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My Love

My love is gone, but he has not gone far.
I see his golden locks in waves of wheat,
the blaze of his blue eyes in each bright star;
in dewy blooms of red, his lips so sweet;
his smile in morning sun I rise to greet.
Oh, whether it be day or night, I swear
I see my wondrous lover everywhere!

His scent is with me too, for I inhale
him as I walk through woods of tall pine trees.
I taste him in fresh rain, and I can tell
that he is near me when a summer breeze
caresses me; my mind can be at ease!
For though he’s gone, I know my love will be
In beauty evermore surrounding me.

Written Feb. 1, 2014 by Andrea Dietrich
Motif: romantic

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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the moon trickles down casting light afar her tasseled hair rippling on true hearts pressed surrounding a cape of pure, coupled stars while tender fingers hunger for her chest oh, can there be a scene like this more blessed? if life could pluck more days, let my age withdraw come love, for we have boat rides more to row and as sunrise prays with the mountaintop lapping against mauve fog the prairies keep just there, dawn sprinkles on each dewdrop waking the snooze of morning from its sleep how can a day hold glory half as deep? and if breaths could clear ripples of life’s glow come dream with me, for we have years to sow! © little know nothing's contest: Enter the Poems or new magazine please

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2011

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If you were to come to me Wow
In sight unseen before now
No longer just a vision of your smile

I would want to walk right up and
 wrap my arms around you

Sigh and say ....
"Finally my life is complete"
I prayed that before heaven 
      we would meet

" I've Always Loved You 
    my precious soulmate"
You are my fate...

Oh your lips look so sweet
then you would sweep me off of my feet.

Solita R. Edge-Reed


Copyright © Solita Reed | Year Posted 2010

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My Sunny Sky

To my Daughter
Still my little child

                                              Through your light blue eyes I am in heaven 
                                              they smooth my existence with its pure look
                                              there're eight wonders in the World not seven
                                              spirited pressence flowing as a brook
                                              Catching my poor heart with your golden hook
                                              since I held you in my arms for first time
                                              proud and lost for your beauty was sublime

                                              It seems like yesterday but time has passed
                                              the bud suddenly bloomed and shines... and glows
                                              jealousy is my struggle to the last
                                              Before you my Queen... my Angel I bow
                                              laughing life twenty years in a row
                                              under the rain against the wind we walk 
                                              and trust...we have no secrets to unlock
                                              My sweetest dream my muse my Tinkerbell
                                              sprinkling your fairy dust to make me fly
                                              to last forever my love for you swells
                                              and my life has sense and sound Sunny Sky
                                              Any pain any lament any sigh
                                              I'd like to keep from you and thus I pray
                                              begging God for you every night and day


Copyright © Usual Suspect | Year Posted 2009

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Robin And Marian

North of Nottingham, there lies a wood

Clothed with fern in Dartmouth green

A barefoot Beauty, There she stood

The likes of which, the worlds not seen

A man observes, but undetected

Concealed up in The Major Oak

She drops her hood, quiet unexpected

Gently slipping off her cloak  

This man, a thief, price on his head

Cannot resist his captive heart

In great danger, he gladly sheds

The massive tree's concealing art

You might conceive, this shocked the maiden

Confronted by a rogue so bold

But his eyes were so love laden 

She touched his hand, he touched her soul

He leads her to his camp in secret

On the ground lie jewels and gold

But his eyes could never leave her

The greatest prize he ever stole

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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I’m lavender; I’m apple-tartness green or colored cream like fleece - a peaceful ewe. Pastel, I’m hushed; when gold or red, I preen. Like ice cream of a most peculiar hue, I’m Baskin-Robbins licorice-flavor blue. I’m fanciful as pink and rarely frown reflecting sequins of my rainbow gown. Written ages ago, I don't know when, but was first posted 8/31/11 under the title "Rainbowed"! Now used for Shadow Hamilton's Colours Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Midnight Flowers

Midnight Flowers
by: Leonora G. and Her Most Fave 
 and Loving Poetess Linda/PD

I’m roaming around in search of you 
Oh my darling, I’m feeling blue 
From gloaming to midnight, I truly feel, 
Your ubiquitous fragrance… 
‘Though elusive, I believe you are real. 

