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Can  love then,  be based
on an index of elements
from which one joyfully tumbles,
or drifts into equations, as we wander
toward a rush of serendipity ...
a metaphysical merging of  ardor
writhing in a shared communion 
like  tuneful whispers in breaths  of helium,
unabbreviated oxygen rhapsodies
from unbidden laughter,
invigorating  the warmth of co-owned stars
on heaven’s destined oracle?

Love transcends chemical derivatives
of  fractals or measurement,
between our atoms, relaxed
in the shuffle of emotional electrons
as we quiver  weightless...
the heart’s embrace suspended together 
in the affectionate cosmos
of a deep kiss.

“How on earth can you explain in terms 
of chemistry and physics so important 
a ...phenomenon as first love? “-- Albert Einstein

Anthony Slausen’s  Periodic Table Of Elements

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A Reminder: To Be

Those of you with a unique voice,
with a vision painted outside the lines of over-regulated cadence and rhyme,
I implore you to continue exploring a core
that is fearless in writing against the grain of convention --
for this very friction is a sandpaper helping to perpetually re-invent 
yourself by smoothing your raw, unfiltered passion
into a timeless chair in which people of the future will sit in
while reading your poetry ....

.... and their brows will crease, their eyebrows will arch into gates
where sighs of enlightenment will pass through,
for they are reading poetry that has not lost its novelty,
nor is it mimicry: a despondent, washed-out version
of 20 million other identically tired poems already written and read.

If you feel yourself being sucked down by the undertow 
of homogenization, fight against the current, drag yourself onto shore,
let sunlight percolate pure word-intentions from the nucleus 
of your ancient psalm-writing ancestry.

Your ancestors left behind DNA building blocks,
disciplinary examples and practices 
with which to construct mitochondrial drift
that bridges together the past and future
into a runway for you to take-off from
after the training wheels have been removed,
and gain a bird's eye view of what was,
what will always be sacred but not yours to build a mynah nest in
once truth's marrow is tasted from its winged divine inspiration --
a bird's eye view lifting above carbon-copy complacency.

To always be the freedom that manifests your luminous originality.

September 18th, 2013

*Author's Note: This piece isn't about writing in form or not writing in form. 
To such, is being short-sighted.

Having been a member here for years now, I have noticed a recurring phenomenon 
on this site. Many times, new members join who showcase a freshness, a sharp distinction in their style and poetic voice. They are a breath of fresh air for this site 
to breathe in. Over time, one can literally watch some of these members begin to homogenize themselves into a more general, stale style of writing. I am not sure 
wot all the variables are for this phenomenon, and it likely differs according to each experience. Depending on circumstance, I can only speculate the reasons why some people are willing to compromise their distinctness on this site. Maybe sometimes it happens because of entering too many contests? Of wanting to fit in with the flock?

When I do see it happen, I want to yell: "No, no, no! Stop! Please don't do it! Turn 
back while you still have the chance! Please don't compromise your distinctness for some inane contest .jpegs and congratulations, or insincere, back-patting comments. One sincerely inspired comment, is worth more than 10,000 petty comments -- worth 
so much more."


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Sphinx Head on Mars


                     Psychological phenomenon, perhaps
                     A little dubious but still enigmatic; you know
                     Rare stimulus through our enthusiastic eyes...
                     Eyes or ears that brings awe and fear; why not?
                     Images in abstract forms, we believe in forms!
                     Designs and figures created by lazy clouds; did you get it? 
                     Or mysterious shapes, or illusions in visions...we're almost there
                     Lying on ground, marks or impressions...lying? Follow me...
                     Intimidating or inspiring? ...I think that the Sphinx Head on Mars
                     At night, only at looks just like aunt Beth.

World English Dictionary 
Pareidolia: the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features, or religious images in windows and walls or in clouds resembling animals or faces. 

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Time -part 1-

Tragedy is never a sentiment for Time For it is a phenomenon she merely sees She pours forth abundance for all that behold her Even for those of us that scold her And for naught she was cursed from the beginning There she is—interminable Time at the fullest! And we all envy her ever-ringing constancy She rules over our hearts Keeping stress in our spirits Not once does she feel sorry for us Nor is she indifferent of our failures She begs not for gratefulness And accepts who she is with joy! How ample we would be if we Like she—were free of trepidation If only we be like her waters—clear and visible from top to bottom Filled with untainted approval What fools we must seem to such a pure jewel as Time But ah, she is both heartless and kind And though we hate her peculiar aura Oh how hard it is do tear her from our minds! How stressfully beautiful Time is! Like a wink of venerated bliss She smiles and smiles And our ironical faces feel like grime Still she laughs in mirth While the world becomes a ball of putrid hatred Wanting more and more of her And positively hating her We that cannot see her began to hate For we are as visible and low as can be And we acknowledge her merely to insult her Though she takes no pang to the chest For the only gifts we give in return for herself are pangs That she simply returns to each sender Hidden is our pride But ever placed Ever unhidden Is our inscrutable mortality And this humiliation of our unchangeable fates Makes us want to humiliate the more fortunate Thus we regard her only as a concept As a fraction of a belief—a bellowing ideal For of course Time cannot in our honey-glazed eyes Think, eat, drink or feel We use her—yes! Even abuse her Not once will she complain For her gift is everlastingness

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Each Friday recedes in burgundy
Bathed ardently in Luna’s kiss

                     But, Sunday will dawn cerulean
                     With dulcet tones of lovers’ bliss

Bearing flavors wantonly consumed
I greet each hue voraciously

                    I taste the spectrum more than I see
                    My senses piqued peculiarly

As kaleidoscopic concertos
Obscure my sight in grand array

                   Each blending shade completes the phrasing;
                   Brilliantly, prism love songs play

*For Brian Strand's "Intervals" contest.

