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Time Machine

Ride with me on my time machine to a different time and place
Return with me and let me see if I can put a smile upon your face
To the days of AM radio and the TV was black and white
To lying in a grassy field and counting stars at night
Popcorn and soda in the balcony at a Saturday matinee
Parades led by the High School Band on Decoration Day
Dressing up and going door to door on the night of Halloween
Cigarettes rolled in your shirt, pretending to be James Dean
Pep rallies before the football games, everybody stand and cheer
Going in the woods with your friends at night, sharing a quart of beer
That feeling inside, turning red, when she smiled at you at the dance
Wanting to kiss her goodnight, but you were afraid to take a chance
Playing chase tag at night in the neighborhood, hiding behind a tree
Holding hands with your first steady, so all your friends could see
Medicine Show at the end of town in a giant canvas tent
Saving pennies for a rainy day, fasting on candy for Lent
Going for a Sunday ride with Mom and Dad in the family car
Playing in the yard at night, putting lightning bugs in a jar
Drag racing on that long stretch of road, Chevy was hard to beat
Stealing peaches from a neighbor’s tree, always seemed so sweet
Riding bikes all over town, never knowing the meaning of fear
Identifying cars by their tail lights, make and model and year
News and Stooges at the theatre before the movie starts
Valentine’s day I love you written on tiny candy hearts
Easter bonnets and picking flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day
Opening day at the community pool the last weekend in May
Sock hop in the auditorium, collar up, trying to play it cool
Meeting friends at the usual place, everyday after school
Six for a quarter on the juke box, music that would move your soul
Return with me now to those glory days and the birth of rock and roll.

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This poem was written by an old man who died in the geriatric
Ward of a nursing home in North Platte, Neb.  He left nothing 
Of  value, only this poem which I thought had a very strong
Message and wanted to share with you soupers.

           CRABBY OLD MAN

What do you see nurses? .. What do you see?
What are you thinking .. When you’re looking at me?
A crabby old man .. Not very wise,
Uncertain of habit .. With faraway eyes?
Who dribbles his food .. And makes no reply.
When you say in a loud voice   .. “I do wish you’d try!”
Who seems not to notice .. The things that you do.
And forever is losing .. A sock or a shoe?
Who, resisting or not .. Lets you do as you will,
With bathing and feeding .. The long day to fill?
Is that what you’re thinking? .. Is that what you see?
Then open your eyes, nurse .. You’re not looking at me.
I’ll tell you who I am .. As I sit here so still,
As I do at your bidding .. As I eat at your will.
I’m a small child of ten .. With a father and mother,
Brothers and sisters .. Who love one another.
A young boy of sixteen .. With wings on his feet
Dreaming that soon now .. A lover he’ll meet.
A groom soon at twenty .. My heart gives a leap
Remembering, the vows .. That I promised to keep.
At twenty-five, now .. I have young of my own.
Who need me to guide .. And secure a happy home.
A man of thirty .. My young now grow fast,
Bound to each other .. With ties that should last.
At forty, my young sons .. Have grown and are gone,
But my woman’s beside me .. To see I don’t mourn.
At fifty, once more .. Babies play ‘round my knee,
Again, we know children .. My loved one and me.
Dark days are upon me .. my wife is now dead.
I look at the future .. shudder with dread.
For my young are all rearing .. young of their own.
And I think of the years .. and the love that I've known.
I'm now an old man .. and nature is cruel.
Tis jest to make old age .. look like a fool.
The body, it crumbles .. grace and vigor, depart.
There is now a stone .. where I once had a heart.
But inside this old carcass .. a young guy still dwells,
and now and again .. my battered heart swells.
I remember the joys .. I remember the pain.
and I'm loving and living .. life over again.
I think of the years, all too few .. gone too fast.
and accept the stark fact .. that nothing can last.
So open your eyes, people .. open and see.
Not a crabby old man, look closer .. see ME!!