Where are you my midnight flowers? 
My hope crumbles, I’m so consumed 
Hold me close in darkness, 
Show me your beauty, I’m so petrified 
You are my inspiration, my only guide. 
Through my essences and fragrance 
I hide under the most intransigent moon 
Gazing of natural beauty and bloom 
Come hold the pleasures of the unknown 
Desires so tangible, you'll lurk every night 
Above all, touching the night sky 
When the lure of any commodity rises 
I am there, awaiting the touch 
Your eyes foil my soul, in blush 
Perfumed by the redolent night, 
--I seed to please you-- 

~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

Second Place
-more credits goes to my ever loving sis-bff, number 1 inspiration,
 the super talented, also  my forever most fave poetess, PD/Linda
Contest: Collaboration Celebration
Judged: 9/2/2015
Sponsor: My greatest poet and ever loving collaborator, PD/Linda

Aug. 16, 2015

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2015

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Passion Awaits

Beneath an amber shade with a translucent hue. Two hearts are joined as one under the light of the moon. Fireflies glowing, within distant sight. Landscaping beauty, on this cool summers night. Crickets are chirping in the fields all around. Not a word can explain the melody, of this hypnotic sound. On a blanket, under the stars that sparkle from above. In thee essence of the dew, I lay with you here my love. Our hearts begin to flutter from a long embrace. Upon the softness of your lips a warm kiss has been placed. Making love in the field, until the new morning sun. Then naked, hand in hand together we will run. Our passion, we will renew from all the earth has to give. In a moment set forth, from this time we now live.
Dan Kearley:12-4-14

Copyright © Dan Kearley | Year Posted 2014

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Burns night - My Toast to the Lassies

Well, it’s thanks to my friend, Neillie, that I'm standing here today;
He captured me down at his shop as I reached out to pay.
He said, “I have a job for you, and you've twelve weeks to prepare.”
I thought, my God - he wants his toenails clipped or help to dye his hair.

Now, a toast that's for the ladies; Lord, wherever will I start?
He said, “That's nothing rude or nothing crude, but something from the heart.”
So, I scratched my head and searched my soul; I was’nae getting far.
It seems that Neillie's harsh restrictions took out half my repertoire.

Anyway - Oh the Bard, he loved the ladies, and oh how they loved him back;
Seems a poem's all it took those days to get them in the sack.
No wonder he liked writing of the love that hid within,
Which explains his suave and healthy look, and how he kept so trim.

If only it were like that now; I’d write for all I'm worth,
Grabbing every chance I could each day to nail another verse.
And my wife, she would be pleased for me at all my new attention,
And I'd be thin from running scared from too much pain to mention.

Now, once my business took me roaming to each corner of Great Britain,
So, I catalogued the ladies; just the ones that I was smitten.
Well, Welsh girls they took hours to please, and the Irish take some beating,
And the English girls are very, very nice if your ears can take their bleating.
Ah, but Scottish girls are best by far; as steady as a rock,
But, if by chance your eye should stray, you'll wake withoot your cock.

So I married one, with no regrets; best move that I've made yet,
And I love her dear, with all my heart, in a life with no regret.
For like the Bard, I settled down when love could get no hotter,
But compared to him and his wondrous works, sure I'm just a ditty jotter.

Oh Sweet Ladies, you are dear to us - where would we be without you?
In wrinkled clothes and motley beards in a house of straw and cow poo.
Without you we would just exist - watching football in a bar;
Just sitting, drinking, laughing, eating, drinking…..and sleeping in the car.

Dear, Sweet Ladies, we don’t kid ourselves; we know you have us beat,
Hence why we hold the doors for you, and chairs each time you seat.
We love to do the chivalrous stuff - it makes us look the strongest,
You see, we have to make the most of things - you live the feckin longest.

Well, at last it’s time for me to stop - and give you chance to mingle,
And I'll make peace with my dear wife, before I'm Facebook status: single.
Now, gentlemen, I ask you all - please charge and raise your glasses,
And join me in a bumper toast: “To the beauty of the Lassies.”

