without a missing beat You make my rowdy, heartfelt rhythm without hesitation You make my heart beat like the taps of my feet You make me feel awfully complete! You’re neat! You’re looking fine and not obsolete! I wanna see your face once more But I’m sitting on the ground… So lost, without a sound… But I’m screaming at the top of my lunges I’m counting all of my wrongs One…two…three…four… Five…six…seven…eight… Nine…ten…eleven…twelve… Thirteen…fourteen…fifteen…sixteen… Seventeen…I’m seventeen years old at last But that age will not last… At least I’m not reflecting upon the past I’ll try my best to live life to the fullest I’ll try to best to pass this difficult test Please don’t detest me…at least I confessed All that was on my mind… I’m trying to get out of my mind – How can I be so blind? Do you mind if I’m in love and blind? You’re my future find… It is about time to unwind… Embrace your passions…never let it go… Embrace your passions…never let it go… Embrace your passions…never let it go… Embrace your passions…let it grow! Let it grow! Embrace the blessed breeze as it begins to blow! Embrace your passions…never let us come together like two grand lands…. Embrace your passions…we all experience the highs and lows in life – it’s like a wild-and-out-of-control yo-yo, but you’re strong enough – though you’re as low as low can be, you know? Embrace your passions…never let it go of my hands… Repeat your echoes of empathy Not only do I need your sympathy, But I want your love more and more You make the butterflies in my stomach soar

Copyright © J. W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Aa Harvey | Details |

Babylonia : Part Two - Noahs walk

Babylonia : Part Two -
Noah’s walk

Pandas chew bamboo, while you film them in the nude;
Red Elephants are extinct (Apart from a view).
Fly up high, escape the zoo’s!
The latest attraction is a Man named Hu.

Hu Man?  Strange, he’s not humane.
Seize him and lock him up in a cage.
Tiger claws shall keep him in place,
Until the Cock crows to tell us,
That the night time has come upon us once again.

With the darkness, come the Creepy Crawlies,
The Snakes (The Adders, the Pythons and the Cobra’s).
The Tarantula is being chased by the big bad Wolf,
Whilst the Bear has been poisoned,
By the Frog beneath his foot.

Owls spin their heads, as Buffalo’s charge away from the herd.
The Elephants follow the Rhino’s.  Such a noise to be heard.
Armadillo’s watch the Ant Eaters, as they sweep up the path;
The path has been created, 
Thanks to the Rhino’s and Elephants at the head of the pack.
Birds squawk, as Eagles fly high.
A sure sign that the convoy can once more ride!

Ride on out, heading into the future;
There has been a calling, for a gathering of creatures.
Heaven awaits them, at the end of the rainbow;
Every animal is invited, even the Sloth.

The Mice sit on the Dogs head, talking to the Fleas;
As the Dog sits on the Donkey, 
Who has lost his legs to disease.
The Gorillas carry them all aloft, 
On bamboo rafts they found perchance.
As they sit upon the Elephant,
Who is being carried by a million Ants.

Gazelle’s rush past, with Cheetah’s in pursuit.
The Jackals stuck in the Bracknell;
They’ve lost the Cheetahs and their food.
But the Hippo will defend the Jackal, from the Crocodile;
As the Parrots collect the fruit, 
To lay a path down the Green Mile.

For many shall pass through, whilst some will pass on,
But the way has now been eroded, 
So at least we can see where we are going.
Follow the food, come one, come all.
Share it with everyone, there’s plenty more.

The Lions roar “Get out of the way!”
More Elephants and Rhinos are coming through,
To destroy and to build us a way.
The Chimpanzees are jumping and screaming…
Babylonia! Babylonia!
The Animal Garden of Eden!

Big one’s up front please, little one’s behind.
Get off the trail if you get caught short;
Someone please be a guide for the blind.
Make them walk the Conga in a straight line,
Like you were taught, before.

Hello Rabbits.  Feeling savage?
The Deaf need directing, but they just won’t hear of it.
We need you to keep them in line and on time; 
Do you think you can manage?
Will do Noah (The Kangaroo), 
The way we breed, we could Rabbit Surf them around Egypt,
If you asked us to.

Mr. Giraffe, could you please not do that?
You are stopping the sun, from shining on the Cats.
All you Bats, change places with the Cats.
I’d move if I were you, Rats.

Foxes and Weasels, go down the side.
You are used to cross country; you don’t need to follow the line.
Badgers, Moles, Shrews and Field Mice,
Stop playing with the Worms;
Take the underground; it’s dark, but nice.

Vampire Bats!  Stop that!
He may look dead, but he is just very old.
Sorry Mr. Tortoise,
But it’s not their fault they have no soul.

Penguins and Polar Bears, stand behind the Elephants,
When they wash themselves with water.
All the Sea Creatures took another route,
To get to the Babylonian border.
Heaven for all Animals, such a beautiful sight.
Not one bar to be seen…It is paradise.

It has Roaches and Bird droppings and no view of the Sea.
It has a jungle, trees, fresh air and the Animals are free.
Free to breed and free to catch disease,
Free to live or die, depending on their destiny.

Now ten thousand years later,
A Babylonian Paradise is still thriving…
Not a machine, not a cage,
Not a human in sight…it is truly amazing.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details |

Gospel of Yin, with Yang


it's yin again.

