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Best Quintain (Sicilian) Poems

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Dreamtime: flowers never bloom

I heard my name  from shadows spoke,
beyond the place called time

where thoughts begin, from deep within
where names have never been

It's there I found the driftless peace
upon the sunlit glen

far from the distant cloudless nights
where hope has never been

I felt the tears of morning dew
the Angels left for you

I'll shine a light upon your path
that sunrise never knew

Premium Member Poem | Details | Quintain (Sicilian) Poem | |


Who walks into forever maudlin and seeking heights misplaced ?
What tortured memories, would mankind wish most undone, unsung?
When time's tide seeks to gather grace, with each painful thought displaced, 
Where fullness bursts, how happy will those emptied heart-holds be once wrung?
Why waste the gift of life seeking solace with such unbridled haste.

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A Reason to live

The flower opens its chalice
Of tender petals to the sun
Pleasant object of the bee's fun
Making sweet honey in this bliss
Each to know what life brings, a gift.

The lily fears not the outcome
When the time comes to open
And offer the world its essence
It only knows it to be a good one
Pleased even when it is plucked out.

The rose will not open until
It is encircled in sunshine warmth
It dances in the light, a force
Felt to its core, trusting its will
To be a delight, its reason to live.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright 05.13.11

| Details | Quintain (Sicilian) Poem | |

A Prelude

Shy is the February sun Above the frazzled fatherland However hearts are not undone Giving instead a warmer brand Holding one closer under the sun.
A prelude to Valentine's day.

| Details | Quintain (Sicilian) Poem | |

No second glance

There I stood, barely nine
as he was taken in the light of day.
A prisoner of fate was I, given no sign,
to witness his limp body bruised lay,
yet as adult walked away from his shrine. 

There I stood, steeling my stance
for the sake of my silence
as children mocked, giving no chance.
From solitude I drew my resilience
and gave no second glance. 

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To Chase the Sunlight

Days of children's innocence
Have gone a shade of grey
By a society focused on the senses
Overpowering the need for spiritual higher grade
As self gratification has become its trend

Homes, empty, gone to silence
Parents gone to pursue their agenda
Children have become orphans
Rely on TV, movies, games for stamina
Where is Bora Bora, they have no notion.

Growing up with a new kind of parents
Holding in their hand, the remote control
Feeding on the degrading fashions and trends
Eating chips and exercising thumbs like robots
Can't spell a word, but can cuss at length.

It is high time to wake up
To this sad reality, with a world
That shows such terrifying stunts
That offer little hope to unfurl
Let us chase the sunlight before tomorrow's up.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright 05.07.11

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With your head on my lap, your breath falls deep.
My gentle fingers swirl and twirl your hair.
A hidden smile conveyed by your cheeks.
My hand then lowers to your face with care.
And beautiful eyes are now lost to sleep.

| Details | Quintain (Sicilian) Poem | |


Wonder when
the sun will break through
these clouds that have entered
the skies no longer blue
its favorite color.

Wonder when
these eyes will see through
the fog that has obscured
the light of the avenue
where love is discovered.

Wonder when
the tree will bear fruits
Have I given it enough water
enrich the soil enough for strong roots?
I see buds have sprung open.

And I know
the sky has not lost its blue
the soul sees even when the fog obscures
blooming foreshadows fruition, so it continues
what begins in love, never ends.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 08.12.11

| Details | Quintain (Sicilian) Poem | |

Goodbye and letting go

It's hard to go day by day, 
Remembering all you had to say; 
I think about you everyday, 
I thought of you teh most today. 

Missing you is a hard job, 
Loving you an easy job; 
Wanting to hold you tightly, 
Wanting to hear you talk softly. 

My heart breaks when I'm not with you, 
Sometimes I just don't know what to do; 
I can still remember that goodbye, 
Wish it wasn't the last bye. 

My memories fade slowly, 
Your face I hold dearly; 
Sometimes not clearly, 
Oh how I wish you were near me. 

I can write, 
I can cry, 
I can scream, 
I can forget, 
I can get mad at the world, 
No matter what I do, the pain gets worse. 

I'm sorry, 
But goodbye and letting go, are impossible.

| Details | Quintain (Sicilian) Poem | |

Open the Floodgate's (I serve a living God) pt.2

{Serving a living GOD= Of all the insecure phenominals that has plague our citie's and
                                   brought much much saddness on our sister's and Brothers in our
                                    armed forces or abroad. The mercifulness of his power shall
                                   prove itself, over the forces of evil soon within the process of
                                   time. Don't let the predicament's of our Nation cause you to loose
                                    your mind.}

Poem: In a world that has gotten away from the tradition of living and respecting the his-
torical pentecostal effigy of what is written. To a wayward land of oppourtunistic individuals
that thrive's on doing what is forbidden. To a world that has polluted itself with addiction and
allienating the innocent and the tribulation from Nation too nation's. When someone can walk-
out of your life, "the saying of old is to let them go". But does one dare ask to debate of
this "living God" to "Open the Floodgate's, let it rain, rain in membranch of Hirroshema, 911
and Pearl Harbor and this man-made war in Afghanistan". Touching you spiritually, "let it
rain, of him who create's man from the grain of sand". Many times trying to hold onto some-
one or something that has gotten you away from a life of permissitive and impotent wisdom, 
has cause many of us to make decision's sommily on lust of the flesh.  "I come not to des-
troy but that you may have life and have it more abundantily, to set free, I shall return but 
do not wait. (The Lord spoke these words of Knowledge)
"Open the floodgate's", a living God would not tell you, take a loaded plane full of people's
and fly them into a building, so satin your present is "not up for debate". He has taken the
essence of time and the concept that shall never have to wait, in this world of no love.  He
will cause the sky to give way of the emnity that lie's in wait.
"Open the Floodgate's, let it rain - rain on the lost and the children's who needs to debate".