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The Wolf - Part 1

A cruel Jack Frost blows icy floss (in front of spring a’ burstin’) While swirlin’ sheaves of withered leaves, near freezin’ streams a’ thirstin’. A pack reviled is roamin’ wild, a wakin’ wolf is howlin’, He scents a lean and lonesome scene, while on the lurk and prowlin’. With spangled bolts, white clouds revolt, and starry skies start closin’; A wild goose soars beyond death’s doors, the naked moon sits posin’; Electric shafts (on fractured rafts) sail night’s cathedral caldrons - A frenzied burst, the herd’s dispersed in random splayed and sprawled runs. A she-wolf’s eyes with famine cry, the ancient wolf is bayin’, With weary back, he’s lost the track, his bandied legs betrayin’. The brood’s somewhere in shrouded lair with she-wolves left to mind ’em - The wolf, a’ drag with empty swag, is on his way to find ’em. The pack rejoins with weary loins, they sense their days are numbered. In evening’s night, he’s feeling tight, with aches and pains encumbered, And standin’ near, with shaggy ears (one droopin’ down, hung over), He’ll set the course with renewed force, because he’s still the rover. Soon snow enshrines the timberlines the bear’s are sleepin’ under, And young, lupine, they’ll stifle whines, as gullies fill with thunder; With echoes in the mouth o’ death, they bid farewell the lair While panting puffs o’ crystal breath float, hanging in the air. As dusk regains the snow-bound plains, the sinkin’ sun’s a’ hissin’, Their path is black (they don’t look back), the herd’s long gone a’ missin’; Neath northern lights, with barks and bites, he keeps ’em all in motion - The speckled scars of fallin’ stars betray the night’s emotion. The sky is blushin’ in the east, and hollow wind’s are sighin’ While buzzards freeze in gallows trees, a’ sittin’ still and eyein’. These ghouls of prey, they’re spooked away, like tumbleweeds a’ blowin’, By tilted head, white fangs tipped red, and warnin’ wail’s a’ growin’.
...... Continued in part 2 ......

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A Wolf Pack

First we have the Alphas
They're the ones that lead the pack
When something happens they're the ones that act
That's what alphas do

Next we have to Betas
They're the second in command
Other than the alphas all wolves they can demand
That's what betas do

Third we have the leader pups
They take over for their parents if anything happened
And the pack lines tehy extend
That's what the leader pups do

Last we have other pack members
They take the jobs that the leaders don't
They take jobs like babysitter that other's won't
That's what members do

Wolf packs can have many members
They are usually all friends
All taking care of each other
Because that's what wolf packs do

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The Wolf - Part 3

...... Part 3 ......

The old wolf creeps, the old wolf leaps on prey he’s been a’ trackin’ - A deer adorned with branchin’ horns is torn by beasts attackin’. The morning quakes, a shadow shakes, some antlers left a’ lyin’, And spattered spots and scarlet clots repaint the point o’ dyin’. A magpie flies with frightened eyes (on ebon wings a’ wavin’), Spies wolfin’ jaws and sated maws of wolves no longer cravin’. The snowdrift clears, a cool wind veers, a dying breath, moreover - A wraith appears, with shaggy ears, (one droopin’ down, hung over). Dawn’s sunbeams crowd and streak a cloud, (its threaded strands are weavin’). The pack awakes and twists and shakes, for soon it’s time for leavin’; It’s cold and chill on shallow hill, the she-wolf comes a’ nuzzlin’, The sky is shrill, the wolf is still, the pack stands back a’ puzzlin’. On crimson snows neath perchin’ crows, the pack, it stays a’ guardin’, The nights are tight with Harpy kites, the she-wolves wait an’ harden, Until a groanin’ blizzard stones the barren forest ..., stowin’ The shaggy ears, beside a weir, neath icy hails ’a blowin’. The storm abates and terminates, the glacial wind’s subsidin’; The past is past or passin’ fast and life goes on abidin’. The herd, today, is far away, not thinkin’ of the dyin’; The pack’ll stray from day to day, ’a stalkin’ hard and tryin’. As spring sneaks forth upon the north, They’re lean without a leader. The she-wolf (bound with belly round) strains neath a budding cedar. Upon the morn a whelp is born, who’ll soon be takin’ over Unchained frontiers ..., with shaggy ears, (one droopin’ down, hung over).