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An Angel In Disguise

At the crack of dawn she awakens to a day full of shores 
She hears a mother’s wail from the small room next door 
The mantle clock chimes five am and the ocean tides roar  
She puts her back to it and scrubs the old linoleum floor 
Little fine bottles from the apothecary are begging lore 
She hears a mother’s wail from the small room next door 

Her hands are chapped from the whipping winds outside 
Childhood, a luxury left untouched alongside empty plate   
Tomorrow the seagulls will come to peck at her window 
With hollow eyes they’ll steal a meal and then sum chide 
A runaway father without a name, another sock to grate 
Childhood, a luxury left untouched alongside empty plate 

She enters the little room and cups her ear, it’s a stethoscope 
There’s a rattle in the median of her hills a cough that won’t still
The sun is going down fast and her hands are like ice cubes 
The moon is closing in quicker than a wick of kerosene hope   
A weak smile escapes her moribund lips, I will, I will
There’s a rattle in the median of her hills a cough that won’t still 

Dorian smiles but her eyes are pools of wet, a tremble comes
She awakes the stars of night they both agree it’s time to go   
Soft like the feathers on an angel’s back, she leans in to hear 
“I promise to remember you in heaven child” a rasp a hum,
Two little fingers wrap her tight you need to let me go?  
She awakes the stars of night they both agree it’s time to go

February 13, 2015

Contest: An Angel In Disguise 
Painting by Daniel Gerhartz "Dorian's Smile"
as per photo above...

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Spring Forward Yowzzah

Golden Andy the dandy had bling
when he leapt from his bed with a spring
the golden ring in his -
he kept warm with a sock
while his gal sang where's my ding-a-ling?

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The Ceiling Fan

Like fallen warriors, 
we collapse side by side, 
glistening in the sweaty afterglow.  

Limbs still entangled, 
too exhausted to sing the other’s praise,
we stare at the blades of the bedroom fan 
slowly circling above.

A lone, 
satisfying sigh 
escapes in between your deep, 
cleansing breathes.

Your smile 
reflects in the brass, ball base 
of the rotating fan.
I smile in return,
unable to rescue my gaze 
from the fan 
cooling off our steaming bodies.

your right hand moves; 
fingers entangle with those on my left.  
I still taste you on my lips.

I silently laugh to myself 
upon the realization that I still have one sock on;
the other dangling on the end of a fan blade.  

The remainder of our clothes 
strewn around the room 
as if the hamper had exploded.  
Your brassiere 
ruined when I removed it 
with my teeth.

Beads of sweat roll down my thigh 
where our legs remain interlocked – 
I love the smooth contrast of your skin 
against my sun dried legs.  

The ever so slight breeze 
created by the fan 
is starting to dry our exposed skin 
as we slowly regain strength.

The circling blades hypnotize.  
The subtle, 
rhythmic hum 
from the fan motor 
mixes with the recent memory 
of the rhythmic dance 
just concluded.  

Your hand, 
now lightly brushing against me, 
is re-energizing my engine.  

involuntary movements 
near your finger tips
indicate our dance may not yet be over.

I blink 
to interrupt my transfixed, 
mesmerized relationship 
with the ceiling fan, 
so I can once again 
concentrate on you.

Energy restored – 
as if pumped back into our souls 
by the bedroom fan –
the warriors re-engage 
in battle once again.  

A battle in which 
each warrior wins. 

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Daddy's Overalls

My daddy was my loved hero
when I was a tiny sprite.
To walk along beside him, was
for me a great delight.
I loved the swish of  overalls
as he carried in the milk.
To me the sound was sweeter
than the soft rustle of silk.
I wondered  why my sock clad legs
would not make that unique sound.
But it really didn’t matter 
when my daddy was around.

I vowed he would be like Daddy,
the only kind I’d  marry.
I’d hear the swish of overalls
as the foaming milk he’d carry.
Although that was not to happen
in spite of my big talk,
I dressed my son in overalls
the day he learned to walk.

By:  Joyce Johnson  Won a second in Jeans contest

(they weren't called jeans in Daddy's day.)
For Nette Onclaud's contest "It's In the Jeans"


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Portmanteaus Scroup

Greu has turned the color of my plarn
So I’ll just knit a legock for my child.
While getting up I trip upon my hornicorn
It makes me ridast through my small famoom.
My son comes in and loosh at my folly,
He’s sure his mom has gone a bit crazoo.
Then glares at me delivering his snark,
By asking which of us is the matune.

