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The Scarlet Letter H

                              H Stands For HR (Human Resources)

Two Windows                         The Bridge                             Thomas Gordon

You could tell,                                                                  He was an older man
You knew,                                                                        With a nice smile.
One beside the other.                                                        He was always
They were, dressed                                                           Impeccably dressed,
In sheer outfits...                                                              Impeccably groomed.
One beige, One tan                                                           So when it happened,
Both stripped                                                                   When everyone
identically.                                                                       Heard it happened,
They had,  they have,                                                       They were shocked.
Identical panes.                                                                His peers liked him,
Every moment                                                                  His peers respected 
Of every day                                                                     Him. His demeanour
They looked at,                                                                 Never changed.
The same identical                                                            The company was 
Outdoor scene.                                                                 Downsizing.
Every moment                                                                  Thomas Gordon was 
Of every day                                                                     Deemed redundant.
They looked at,                                                                 He gathered
The same identical                                                            His belongings
Indoor scene.                                                                   Left  immediately, 
I suppose                                                                         Without a word to
one could say                                                                   Anyone. thirty five 
At least one was,                                                              Years of his life
                 It takes a clear thought - a 360% forensic inspection
                 A battle well fought, to get to an accurate conclusion 
At least one is,                                                                  Ended abruptly. The
Redundant. But,                                                                Next day everyone
If you looked deeper                                                          Read about him on
These two identical                                                            The front page of the
Windows                                                                           Newspaper. He was
Were, are far from,                                                            Trending on the 
Redundant.                                                                       Internet. so when it 
When you opened                                                              Happened when
Both windows                                                                    Everyone heard...
And only when                                                                   He did not go 
BOTH were opened                                                             Directly home.
An amazing                                                                        On that fateful day
phenomenon occurred                                                        Thomas Gordon ran 
A natural, soothing,                                                            Into a burning home.
Refreshing, necessary,                                                        He saved two lives
Breeze, filled the room.                                                       Without a thought 
Oxygen to breathe                                                              For his own welfare.
They were, They are                                                           Apparently
Two windows.                                                                     Mr. Gordon
Identical?- Yes!                                                                   Was anything
But redundant?...,                                                               BUT redundant.


September 4 2015

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2015

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Can  love then,  be based
on an index of elements
from which one joyfully tumbles,
or drifts into equations, as we wander
toward a rush of serendipity ...
a metaphysical merging of  ardor
writhing in a shared communion 
like  tuneful whispers in breaths  of helium,
unabbreviated oxygen rhapsodies
from unbidden laughter,
invigorating  the warmth of co-owned stars
on heaven’s destined oracle?

Love transcends chemical derivatives
of  fractals or measurement,
between our atoms, relaxed
in the shuffle of emotional electrons
as we quiver  weightless...
the heart’s embrace suspended together 
in the affectionate cosmos
of a deep kiss.

“How on earth can you explain in terms 
of chemistry and physics so important 
a ...phenomenon as first love? “-- Albert Einstein

Anthony Slausen’s  Periodic Table Of Elements

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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Sphinx Head on Mars


     Psycho-logical phenomenon, perhaps?
      A little dubious, yes, still enigmatic, you know
       Rare stimulus through our enthusiastic eyes
        Eyes and ears that brings awe and fear: it rhymes!
         Images in abstract forms. We believe in patterns and norms!
          Designs could be figures born in lazy clouds
           Or mysterious shapes, or illusions, or visions
            Lying on ground, marks or impressions...lying? 
             Intimidating or inspiring? ...I think that the Sphinx Head on Mars
              At night, only at looks just like aunt Beth.

World English Dictionary 
Pareidolia: the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features, or religious images in windows and walls or in clouds resembling animals or faces. 

Copyright © Usual Suspect | Year Posted 2010

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A Reminder: To Be

Those of you with a unique voice,
with a vision painted outside the lines of over-regulated cadence and rhyme,
I implore you to continue exploring a core
that is fearless in writing against the grain of convention --
for this very friction is a sandpaper helping to perpetually re-invent 
yourself by smoothing your raw, unfiltered passion
into a timeless chair in which people of the future will sit in
while reading your poetry ....

