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Long Basketball Poems. Below are the most popular long Basketball by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Basketball poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Louis Borgo | Details |

Girl Next Door

Question Have you ever seen a woman you like blush, now that is attractive I never reallie understand woman in till I got out of school It was this one girl that for some reason like natural selection I would just stare at And she would just fall to sleep during class intend of thinking of class I wonder what is she dreaming About I said to myself officially she does not know notice me in the very last day of class and schedule Class she blurt out Louis are coming back and I’m think to myself I’m a senior officially Not but did again she was just a junior how was she to know if she did not ask? All I know I treated the girls I know with respected and gave them candy I do have older sisters you Now and All I know guys hate me and the girls was just mean girls glad school was out Well to my delight and shock and relieve high school being over and life goes on and A few years later I rent an apartment and year or two years later and odds of all odds she move in my Neighborhood and next door (snake eyes) I don’t mean to role play but Think Like A Man If only if it had sequel it was like She was the “Single Mom” and I was “The Momma’s Boy” but to straighten out the facts About a momma’s boy well in my case I know how to Cook, clean, wash, dry, fold and hang clothes all I would need to know is Would you like cream or sugar with your breakfast because I came here sever And yeah I get it and no it is no such thing as a perfect man if it was how would We show growth to age of age of maturity my good mate But to clarify a detouring I could not imagine she was more shy then me First look and words that come to mind is still gorgeous- And one day I was walking back from the mail post and just when she was coming Out I bump into her and ask her how was her day and the impression of words to found Words of her to say was sensation and a vibe when down my spine when she said good and You that’s that’s good real good I’m still question today did she stutter when she said that must been The heat- Then next week her car broke down on her and I said to myself it’s The battery, engine, or the sensor sense it hot outside Then I seen her son couldn’t be no more than the first grade went to the back of the car And try to push the car it was the most hilarious thing I ever seen But it does build character and he does have his basketball I’m sure he will do just fine By the following week she had another car I notice I never seen a father around and I also Notice she work so hard but how would I ever get odds of asking how was your day ever again And I did not want to be one of those guys here now and gone tomorrow I remember when I was her son age that was the last thing I won’t it so I left it alone knowing I would be leaving to finish my degree in a prestigious university (with god blessing) I stay up to break of Dawn With school work and trying being an entrepreneur and looking outside And she would have back light on For whatever reason thinking doesn’t she have to go to work tomorrow But the question I ask in few months if I would have knew the girl next door but I said to myself I only what the best for you and for some reason When I think of woman I think of Lyrics It’s the weekend of the fourth of July and if it has been like any Other year since I started college than the one place I go on Sunday with my Father I’m sure she know where I will be just my way of trying to say hi but this is a New millennium of woman I don’t think the day I bump into her was an innocent and I don’t Think that she kept the back light on for nothing but I bet she know that “love so many people used name in vain for better or worst I still would put you first”, If only if I had knew The Girl Next Door- 7-5-14

