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My Pilot Light

My Pilot Light

In a hidden crevice
between soul and skin,
there is a flicker, 
a tangerine flame
blazing through black abyss;
illuminating infinite veins of strength 
that light like gun powder;
a thousand volts of survival 
searing through my core.	

There is a whisper in that flame,
ripples beyond discernible sound,
that directs me to take solace
in the unwavering knowledge 
that my dreams are already realized,
waiting on life’s top shelf;
I have only to climb up and see
that they were never out of reach,
only temporarily out of sight.

I know this more securely 
than I can be sure of anything else:
love, marriage, children,
are rolls of a roulette dice
that tumble around in a risky blur
chancing to settle on snake eyes,
but desire, aspiration, ambition and execution
are coordinates on my internal map
and I will never lose direction.

Spin all the cobwebs of doubt
that you believe can trap my will,
but what I have you can’t touch
or break, or steal, or burn out;
such is the radiance 
of my inextinguishable flame
burning on a wick of passion,
feeding on a fuel of might, 
and guaranteed to burn the hand 
that comes too close
to touching 
my pilot light.

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The Pilot's of the Sky

On December 17th, 1903,
Wilbur and Orville Wright.
Two brothers from Dayton, Ohio
For 12 seconds successfully gave flight.

Those 12 seconds brought them fame,
The plane landed 120 feet away.
A photographer preserved the moment,
As they flew four times that day.

The final flight covered 852 feet,
Over the Kitty Hawk, North Carolina dunes.
The Wright brothers changed the world,
With a homemade airplane that afternoon.

The age of flight had begun,
As they both took turns that day to fly.
Two bicycles makers from Dayton, Ohio
Achieved to be the pilot’s of the sky.

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This Is Your Pilot Speaking

Under the lamp light 
I found the crying mouth
Though everywhere I walk 
I run into flowers
My hands guided 
By your brimming eyes
My inward pilot
My harried captain 
Is a ghost 
Of what machinery there was
But I 'll do it anyway
I'll lie down on the graves with you
Keep grasping at the grasping
Loving in the darkness
Drawing wings 
On cave walls
Under the lamp light
I found the crying mouth

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A Pilot is Needed in the Cockpit

A Pilot Needed in the Cockpit

By Elton Camp

In movies, pilot and copilot conk out
But always, a half-way pilot is about
But not for many years has he flown
Perhaps in the air force he was shown

Or maybe he was the cause of a crash
And thinks as a pilot he is just trash
He’ll protest his incompetence a while
But lands the plane when under trial

But if that situation should really arise,
Would such a person be in the skies?
If not, then whatever would they do
Since trained folks are actually few?

Instead of ending safely on the ground,
It’s most likely none would stay around
The plane would probably go into a dive
Not a single person would remain alive

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The Boy Pilot-

Reporters waiting at the blocked off air- strip,
to get photos of the boy wonder at the end of his trip.
Around the world in his hot air balloon,
from Anchorage to Cameroon.
Picking up treasures from every land,
grizzly bear claws, and feathered bands.
The air ship lands while the crowd cheers,
The door opens , and the boy pilot nears.
“Will you make a statement?”, they want to know,
“What have you seen , and where did you go?”
I travelled wherever the wind blew me to,
met people , went places, that I never knew.
So, I have many tales to tell ,
of the wonders I have seen,
many stories to be written,
And I am but fifteen.

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YOU ARE THE PILOT for boarding school students

YOU ARE THE PILOT   (for boarding school students)

You need not wear a veil of pain
If you are perfect and prompt
For your prep all time.

You need not begin your day
With ordeal and agony
If you’re uniform is identical
With poignantly tucked in shirts
You need not begin your day
With punishment and pretence
If you speak the language
Of  the  British.

You need not begin your day in 
Pity and peril
If chew and swallow the veggies
Served on   your   plate.

You need not begin your day 
With protest and pressure
If   you complete your homework on time.

You need not begin your day
With piques and problems
If   you write your exams fine.

Your struggle today is the
Spring board   for  your  better tomorrow.
Adversity does not tear down you
It  make  you desire for the
Seed of greatness,
So hitch your wagon to a star.


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eap Carrier Pilot.

eap- One navy pilot  sweating out the flag,
as the orange ignites, searing metals shine,
and the jolt aloft, with an fermine whine,
then the falcons queue, then plunge in line,
to the scarlet blooms I can claim as mine.

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My Pilot Dove

My Pilot Dove

Where is my Pilot Dove?
He went to his hanger;
I can not find him
this brings me anger
He flew away; took our love?
not here with me; He flies above.

McCuen Copyright October 2008

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The Pilot From San Diego

(To Greg)

I have a friend who’s been in my life, for such a very long time.
As I remember, 1980 was the year. The ladder of success, I wanted to climb.

I was almost out of college. Through the Travel Agency ads I hunted.
And then I answered the ad in the paper. It said, “Flight Dispatcher Wanted”

With sweaty palms, I drove up the coast. Was greeted by a tall and handsome 
Needless to say I was very nervous, until he reached out and shook my hand.

A man so full of wisdom and knowledge, to that day I had never met.
He had a deep voice that demanded attention. But to me he posed no threat.

He fed me the world of aviation, in tiny chewable bites.
Knowing it would become an addiction, he took my on my first flight.

I worked with this man for over a year, then I had to move away.
I wasn’t quite sure I’d see him again. And then came that wonderful day.

How long had it been since I’d seen him? Twelve years is what comes to mind.
I heard his voice on the radio, from the counter that I stood behind.

I watched him walk away from his jet. Coming closer each moment to me.
I could tell it was him by the way he walked. His face I couldn’t even see.

He still looked the same. Handsome as ever. In his hair was a little bit of gray.
I could see he was tired and needed some sleep, from the long flight he’s taken 
that day.

There is a cliche that all pilots say, “Aviation is such a tiny world”.
And seeing him again that day, brought a smile to the face of this girl.

Since that day we’ve always stayed in touch, I know I will see him again.
Because in him I got not only a boss, but a very, very special friend.