.... and their brows will crease, their eyebrows will arch into gates
where sighs of enlightenment will pass through,
for they are reading poetry that has not lost its novelty,
nor is it mimicry: a despondent, washed-out version
of 20 million other identically tired poems already written and read.

If you feel yourself being sucked down by the undertow 
of homogenization, fight against the current, drag yourself onto shore,
let sunlight percolate pure word-intentions from the nucleus 
of your ancient psalm-writing ancestry.

Your ancestors left behind DNA building blocks,
disciplinary examples and practices 
with which to construct mitochondrial drift
that bridges together the past and future
into a runway for you to take-off from
after the training wheels have been removed,
and gain a bird's eye view of what was,
what will always be sacred but not yours to build a mynah nest in
once truth's marrow is tasted from its winged divine inspiration --
a bird's eye view lifting above carbon-copy complacency.

To always be the freedom that manifests your luminous originality.

September 18th, 2013

*Author's Note: This piece isn't about writing in form or not writing in form. 
To such, is being short-sighted.

Having been a member here for years now, I have noticed a recurring phenomenon 
on this site. Many times, new members join who showcase a freshness, a sharp distinction in their style and poetic voice. They are a breath of fresh air for this site 
to breathe in. Over time, one can literally watch some of these members begin to homogenize themselves into a more general, stale style of writing. I am not sure 
wot all the variables are for this phenomenon, and it likely differs according to each experience. Depending on circumstance, I can only speculate the reasons why some people are willing to compromise their distinctness on this site. Maybe sometimes it happens because of entering too many contests? Of wanting to fit in with the flock?

When I do see it happen, I want to yell: "No, no, no! Stop! Please don't do it! Turn 
back while you still have the chance! Please don't compromise your distinctness for some inane contest .jpegs and congratulations, or insincere, back-patting comments. One sincerely inspired comment, is worth more than 10,000 petty comments -- worth 
so much more."


Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner | Year Posted 2013

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Shackles of love

Shackles of cynicism have displaced your heart, the love that once transcended time is no more. No wordsmith can bring beauty to an invisible emotion, lost in translation to an ignorant uncultured mind. As you searched for a definition of the tangible, intangible feelings were ignored, even with eyes shut. Funny, how three words cause a chemical imbalance, but the euphoria is short lived when ego takes hold. Promises to comfort, wipe away tears, anguish and pain, come with no guarantee of satisfaction - no refund for regret. Love does not say when the fire is burning to wage war, it provides an opportunity to nourish peace and harmony. Love does not say to be bitter and live with a grudge, it asks for you to forgive, not to antagonise another's soul. In a world lost to materialistic commercialism, the skeptic doubts like a pessimistic detractor. Love is not like money, that must be reciprocated with interest, it is simply an undetectable phenomenon that graces us all. To some a second hand emotion, but the language of love still remains the most powerful feeling known to humanity. One tongue that has no religion, race nor geographical boundary, which only fails to blossom when limits are implanted. 28 February 2016

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2016

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B illions of years ago the universe was born
R evealing a resplendent beauty that was and is
E verything and more one could expect from
A n amazing designer and architect and
T imekeeper, beyond all human  understanding
H eavenly bodies and beings, celestial phenomenon
T hat is incomprehensible in it´s complexity
A nd simplicity in syncronicity with heavenly
K indness and grace towards the human race
I gniting within us a humility of heart and spirit
N ever negating in our minds eye the unimaginable
G lory that is to be revealed for our eternal blessing.