Long poem by Louis Borgo | Details |

Innocent Perfection Of Vibes Across The Telephone Line

Innocent Perfection Of Vibes Across The Telephone Line A stranger call’s familiar voice familiar tone How do I amend for such a tone? Sinecure as a ghost to father past question remain have we met before? So the question that I a post do you believe, in coincidence or do you belief in fate So I decide to chat with her a minute to find out what her truth agenda was- As we would speak more and more we would start and finish one another sentence’s And time with in time we would speak of the exact words in between sentences, a rare a currency Indeed Solomon tears do applied to form but I what it to pause and ask her, sure You don’t have the wrong number what a coincidence that I was nineteen all on my on, and As I beginning to fall to sleep the telephone had begun to ring. Maybe it was fate As when I did decide to get a phone to get long distance as well, it looking in deeper. Only a fool would be dumb Found it to Hang up on such a soothing tone. As she kept the conversation with in an hour about her son that got Injury in College sports that happen to be part Cherokee same as me All I kept thinking is when did I register to vote? Soul channeling bed chancing we seem to be on a different plane, Maybe it’s me or maybe it is us if god put us together surely the heaven would rumple, A vibe this strong could surely deceive the devil, (hat trick) Ghost handle of a ring barrel of a magnificent figure of mist of sure air of breeze seen such vibes across The Telephone line chills ran up and down my body standing strain hair up to freeze saying to myself what a Wonderful innocent of perfection to make an acquaintance still hook on the fact it was coincidence as She Apologize for speaking so long and thank me for being a great listener- Two and half years later time well spend in the hood that felt more like prison and trust me I’m from the Projects Like Ice cream milk and cream please and what I was told if I could make it in That hood I could make it in any giving hood giving the repetition of My city – It may have been fate as the whole project was rebuild spiritually and finance by the state And I had move into an apartment complex as I was told could go for a 1,000 in upstate; fate or coincidence as this familiar voice would call again but this time different name And she what it to sell me a product and what me to be partners in a company and water who could Market water and profit and, Idea Chesire to believe, but those that did belief proceed and say once again I said to myself when did I get money all and all six year later I was and looking to relocation the phone rings again instead of Asking Was this coincidence or fate? First thing came to mind was “Some One Clue Me In”- I figure out whom this Anonymous person was But when I say who in the world gives gift cards for cable all away from west Coast to “City That I’m From” saying to myself, is it still a recession? Was this fate? I had a place to live or did I have a Guardian Angel? Question after Question Miss and serve me- Will I ever get pay for my endeavors and read a quote that said “no good deed goes unpunished” And phone ring once more- To The look in A man’s eyes never lies asking once more Was This Fate Or Coincidence- And the last words that came to mind before the college basketball finals game came on was Captivating and Memorizing-

Long poem by Sophia Jenkins | Details |

o to my generation

O to my generation

What happen to the days of imagination, when did we get so lazy? I give it to us we address the problems of bullying small kids, fat kids, poor kids black and yellow and brown kids and the disable. Most of the cruelties from our parents’ generation. It’s ok to be gay it’s ok to have your happiness at the expense of forgetting integrity. We run to our mother who raised us television was her name. NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV and, FOX taught us how to be .Tupac, and Biggie smalls, Foo fighters, Green day. Weezer .gave voice to our pain.

We are the lost generation of the decline .Although I believe in women’s rights .That day in the 1960 s when our mothers went to work our family died .Daddy no longer knew how to be the leader .So divorce came. in to our house. Step families came into place. Our fathers were so hurt from our mother going to work they never recovered .They just made more mothers and less families. 

No girls knows how to become a woman so she watched movies in 90201 and Yo MTV raps told her how to dress prime time TV told her what boys wanted .Seventeen magazine and Elle and vogue taught her to be everything the roaming boys needed before they became the carbon copies of their roaming fathers .
Selfish parents give way to selfish children .But there selfish children take it one step further .With their TV dreams .Raise by our mother cable. Everybody wants to be famous. Our boys want fast cars and even faster women going from one bed to the next .showing the original mothers that they moved on from the original abandonment. Selfish girls strike back by showing men not only do they not  need them to survive but they can be better providers and live life not only to obtain but master what men only attain thru their gender rights .

Everyone  becomes so out sorts they need chemicals to function .With the abandonment of the original mother .They coat there fillings and cocaine and weed and dampen there view of life with alcohol. .We are the generation of the angry seed. We overcame injustice of acknowledgements .But in the end we lost our family.

Now the angry boys are angry men .They strike back at the original, mother in make baby mothers pre-made broken families .The girls sell their happiness to the highest bidder. So the madness has over taken us so much that our imaginations die. we reality TV ourselves because we wish our real life wasn't .We try to get off the chemicals in give ourselves  a second chance  .We go on journeys to find the love of the mother who went to work in the sixties. Until then we jacks ass ,catfish, keep up with girls who have sex on camera  to become our heroes  .We bad girls club ,Basketball wives ,ourselves  ,shave our heads  ,snort our troubles ,and smoke ourselves until she comes back in say mommy’s home in daddy can lead us again.