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The Fox, The Wolf, The Coyote


The Fox

with cat-like slit eyes
lurking near the hen house. . . .
meow-less creature

Chihuahua-like ears
catch a sound in the bushes. . . .
hens can rest easy

a small rat scurries
with that vixen in pursuit . . . 
it’s fast-food tonight


song of the desert -
long howls declare “I am here”. . . . 
mice and rabbits hide

barking dogs in threes 
unlucky mice collected. . . .
live practice for cubs

yippy yippy yip
heard among those happy cubs. . . 
celebration time

The  Pack

the pack starts its hunt
mountains rise up before them. . . 
thirty miles to go

in dark night - dog fight
one alone - tail stands erect. . . . 
yellow eyes back off

wolf faces grinning
twenty pounds of meat for each. . . . 
like one hundred burgers

For PD's Inner Animal Contest: 
for fox, coyote, wolf haiku

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The Wolf Man - The Begining

"It's finally arrived," he thought relaxed by his campfire.
He waited all his life for this day. The day he would retire,
and after saying his good byes to all that he loved
he ventured deep into the wilderness, where clouds hug mountain tops above.
It's been days now perhaps weeks since he last saw society.
He was now one with himself and with nature, liberated and free.
No sooner had he had these thoughts ever so serene
did he find himself looking eye to eye at a huge grizzly.
The beast was only about 15 feet away.
It's pointless to run now, you'll only trigger the bear's predatory state
and there isn't anywhere to run to anyway. 
He couldn't help but think to himself, "This may be my very last day."
The words of an old friend flashed through his mind
who was very knowledgeable about behavior of the grizzly bear kind.
'You must not only not display any fear on the outside of you
you must truly be fearless all within you too.
You can display the world's greatest poker face
but if inside you fear for your life, you will lose this deadly game and race.
The bear can smell fear as well as aggression.
If the bear smells either on you, you then become prey or enemy to them."
The bear's massive head began to sink down low.
That's an aggressive stance in case you didn't know,
then the bear raised it's head and sniffed all around the air.
The bear grunted somewhat, 
turned and displayed its back 
then walked off into the forest as it slowly disappeared.
He stood there still motionless as the bear disappeared before his eyes.
He then proceeded to throw up and faint nearly missing the campfire.
When he'd awaken the next day to the morning birds sweet song,
It would be his new birthday. The Wolf Man is born.
While unconscious, the local wolf pack emerged and surrounded him.
When he awakens the next morning, The Wolf Man Legend begins.
To Be Continued.

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Lone Wolf **Tag poem**

[-:Lone Wolf:-]

---wolf, a
--------a decent fella.
Charismatic, charming
------overbearing, confident.
Come, hang under the umbrella
-------------of this personal Rocafella.
-------------Life as I see it,  I Am a Poet

In response to Linda Marie-Bariana who tagged me for this I Am A Poet game.. 
I now tag Carolyn Devonshire to continue this game... Remember, you must end your 
poem with the words "I am a poet"

Jared Pickett

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The Wolf Man - The End

On a make shift lounge in the wilderness he lay.
He knew he was dying and sensed this was his final day.
Atop of this mountain is where he wanted to be
so he could have one last look at God's wondrous scenery.
The local wolf pack emerged out of the brush and surrounded him.
He smiled as they all gazed. He found their prescence comforting.
The alpha male approached him with a pheasant locked in it's jaw
and dropped it on his lap but he could eat no more.
He pushed the dead bird off on to the ground.
The alpha male began to make a whimpering sound.
With what little strength he had left, he pet the wolf's head and said good bye.
When his lifeless hand fell, the alpha male howled as the pack joined him in his cry.
The wolf pack was in mourning. Their Wolf Man had died.

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The Fox,the wolf,the coyote

The Fox  1
Crab holes on the bank….
Furry trap inserted in ,
Wonder blunder ends.

The Fox   2
Thick bushes distant….
Fox nose moves among the twigs to
Get a prey vanquished.

The Fox   3
The fox howls at night….
Trumpet of win over
A dewy-eyed rabbit.

The Wolf  1
Lamb in the pasture….
From the darkness of forest
Death jumps upon fast.

The Wolf  2
Wood smiles in full moon….
Wolf eyes glare among foliage,
Savage beauty lures.

The Wolf   3
Marauding wolf steps….
The soul dances wildly, and
Brute taste oozes out.

The Coyote   1
The distant coyote….
Pointed ears and sharp claws are
Coming to the end.

The Coyote     2
The coyote walks alone….
Seclusion of the woods, but
Evaded though followed.