Note: The concept for this piece was inspired by those who experience a phenomenon called 

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Its universe drapes time in buoyancy Where endless space binds law of attraction Atoms merging, clasped by human light An energy wheeling freely, unseen; ‘Til moonlight climbs inside lovers’ halo. Exploring their path, frenzy unlike space Through quantum leaps weightless among new stars Ascending on scales of breaths without measure, Like passion heating a current; two mouths press. Dazed by such fusion, wheel of Physics nods To bring glow, showing what it's always known Soul's beauty, radiating love unbound; As dusk explodes to bless fluid motion. With gentle fire, night sky dare not question A universe lost in a trance of love’s spark; There is no logic to explain,when Affection blends cosmos of a kiss. ------------------- "Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity.” ---Albert Einstein Personifying Science Contest, Sheri Fresonke Harper by nette onclaud

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Death of an Immortal

I was born in a time
When the thrills of a thriller
Did move the bricks
Of the thickest of walls.

I grew in an era
When the dynasty of an empire
Did expand to farthest of lands.

I adapted to a phenomenon
When the existence of a legend
Did drown the fame of mortals.

A fame in immortality
Bearing the impenetrability
Of Achilles himself,
Destined to march
Through the walls of Troy.

I twisted to the strings
Of a guitar, twanging
Spontaneously in my head,
In moves of invisibility.

I was opportune to appear
In a time, when the conquest
Of one king, did crest
Long lasting tattoos
In the hearts of many.

I was fascinated in a time
When the life within a man
Did blossom young,
As he lived unaffected
By the fading of time.

I lingered in an era
When the voice of one man
Could unify the sections
In a complex world.

I flowed in his guidance,
Dined in his glory
As though I existed
In his peak of enthronement,
His conferment of Grammies.

Bedazzled by his flexibility,
I was blessed by his power
To rein in anointed glory,
Unending immortality.

I was born in an empire
Governed by a king;
The king of pop,
A king in the world,
Father of offspring
As multiple as stars.

Electrified by a star,
There shall never be another;
Another motion slider,
Another shining star.

And though he passes on,
I shall live to declare
That I was born in a time
Ruled by a legend,
Guided by an immortal,
A world of Michael Jackson.

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A Piece Of Me Is Missing

It's like getting your leg amputated
For a while the phantom limb throbs and aches
Until you recognize and accept the fact
That it's just a ghost playing evil pranks

A phenomenon occurs in the morning
That will forever remain a mystery
Those few seconds between waking and sleeping
When you don't yet realize who or where you are
You get a short reprieve until
"Oh yeah, I don't have a leg anymore"

For HGarvey Daniel Esquire's contest 

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My Soul

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I am a double agent
Your best weapon but worst enemy
I am a window of understanding
The phenomenon o fan unexplained mystery
I am the muse of inspiration
And the saint of self-expression
I am the puzzle of your riddles
And the key to your dreams
I am a controversial image within your shadow
A moment within your thoughts, which is not 
Without meaning

I am a wish cursing myself
Willing myself away from being
I am a poisoned love spell
And a book you never stop reading
I am a murderous hunter
With all the good intentions
I am a victim of coincidence 
And unanswered questions
I am a sexual desire
Desired and loving oneself
I am the light in your darkness
And the darkness of the next light
I am the conventions of society 
Writing its next life

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Not always of love
I am a mass of sells 
My name fetus 
My domain a womb 
My reason for being uncertain 
Yet swollen feet cravings and spitting a belly
Swelling morning sickness creating 
Embarrassing episodes and milk escaping the
Confines of swollen breast tells the story of my
Presence my devolvement though exciting and
Fulfilling takes its toll on the body that sustains 
My survival 
As I strive to grasp life waves of sound interrupt 
My privacy and illustrate my nakedness 
And I question 
Should I forsake my effort or would fate deny me 
Entry to a world my perception deems imbued in 
The follies of man 
In my restlessness I stretch and kick 
A phenomenon that excites my bearer 
Perpetuating an anxious happiness 
That lingers throughout my existence 
In the likeness of man my body the image of my
Creator my soul 
I enter this world 
And with a cry I pronounce my arrival 
The pain of my nativity forgotten 
The joy of my birth takes its place in the heart 
Of my Mother

Earl S. Jackson
Feb 1982

Copyright © 2010 Earl S. Jackson, all rights reserved

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The Day our Moon Died

I awoke one morning
It was incredibly bright
I drew back the curtains
To a most amazing sight

