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Long Earth day Poems | Long Earth day Poetry

Long Earth day Poems. These are the most popular long Earth day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Earth day poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Sidney Beck | Details |



This lunar sunset was what he’d most miss  -
They always said death was like this : 
Slo-mo and black-and-white
Like an old movie trite.
It had happened to him twice before : then
At rush hour on the G15 highway outside Shenzhen        (1)
In his new red car when he was twenty;
And again on the pad at Dongfeng  launch facility -       (2)
An accidental fire in the cabin and abort
When the oxygen supply fell short.

The sun had glared at him all day from the black night  
Familiar stars visible, coloured bright. 
He ran through his old lectures in his head
The cool ones - yellow  orange, red,   
The hot ones which stare  and emblazon,
As everything slips slowly down to the western horizon.
No loss of heat from sun, but shadows lengthening  now,
Black, black, lengthening inky shadow.  

His pen wrote fast across his paper notepad  deformed
But the inky marks now in Pudonghua  formed                 (3)
As his English slipped away.
He’d been here so long . . . . a month?  A day?
Day is 15 earth days,  night is 15 nights
And sunset  lasts a whole earth day bright

Moon was full, his earth was darkened, like night.
A blue watery ball with edges of light:
While the earth eclipsed the sun  
A red halo around his spinning home was spun.  
Sun’s entry on earth’s western limb made  slow 
Red flares - crowns -  as the solar disk slid low,
And earth’s red light bathed itself  on white rocks beside,
He felt a last touch of home inside.

So unlike his own sunsets of the past
In his home in Guangzhou, seen last                            (4)
Over the Pearl River delta with bent light                    (5)
At  the heavy monsoon rains’  height.
This taikonaut’s  last sunset . . . . . his radio dead,        (6)
His pen drops, and he slowly nods his head,
As sun’s warm arms envelope his earth fond,
And he slips his surly bonds.                                           (7)
(1) A well-known dangerous highway in southern China
(2) Chinese equivalent to Kennedy Space Centre
(3) Pudonghua  (=Chinese) is the language spoken in southern China
(4) Major mega-city in southern China, near Hong Kong
(5) Pearl River is the river on which Guangzhou stands
(6) Astronaut = cosmonaut = taikonaut
(7) This line is closely modeled on a line in “HIGH FLIGHT”  by John  Magee


Entered   in  Nancy Jones's Contest  "LOSERS"

Long poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Details |

Civility and Man: A Historical View

Civility and Man: A Historical View

Since man began to populate the earth,
And feel the pull of Satan’s evil ways.
The angels came to teach the fallen souls: 
Proposing righteous ways to live earth days.
Decorum had been taught both then and now.
Man, Adam and his wife with death had played.
The badly chosen fruit waylaid their plight.
Enlightened, but from loving God they strayed.
Significance and consequence brought death.
The mortal two began to populate.
So rules of etiquette began to grow.
And man’s new fate embraced their mortal state.
Before too long, grave envy showed its face.
And Cain did not obey the rules, as taught.
He chose a rock and struck his brother dead.
Civility was not wrought in that rock.

When Moses led his people through the sands.
And Father carved some rules upon a stone.
Uncivilized, they bickered, played, and sinned.
Respect for God and His great words had flown.
When Socrates and Plato came around,
Civility…philosophy was deep.
The Ten Commandments were the reigning rules.
And politics gave zealousness a hold. 
George Washington and others wrote some rules.
These rules were social rules, not civil laws.
Civility back then meant manner’s guide.
Respecting one another, yielding self.
The hundred plus ten rules, then set in place.
Fell prey to proper conduct’s judging ways.
And judgment for their lacking could be cruel.
If down the nose one’s self-worth found a sneer.
Dear Harry Truman taught a civil dream.
Of unity within the scope of men,
Together working for the greater good.
All brothers hand in hand respecting each.

The world today is filled with hatred’s fray.
Mankind now turns away from loving ways.
The common man believes all shall be well.
Surprise!  Civility is on the road to hell.
Good actions are respecters of all men.
With energy beget not violent ways.
Or great travail shall overcome mankind.
Civility to me, most surely means:
Loving one another, there and at home.
Willfully revising loveless thinking.
Rebuking darkness with the light of love.
Unity and freedom…let us ring.
United wisdom drinking of love’s well,
No longer greeting slaughter of lost hope.
But civilly, rethinking plights of man.