The Coyote    3
Night howl pierces spring….
Ecstatic movements on hush,
The coyote mounts high.

(For ‘My Inner Animal Contest’ by P. D.)


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The Fox, The Wolf, The Coyote

Sly slits yellow scare.
Fox dances in silver rain-- 
a rabbit hops by.

Fox at night on prowl,
Scurrying animals go hide.
Moon played a traitor.

Tails are up in air.
Fox tail red, a squirrel's too--
but for their two hearts.

                                                     Gray wolves run through snow,
                                                     Homeless wanderers in cold.
                                                     Winter chill deepens.

                                                     Freshly ploughed furrows.
                                                     Wolf footmarks follow a hare's--
                                                     melon patch, both hunt.

                                                     A furry hare sits crouching
                                                     underneath a thorny bush.
                                                     Thorns, wolf does not eat.

Broken silent night.
Coyotes forage in the bin--
eyes shine, tin glitters.

Longing eyes in rain
look at the sky,
Waiting  for stars to fall.

Dusk silently falls.
Coyotes howling at the moon--
piercing night, a song.


7th place in the contest
For  ¥ Destroyer ¥ Poet's : "P.D's Inner Annimal" contest


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The Wolf, Coyote, Fox and Hound

The Wolf

The wolf guards her brood,
Bones of trespassers before,
Death to the unwarned!

My snarl says it all,
The wolf rules this land, no doubt,
Tread lightly, my friend.

The lone wolf unleashed,
Don’t trust the strange traveler,
Trust is never free.

The Fox 

The fox senses spring,
The hound is too tired to fight,
Conflict delayed, friends.

The hound hides in wait,
"How smart are you, Miss Foxy?".
Nature in action.

The fox loves to play,
The hound takes his role to heart,
Frustration sets in.

The Coyote

The coyote sleeps,
Wild pheasants roam peacefully,
Hunger soon brings death.

Sunset brings brown death,
The rabbit tastes too gamey,
A nice change of pace.

A cry in the night,
The coyote is a force,
Mutual respect.

Original work written for
The Contest:
“PD’s  INNER ANIMAL”      ¤¤ 7th Place ¤¤
By: Samual Ronthorpe

If you enjoyed this, I have an expansion to the "Fox" section of this poem, it is titled, "Miss Foxy and Hound".

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The Fox, The Wolf, The Coyote,

     The Fox:

1.  the blare of the horn
     snooty hooves of  fire red coats...
     panting for my life

2.  briar rabbit ears
     twisting in my angry grip...
     more tall tales are told

3.  a hen in my mouth
     a farmer without his gun...
     life can be so good

     The Wolf:

1.  silver sinews coil
     full moon permits me to speak...
     shivers for all men

2.  my proud bloody coat
     clings to young Navaho skin...
     tales of my demise

3.  the grind of tractors
     growl grief to my amber eyes...
     leave my land alone

     The Coyote:

1.  mangy vermin shriek
     pelts darken with scarlet smear...
     ranchers open fire

2.  mere morsels to munch
     lupine snap shears of warning...
     always last in line

3.  roy rodgers singing
     cactus cattle and trail dust...
     my chorus off key 

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A wolf story

The journey was rough, the road was long
Her withered face radiated, turned in song
Still she fought, her faith was strong
She had no power, but she knew they were wrong

She turned her face towards the breeze
She heard them shout, she didn’t dare to breathe
Opening her mind, she sent a silent message to the sky
Please, dear god, don’t let me die

Before they reached, her creaky tree
Something made them turn and flee
Climbing out to have a peak
No hero, no human did she seek 

But on the waters edge she heard a growl
A lone wolf was on the prowl
Thank you, she whispered bowing to the ground
But the wolf if it heard, gave no sound

Off it stalked, in between the winding tree
No one she told, no one would believe
Everyday she would thank the grace,
For her saviour with a different face.

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The Wolf's Tale

Whispered words from behind a wall
to cronies gathered hale and tall.
“Go on ahead.” He said. “Let me see.”
“If I can turn her sweet, on me.”

From within, she heard the tale,
the rye snickers, the wolves’ wails.
Yet, so like the doe in lantern light,
the wail entranced, did not cause fright.

Wide-eyed, stunned, the morsel stood,
in frozen stance within the wood
within his reach and steady glance,
the wolf approached, as if to dance.

With swaggering grace, he set fast pace,
a honeyed tongued Knight on the chase.
He spoke of honor of valorous deeds,
of his manly virtues, and she took heed.