Copyright © Dennis East | Year Posted 2015

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THE CROSS Two Pieces of Wood

Jesus saith unto him. I am the truth, the way and the life. No man come unto 
the Father but by me.
John 14:6

Enter The Lord Jesus Christ…
He bled for us.
Through the hours,
in the night.
On two pieces of wood,
one up, one across.
An ultimate sacrifice,
no matter what the cost.
He walked across the desert,
to show man how to love.
And stepped outside of Himself,
to open the Heavens above.
He preached the gospel,
at all and any cost.
As He saw the future,
that our souls might not be lost.
He fought off temptation,
as He walked through hell.
And crushed the evil serpent,
the greatest story ever to tell.
He Sacrificed His body,
so that we may live.
And nailed sin to The Cross,
so our Father would forgive.
He commended his spirit,
and rose from the grave.
Then ascended into Heaven,
so that we might be saved.
He left us with His word,
that He would be our greatest friend.
Until with His Mighty Angels,
He will surely come again.
Enter The Lord Jesus Christ…….
He wept for us.
In the hours,
through the night
Two pieces of wood,
one up, one across.
The ultimate sacrifice,
To die for us on The Cross!                                                                                              

Copyright © Chris Witherspoon | Year Posted 2013

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The Horse

Ride with me
I'll show you miss
I'll show you bliss
Where your mind is

Come with body
Come with soul
Drive me kindly
To your goal

Do not fault me
For your mistakes
I will not jugde thee
Your skipped pace

Show me kindness
Show me your heart
I will grow wings
To master your art

And then you found
I am your horse
To take you heaven
You have once lost

We seal our friendship
We take our oath
To be together 
In this ride on Earth

Copyright © Daniela Angeja | Year Posted 2012

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the simple life

i dont ask for alot out  of  this world
just enough to bet by
im not trying to be a multi millionaire
just looking for a small peice of the pie

not trying to buy a great big castle
a simple house will do just fine
and maybe i dont need a limo 
just a car that i can call mine

and all of that gold and jewelery
dont have to be hanging around my neck
as long as i can afford to pay my bills
 and hold my head up with respect

i've never been that picky 
i generally take what i can get 
i just hate to be stressed 
 by living from check to check

forget about the jones's 
who cares how they live 
i'm just trying to keep my head above water
and not worrie about paying my next bill

and all the fame who needs
 to be reconized everywhere they go
i just need to feel loved 
by the few people i know

as long as i can afford the things i need
and feel everythings going to be alright
that's all it really takes for me 
im ok with the simple life

Copyright © Robert Walker | Year Posted 2011

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The Obstinate Heart

My desolate heart, my obstinate friend
Do not be naïve, please understand
That glittering faces you mustn’t eye
Everything enchanting is not thy

You fret, fry, burn and agonize
Your cravings, wailing and your cries
That incessantly my patience try
Years elapse but do not die

You keep no malice and hatred I know
Your loyalty and fidelity and feeling’s flow
Your kindness, your benevolence is aglow
Your transcendent face your virtues show

Unattainable Stars and moon aspires
One can’t get whatever he desires?
The clouds, the sky and colors of rainbow,
The fragrant roses that beauty bestow.

Peace, tranquillity, serenity and more
All that is lost is knocking at door
Share with others or own and keep.
But to your maladies no one will weep

Take my advice although it’s tough
Love without seeking repayment in love

Copyright © Mohammad Yamin | Year Posted 2008

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love is something that you should respect
for of all emotions it's worst harm is regret
it gives freely with no thought to object
from one to another hopeful prospect
something sacred that one should protect
and with deepest desire one should accept
but the dark side of love is that one can reject
for to give love, one's heart has to elect
love is not a thing that you can easily eject
it's tangled strings will slowly egress
lest love use it's power to hate and detest
or worst of all be defeated by distress
no, no, no, this thing love i must redress
give up too soon, no i protest
all this time that i have obsessed
it is for good reason i make this request
i will contest till i conquest if that is what you will
but prove to you this one thing; my love you cannot kill

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2011

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" Bahama Nation"

A nation of peace,a nation of pride
A nation that's spread far and wide.
A nation of hope,a nation of joy,
Thats free for all, man,women ,girl and boy.