Greu, plarn and snark from list

My words:
Scroup: scrambled-soup
Legock:  legging-sock
Ridast:   ride-fast
Famoom:  family-room
Loosh:  looked-shocked
Crazoo:  crazy- cuckoo
Matune:  mature-one

Other:  Hornicorn:  horse-unicorn

Brenda Meier-Hans

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Say something funny

Sir ! say something funny , the little boy said .
'Cause Mom is now dying and Daddy is dead .
Grandad has piles and he can't sit down .
Gran's on a bender , somewhere on the town .
The dog just had kittens , and the hen , she wont lay .
The toilet is flooded and the rent we can't pay .
My brother has acne ; picking pimples all week .
The goldfish can't swim and the budgie wont speak .
My best funny friend , just sits with a frown .
My frog has just croaked it , my last duck just drowned .
My Y~fronts need changing after 3 months or more .
I've got ire on my thighs from the skidmarks galore .
My red nose is running and my sleeve is green blue .
There's a hole in my sock and 2 more in my shoe .
Sister Sue's on the game and she's got a bad rash .
She's making the bucks , but spending the cash .
My invisable friend , disappeared late last night .
Saying , he must see a Shrink , I have made him uptight .
Our Priest got the last rites ; the new Vicar just sinned .
She breaks with tradition and also breaks wind ! 
But apart from  all that , things aint so bad .
My corns still flake and happyhour aint so sad .
So please Sir !  say something funny to unmask this frown .......

" GET LOST , you bad penny !! . I need a good ... long ... liedown ."

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Wanted: New Home for Rooster

A plucky fellow wakes us up each day at dawn
To the tune of cock-a-doodle-do we yawn

How grateful we've been that we need no alarm
His sunrise serenade has far more charm

EXCEPT on weekends when we are free to sleep in
Want to stuff a sock in his beak 'ere he begins

So we decided to put this loud one on loan
The stud-master rooster had a new weekend home

In a neighbor's yard where chickens needed a mate
He strutted his feathered tail, made many a date

So many, in fact, that the eggs did abound
Tributes to his manhood littered the ground

Our sweet neighbor lady has cried out, "No more!"
And we want to avoid a neighborhood war

Can you take him in, not just weekends of course
Our chicks and our neighbor's demand a divorce

This unfaithful fowl needs a new chicken coop
One that is filled with an "open-minded" group

I hope there's a taker, 'cause this much is true
He could be the entree for our next barbecue

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Monday sans him

Sometimes ... there is no reason
     for morning tears.

Distracted me
     tangled in the debris
     of a raging sea.
So very small
the moment
nothing at all.

And what of that day ....
dismade bed
dirty sock left on the kitchen floor
       I was going to scrub a week ago
left me crying and
       falling to pieces
where is my other shoe
       my toes are cold
speed bump on shaky knees
spills my morning tea.

Sometimes there is no reason ....

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[NOTE:This is just a bit of silly fun]

Beat out this rhythm baby,
You can surely do it baby,
Beat out this rhythm to the clock!

Beat out this rhythm baby,
There’s no room in it, for maybe,
Do it, with a goofball in a sock!

There, is no room for error,
We can pull this off together,
Beat out our rhythm with your sock!

If you feel you cannot play,
Try it out, another day,
Our rhythm will, never cease to shock!

Beat out our rhythm baby,
There’s no room in here for maybe,
Never mind those people who will mock!

Beat out the rhythm baby,
Do it like your acting crazy,
Smash up everything that’s in the shop!