Seven 26

Long poem by Tadon Archer | Details |

I Need Love

I need Love
I feel so lost I feel so hopeless 
with no love flowing in the air I 
Not focus
 I look into the mirror and see a 
human being that has the
Lack of love
 But when he looks into the 
window he sees love shown
In many different ways
 I need love my heart is very 
They say that money is what 
makes you happy
 But that’s not true love is what 
makes you happy 
Love is what makes you smile 
Love is what keeps your heart 
pumping and running
 It’s like a car love can turn on 
or off
Without love you will be like me 
a loner that suffers
 From the lack of love
I need love bad like a dope 
fiend need crack 
I need love like somebody 
fighting for their last breath
I tried to search for my queen 
but it didn’t work
 And when I tried harder I just 
got rejected
 Now what do I do where do I 
go who do I turn to when 
nobody loves me 
 I feel like a lost soul floating in 
the wilderness trying to find the 
light of hopefulness and love
 I’m tire of being single and I 
can’t have any kids
 Because I can’t find a queen to 
plant my seeds in
 Man my life is rough 
sometimes I cry 
Because love don’t seem to like 
me every tear represents the 
women that rejected me
I just don’t get love I will never 
be happy
Sometimes I get envy when I 
see my buddies making love to 
their soul mates 
All the guys leave the 
basketball game with their 
mates accept for me I leave 
And I don’t really go out 
because I’m tire of going by 
I go inside a restaurant 
And see many couples laugh 
and have fun 
Sometimes I think 
When will I be able to hold a 
girl hand and kiss her?
 When will I be able to hold a 
girl and tell her how much I 
love her?
 I guess never because I will 
never find my soul mate
 And I will never be loved so 
what do I have to lose
 Not a God damn thing 
So I rather be sleeping in my 
Because I made nothing out of 
my life
 I need love and I need it now 
They say that the Lord answer 
So as I drop to my knees right 
I ask you Lord that you bless 
me with a queen 
That will love me for who I’m 
That will encourage me when 
I’m down
 That will make love to me 
when the sun is down
That will cook my favorite meal 
on Sundays after a good 
service at church 
That will stand by my side 
when nobody else will
I need love and I need it now
 I want love like two doves 
floating across the lake kissing 
and cuddling
  I just hope that one day I will 
find love
 And when I do I will never 
regret the queen that the Lord 
has blessed me with

Long poem by Robert A. Dufresne | Details |

To My Super Souper Friends

Alot of you folks have been able to say what you feel this holyday season with exquisite 
wording and beautiful sentiments. I can't do that. Maybe if I tell you a story about a 
little kid who was raised and worked on a farm. A farm boy in a class of city kids is ridiculed 
for some reason and beat up alot cause that proves to city kids that they're strong when 
they beat up a farmer kid. So I did the best I could with my sense of humor, got beat up 
when challenged and avoided other confrontations by learning to run real fast! When they 
picked teams for basketball, I was odd kid out. Too little. I found it hard to fit in anywhere.
    One fine day our 7th grade teacher gave us a homework assignment to write a poem 
which we would read aloud in class the next day.The stipulation was that, on your honor, you 
could have no help whatsoever. A solo project.
   After chores that night, I did as she said and was surprised at how easy it was. The 
next day, when it was my turn, I timidly read aloud to the class the first poem I ever wrote.  
When I finished, I awaited the verdict . All was quiet. The teacher told me to sit down. I did. 
She then admonished me for cheating on my assignment and getting help. Of course I did 
not. I still vividly remember how it felt to have all my peers watching me as our teacher 
dismissed me for a cheater with a look of disdain on her face. I was speechless, devastated 
and embarrassed by what others thought.
   The experience pushed me deeper into myself than I had ever been.. It's amazing to me 
how these feelings are resurfacing en force as I write about it. I've written poetry on and off 
since then but never taken it seriously. It was just some force that reared itself once in a 
while until it was subdued by writing one.
    Now, in the autumn of my life, something very strange and wonderful is happening. I 
have been introduced to you, my poetry soup friends. The injustice done to my poetic soul is 
every day being identified by myself, rectified and healed by your loving support. I'm no 
longer throwing my poems away. You have given me in two months what has been missing 
since the 7th grade. You have given me courage, confidence, encouragement and the 
companionship to take up where I was left off. Because of all of you, I can grow again. I was 
at a stalemate in alot of things and then this. Coincidence? More like Christ incidence. Get it? 
YOU are my Christmas gift from Love come down! This is my card to you.  