A nation to give,a nation to take
A nation filled with reggae,socca,calypso and rake and scrape.
A nation of colors; black,gold,aqua....sometimes called blue
can be seen everywhere above land and under sea too.

A nation of democracy and old english style,but things  sure have changed if you
look up our file.
From outside rock stoves,to TV,radio,computers and wi-fi connectivity.........
I'd say that a long way from July 10 1973.

An nation filled with hospitality,love and history,
Arawaks,Caribs and American Indians are the basis of our nationality.
A nation where Tourism is number one, because of the Bounty of sand sea and sun.

Yes,a nation of Youth,sports ,culture,uniqueness and island fashion trends,
Like native Androsia our own local blend......and straw work and junkanoo,the list has no end.
This nation of beauty,splendor and self defense ;yes its celebarting its own INDEPENDENCE.

Copyright © Quentin Sands | Year Posted 2008

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Gone With The Wind

The Earth cracks, the plates slide, and we fall of track.
The sun freezes over, and color is beginning to lack.
We fall back, lay in this wake of destruction,
as apocalyptic thoughts grab us, from every direction.

Our life flashes like the lightening in the sky,
the thunder rumbles, and it rains down, as we begin to cry
Time stops and we're still, as a volcano erupts,
the ashes rain down and form clouds, and all we hope for is luck.

But what is luck? What is it to us, but an empty wish.
It's nothing but something we hope for, and we're hopeless.
But it's a possibility, that feels impossible to me,
but it's a picture that I gotta paint, but canvases aren't free.

So I sit as a tornado forms right in front of my eyes,
and I'm scared, but I stand up, and finally realize,
that I gotta fight. Or I'll forever be denied.
I'll forever be alone, and I'll never get it right.

I see a piece of paper, and I think of an easy solution,
it's crumpled up, and you've gotta open to be able to read it.
But it's a blank page, nothing but a piece a paper.
You watch it float in the wind, you'll write a story on it later.

It's gone, Gone Away With The Wind,
you tried but you're own game beat you, you can't win.
No matter the pen, the ink is your blood, it comes from within,
just don't lose it, cause once you lose it then its Gone With The Wind.

Copyright © Aaron Guttery | Year Posted 2013

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The Final Dance

The Final Dance

Death is that final dance we face in life,
He comes for us whether one’s young or old,
Courage is the answer to this sad strife,
Which means fear not this specter—be ye bold!
And prepare now your soul as God has told;
Death appears dark as Heaven’s light shines bright;
Angels bear ye now so true in God’s light!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
October 18, 2015 (Rhyme Royal)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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The Death of Robin Hood

‘Come bring my bow of English yew and raise me from this bed
And let me look upon the wood where once I lay my head’
With fading sight and wearied limb through window rose he gazed
With summoned strength and trembling arm his mighty bow was raised
Sinews drawn to fullest test he let the arrow fly
And sinking back upon his bed he breathed a heavy sigh
‘Follow yonder willow shaft through forests darkened keep
For flighted by the angels, twill appoint where I shall sleep’

The stalwart oak tree caught the shaft, appointed by Gods grace
Beside a brook, in bluebell’d wood, there marked his resting place
In tunic Gold and Lincoln green, his sword upon his breast
Beneath the trees of Sherwood green was Robyn laid to rest

That mighty heart, its labour done, when stilled its Valliant quest
All England mourned its stalwart son who bore the Locksley crest
And through the silent forest, soft April showers wept
To wash that place from hearts and minds, a secret ever kept

One maid, one Friar, with little John, in sombre vigil stood 
In silent witness mourning, the passing of the Hood
On England’s green and pleasant land was played a Hero’s part
And Never more on sceptre’d isle will beat a truer heart

Copyright © DAVID WALLACE | Year Posted 2011

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Petals Fall

The bloom is on us now and fear does make what's fragile quake pink and gold upon the bough petals quiver, fall, and shake. So thin, the skin, some opaque blossoms unfurl and lace the ground their life passes without a sound. Cry for the petal's fall yes, mourn the death of these little things the puss ywillow enthralls the halo of seeds on wing voiceless they bloom and fall down oh see fair Spring lose its royal crown.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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? - Finding True Love - ?