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In the middle of the woods lived nine women, each woman was unique in their own special way. Pd walked around wearing one sock everywhere she went. Andrea lectured all the women on the English language. Everywhere Tracie and Gail went they made funny faces. Linda Marie could be found swinging from a tree. Anna Lise likes mustard and cheese on crackers please Carol, Abby and Melissa played jokes when they could. this was a three ring circus in the woods.
Tracie's 9 contest

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Pot of Gold

I'm sure you've all heard the story
About the rainbow and the pot of gold
Well, you'll not find no treasure there
So, listen, to how this story unfolds

You see, I was standing there one day
When the rainbow touched the ground
Now, I didn't find no pot of gold
But let me tell what I had found

There were a bunch of tiny leprechauns
Just a sittin' around and chewin' the fat
So I slowly approached their village
And asked them where I was at

Well, they said that I was nowhere
A place that was in between
Somewhere that people talked about
But nobody has ever seen

So, I began to look around their village
And by now, I was in total shock
Because I had finally found the "pot of gold"
It was the "Land of the Missing Sock"

You see, those leprechauns were kleptos
But they would only steal one thing
They'd take our socks from our dryers
Just as many as they could bring

They said they just couldn't help themselves
They had even tried some therapy
But this addiction was just too strong
And so I guess, it was meant to be

So, I asked them,"If you're gonna rob our dryers,
Why only one sock, why not take two?"
They just laughed at me and answered,
"Cause then, we'd have to steal your shoes"

Well, that rainbow started to disappear
And the leprechauns all faded away
That was the last time I ever saw that place
But, I'll never forget that day

Now, that's the end of my rainbow story
I just wanted everyone to know
That somewhere at the end of the rainbow
Is the place those missing socks go

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her name is love

Dear love
i know you wont even remeber what i do
dear love you dont know how much i loved you
dear cupid i found your child 
dear god shes gone wild 
heart is spicy and flavorful never mild 
dear cat lady 
do you dare remeber me?
haha we went to san mateo elemantary 
sock hop heart drop photos of us send me back blissfully
and yet i could bet my breath you never even missed me
i remeber you so perfectly 
standing ther in front of me 
you took me to your house a few times 
to our memory i dedicate these rhymes 
your personification of beauty
is amusing and your your lips are lovely
.... love leigh 
love leigh i adore your adorability
entertwined with your sweet humility
i saved your picture for 4 years
stared at it every day so cheers
so here is the epitomy of my tears
ive drempt these words hundreds of times
with many differnt rhymes just to catch your attention
ive forgotton every one else, you are my exception
too much to mention that i remeber what you smell like
and when im stressed i remeber it to relive my tension
i loved you, and watched you leave
but somwhere deep down, i always belived
that id find you again, but never thought that itd actually be acheived 
you were the first to make me smile and feel my heart race out of my chest toward you
nothing felt more true 
more right more perfect, to have my hand held by you
i can only be your friend but my heart will always have a place for you.

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Waiting In The Wings (A Study of Alzheimers)

The colors she wore clashed in confusion.
One sock grey, one sock blue
as her mind wandered ... where?
She never knew her name 
called out of the fog.

The blouse buttoned wrong
with sleeves too long
and she didn't belong ... anywhere.
When the fog settled in,
she stared out, turned around
full circle to a stop.

Very foggy now walking into a room
not knowing what to do there.
So, she sat in her coat and hat going ... nowhere.
Later from a hand come into view,
she is led to a closet to take things off.

Faces came and went, strangers all
even those who called out "Mom!".
She couldn't say who she was talking to
and that voice ... was that Her voice?

Who was Her?
Better not to speak at all,
let silence take her ... (everywhere).
Let the fog drape around her soul.

Perhaps tomorrow,
the curtains would close
and she would know
what was waiting in the wings.

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Ah my dear girl, how you show hidden treasure
In awesome and innocent ways
Small actions spark cold thrilling pleasure
I pant at your power displays

Legs crossed to perfection, so cruelly they mock!
Lithe hands tug the cuff of blue jeans
Toes pointed slightly, you peel off your sock
Revealing your bare naked dream

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socks sidestep

socks sidestep to the sock dimension,
in order to get away,
they tire of carrying our suspension,
don't like the smell they say,
who cares for the undersock:) hey.....Don Johnson

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my beautiful child

Putting cards in a play box
Treating wise men to joys.
Looking sideways at an old sock
Beating tin cups on toys.

Imprinting faces in the carpet,
Sleeping soundly, bum in the air.

Mum picks me up, loving me quietly,
Hushes me to lulling-land, fingers through my hair. 

