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And They're Still Blooming



                                            Your magnolia tree
                                            filters the afternoon sun—
                                            I carved our names in its trunk
                                            Those beloved flowers
                                            impregnate the sudden breeze—
                                            You are miles away from here


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Summer Afternoon

You lay in half light
As evening is approaching
Breeze stirs the sheer lace curtains
Soft air cools our skin
Our room glows in amber hues
The ceiling fan is humming...

I must wake you soon
The afternoon has faded
But you are sleeping soundly
With such contentment
It seems all the worry lines
Have disappeared from your face

Your legs are tangled
In the softness of the sheets
Your familiar hand now lies
Gently on my waist
The profile on the pillow
Is that boy from long ago

I love watching you
Your lashes are fluttering
What are you dreaming, my love?
How could one explain
That a love like this exists
On a summer afternoon?

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November Dreams

We lie ‘neath the oak on a carpet of brown leaves that lost their amber glory. With eyes tightly shut, we envision spring’s return— hoping our love does the same.
*Written October 6, 2014

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Yellow Ribbons

Yellow ribbons furl
on oaks that line our driveway
as we await your return.
Their luster's now pale,
reflecting the challenged hope
of a son you’ve never met.

*Entry for Russell’s “Sedoka me any subject” contest
Written February 21, 2012 by Carolyn Devonshire

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Raindrops Around Your Dimples

Even the raindrops love to linger on your face like my fingers' tip-toeing, drop by drop they reach around your naughty dimples luscious lips are not too far..... ====================

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Before Dementia's Final Assault

On his last day home, Dad went around talking to familiar household objects. Mom said he seemed to be telling his life goodbye, knowing he'd not return home. Written by Andrea Dietrich for Russell Sivey's Sedoka me any subject Poetry Contest

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littered twigs now stale unlike past season, enhanced by rapture of air whistling shades of veiled light hide her bloomed navel with child on path of forgotten love hunched eyes fall on ground clawing moonstruck reveries of how he betrayed night's trust fetus kicks gently stirring her to warm hope's dream for new life cradled by womb ........ Forgotten Contest for Susan

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a motionless pond reflects a fragile sky where mushrooms swallowed the sun blossoms drift like tears skimming over old wounds where doves fly against the wind ~ we share the same sun and as moon touches your face I wake with tomorrow's dream lessons we have learned come not from holding the stars but from where we share the light
_______________________________________________________________ Inspired by Deb's Contest: Walk Softly

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What Would I Take

Oh I would take time
if only to ponder on
and your love to keep me strong
then you I would take
safe within my memory
a shining light ails the gloom.


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My Hero

He feared not his death,
because he came to know well,
Him who gave us all life’s breath.
He worked at his goal,
taking life’s problems in stride,
Humility was in him.

I remember him
smiling, laughing and patient,
as generous as could be,
adoring his wife,
happy for her attention,
Respectful of his children.

I was glad to be,
a part of that family,
even though for a short time.
I was too young then
to understand what Love is.
He showed me, I’m glad to say.

A real team player,
encouraging and docile,
Bedtime found him on his knees.
Joe knew his business,
and set reachable short goals,
His long range goal was heaven.

This tribute to my good friend Joe T. is my first of this Sedoka poem form which is
Japanese in origin. Six line stanzas 577577. Each stanza is called a Katauta.
I found it easy to communicate the desired message with this form.