True love - In him was the breath of life given, now the Creator Greatest creation (man)
asorb's the life of a human being.  Being, from the image of an Omnipotent (GOD) from above.
Real passion - Let there be light, now the Creator begin's an unfallable phase of power
and passion.  He-he spoke into existence the foundation of his world, he take's dark-
ness and maketh day and then he say's the firmament that shall be the water of the earth 
he loved it so, that he place fish and whale's and all the creature's for the ocean, and it
gave him "Satisfaction".
Unity - In him (Adam) was there True Love bestowe unto him (Eve) and God (The Creator)
test their commitment to him by the will of obesience.  They fail, mankind is seperated
from the Unity of the Creator (GOD) plan's and Sin that even challenge's the explorata-
tion of an Omnipotent Order as it enter the temptation of man.  Adam as intelligent as
he is. The creator who hates sin so much. Has to come full force (In his own order) with the
"lust of the flesh", of his creation.  But he who is the All-Mighty his thoughts is above
mankind best thought's. He employ's Noah for a mission of Unity.  And if you never
have experience true love in your life. "Read About It", (Bible) I quarantee you'll find
answer's to question's that has put a bitter taste of confusion in your Boarder. (limitation)
(E)verlasting love - Many of us think love is found lying on our back's.  Many think that
little piece of meat hanging between our leg's (Men's) is the source of true love.
But by the time one figure's out the "True Meaning of Love".  Year's come and go, and
the sun will have shine upon your morning's over a thousand times.  Everlasting Love -
that Adam & Eve overlooked because of unbridle feeling's, that told them differently and
this manifested love, when it is found will smile upon you knowingly and with possitive
meaning.  Ressurrected love onto Heaven(and from the grave) can be seen in the beauty    
of a Dove. "Finding True Love".

Copyright © John Streeter | Year Posted 2010

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My Mirror Reflection

With your light so might, I see my sight
transforms an untamed lady into a woman uptight, 
Curves you portray in aura so bright
reflects my inner soul's desires i held long so tight.

Towel went off the floor, water leaves a gleam
on skin that radiates like in shimmering pearl cream; 
Scrutinizing details so womanly it seems
found myself in a sizzling dream! 

I close my eyes, bite my lip
All glory of visions come rushing deep; 
I saw your vision standing near
Watching me intently, you look so dear.

Opening my eyes, I stare on my sight
found myself blushing and breathing so fast; 
My lips went red at the bite I did
my eyes dazzled, as if I want the deed! 

The music is on, jazz is playing softly on air
my eyes glued on the reflection of my pair; 
Wondering the touch your hands may lay
caressing me in total foreplay...

I gasped at the thought, I smelled your breath, 
tasted your tongue as your hands caress; 
My body arched, feeling you beneath
oh, I know inhibitions in me; now, I cared less! 

With this mirror reflections, I know enough
that from that moment I discovered as such; 
I am a woman even how tough I was
Wanting you badly to be with me at last! 

Mirror, mirror on the wall
when will be the time I will have my fall, 
A fall with my man in unending bliss
Sharing same mirror, doing our perfect kiss? 

Inner Whispers

Sponsor:	FRANK H.
Contest Theme:	I AM 

Copyright © Inner Whispers | Year Posted 2014

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Daytime's Demeanor

Free verse to Rhyme Royal

Daytime’s Demeanor

This morning the water is,
glass still, an indigo mirror.
Shyly it reflects each hill, each lofty palm,
a soft collage of orange clouds.

Time now, to summon thoughts, delineate them,
confess faults, spill forth, a profusion
of memories, immersed in reverie.

Slowly, as clouds disperse, the day begins to pulse.
As ripples, eventually distort the river
I stir, myself.

Time now, for me to assume, day-time’s demeanor.
Like any cloud or tree, be buffered
by whatever comes along.