Long poem by Jared Pickett | Details |

A Little About Me

01. High heels or boots? I guess it depends on how feminine I feel....LOL
02. What time did you get up this morning? 7:15 am     
03. Diamonds or pearls? White Gold
04. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?  I Am Legend 
05. What is your favorite TV show?  Supernatural & CSI 
06. What do you usually have for breakfast? Coffee
07. What is your middle name? Privileged information
08. What food do you dislike? Salmon, Liver & most important......MUSHROOMS
09. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Tre Songs__Gentleman's Club
10. What characteristic do you despise? Unfaithfulness
11. Favorite Clothing? Basketball Shorts & Orange Wife-beaters
12. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Europe!!! 
13. Are you an organized person? Mostly
14. Where would you like to retire to? Nice, France...
15. What was your favorite birthday? My 22nd..
16. What are you going to do when you finish this?  Watch the pro-bowl & write
17. Furthest place you are sending this? Your PC 
18. Person you expect to send it back first? Uhhhh, you
19. When is your birthday? Sept 23rd......Libra Baby  
20. Are you a morning person or a night person? I am a vampire bat.....
21. What is your shoe size? 12 and a big half.....LOL 
22. Do you own any animals? Two pit-bulls____Red-Man & Remmyma
23. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?  You See My Fro???
24. What did you want to be when you were little? A Pirate 
27. What was the last thing you ate? Tuna
28. Do you wish upon stars? Yes, Jessica Alba
29. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? White
30. How is the weather right now? Frigid 
31. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My room-mates cousin
32. Favorite soft drink? Sunny Delight 
33. Favorite restaurant? Melting Pot   
34. Hair color? Brown 
35. What was your favorite toy as a child? Micro Machines
36. Summer or winter? Winter
37. Chocolate or vanilla? Mixed 
38.Coffee or tea? Both
39. Favorite food of all time? My Mothers Stuffed Peppers   
42. What is under your bed? Nothing
43. What did you do last night? Played online with my X-box
44. What are you afraid of ? Cockroaches
45. Salty or sweet? Both
46. Best quality you have?  Being Me
47. How many years at your current job? 3 Years 
48. Favorite day of the week? Everyday
49. Positive or negative? Depends
50. How many people will you send this to? Many
51. Do you like finding out all this stuff about your friends? It is neat...