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Call Me Tex

When I was just a teenage lad, and growing up out west
I never wore a cowboy hat or fancy leather vest
Never put on cowboy boots or western shirts with snaps
Never wore tooled leather belts, much less a pair of chaps

To be in style the Ivy League was what one wore to school
A skinny tie and button-down was how you dressed up cool
We wore Weejun penny loafers and tapered chino slacks
The boys all sported flattops, kept up straight with wax

Rock and roll and sock hops, my dance was then the twist
Cotton-eyed Joe and two-step didn't even make the list
Good ol' Willie Nelson could hardly make a sound
'Cause the King and Frank Sinatra were the coolest guys around

But when I joined the service, and moved outside the state
It didn't matter where I went or if I spoke my name out straight
For a while I thought I had some kind of omnipresent hex
'Cause anywhere outside Texas, they'd always call me Tex
When I said over yonder, they'd all say “Over... Where?”
When I talked about a horny toad, I'd get a funny stare
It didn't matter if my name was Buck or Roy or Rex
'Cause anywhere outside Texas, they'd always call me Tex

When they shipped me overseas, I thought that I would die
Couldn't get a Dr. Pepper there, or any Frito pie
When I wanted longneck Lone Stars, all they had was Beck's
And all those Europeans would always call me Tex
Any label kind of burned me, so right then I made the call
I'd learn to talk just like those guys, to hide my Texas drawl
I practiced on my diction, with elocution persevered
And soon the sideways looks and grins had finally disappeared

I traveled all around the world, got married overseas
Learned myself a few more tongues and got a few degrees
Now if I talk to British lords or English-speaking Czechs
When I masticate the lingo, they never call me Tex

Finally made it home one day, after way too many years
Came back to salute old pals and maybe share some beers
I wondered how the touch of time had treated all those lads
To my surprise, those preppy guys had all turned into their dads

Each one wore a cowboy hat and dandy leather vest
Some sported a bandana, some with bola ties were dressed
Some shod those M.L. Leddy boots with fancy pull-on straps
Each had a set of bootcut jeans and western shirts with snaps

Something then came over me, something that felt right
I heard my voice inside me say "Well boys, ain't y'all a sight!”
That educated accent that I'd worked so hard to gain
Had evaporated quicker than a light West Texas rain

I guess that you can travel, and learn lots of fancy stuff
But with friends who knew you when, there's no way that you can bluff
They might be polite with you, and humor you no doubt 
But you're better off to cut it loose and let it all hang out

They all let out a holler, yelling “Waitress bring the checks!
Give 'em to that ugly hombre yonder with the handle Tex.”
Now if I were any other place, I'd likely wring their necks
But when I'm home in Texas, then you can call me Tex

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Global Pollution 
This is a hate Crime Rhyme
Opposing all of he or she who passed a veto 
I will slam everyone in the House of Representatives 
Away with the “HATE CRIME” law
Global Politicians waste our time
A race on who gets down dirty and raw
Crying we are all equal under the same law
I plead the fifth, if you care 
All you posers are so unfair 
You give me more time because you do not like my hair
You crazy politics say "stop doing that!" 
Opening the eye's for us to perceive life very offensively
Piling up this world with your bull crap! 
Once again, hating is all I see 
I have a low tolerance for politicians on TV 
Law and order makes me shout 
Every law article in the news 
Is about a politician giving out a poor interview
Boo who on who's attacking or threatening who 
All you polluters do is boast
Hey, you politicians all of you I loath 
The more government spreads protection 
How I hate the ones who abuse the situation 
All you polluters create a bigger "Hate Crime." 
Passing out particular laws igniting more intimidation 
Tired of trying to live up to your expectation
I am giving you my perception 
Viewing all your sour reputations 
Always debating and telling us what to do 
There is nothing brave about you
You think you are doing what is best for us
You cowards do not understand where we are coming from 
Instead of embracing us, you continue to lose our trust 
All of today's politics, are nothing compared to yesterday’s trick 
Age, race, notational origin, the list goes on and on
A conflict in our free society 
Gender, religion, to disability 
In this, I see no promotion in opportunity  
All you perpetrators are inflicting, 
Damage to our physical and emotional unity
All you so called leaders take a stand 
Offer us something we really need to understand
Polluting all of Gods nations 
With your "censored" label that this is your political land 
You lunatics want us to consider all sides
Pretending to be friendly to cover our hides 
Put a sock in your hypocritical politicians fool
Bomb the heck out of them __ 
For use terrorism as their # 1 tool 
We got what it takes to send our enemy to oblivion
You Oxy morons, the government you do not know how to run! 
For all this hate is just a silly sound 
Politicians you are just a swift in a nuke frown 
Do not come and put your stupid signs on my ground