“No, no, no,” said the Maid, she was shy.
“I’m afraid.” She said. “Do I hear a lie?”
He turned up her chin, and eye to eye,
he stroked her cheek and heard her sigh.

He offered her cake, this starving waif
with trembling hands, she took the bait
for upon his full lips , tongue and skin,
she could taste the sugar deep within.

He sought the warmth of blood and bone,
he thought the conquest all his own.
Yet, she held a hope buried deep within,
to bring forth the goodness, she saw in him.

Oh, she could well feel his aching need,
'twas his seedling soul, she sought to feed,
the prey, prayed, long to touch his heart
to give the wolf a brand-new start.


Many’s the times, his teeth came near
to the blue-red vein in her throat, 
and many’s the time the Universe stopped
like a dandelion seed afloat....


The wolf in him balked for a short time,
tasted the joy of goodness’s wine;
loving, and feeling, and drinking anew,
what God has offered to each of you.

Could he extinguish this pure light?
Could he bring death to this delight?
Sorry, for the prey was the wolf within.
He was sore sorry; she’d let him begin.

Sorry, he could not grow in her arms.
Sorry, he could not succumb to her charms.
“Sorry,” was on the tip of his tongue
as he left, the prey on a run.

“Sorry.” said she, as her soul rose higher,
made stronger, though bathed in desire
like the fabled Phoenix so, she rose,
on the white wings of angels in repose.

A prayer floated back, as she drifted above
a prayer, she sent with her heart, to her love.
It echoed his sentiment of so many days.
“Sorry Love…” She said.

 “May the Wolf find his Way.”

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The Wolf at the Door

Kruger Rands and investments galore 
Very expensive pension plan bought
An impressive portfolio thus wrought 
This all to keep the wolf from the door

Penny pinching and just scraping by
School fees paid and bond payments met
Over our taxes due we often fret
“Cry wolf”, told when inflation we decry

Too old to work, too young to retire
Inflation has halved my daily bread
Not a nickel to spare for a spread
Bank manager, wolf in sheep’s attire

So, when Wolf comes knocking at the door
Twelve bore’s loaded, we’re the new splinter
The stew should see us through the winter
Wolf at the door is a typical boor

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A Wolf Will Protect

He said to her
i will wait for you
walk a million miles
swim muddy waters
dive the highest high
take a blow and die for her.

chase a rowdy crowd for her
fight a stronger fight for her
loving every hair of her
beat the coldest blizard
guard every in round her

i am a protector
running all fields
from green to brown for her
stand in a shadow
leap for a far for her

for her is my life
i will stand tall for her
breath in all air
if danger is near
roar and scare harm away

Im the beast with loyal
oh such face
in my way i will chase
protecting a love
this mother so strong

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When The Wolf Cies

 When The Wolf Cries 
The wolf cries out to the great chief in loneliness, pain and sorrow/ Not because his pack is hungry but because his people are hungry/ He cries because he smells defeat and anguish among his own/ He hears their life, their death and he hears their dreams…….
 The wolf cries out to what seems like nothingness for some thingness/ He cries not because his pack is changing but because his people are changing/ He sees very few cultural leaders left if anymore left and many more young lost souls that continue to follow/ He cries because his very own pack has divided themselves among their own culture and very own way of life…….
 He cries not because his people are now living but because his very own culture is dying/ So he cries out for a leader to step up above all obstacles and bring back the dream of the buffalo so that it may roam again in our minds and our young hearts again/ He yearns for the dream of not one but many leaders to walk up our own staff’s high altitude to humbleness and gratitude/
 He cries because he can see that we are killing each other but more important is ourselves/The eagle seems to be caged and our warriors of many become imprisoned from death and self-destruction which can seem like the end of the trail/ But the day is coming when he will see a young modern day chief walk that less traveled path so that once again his people and their very own dreams on eagle wings fly when the WOLF WILL TRULY CRY……..