John Derek Hamilton
March 07,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Black sheep

Misunderstood Misquoted Misrepresented So many questions Did you ask her in the mirror? So abrupt to point the blame but did you ask yourself why? Bitter tongue with acerbity led to words that cannot be erased Nescient perverse stubbornness Did it make you feel proud? So quick to play the victim but ignorantly obtuse to the pain that you caused Your ego is out of control burning you inside maybe have a conversation, before you become blind Why did you cry your eyes out - when he died especially when he didn't exist to you alive Guilt, regret or crocodile tears - true emotions confused In your grief why didn't you learn to forgive still carrying painful memories like rotten fruit In your tangled state of mind everything you breed - will be a hateful seed selfish greed is a demonic need - a vicious circle Still a little girl lost in an adult's body seduced by the puppet master who pulls at your heart strings but can't you see - he is manipulating your vulnerabilities like a paedophile grooming his innocent prey! Maybe one day you will learn to listen rid yourself of this curse of bitterness You claim you are unique and different the black sheep of the family In reality your are a confused adolescent mortal lost within the phenomenon of being immortal One day you will crash right back into realism sadly though the damage will be done - it will be too late! 26 October 2015

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2015

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Each Friday recedes in burgundy
Bathed ardently in Luna’s kiss

                     But, Sunday will dawn cerulean
                     With dulcet tones of lovers’ bliss

Bearing flavors wantonly consumed
I greet each hue voraciously

                    I taste the spectrum more than I see
                    My senses piqued peculiarly

As kaleidoscopic concertos
Obscure my sight in grand array

                   Each blending shade completes the phrasing;
                   Brilliantly, prism love songs play

*For Brian Strand's "Intervals" contest.

Note: The concept for this piece was inspired by those who experience a phenomenon called 

Copyright © Donna Golden | Year Posted 2009

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Its universe drapes time in buoyancy Where endless space binds law of attraction Atoms merging, clasped by human light An energy wheeling freely, unseen; ‘Til moonlight climbs inside lovers’ halo. Exploring their path, frenzy unlike space Through quantum leaps weightless among new stars Ascending on scales of breaths without measure, Like passion heating a current; two mouths press. Dazed by such fusion, wheel of Physics nods To bring glow, showing what it's always known Soul's beauty, radiating love unbound; As dusk explodes to bless fluid motion. With gentle fire, night sky dare not question A universe lost in a trance of love’s spark; There is no logic to explain,when Affection blends cosmos of a kiss. ------------------- "Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity.” ---Albert Einstein Personifying Science Contest, Sheri Fresonke Harper by nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2013

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Inside My Head

Inside my head, I sometimes hear a song:
Often it is one that I have heard before.
Just one song only, playing all day long,
turning off, then on; I do not know what for!
A special song for each day,which I cannot ignore.

Yes, each day it seems a different tune takes wing
to flutter in my brain so tirelessly.
This tune will take a rest while I am focusing
on matters of importance; furthermore, the melody
that I keep hearing might some other day revisit me!

My time each morning driving, singing to the radio
is the start of this phenomenon. 
One tune will stay with me as into work I go.
It's possible by evening it could well be gone,
then restart at bedtime or reappear at dawn!

Last week there came to me a lovely tune -
A gift to me from a musician. It has stayed
for several days with me. I hope it won’t be leaving soon
The words inside my head entwining with the tune he made
are the very lyrics that I penned - my own sweet serenade!

WRitten By andrea dietrich, 9/14/2015 and posted 9/16/2015 for a contest that closed before Oct. 
For  Trashed #2 Poetry Contest, sponsor, Broken Wings

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Time -part 1-

Tragedy is never a sentiment for Time For it is a phenomenon she merely sees She pours forth abundance for all that behold her Even for those of us that scold her And for naught she was cursed from the beginning There she is—interminable Time at the fullest! And we all envy her ever-ringing constancy She rules over our hearts Keeping stress in our spirits Not once does she feel sorry for us Nor is she indifferent of our failures She begs not for gratefulness And accepts who she is with joy! How ample we would be if we Like she—were free of trepidation If only we be like her waters—clear and visible from top to bottom Filled with untainted approval What fools we must seem to such a pure jewel as Time But ah, she is both heartless and kind And though we hate her peculiar aura Oh how hard it is do tear her from our minds! How stressfully beautiful Time is! Like a wink of venerated bliss She smiles and smiles And our ironical faces feel like grime Still she laughs in mirth While the world becomes a ball of putrid hatred Wanting more and more of her And positively hating her We that cannot see her began to hate For we are as visible and low as can be And we acknowledge her merely to insult her Though she takes no pang to the chest For the only gifts we give in return for herself are pangs That she simply returns to each sender Hidden is our pride But ever placed Ever unhidden Is our inscrutable mortality And this humiliation of our unchangeable fates Makes us want to humiliate the more fortunate Thus we regard her only as a concept As a fraction of a belief—a bellowing ideal For of course Time cannot in our honey-glazed eyes Think, eat, drink or feel We use her—yes! Even abuse her Not once will she complain For her gift is everlastingness

