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Below are the all-time best Sapphic Stanza poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of sapphic stanza poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Holding Adonis In another place and another lifetime, gazing into eyes that gazed back with passion. Kissing you, loving you and how you touched me. Summer’s moon watched us. Are you in the world, my sweet lover? Are you? Have you gone the way of the gods before you? Blessed was I to hold you so closely. I was holding Adonis. For the "Guzzically Inspired Poetry Contest" Sponsored by Craig Cornish

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Crimson lips, lovers awaken with a kiss
Creamy white skinned Goddesses resting
In a time where Socrates lusted after Sappho's 
Poetry and art.
The Grecian people worshiped her with
her beauty and exquisite prose. On the wings
of her art she played enchanting music arranged 
for immortality.

Golden chariots in fields of apples bold,
yet, solitary like one fallen from the tree, 
Sappho wrote her memoirs and music
while exiled, her death unspoken.

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Gossamer Beauty

Harvest moon you welcome another season,
Leaving dreams of summer to winter's wishes.
Greens turn shades of orange and red and yellow -
     Mellow eve beckons.      
                                                                                                                                     Summer slowly floats with the leaves of autumn.
Morning's foggy haze rises off the river.
Hints of color peek from the shoreline forest -
     Gossamer beauty.

Written August 29, 2013

Premium Member Poem | Details | Sapphic Stanza Poem | |

Enter, June

Enter, June; I’m filled with anticipation. Flutter in on me! Like a lovely lark, come trilling. Weariness has been long time on my shoulders. Come thrill me! Bring with you the moon and your passion. Yes, the lovers’ moon that poets so often sing of. Winter brought me nothing but dreariness. I need to be glowing. Hurry, June, and bring very soon the summer’s sun, for spring has been endless rain upon my pane. Dispel the gloom! Please appear, dear June, and warmly embrace me.
For Deb's "Jack OUT of the Box" Contest a new form for me: Sapphic Stanzas

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Spring in the quiet wood

The wood in spring quietly awaits sunlight
Wake up, wake up insists mother nature
End your gentle slumbering, winter has gone
Show us your beauty

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In the Realm of Luna

Shadows softly creep in the realm of Luna. Twilight gleams; the goddess appears in glory after Sun has sunk into mountains’ valley. Peacefulness gathers. . . . Clouds disperse; the queen’s entourage comes twinkling. All the stars are equal in Luna’s heaven. Even those that fall from the sky are wished on. Dreams light their kingdom. Written 8/29/13 by Andrea Dietrich for the SAPPHIC STANZA Contest of Craig Cornish

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Summer Nights

Drifting darkly, memories swirling upward
snarled in spiders' frightfully webs spun, hoping
peace comes soon with fierceness. Her anti-venom
saves me from bug bites.


By: Nancy Jones
Sapphic Stanza Contest

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on the horizon

Sunset painting velvety sky at nighttide
tones of red clouds shimmering above mountains
trace the downward spiral of wafting sunset 
replaced with darkness

Sandra Adams
craig Cornish` Sapphic Stanza Contest
fixed 3rd stanza thanks to Reason A. Poteet for
pointing out the mistake and his suggestion :)

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Still Night

Still night, calm night, night ever quiet, peaceful,
Be thou always here when the day is over;
Restful, silent, filled with the fallen dewdrops,
Gleaming in moonlight.

Still night, calm night, graced with a starry frescoe--
Virgin, Hunter, Pleiades, cross of sorrow--
Keep thy tales forever as softly fettered,
Gleaming in starlight.

Written by Isaiah Zerbst

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in praise of autumn

dancing icy underfoot crackle pathways
moonlight loves the feminine presence prescience
laughter singing prayerful chants of thank you
ritual nurture