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Unwrapped Memories


                                                          HULA HOOP
                                                           CLUE GAME
                                                         SEA MONKEYS
                                                        PICK UP STICKS
                                                       CHEMICAL   SETS
                                                      GREEN  ARMY  MEN
                                                         FANNER  FIFTY
                                                        RECORD PLAYER
                                                       JACK IN THE  BOX
                                                      LIONEL  TRAIN  SET
                                                     BARREL OF MONKEYS
                                                    LUNAR LAUNCHER GUN
                                                   ROY ROGERS LUNCH BOX
                                                     CHATTY CATHY  DOLL
                                                   SORRY GAME MONOPOLY
                                                 BARBIE  DOLL  SUPER  BALL
                                                TINKER TOYS  WOOLY WILLY
                                               DAISY BB GUN KALEIDOSCOPE
                                             ETCH A SKETCH  ROLLER SKATES
                                           ERECTOR SET  SILLY  PUTTY LEGOS
                                               BOZO PUNCHING BAG BICYCLE
                                            OPEN ME FIRST BROWNIE CAMERA
                                           POLAROID CAMERA   TIDDLY  WINKS
                                         ELECTRIC FOOTBALL GAME DOMINOES
                                       BETSY WETSY DOLL  CHINESE CHECKERS
                                      FLEXIBLE FLIER SLED   TIN  HUMMING  TOP
                                   MR POTATO HEAD   EASY BAKE OVEN     GI JOE
                                       WHOOPEE CUSHION ICE SKATES PUPPET
                                     OPERATION GAME  GAME OF LIFE  CAP GUN
                                  SOCK MONKEY VIEW MASTER CHECKERS CHESS
                                 UNCLE WIGGLY GAME  FORT APACHE  PARCHEESI
                              SLINKY   MAGIC  8  BALL  LINCOLN LOGS  SNOW SKIS

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Puppet Master

Expression of ideas with a sock
The puppet master shows part of his skill
We listen, he makes the characters talk

Imagination the key to the lock
We're somewhat surprised he gives us a thrill
Expression of ideas with a sock

They say you have to crawl before you walk
I guess this is the way he pays his bills
We listen, he makes the characters talk

He opens up doors with a subtle knock
With story telling he gives us our fill
Expression of ideas with a sock

There is so much laughter mixed with some shock
Lost in the excitement staying real still
We listen, he makes the characters talk

The puppet master he really does rock
He controls the strings we go where he wills
Expression of ideas with a sock
We listen, he makes the characters talk

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"To My Sweet Thing"

Thou that holds a special beauty my lady, love of my life
Thou art special pearl, my girl, not a lady of carnal world,
Love, my life, my pearl of great price! You I shall not sacrifice!
You light up as wife, candle of life, set lonely heart a twirl…

Come unto me my beauty sweet, lay thy breast upon my chest,
Romance as love ‘s song,  though time has worn on, our love remains strong,
Given divine chance by first kiss, sweet romance, I reminisce,
Sweetness drops of your honeycomb lips, causes love’s bliss, prolong

Our chance of romance in the spring, not a common carnal thing,
Sweetness doth confess that our love was bliss from early first kiss,
That Love's graceful pursue, as sock and shoe, was not fleshly fling,
Let us feather together the quest, giving two hearts to bliss…

Two lovers twain in marriage, by depth of a true love’s courage,
Prenuptial start, my sweetheart!, a precept sustaining marriage!