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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Death of an Immortal

I was born in a time
When the thrills of a thriller
Did move the bricks
Of the thickest of walls.

I grew in an era
When the dynasty of an empire
Did expand to farthest of lands.

I adapted to a phenomenon
When the existence of a legend
Did drown the fame of mortals.

A fame in immortality
Bearing the impenetrability
Of Achilles himself,
Destined to march
Through the walls of Troy.

I twisted to the strings
Of a guitar, twanging
Spontaneously in my head,
In moves of invisibility.

I was opportune to appear
In a time, when the conquest
Of one king, did crest
Long lasting tattoos
In the hearts of many.

I was fascinated in a time
When the life within a man
Did blossom young,
As he lived unaffected
By the fading of time.

I lingered in an era
When the voice of one man
Could unify the sections
In a complex world.

I flowed in his guidance,
Dined in his glory
As though I existed
In his peak of enthronement,
His conferment of Grammies.

Bedazzled by his flexibility,
I was blessed by his power
To rein in anointed glory,
Unending immortality.

I was born in an empire
Governed by a king;
The king of pop,
A king in the world,
Father of offspring
As multiple as stars.

Electrified by a star,
There shall never be another;
Another motion slider,
Another shining star.

And though he passes on,
I shall live to declare
That I was born in a time
Ruled by a legend,
Guided by an immortal,
A world of Michael Jackson.

Copyright © Dowell Oba | Year Posted 2009

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Belle of the Balls

                                                  Belle of the Balls
                                                      A Fairy Tale  
Once upon a time in a mythical land, there lived a beautiful young Ball named Belle Rolle.
She was perfect in every way, a phenomenon of science and a sphere of excellence. She also came from a long line of Balls, famous and infamous.
There was Foote Ball, a dancer of great renown, Base Ball, a rich but degenerate Ball whose vile manners and disgraceful activities scandalized the Ball family at a certain epoch in history and Cue Ball, an internationally known actor who had the uncanny ability of executing his lines always at the right time. Power Ball, the most influential Ball with luck and a small amount of money was able to increase his investments a billion fold. With all these ancestors, you might say that she had great Ball bearings. Not only did she inherit these gifts but could roll to any occasion rather well.
But one fateful day, her life was to change. She liked someone very much. His name was Harde Roque.
Why did she have this wonderful feeling? He was nothing like a Ball at all. To begin with, he was a little rough on the edges and was as if a mass of stone with large protrusions although some parts were smooth and he had what was like goldenrod sprouting on his rugged exterior. But he was different and the Balls hated the Roques.
In their neck of the woods their reputation preceded them. Two of the family 
were Rolling Roque and Rye, notorious  for imbibing  beer and liquor more often than not. There was also Plymouth Roque, a car dealer known for his devious ways in the selling of cars.
But she continued her tryst and soon enough they were exposed and she was shunned from all the Ballrooms. During that  time of desolation she suffered a terrible fit of deflation and seemed to shrink from her former self.
Then one day she awoke to the sound of a ships whistle and she immediately rolled out of bed and looked out the window. What she saw were Roques of all regal colors of shapes and sizes coming down the gangplank of a ship. Waiting at the bottom of the gangplank was Harde.
Curious and excited, she rolled down to the dock to see Harde standing next to another shape.
He said to Belle, “This is my father, Roque Nicholas from a country called Olde Quarry."
"We were lost at sea and separated for a long time and now he has found me.! “And yes, Belle, I come from a long line of royalty".
 Soon they were wed and then one day a little shape was born.
In honor of the two families , they little shape was named Roque N. Rolle.