 Suzanne Delaney

Daytime’s Demeanor

This morning the river is glassy-still.
Its surface a collage of orange clouds,
of lofty palms, and every nearby hill.
And I, immersed in reverie away from crowds
Summon thoughts, confessing faults, to spill
a profusion of reflected memories
Mirrored to de-lineate in reverie.

As day begins to pulse and clouds disperse
Ripples from unruly winds distort the river
I stir myself, day’s journey to traverse
Preparing for what day's events are likely to deliver
Like any cloud or tree that Nature buffers
No longer to remain a simple  dreamer
Time now to wrap myself in Daytime’s Demeanor.

Suzanne Delaney

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2013

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The Adonis Complex

Born out of incest of father-daughter Semite god, hunter and a fair offspring Women’s laments and cries to stir and blur Festivals on me in autumn and spring Living six months with Aphrodite unbanned I’m the most favored man in her portal Though am loved by many gods and mortals. Then next six months living with Persephone The queen of the underworld and the dead Pomegranate in hand, very bonnie Who seduced me, the under-aged lad Know of “The Adonis Complex” widespread A problem rife faced by men of all classes. Ye, Mortals! Don’t you have our replicas? You’ve me, Aphrodite and Persephone I’m not god like Allah, Krishna or Christ Pray lead me not to undeserved brawny Forbid don’t forget, you masters of writes Please blame me not for polygamous tryst Bid me farewell I'm leaving earth to truce You’ve enough Adonises to accuse.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ **The poem was posted on PS on 30-1-14** Now August 17, 2014 Form: Rhyme Royal Contest: Structured Verse by Giorgio V. ======================== The poem was posted on PS on 30-1-14 Date: 30-1-14 Form: Rhyme Royal Dr. Ram Mehta sixth place win Contest: Romanticism In Rhyme Royal by Gautami Phookan. **There are very many versions of Adonis living with one goddess for six months or 1/3 of the year etc. etc.** The Adonis complex of the health issue or issue of love, incest etc.**

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

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Share, discover. 
With lips and fingers and skin
Tasting, touching and feeling
With tongue rolling in the wet longing

Silent cry, pleading
Agonized shiver seeking release
Of holding back to get to higher heights, 
Reaching firm the nape
Closely arching

Wrapping legs around the hips
Reaching for each other's soul
Searching. Seeking. Wanting

Feeding the echoes of glory
Til ultimate unity entangled in rhymes
Squeeze me tight
Faster now, urging on and on.

Dancing in pleasure's rhythm
Lips locked and sealed, embracing.

Entwined, lurking in bliss of screaming wants! 
Wanting More. More..Please. More.

To stop this ragged breathing
Hands holding, entwining

To stop this trembling body
Gasping breaths so warm and teasing
She says, never stop
Joined bodies in unison moving.

Screaming like no one cares to listen
Perspiring. Slipping. Sliding. Slurping
Spurting spirits release the final dance

Pounding hearts now the only sound
That join heavy blissful breathing
Holding on in embrace so tight
Hoping the next one comes 
When morrow's warmed by the sun. 

Inner Whispers

Copyright © Inner Whispers | Year Posted 2014

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Rosaline's Revenge

Oh Juliet!  A memory of a love long lost in vain…
thy bridal song, a dirge of darkened madrigal becomes.
Yet thought of you, for me, brings more to mind of hate than pain
and all because you stole away the one who was my Love.	
Whilst all the rest swoon ‘Juliet’, their precious turtle dove,
I left my love to serve my Lord, but thou – a concubine!
for Romeo forsook his first and foremost, Rosaline.

Let none be fooled! So cold and cruel thy wicked heart disguised,
behind a face of snow white youth and eyes of clearest blue
resides a witch, a sorceress; I swear it, though surmised. 	
Thy tender lips with somber kiss bore poison drops of dew  
to steal my one and only love, my son of Montague!
Unfair the pair in Heaven will forever live in death,
whilst I, without my Romeo, yet he has Juliet!

*written from the point of view of Rosaline, Romeo's initial love interest before laying eyes on Juliet... 

Copyright © Sophia Valentina | Year Posted 2014