For: Sentimental Love Letters
In Honor of: Audrey Carey

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Darkest Day

In loving memory of Silly

The ominous clouds brew, icy darkness looms,
Evil cackle flashes sparks of its menacing fangs,
Sinking them deep into my soft yellow downy,
Yanking me apart, leaving me naked and lonely.

I shiver, tremble and chatter.
Mama, mama, where have you been?
I look at my nest up in the tree,
Mama, mama, why did you leave me?

Gnarled tree branches snatched away my home,
Clawing, ripping and towering tall over me,
The fall - blurred vision of trees, terror painfully gnaws,
Now, only, cold and numbness as I cannot feel my claws.

I inch forward slowly to find a worm.
Mama would have picked some for me.
But now, I scarce can see no hope,
The bittersweet taste of the worm makes me choke.

Suddenly, I find I am nestled in a little girl's hands.
The slightest tinge of warmth delights me,
Gently, she ruffles through my scarce feathers,
Puffing up, I brace the changing weather.

The pungent smell of the rain stings my nostrils,
I chirp helplessly in disgust,
Tears from the sky pelt on me, lashing out angrily,
I retreat, sink back in, and cry along silently.

Her home smells of fresh toast,
Mine smells of juicy worms, but I settle in anyway.
The fall has crushed my feet in its cruel hands,
My feet are broken, I cannot stand.

For the next few hours, I wallow in misery.
She knows nothing about my agonising pain,
But fits me into a sock to keep me warm,
As I listen to the sighing trees mourn.

The sock begins to feel cold and icy,
I try to swallow the slimy papaya she mushed,
But in my throat, the concoction swells and becomes thicker,
Burning sensation, daylight flickers.

I shiver, tremble and chatter.
Mama, mama, where have you been?
The rain distorts my view of my tree, 
Mama, mama, why did you leave me?

You guaranteed my freedom one day
You never said the price I had to pay
To never see another sun ray

If my life were a thread, it would now have frayed
What little daylight I saw had become grey
And as I cuddled up and started to pray

I became an angel today.

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Burn Victim

What happened?

I bolt awake, the heat of the fire 
Still burning in my brain.

Oh, it was just a dream.

Or was it?  I look at my skin, 
Realize it’s black and bloody all at once
Cracked, peeling.

I sniff, 
The whisper of smoke still in my nose,
My hair.

A tear rolls down my pitted cheek
As I remember, like I always do,
After I wake up.
Reliving that night.

The last thing I remember,
I was
Home, entwined in your arms
(your fingers were entwined, too, in the hair I’m stroking now).

The heat between our bodies
So strong, that I pushed you away;
I regret it now.
(I just wanted a little space.)

Because the heat then became suffocating, consuming,
As you rolled over and said
this wasn’t the same anymore.
I couldn’t breathe.

Soon, I was sweating, 
100 degrees and climbing,
as you got up and packed your things
then left the room.

The slam of the front door
Was the catalyst.

My heart was the match,
And I the fuel....
 I exploded from the inside out-
The flame ripped me open,
My skin started to blacken and smoulder.

Stop drop and roll?
They never taught us what to do
In a human inferno.

In desperation, I laid there on the bed
You and I shared
My tears nothing 
but puffs of smoke 
as they fell uselessly upon my skin.

The tears I’m crying now
In the hospital bed
Are no more productive...

But my dear friend sitting next to me
Who pulled me out of the flames
Is there to dry them
And to console me

Telling me I still look beautiful
the wounds will heal
And that you aren’t worth them anyway.

I now know what I have to do 
once I can leave this place.

Months later,
My burns have closed, now only scars remain.
I walk up the street to the house you and I once shared,
Now only a pile of rubble.

Picking my way through the charred remains of our bedroom,
A curtain scrap there, a chunk of headboard there,
A stray blackened sock,
I stop, and kneel down in the ashes.

I begin to sift through the ashes, the memories, with my finger,
Both erasing the past,
And bringing it to life all at once,
Until I have found it.

A blade of grass.
Standing tall, strong,
And unapologetically green.

In the middle of the ashes,
With the ruins of our life together all around me,
I delicately clean the area around the blade of  grass 
with my finger, and

I smile.