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Hungry Wolf , Departs : Into the Wilderness

To Seek A Mate?, To find Himself?, To add His Name to A POET’S History?
The Tears We shed ; are Tears Of Joy! For the Young Pups , Youthful Memories

He will Follow the Circle of Life, Returning  in the Mist of  “LOVE FOREVER “
“ Frank Herrera “  We Await YOUR Magnificence : Reentry : YOU are so Cleaver

A Teacher , a Philosopher , Hungering For “ KNOWLEDGE “ “THE HUNGRY WOLF “
 Touches Paradise ;  with  His Golden Pen : And Brings us POEMS of Truth 

Dear Frank ,  I started this 3 days ago , Hoping YOU are Still on SOUP
My Prayers for YOU, in YOUR Travel beyond :  the many SOUPERS 
Who Anticipate   “ YOUR quick Return “ , to a Family :  "YOU have to LOVE"
Good Luck in YOUR Endeavors , send us a Sign, of YOUR Return in the Message from 

Author’s Note :  I will miss YOU Frank, But I see YOUR Return  : “ YOU Bring the 
Spring “
Dedicated TO : Frank  Herrera : This is not “Good-Bye” I’ll see YOU in the Creation 

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a wolf moon

a wolf moon 
through my kitchen window --
spring trout thawing

The Wolf Moon is the name given by Native Americans to a full moon that occurs in January. Native Americans chose this name because they heard hungry wolf packs …

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What wolf sings

Moon shines reflecting suns light
It is a wonders delight
It is surreal and awesome sight
As silver blue nirvana covers the world at night

The nature is beautiful and grand
And many wonders in it are found
However as wolf howls  at the moon with the eerie sound
Beyond that song there is memory of something in nature and as it grand

The knowledge can be conditionalized or inert
But to me inert
Does not mean useless like a pile of dirt
And there is a reason it was put on this Earth

But both types of knowledge are just pyramids’ base
With joining of the two coming in later phase enchanting with its grace
There are as many such pyramids as largest number in any place
And Eye is what is beyond pyramids in outer space

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What Does The Wolf Say

What does the wolf say?
“That sly old fox outsmarts me
every damn time.”

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The Big, Bad Wolf On the Prowl

The Big, Bad Wolf On the Prowl

By Elton Camp

Little pigs the wolf doesn’t hate
He loves them and so he ate

The first pig’s house of straw was made
Just one puff and on the ground it laid

The next pig’s house was made of sticks
A huff and puff and the pig was in a fix

When he came to the house out of bricks
That much huffing and puffing he did nix

He made a sly purchase of the housing loan
The payments late, the place he did own

With the mortgage in his hairy hand
He told the pig, “You’ll taste grand!”

When the eviction notice was served
The pig suffered the fate that he deserved

And so it goes with real estate
The bank is the wolf all berate

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The Wolf Within Me

As I look up at the sky I see the moon is high

I feel the wolf deep inside he is trying to come alive

As the pain begins to start It feels as through I am being ripped apart

My joints start to bend and break 

Soon the wolf will be fully awake.....

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The Fox, The Wolf, The Coyote

A wizard of wild
Seasonal changes his world 
Sly and cunning games

Open fields are home 
To always play till days end 
Hunting more than sport

A flash of movement
Traces of his whereabouts 
Are scarcely a trail.

Magician of beast
Blending one within his own
Timeless enchantment

A graceful harshness
A beautiful wilderness
Harsh environments

An eerie silence 
Approaching from the shadows
Cloaked in mystery.

Fearless by nature
Radiant energy bounds
An essence of one

Playful and naughty
Shadows of monsters lurking
Elected by force

A challenge to live
Surviving in modern days 
Resilient by far.

Written by: Shannon Deane 
Written for: P.D. 's Inner Animal Contest
Sponsored by: Destroyer Poet

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the red wolf's speech revisited

If i could take your hand in mine
and get lost in your eyes
incompatible are we
yet perfect and it buys

me the time to drink in deep
assess my standing point of view
a wolf in the night, a thief in the dark
and always here for you

i gave you all i had 
and you took it willingly
a loving kiss upon my lips
in love and so is she

my vampire queen in a house of wolves
dominion over all
and yet i am the one she loves
and cherish standing tall

opposites attract
but then they always fade away
amythist rose, where did you go?
on my knees i pray.

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P.D.'s Inner Quest.........................

The Fox

rusty reddish coat
social in a cunning act...
a fox lingers free

a pre-dawn scavenge
vale of unknowing awaits...
slight movement, cautious

retreating homeward
a secure haven to feast...
anxious pups await

The Wolf

passive and active
a painted face of beauty...
canis lupus thrive

the alpine pair climb
slow and deliberate movement...
together for life

a new season comes
basking in autumn sunlight...
a brilliant trek dreamed 
The Coyote

along the foothills searching...
a lone Coyote roams

proud and elusive
a desperate plight to sustain...
a silent rain falls

a gift forsaken
preserving natures balance...
the jackal cries pain...