© Name withheld for the contest
March 21, 2010
Poetic form:  Free Verse


Long poem by Andrew Crisci | Details |


Baiano is my charming Campanian town,
at the foot of the Paterno's mountain,
noble roman settlers came to build their villas,
but the barbarians and Spartacus ransacked it;
then other invaders: the Normans, the Hungarians,
the Swedish and Spaniards occupied it!

Baiano is an ancient town, not as widely famous
as many northern towns, but  keeps up with the modern times;
come here in springtime, and see the season's enchantment:
sunflowers and lilies fields spread out in the misty distance...
as the orange and apple trees dress in green and wait
for the magical summer for that palatable fragrance! 

In the soccer fields, kids play in the hot afternoons
while their parents watch them from colorful shades;
the elders sit in their comfortable plastic chairs,
napping under the shade of a casual oak tree,so tall,
planted by a student on Earth Day many summers ago...
and he proudly stands by it counting its living years!

O adorable town, left by me, for social reasons when
I was forced to flee and leave this youth undone,
with friends I hung out in the church's yard...
to kick that ball in the net, and become elated;
could I have gotten all that energy from the southern sun,
which has nothing to envy the colder northern one!

From the wide steps of the Gothic church with a sturdy door, 
I raised those childish eyes and gazed at the beautiful facade,
and wondered what inspired the architect
to build such an immortal monument 
so heavily damaged by the last earthquake,
but the Baianese people brought it to its previous splendor!

In my charming Campanian town without a stream,
there is a large square with oak trees on both sides,
and right in the middle the Fallen Soldiers' monument...
for the brave ones who went up north to fight the invaders;
and the blood they shed was for my freedom,
and these verses will be read by everyone in the land!

Neighbors and friends you have gotten older or passed away,
and all of you who are alive:  lament with me its by-gone glory!

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

Long poem by David Tanderup | Details |

When a god dies

Up in the clouds the king sits with no one around. His eyes roam to a fro walking the earth day 
and night yet with all his might he does not fathom the joy and happiness of these ants in his 
sight. Their life is short just days in his sight, but still they dream, love, fight, and die. Searching 
for a reason he left his throne. He walked among them and saw them as man; they walked 
upright, used reason and logic as he did. He came to a village a little girl cried I am so hungry, 
my father has died. The great king fed this family of three, but still they knew not the god-king 
he be. When they had ate the girl gave him a hug, the mother cried and bid him good-bye with 
love. This love was a thing he had never felt before, now he understood why they carried out 
their wars. The passion and pride that burns inside: a reason to believe, to fight, and to die. The 
deity returned high to his throne, having felt wanted he now felt alone; immortality looms large, 
it is too much to bear he needed a reason to live for, a purpose to care. The vastness of forever 
ahead no one to love nothing to live for the god-king dies. From his death there is a lesson to 
learn from his life, it is not how long you live but what you live for. Until you have something 
worth dying for you’re not really living

Long poem by Marie Harrison | Details |


I shutter in awe of her divine shapely figure, 
viewing the bounty of her striking beauty.
I feel so small when I take in her
heavenly visions with my wandering eyes.
As I gaze at her bulging mountain peaks 
and her hollow caverns,
Mother Earth's fertility 
renders me speechless.
What a gracious lady she's been to me,
sharing her tranquil pools of clear water 
and her alluring water falls 
any time that I wish to use them.
How generous she is to 
the mass fleets of towering 
vessels that set sail daily, 
across her vast and mighty blue oceans, 
that pound against her jagged, 
rocky coastlines.
We search endlessly
through out the super novas 
to other limitless galaxies, 
that are trillions of light years away.
Yet no other planet hardly compares,
to our nobel  and fair beauty queen,
Mother Earth.
Let us begin to embrace and cherish,
how lucky we are to spend
our days with such a unique gem.
An oddity in all reallms,
she hangs around in our Milky Way.
She's truly one of a kind,
a lady that's impossible to find 
anywhere else in this universe.
She should leave us all
speechless...every day that we get to live 
in the ample bosom of this rare beauty.
 I wrote this for Earth Day.  It was a calender write.

Long poem by SillyBilly theKidster | Details |

Earth Day?