Inspired by Linda Marie

Jared Pickett

Long poem by keith baucum | Details |

GREEN Chapter Seven

The three men picked up Violet's lifeless
body and put her into the trunk of 
Mecca's car.  After they droped off 
Violet Malik called a meeting with the 
Black Crime Syndicate.  The meeting took 
place on the south side of Green Haven, 
in the park on the basketball court.  "We 
got trouble Violet has been murdered.  An 
organization by the name of the Green 
Nation is trying to step on our toes.  They 
murdered Violet and left a note".  "Malik 
why am I'm just now hearing about this?" 
interrupted Amber Forest the second in
command of the Black Crime Syndicate.  
"Amber I didn't want to involve you just 
yet.  I don't want anyone to know you're 
my second in command.  We have to keep 
your identity secret".  "Ok I'm cool with 
that Malik".  "Amber we can't let these 
clowns stop us from making money".  "We 
will handle them in the right way Malik.  
We will gather information on the Green 
Nation first and then we will handle them".  
"Ok with that being said this meeting is 
adjourned".  The rest of the week 
went by slowly when Saturday arrived 
Malik got ready for his date with Kenya.  
He took a hot shower then got dressed.  
He put on a Stacey Adams dress suit, 
Stacey Adams shoes, with a Stacey 
Adams hat.  He met Kenya at the BNB 
bank at 6:00pm.  Kenya was already 
waiting when he arrived.  "You're early".  
"It's better to be early than late".  "Am I'm 
late?"  "No you're on time.  Since I asked 
you out I'll let you pick the place".  "Ok 
come get in my car".  "No I'll follow you 
there in my car".  Kenya followed Malik to 
the Green Palace Restaurant on the north 
side of Green Haven.  Malik parked in the 
Green Palace parking lot while Kenya 
parked across the street.  Kenya met 
Malik at the entrance of the Green Palace.  
"Very impressive Malik the Green Palace 
is a five star restaurant".  "I aim to please" 
said Malik as he held the door open for 
Kenya.  Malik walked Kenya over to their 
table.  "Tell me more about yourself" said 
Malik as he pulled back Kenya's chair.  
"Well my full name is Kenya Ayanna Night.  
I've been working at the bank for six 
years.  I graduated from Emerald University. 
I'm my mother's 
and father's only child".  "So you're 
educated and beautiful.  Ms. Night tell me 
about your dreams or is working at the 
bank enough fullfillment?"  "Excuse me 
may I take your order?"  interrupted the 
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The 
Brown Philosopher aka The Green Poet 
aka Red Seven

Long poem by sam lavere | Details |


When the wind blows, 
I see the depths of your soul.
When the wind blows,
i can see your beauty.

As the sun comes up,
Your face lights up.
As the moon goes down,
My world turns upside down.

When the clouds spread,
I can see the beauty in you.
When the clouds form together,
Our love will be forever.

When the moon shines,
Our love is divine.
When the stars are lit,
Your face is lit too.

As the blades of a saw grind,
Our love will soon be combined.
As i put the key to start our love,
It says access denied.

Did the dog and cat fight,
Or did they play.
Did the cat and does play,
Or did the hide from each other all day.

Does your inner soul have love,
Or does it have kindness.
Does your outer soul have beauty,
Or does it have richness.

When i first learned my ABC's,
I first spelled your name.
When i first learned how to talk,
I first said your name.

As the soccer player kicks the ball,
Our love will never fall.
As the basketball player bounces the ball,
Our love will always stand tall.

When we are together,
Our love will last forever.
When we are apart,
I will still love you with all my heart.

I will lock the door,
As quick as I can lock my heart.
I will stop the car,
As quick it can go.

As the wheels of a car turn,
My heart starts to burn.
As the turbo kicks on,
Our love has only just begun.

When the sound of kids comes to my mind,
I know our love will now combined.
When the people tell me that you love me,
I want to say i love you too.

Now that were all friends,
Our love is good.
Now that were friends,
Our love will never be split again.

Now that our love is combined,
I will never hear access denied.
Now that were together,
We will be together forever.

When your tears come down,
I will wipe them of your face.
When I see a pile,
I can see your face with a smile.

When the water washes up,
Our love is now going to start.
When the wave crashes down,
I can see you frown.

Now that the story is over,
Our love will never be lowered.
Now that the love is finished,
Our love will never be extinguished.

No one can split us up,
We will just never stop.
No one can be with either of us,
Because were  always going to be.

Many see us together forever,
Some see us broke up and not together.
Many see us in the future,
Some see us on an adventure.


Long poem by Bella Cardenas | Details |

Check it, Check it

Gym lights take a little while to run
Flickers, bickers with itself
Fade on
Nightly, he lays, contemplating
The escape of his talent
When did it happen
While I run my manicure on his scalp
Attempting to purge anxiety 
He always said 
The Gym, Mami, it's always artic and bleak first thing
But once I step out onto the court, it doesn't matter to me anymore
All I remember seeing is me, my finest companion in my hand
And the score
Between winning and regret
Baby I want to be the best
Can I be the best?