It's not true

what you say,

that I don't like science.


your reified sentience,

fueled by solar gnostics

back a couple millennia ago,

pursuing spacetime's permaculturing path,

dreaming and wondering and wording truth

in faithful Prime Relationship

between researcher and incubating laboratory,

redeemer and creator,

effect and cause,

response and multisystemic stimulus,

form and polycultural function,

you and me.


evolves no more or less spiritually than science;

bipolar polypaths toward active peace,

shared light.


religion's path grasps love's goodness and beauty,

while gnostics prehend faith's truthfulness and proportion,

or not,

or not not,

so yes,

spiritual bipolar balance

merges faith with love

truth with goodness,

me with you,

Right with Left hemispheric balance.

I've come before,

so many times I'm growing tired,

appearing in male bodies

trying to speak your culture

in some way you might

risk stepping into optimizing polycultural balance,

multisystemic ecotherapy,

remember that entropic trends

are learned by closing,

monopolistic monochromatic,



over-populating systems,


not Open, harmonious, confluent,

my gnostic yin with your religious yang,

your Right natural systemic intuition

with Left linguistic calculating deduction,

dipolar  coincidental regenerative systems

born with DNA-discoding,

unknotting fractal-folded Zero-soul,

balancing out and in,

convex and concave,

atomic and wavilinear,

digital and ecologic,

space and time,

positive and negative,

before and after,

as without, so within,

as above, so below,

this spirit-nature binomial balance

of yang and yin.

Entropic dissonating experience of nature's temporal principles

threatens faithful incarnating passions for ego-self,

reifying, rather than reiterating, ecological systems.

Faith in bipolar Self as Redeemer,

regeneratively potentiating positive life for all

as mutually mentoring parasites,

flowers from hope in our benign Earth Host root system,

yang as diastatic yeastfully articulating yin,

EcoAtmanic system's universal intelligence,

tao of yin's diastolic gravitational waves

filling yang's enlightening bangs, borders, margins.

Without hope for this benign Earth teleology

this human race loses to entropic unraveling

of memory's space and time,

hopeless despair that together we have become too much and many

yet never enough.

I know no other way to invite your polypathic evolution

into dipolar balance,

away from speciated Oppositional Disorder,

absence of hope for faithful true relationships

and this growing ricochet eco-effect

as multisystemic gangs and bullies

lose faith in face of screaming panic wildness,

meeting defiance with defiance,

rather than a restraining hug

and reassurance that we are all in this together,

keep the faith that Left's purpose will find peace

in Right's iconic


coincidental harmonizing

universal mindfulness

of light's full-octave purity,

transparent Yang

emerging from dark Yin balancing

nature's diverse systemic frequencies of form and  function.

When yang swings left,

flex right yin,

and vice versa.

Repeat regeneratively.


Polycultural Yang, for mute Mono-bicompostingYin.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details |

When We Were Eight

When you were eight years old
waking to another perfect day's dawn
what potential did you
with your autonomic empathy,
integrity of left-deductive
with elder-right-tempered languages,

Who were you
as you stepped into morning's warm spring sun,
how were you one of "us"
and how many species were included
before you were even born,
first reminder of school year's end
and summer's leisurely recreation
of imagination,
former lives of love's future past,
role play expansion,
languishing loved laughter
replacing more challenging team sports
requiring a win-lose assumption,
and visual distinctions between
left space in right time.
invisible to your perception?

What were you doing
lying flat on your stomach
in dutch clovered lawn's grasses
looking down into a miniature jungle
without water in dry river beds,
forest for ants 
and other insect tribes,
their neighbors
our nations
and health/dysfunction ecosystems and cultures 
as sustainably contented climates of regeneration,
interrupted by great transitional revolutions,
critical economic and political issues 
with vast cooperative-global opportunities
lying between and within these enthymematic communications
from Earth's vast RNA-(0)-soul, refractive creation stories,
some with advantages and risks and beauty
of flight,
landing lightly in grass-blade tree tops
as ants pursued more industrial economies
of richly nutritional value below,
sweet crystalline treasures,
jewels for their QueenMother Gaia's healthy shabbat investment
in embryonic divine vocation
developing human naturally regenerative time as health optimization,
endosymbiosis of a new generation
of flying occupyers,
Bodhisattva Warriors
for co-empathic peace
with interminable cooperative faith
in this integrity of nature's ecological jungle?

Where was your family-owned business
incorporating love
with truth and hope for more inclusive faith
flexible enough to include boys
vulnerably drawn to love other boys' eyes and skin
and hearts and mindbodies,
more than girls' laughter and light heartedness?

How did you invest your perfect humid August days,
breathing Lake Michigan's thick air,
reading sultry Gone With The Wind
in wonder of such rich sensual diversity
of spirit and unnatural ownership,
of WinLose integrity disguising entitled stupidity,
of nobility both within and despite poverty
of mendacity both within and despite superfluously competitive wealth
commodifying even beauty
and power
and nobility
and darkly rich fertile race?

Why did you love this embracing place
of multigenerational space,
your private familial sangha farm
balancing your bicameral heart and lungs
mind and limbs in love's familial
yet often over meat-headed,
and touchy about fruit-filled embrace
so that no other place
could ever bring this transubstantiating home again,
so that each other space
might ever bring this momentary polycultural home regained?

When we were eight
still remembering embryonic Outside/Inside
Mother Earth 
feeding perfect love to DNA eco-mentees
through RNA-Zero fractal-memory-syntax 
of Earth's mentor streams of dreams,
Time's CoPresent econsciousness.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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