Write a story short -  Poet Contest
Sponsored by The Seeker
April 23. 2016

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2016

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A Piece Of Me Is Missing

It's like getting your leg amputated
For a while the phantom limb throbs and aches
Until you recognize and accept the fact
That it's just a ghost playing evil pranks

A phenomenon occurs in the morning
That will forever remain a mystery
Those few seconds between waking and sleeping
When you don't yet realize who or where you are
You get a short reprieve until
"Oh yeah, I don't have a leg anymore"

For HGarvey Daniel Esquire's contest 

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2012

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China Tour Diary Moment #3

Paradise on earth: Himalayan range;
A phenomenon carved by elements;
Here magic gives birth to ways that seem strange;
A place where lessons of soul mark movement.

Our tour coach winds round the mountain terrain;
Drive on man-made roads and excitement here;
High above the ground, feel Spirit's refrain;
See wonder purge loads as soul knows fond cheer.

Feel the calm ambience on this grand vista;
Our tour group enroute with highway mileage;
Notice a radiance beyond agenda;
Shangri-la calls out in hidden lineage.

Four hours on-the-road with punctuated stops:
And then our eyes sight the Himalayas;
Cold air sifts heat load as bones feel cold mop;
There's a mystic light that comes in layers.

I feel the splendour of an unseen touch;
There is a measure of peace that surrounds;
I sense a grandeur, an aura as such;
There is calm treasure in Tibetian grounds.

Now I start to know why I've always felt
The allure that calls me to this strange place;
No logic can show the knowing that melts;
Understanding frees reason with sure grace.

Mister Mao's China annexed old Tibet;
The surge of new change has come to this land;
Modern agendas have altered mindsets;
Now ancient and strange meet a reformed blend.

Here, the ancient lores permeate the culture;
Ways of new and old mix and mingle free;
Yet yarns from before linger to nurture;
The life streams unfold in primal beauty.

There is a certain atmosphere serene;
An unspoken feel, an unseen presence;
How can I contain what words find extreme;
Beyond mere goodwill, a visage transient.

Perhaps my musings are self-engendered;
Still, I sense a touch beyond description;
I wrestle feelings to learn things tender;
A pulse and a nudge hints contemplation.

Herein I realise a man's life reveals
Moments and outcomes as change casts a light;
Heed glimpse beyond eyes that grace now fulfills;
A certain light sums splendour beyond sight.

Tibet weaves a charm with calm caresses;
The land breathes and tells in soul vibrations;
Grazing grounds and farms, and homestead houses;
On stillness I dwell in meditation.

We check a road map that cites agenda;
Stroll through ancient grounds to match new-found sights;
Climb a hundred steps to a pagoda;
We greet lost and found in the midday light.

Capture a brief stay with silent prayer;
Walk through temple hall as icons preside;
Allow heart to stray with true wayfarer;
Feel calmness mingle as silence provides.

The day follows swift in twists and turns here;
A sojourn that sends us deeper within;
Here we turn the cliff and help our hearts steer;
The bold homeward trend to moments unseen.

Mountains and valleys loom in pleasant sight;
A personal space between man and grace;
Joy fills the alleys with spring time delights;
Notice time and place reveal a sure pace.

The song of the wind can be heard howling;
No human voice can imitate this poise;
It comes yet unseen to groom brief stirrings;
Touch can thus rejoice with soul's preferred choice.

In the new dawning, we tour the vast park;
Take a coach upwards, climb the mountain road;
Then hike surroundings to sightsee our marks;
We circle towards where the end unloads.

Yet, brisk as we come, too soon we depart;
The sun plunges slow as coach speeds away;
Awareness now sums in soul, mind and heart;
No words can frame glow that settles our stay.

As our day retires, we find fruitful rest;
There is a feeling of a day well-spent;
Gratitude fuels fire as sleep cultures fest;
Sunset concealing as cold winds attend.