Echo the ambition in his footsteps
There he stands
I haven't been granted sanction
Into his sanctuary 
Curiosity often maims the conscience
And I creep to rediscover
This extraordinary lover
eyes colored willpower 
This Basketball playing man of mine
What a Man is made out of is always displayed when unseen
Palming the ball delicately like it was his final shot
Check it 
Check it,
Ally opp
Running is part of the game
Some people, he says
Run away
Others, run towards
And there he goes, sprinting, towards a world I cannot see
Only him,
destiny forcing the artist to take the definitive bow
Concluding performance to the empty stands silently screaming his name
Wrap it up, unrivaled, box and deliver
This is the last time
All conceived hopes and dreams constricted into the physics of the free throw
Rebound, there it goes

Appreciate the pose
Of the defeated hero
Beautifully disengaged 
Kneeling in the middle of the polished battle field
Hand gripping the uniform of the brave
Sweat devoutly healing the wounds of his pride
Lifts his head and gets up again
That's my man
Endless sand 
running through the hourglass doesn't mean time 
The definition of time to him 
When the scoreboard reads a tie and ten seconds left in a game
Desperation leaks from hardened eyes
Cold determination 
Seeps through barriers and mixes the flame
Of passion and logic
open and out, 
Flick of the wrist and the shoes with black tips
Go up, burnt orange glory soars
One last shot, baby
That's all you got
love affairsof the guaranteed always allured
Sanctified worship of Lady Luck
Masquerading as a pair of lucky drawers
After a loss like this
Alone, amidst
Broken dreams, a broken heart
Bonds crushed, vanity scarred
By the fatal mistake
Of believing in faith
Basketball is his life's love
I am merely his mistress
Here he stands alone
Shadows I have only seen in deepest repent

Check it
Check it

Long poem by Merv Webster | Details |


My aunty Gerty Gribble was a true blue pioneer 
as she and husband Harold ran a place called 'Bendemere'. 
Two dinkum Aussie battlers, who had given their life's blood 
to fifty years of toiling on their outback cattle stud. 
So constant had the struggle been that Gert would often quote, 
she'd worked her tiny butt off just to keep the place afloat. 
The hours were so demanding she had no time for romance  
and motherhood had passed her by, she never got the chance. 
Old Gert was old and wrinkled when they gave the game away, 
though fit as any Mallee bull and jogged ten k a day. 
They bought a little donga in a Queensland coastal town, 
but sadly, being childless often got old Gerty down. 
She knew that her poor Harold was beyond it, without doubt, 
so Gert would try a new technique that she had read about.   
"You're far too old for IVF," the Doctor kindly said, 
but Gert was not to be put off, she forged on right ahead.  
"It happens that my Harold has been looking to donate  
a hundred thousand dollars to a worthy cause of late. 
However if you cannot help".  "You'll make a lovely Mum 
I'm sure ... so may I ask would next week be to burdensome?" 
Aunt Gert she fell first time it seems and had a little boy, 
which left her Harold overwhelmed and Gerty filled with joy. 
This news then spread like fowl manure and folk were left enthralled, 
The Premier and local Mayor among the first who called. 
One day while I was driving past I thought I'd duck in too 
and see my little cousin ... sort of pop in out the blue. 
Aunt Gert was glad to see me, but she asked if I could wait  
until he woke from sleeping, though did not elaborate.  

Within the hour to my surprise ten other folk called by 
and aunty Gert told them the same and I was dumbstruck why. 
We sat and dunked our biscuits in the tea she'd kindly made 
while Gert was scratching her old head and looked somewhat dismayed. 
The Doctor from the clinic, who'd been playing basketball, 
had wondered how Gert's baby was and thought he'd make a call. 
"It's nice your dropping in" she said, "but Doctor would you mind 
just waiting till the baby wakes - I'm in a  kind of bind." 
"A problem Gert?" the Doctor said, "There something I can do?" 
"Not really Doc.  He's sound asleep,  these folk are waiting too. 
I'd show you him asleep and all, if that is what you'd like,  
but Doc, I can't recall just where I put the little tyke."

Long Poems