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If you were to come to me Wow
In sight unseen before now
No longer just a vision of your smile

I would want to walk right up and
 wrap my arms around you

Sigh and say ....
"Finally my life is complete"
I prayed that before heaven 
      we would meet

" I've Always Loved You 
    my precious soulmate"
You are my fate...

Oh your lips look so sweet
then you would sweep me off of my feet.

Solita R. Edge-Reed


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My Love

My love is gone, but he has not gone far.
I see his golden locks in waves of wheat,
the blaze of his blue eyes in each bright star;
in dewy blooms of red, his lips so sweet;
his smile in morning sun I rise to greet.
Oh, whether it be day or night, I swear
I see my wondrous lover everywhere!

His scent is with me too, for I inhale
him as I walk through woods of tall pine trees.
I taste him in fresh rain, and I can tell
that he is near me when a summer breeze
caresses me; my mind can be at ease!
For though he’s gone, I know my love will be
In beauty evermore surrounding me.

Written Feb. 1, 2014 by Andrea Dietrich
Motif: romantic

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the moon trickles down casting light afar her tasseled hair rippling on true hearts pressed surrounding a cape of pure, coupled stars while tender fingers hunger for her chest oh, can there be a scene like this more blessed? if life could pluck more days, let my age withdraw come love, for we have boat rides more to row and as sunrise prays with the mountaintop lapping against mauve fog the prairies keep just there, dawn sprinkles on each dewdrop waking the snooze of morning from its sleep how can a day hold glory half as deep? and if breaths could clear ripples of life’s glow come dream with me, for we have years to sow! ©

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My Sunny Sky

To my Daughter
Still my little child

                                              Through your light blue eyes I am in heaven 
                                              they smooth my existence with its pure look
                                              there're eight wonders in the World not seven
                                              spirited pressence flowing as a brook
                                              Catching my poor heart with your golden hook
                                              since I held you in my arms for first time
                                              proud and lost for your beauty was sublime

                                              It seems like yesterday but time has passed
                                              the bud suddenly bloomed and shines... and glows
                                              jealousy is my struggle to the last
                                              Before you my Queen... my Angel I bow
                                              laughing life twenty years in a row
                                              under the rain against the wind we walk 
                                              and trust...we have no secrets to unlock
                                              My sweetest dream my muse my Tinkerbell
                                              sprinkling your fairy dust to make me fly
                                              to last forever my love for you swells
                                              and my life has sense and sound Sunny Sky
                                              Any pain any lament any sigh
                                              I'd like to keep from you and thus I pray
                                              begging God for you every night and day


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The Death of Robin Hood

‘Come bring my bow of English yew and raise me from this bed
And let me look upon the wood where once I lay my head’
With fading sight and wearied limb through window rose he gazed
With summoned strength and trembling arm his mighty bow was raised
Sinews drawn to fullest test he let the arrow fly
And sinking back upon his bed he breathed a heavy sigh
‘Follow yonder willow shaft through forests darkened keep
For flighted by the angels, twill appoint where I shall sleep’

The stalwart oak tree caught the shaft, appointed by Gods grace
Beside a brook, in bluebell’d wood, there marked his resting place
In tunic Gold and Lincoln green, his sword upon his breast
Beneath the trees of Sherwood green was Robyn laid to rest

That mighty heart, its labour done, when stilled its Valliant quest
All England mourned its stalwart son who bore the Locksley crest
And through the silent forest, soft April showers wept
To wash that place from hearts and minds, a secret ever kept

One maid, one Friar, with little John, in sombre vigil stood 
In silent witness mourning, the passing of the Hood
On England’s green and pleasant land was played a Hero’s part
And Never more on sceptre’d isle will beat a truer heart

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Robbin And Marion

North of Nottingham, there lies a wood

Clothed with fern in Dartmouth green

A barefoot Beauty, There she stood

The likes of which, the worlds not seen

A man observes, but undetected

Concealed up in The Major Oak

She drops her hood, quiet unexpected

Gently slipping off her cloak  

This man, a thief, price on his head

Cannot resist his captive heart

In great danger, he gladly sheds

The massive tree's concealing art

You might conceive, this shocked the maiden

Confronted by a rogue so bold

But his eyes were so love laden 

She touched his hand, he touched her soul

He leads her to his camp in secret

On the ground lie jewels and gold

But his eyes could never leave her

The greatest prize he ever stole

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I’m lavender; I’m apple-tartness green or colored cream like fleece - a peaceful ewe. Pastel, I’m hushed; when gold or red, I preen. Like ice cream of a most peculiar hue, I’m Baskin-Robbins licorice-flavor blue. I’m fanciful as pink and rarely frown reflecting sequins of my rainbow gown. Written ages ago, I don't know when, but was first posted 8/31/11 under the title "Rainbowed"! Now used for Shadow Hamilton's Colours Poetry Contest

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The master of the light scopes on the brae,
bequeathing her the dusk that sweeps the fields,
his manly thoroughness and thought's cache,
in front of her transmitting aura yields,
while dark befalls around her form and shields;
whatever poised the shades' outlines as real
became Nyx' pass, became the fog's slack seal.

Her thoughts metamorphose, so e'er unplanned
to skyward borders where the maiden's prayers
amid apocryphal of aisles expand,
and winding they disperse, dew forlorn heirs;
the flutter of the blackbird drives her tears 
and beatific perfect form that fades -
domain of conquered arbor woods and glades.

For Gaia's daughter begs to be transformed,
her perfect structure turns to laurel bole,
her splendid mane to foliage and adorned
the woods shall bear her innocence of soul; 
the Nymph persists upon her vestal role,
cantabile his harp and sunshine beams,
forever meet the spieling of her dreams.

© 02-01-2014, G. Venetopoulos
(Rhyme Royal)

Daphne was a Nymph of the streams, Apollo's beloved.
Please, read the "about the poem" details...

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Always at Your Side

If I could, heaven I would hand to you I can but offer a shoulder or hand Or maybe a kind word to see you through Times so difficult you cannot withstand When you’re isolated, by others banned Just look this way and find me at your side Perhaps your sadness we can override

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The Horse

Ride with me
I'll show you miss
I'll show you bliss
Where your mind is

Come with body
Come with soul
Drive me kindly
To your goal

Do not fault me
For your mistakes
I will not jugde thee
Your skipped pace

Show me kindness
Show me your heart
I will grow wings
To master your art

And then you found
I am your horse
To take you heaven
You have once lost

We seal our friendship
We take our oath
To be together 
In this ride on Earth