Tomorrow we take the road somewhere far;
This feeling of calm will bless our journey;
Movement surely makes spring time moments star;
Spirit's healing balm soothes pulse and sets free.

Beyond time and space, a continuum strange;
Know then that love dwells within and around;
Greet soul face-to-face in full depth and range;
Allow poise to tell fond joy that peace grounds.

Leon Enriquez
28 May 2014

(Note: Written in China, Shangri-la, Tibet on Monday 26 May.)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Harmonic Convergence

Spiralling souls prepare for their descent
As the Heavens spew out this Majestic event
Mother earth responds and patiently awaits
The universe converges the guardians open the gates
Acoustical vibrations generating bright
Spatial waves of infinite sight
Orbital matter within the storm
Diverse phenomenon in all its form

Running rivers that shimmer with light
Forests frolic with fairies in the dark of night
Flowers blossom and adorn without care
Mountains spread their peaks in summer’s air
The beasts of burden bare their young
Winters wave adieu a new spring has begun
Man and Woman- live, love, die
Echoes of creation within a blink of an eye

We are all or we are none
Dimensional spaces that have undone
Our origins now we must correct
Searching the realms to reconnect.


Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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You Rose By Any Name

                                   "You Rose By Any Name"

                    Where did you come from you Rose by any name?
                    Why have I been chosen to be the one?
                    From right out of midair it seems you came,
                    this truly is a love phenomenon!
                    Why have I been chosen to be the one?
                    The Rose you are blooms seldom and rare.
                    This truly is a love phenomenon,
                    I must write a poem of this moment, I declare!
                    The Rose you are blooms so seldom and rare.
                    With you I am reborn anew! It's true!
                    I must write a poem of this moment, I declare!
                    I'll always remember this, our rendezvous!
                   With you I am reborn anew! It's true!
                    Life now is beyond my dreamiest dream!
                    I'll always remember this, our rendezvous
                    in this the dreamiest of dreams supreme!
                    Life now is beyond my dreamiest dream!
                    I confess, I've been blessed beyond measure.
                    In this dreamiest of dreams supreme,
                   My heart beholds you as a loving treasure! 
                    I confess I've been blessed beyond measure.
                    From right out of midair it seems you came!
                   My heart beholds you as a loving treasure!
                   Where did you come from you Rose by any name?

                                     WTA-IV  4/14/2016

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

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She use to be Rae

From what she was in high school
to what she is right now
Some may  consider a phenomenon
while other marvel how

I remember the face of the cool cool girl
in the class before me
Vanilla chocolate was her flavor
a favorite for sure I've seen

Though thirty years has past 
there was still something to see
She was the woman I always knew from a child 
the woman with ageless beauty

You know the color of her lips
and the mascara around her eyes
you know the shape of her cheek bones
her boney fingers and perfect smile

There is a beauty that we call elegant
often found on wedding days
but rarely doe's this elegance
grace our wrinkles and grays

Yet I still wondered where she came from
this woman of grey delight
Always high maintainence 
always someone's wife

But how shall I describe her 
this woman that I know
The immortal beauty that took others places
Others that were there before she showed

Destiny is a force that cannot be stopped
The place where she is that awe and shocked
time is a blessing depending on how it's spent
But beauty is a lesson testing the bearer
and the one to whom beauty was sent

Though I speak of thousands of women
there is one that looks the best 
The queen of all the goddesses
for whom there is no contest

The woman I see is timeless
she hasn't always been the rage
But now that she's past fifty 
she wears the beauty of that age

But looking past the beauty 
is the life you may not see
The horrors of real life
hidden by ones fantasies

When makeup is mostly for mirrors
and not the world outside
Beauty is only a mask
and compliments sooth the pride

The shell of forbidden beauty
hidden by an unattainable goal
And yet this untamed beauty
may posess a lonely soul

And life may hold larger things
than we could ever imagine
But what can be more beautiful
than this wonderful distraction.