"Save Our Planet. Our Planet Is Dying.
Join In Our Earth Day Efforts Or Else,
Our Beloved Children's Future Will Be Most Trying.
Save Our Planet Or Our Planet's Time Will Come Due.
Our Planet Will Truly Die. The Only One Who Can Save It Is You."
Let me tell you something my friend.
Our planet has been through it all and it still continues to go on living.
Multiple asteroids and comets have plundered into earth,
volcano eruptions, massive earthquakes, extreme changes in climate.
Our planet has survived these constant encounters for billions upon billions of years.
Our planet isn't dying anytime too soon, so let that no longer be one of your fears.
Improperly disposed of plastics and other non recyclables 
combined with continual water and air pollution
won't have the slightest effect on our planet's life span. 
Earth Will Just Continue Its Evolution.
We however have a major problem because we won't survive like our planet Earth.
A Specie That Directly Caused Its Own Extinction, will be the total of all our worth,
but Mother Earth will continue to evolve and live on as new life experiences new birth.
Our planet isn't dying. We are you fools! Why? Because we're all just ignorant jerks!

Long poem by Paula Larson | Details |


Come one, come all ~ stand up and call,
the ramrod's junk yard, car part's maul
piled low, so you can come n' get
that car like yours, compare the fit!

The Auto Industry's the purge
the ads, the hustle, we endure
the price of gas, make farmers serve
big oils perusal, create more dirge!

The play backs handle, no reserve
just piece and part, your credit's curve
has just run out ~ with lost conserve,
the Auto has it ~ last call's nerve!

Please note ~ Today in NEBRASKA, a group of husky, Big Red Ranchers
are opposing one of the largest Oil/Gas producers in the World.  These
wonderful home town persons have stood together in this on-going dispute
about "land" rights.  Get this - the Ranchers have owned the Land, since
Day "one", that is called Grandfather rights!  We are plagued with "junk
Car lots" a reminder of how paralyzed we are by Car Dealers, and the Big
Oil "you need it" mind set.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO, IF YOU WERE a 3rd
PLEASE COMMENT  We need the ACTION!  EARTH DAY ~ April 22, 2013!
Go to and "object with us!"

Long poem by RALPH TAYLOR | Details |


It’s forty tears ago this month
That earth day came about
When it was first suggested
It’s success showed lots of doubt.

For many, many years
According to our sources
There wasn’t much concern
For the Earth and it’s resources.

During the 1960’s
Conservationists wished to learn
But womans rights and Vietnam
Were much more of a concern.

Our spacemen took some pictures
And Earth did not look good
This resulted in a movement
To get it looking like it should.

In 1969 off the coast of California
A lot of oiled was spilled
Countless fish and vegetation
And animals were killed.

Soon this lead to Earth Day
Thanks to Denis Hayes
A Harvard student who rallied people
To Conservation ways.

He used the mail and telephone
Any means that he could get
Obviously back in those days
There was no Internet!

Over 20 million folks took part
in the very first  Earth Day
There were lectures, games, and concerts
to help to show the way.

To have success and reach our goal
we must practice Conservation
that will be the only way
our Earth will have salvation.

Ralph Taylor

Long poem by jeffry cohan | Details |



A plethora of people are losing total control
Most notably politicians with world domination as their goal
There is water-boarding, illegal wire-tapping and consummate discord
While some senator seeks supremacy simply since they’re bored

There is irony in Iran and Iraq is a wreck
While Netanyahu holds Nairobi by the neck
Helsinki is sinking in Hell as Chicago goes to sh*t
While Berlin and Boston may both be blown away bit by bit

Troubled trees tremble in the Rain Forest even on their birthday
While men rape rivers and pollute ponds even on Earth Day
So this is America in millennium number two
Koreans are incorrigible and probably relish cat stew

Ahem, murderers are making mayhem in a manger of blood
As we live in unfettered fear of an earthquake, tornado or flood
The world’s gone awry while Obama never turns a blind eye
And today, needless to say, six or seven young soldiers in Iraq needlessly will die
        © 2012...PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~

Long poem by Connie Marcum Wong | Details |

The Mighty Sequoia

In celebration of Earth Day I am posting 
The Mighty Sequoia

I began my life as a tiny sprout
In 1500 BC; now I'm a Giant Sequoia Tree.
I grew and grew then stalwart loomed,
At 1323 BC, the year King Tut became entombed.

I spread my limbs in a skyward plea
As the Great Wall of China begins in 221 BC
I towered tall before the fall
Of the Roman Empire, in 331 AD.

I'm growing very tall, and strong; I still survive...
As Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet in 1595.
In 1776, and all throughout American history
The Declaration of Independence is signed, and we are free.

Then in 1890 the best is set, and yet to be...
Sequoia National Park protects me and my family.
In 1969, space is conquered; on the moon man lands.
2004, our fate now weighs heavy in your hands.

The grooves in my trunk are plain to see
I am the 3,500 year old "Grizzly Giant" Tree!
I am as tall as the nations Statue of Liberty.
Logging must be stopped; please save me!

Long Poems