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2015

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The Day our Moon Died

I awoke one morning
It was incredibly bright
I drew back the curtains
To a most amazing sight

It was like we had two suns
Orange orbs, floating in the sky
The heat that was being emitted
I felt the atmosphere dry

I turned on the TV
It must be on the news
From where i stand
Surely I'm not the only view

Is it a phenomenon
Or nature playing her tricks
The camera crews are at NASA
Lets see what they make of it

Deep in outer space
An explosion we can't comprehend
Has sent a massive meteor
To our moon it's journey ends

Our world is now in peril
The Moon held us stable
Can us scientists do something
I'm not sure we are able

There will never be many times
When the whole world stopped and stared
But this is one of those times
We have every right to be scared

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Physics of the moon
I feel the lunar ecstasy in your heart
Connecting our vibes from over 1500 miles apart
With every swing of my mood ring, my sensational heart will sing
An out of this world phenomenon tune, "you are my everything!"
Absorbing every phase the moon goes threw
Sending energy between me and you
When our eyes meet on the darkest side of the moon
Your body mass rotates like a cyclone hitting my land like a typhoon
Like the gravity that bonds the earth and moon together
Our souls will collide with a massive force of forever
The image of you appears at all times like a moon cycle
Like a cascade running all around my mind, like a halo circle
Our love and vision orbits through every star
Giving us light no matter how near or far
The stars throb around the moon like a secret signal in the night
While you inhale my energy that exceeds into the morning light
Like a rainbow that enters and vanishes into the twilight of our sky
Our first kiss under the moon beam will twist our tongues into a tie
A sweet magnetic shadow will remain under the half moon
Sweeping our love above the clouds to float like a balloon
Holding a reflection with the moon's tide
Our journey continued, side by side
Emerging our love to find its way soon
Like a love mirage with the physics of the moon


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Ode to a Toad in the Commode

One morning Dee woke to find the most unusual toad
Perched o’er the water line in the “bowels” of her commode
She put on gloves and sought to catch the elusive creature
But no matter how hard Dee tried, she just couldn’t reach her

So to the local newspaper, Dee wrote for assistance
A letter to the editor described Dee’s persistence
To her shock, the letter appeared the very next day
With her email below it for helpful hints to convey

Nearly seventy emails made their way to Dee’s inbox
Suggestions aplenty on how this critter to outfox
Some offered to come to Dee’s house and catch the motley toad
A biologist warned, “It can’t swim; don’t flush the commode!”

Dee lived very privately and wanted no strange house guests
So she declined “in-person” offers to pursue this quest
By day the toad managed to slip out of Dee’s gentle grasp
At night Dee reached for a toothbrush, felt a slithery clasp

The toad she called Todd was quickly escorted out the door
Although the potential for warts, Dee certainly abhorred
Newspaper staff got a kick out of Dee’s predicament
They called the next day to find out how her efforts had went

To all of the kind emailers Dee wrote of her success
But the public’s interest Dee was unable to suppress
So she wrote another letter, proclaiming, “The toad’s gone”
Concern for this toad was a noteworthy phenomenon

Beneath Dee’s letter describing Todd’s new outdoor abode
Was a cartoon and an ode to the toad in her commode

*Believe it or not, this is true!!!  Happened to me when I lived in a wooded area.
A helpful biologist said it was a "tree toad" and couldn't swim.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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** Sunset **
The afterglow flame 
Creeping under the cold creek 
Daylight, gone again

** Soap Dish **
Daytime TV blues
Tune in tomorrows soap box
Dramatic, dusk wind

** Evening Star **
Tired sound waves 
Waiting for eventfulness 
Hour of the beast

** Atmospheric **
Phenomenon Light
Under the zodiacal night 
Kisses and shivers 

** Twilight **
Locked in my slumber
Vampire face awaken 
Thirst like no other 
** Sundown **
Aurora fading 
What goes up, has to come down
crowfeet, black and white  

~~ Tequila Sunrise ~~
Break of day, snooze 
Cockcrow without a whisper 
Coyote Ugly

~~ DAWN ~~
Same Situation 
Mentally agonizing;
Sunny side egg twist

~~ New Moon ~~
beautiful sun rays 
Sun awaits for ebony 
beautiful moonbeam 

~~ Adjust the Setting ~~
Breathtaking sunrise
Beyond the horizon sky
Sherbert colored beach 

~~ Skipping Rocks ~~
Glitter dusk on lids
Birds sing me a lullaby 
Kids playing by lake

~~ Sunrise Industry ~~
Shining superstar 
Golden streets with no stop sign
Lunch time draws nearer 


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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The autumn sky attunes itself to hearts,
a sour grey murky wash where lost eyes tire.
with insubstantial dust it affects so,
that vision blurs and minds retreat to when
those aged weary organs last supped hope;
and still they seek to quaff before it fades.

Mere dregs they hunger as the last joy fades
to quench beyond their volume broken hearts
and rehydrate that desiccated hope,
rejuvenate the goals before lives tire,
that minds may ponder not upon the “When?”
but concentrate on “What next?” and “How so?”

To take uncertain step, and take it so
as not to fear the fall if stair it fades,
would stir adrenalin so’s not to tire
the fragile confidence of tender hearts,
that they might respond quickly, those doves, when
presented opportunity to hope.

This then the grace of God, the wisp that’s hope,
which we in arrogance might dismiss so
upon our slightest whim and if and when:
an employee who on our command fades.
this grace exists beyond the grasp, the hearts:
phenomenon which will not doze nor tire.

See now how eyes do genuinely tire
as surcease emanates from new-found hope,
providing respite for those weary hearts:
hammock of restful sleep delivered so
the love embattled souls may rally when
their combined lumen some dark agent fades.

Thus through harsh winter flare as daylight fades
with fuel of ‘the multiverse’ entire,
the essence of which Lazarus lit when
his sisters had begged balm of Only Hope.
Such embers must be stoked to fierce blaze so
The Darkness may not touch creations’ hearts.

Faith should not tire when allocated hope.
Our God heeds not the ‘when’ of our say-so,
but stokes each heart with love that never fades.

Copyright © Perry McDaid | Year Posted 2014

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The Iris - the spectrum in my glistening eyes
Beauty be that of rainbow hues on my face
Pigments painting mental images in my brain
Bewitching in art- coloring this my world
Enchanting creating the beauteous hues , I trace
I conclude - the beaming shades of awe
What a beauteous phenomenon perplexed wondering why?
The wonder amazed in the pupil of my eye
Visions - seeing the glamorous trees
I paint the birch flows with the black and white beauty
Thus I also see shades and the bark so prominent
Luscious the white - the ivory embedded in my mind
And the branches of the willow also flowing with the wind
With the breeze on my face - and the autumn leaves we find
Ah - gardens - flowers prominent too of hue
Bouquets of roses reflecting on you
I see the mountains - I see the waters
Still tracing the reflections in my id - my mind
Mentally I see blossoms - I see a solid rock
Of which to stand - God bless our land
May we walk paths feeding our eyes with colors
Predominant - Imagery now , I see the light
Painting the pictures in the beauty of daylight
In my world thus I appreciate and this I love
With the sunrise too in my eyes , from skies above
I am walking in life with God side by side
Instilling thoughts in my mind inside and outside
And may the world be always glistening
With thoughts in mind that God is always listening!

Copyright © stacey law | Year Posted 2013

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Magnetic Force

Two magnets on the table lying cold and still,
Having much potential, doing good or ill.

When magnets attract each other, posts tightly bond.
Reversed, repel by the same phenomenon.

We too have potential; our influence reaching out
To our needy neighbors, suffering from doubt.

We also have ability, by equal force betray,
Our closed hearts repelling, turning them away.

By casual observation, persons looking on,
May miss the great sensation of reaching far beyond.

May our vast potential be magnetized for good,
Using our abilities that all good neighbors should.

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Love worketh no ill to his neighbor." Romans 13:9,10 KJV

Copyright © James Tate | Year Posted 2011