It was like we had two suns
Orange orbs, floating in the sky
The heat that was being emitted
I felt the atmosphere dry

I turned on the TV
It must be on the news
From where i stand
Surely I'm not the only view

Is it a phenomenon
Or nature playing her tricks
The camera crews are at NASA
Lets see what they make of it

Deep in outer space
An explosion we can't comprehend
Has sent a massive meteor
To our moon it's journey ends

Our world is now in peril
The Moon held us stable
Can us scientists do something
I'm not sure we are able

There will never be many times
When the whole world stopped and stared
But this is one of those times
We have every right to be scared

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Physics of the moon
I feel the lunar ecstasy in your heart
Connecting our vibes from over 1500 miles apart
With every swing of my mood ring, my sensational heart will sing
An out of this world phenomenon tune, "you are my everything!"
Absorbing every phase the moon goes threw
Sending energy between me and you
When our eyes meet on the darkest side of the moon
Your body mass rotates like a cyclone hitting my land like a typhoon
Like the gravity that bonds the earth and moon together
Our souls will collide with a massive force of forever
The image of you appears at all times like a moon cycle
Like a cascade running all around my mind, like a halo circle
Our love and vision orbits through every star
Giving us light no matter how near or far
The stars throb around the moon like a secret signal in the night
While you inhale my energy that exceeds into the morning light
Like a rainbow that enters and vanishes into the twilight of our sky
Our first kiss under the moon beam will twist our tongues into a tie
A sweet magnetic shadow will remain under the half moon
Sweeping our love above the clouds to float like a balloon
Holding a reflection with the moon's tide
Our journey continued, side by side
Emerging our love to find its way soon
Like a love mirage with the physics of the moon


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** Sunset **
The afterglow flame 
Creeping under the cold creek 
Daylight, gone again

** Soap Dish **
Daytime TV blues
Tune in tomorrows soap box
Dramatic, dusk wind

** Evening Star **
Tired sound waves 
Waiting for eventfulness 
Hour of the beast

** Atmospheric **
Phenomenon Light
Under the zodiacal night 
Kisses and shivers 

** Twilight **
Locked in my slumber
Vampire face awaken 
Thirst like no other 
** Sundown **
Aurora fading 
What goes up, has to come down
crowfeet, black and white  

~~ Tequila Sunrise ~~
Break of day, snooze 
Cockcrow without a whisper 
Coyote Ugly

~~ DAWN ~~
Same Situation 
Mentally agonizing;
Sunny side egg twist

~~ New Moon ~~
beautiful sun rays 
Sun awaits for ebony 
beautiful moonbeam 

~~ Adjust the Setting ~~
Breathtaking sunrise
Beyond the horizon sky
Sherbert colored beach 

~~ Skipping Rocks ~~
Glitter dusk on lids
Birds sing me a lullaby 
Kids playing by lake

~~ Sunrise Industry ~~
Shining superstar 
Golden streets with no stop sign
Lunch time draws nearer 


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Ode to a Toad in the Commode

One morning Dee woke to find the most unusual toad
Perched o’er the water line in the “bowels” of her commode
She put on gloves and sought to catch the elusive creature
But no matter how hard Dee tried, she just couldn’t reach her

So to the local newspaper, Dee wrote for assistance
A letter to the editor described Dee’s persistence
To her shock, the letter appeared the very next day
With her email below it for helpful hints to convey

Nearly seventy emails made their way to Dee’s inbox
Suggestions aplenty on how this critter to outfox
Some offered to come to Dee’s house and catch the motley toad
A biologist warned, “It can’t swim; don’t flush the commode!”

Dee lived very privately and wanted no strange house guests
So she declined “in-person” offers to pursue this quest
By day the toad managed to slip out of Dee’s gentle grasp
At night Dee reached for a toothbrush, felt a slithery clasp

The toad she called Todd was quickly escorted out the door
Although the potential for warts, Dee certainly abhorred
Newspaper staff got a kick out of Dee’s predicament
They called the next day to find out how her efforts had went

To all of the kind emailers Dee wrote of her success
But the public’s interest Dee was unable to suppress
So she wrote another letter, proclaiming, “The toad’s gone”
Concern for this toad was a noteworthy phenomenon

Beneath Dee’s letter describing Todd’s new outdoor abode
Was a cartoon and an ode to the toad in her commode

*Believe it or not, this is true!!!  Happened to me when I lived in a wooded area.
A helpful biologist said it was a "tree toad" and couldn't swim.

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The Iris - the spectrum in my glistening eyes
Beauty be that of rainbow hues on my face
Pigments painting mental images in my brain
Bewitching in art- coloring this my world
Enchanting creating the beauteous hues , I trace
I conclude - the beaming shades of awe
What a beauteous phenomenon perplexed wondering why?
The wonder amazed in the pupil of my eye
Visions - seeing the glamorous trees
I paint the birch flows with the black and white beauty
Thus I also see shades and the bark so prominent
Luscious the white - the ivory embedded in my mind
And the branches of the willow also flowing with the wind
With the breeze on my face - and the autumn leaves we find
Ah - gardens - flowers prominent too of hue
Bouquets of roses reflecting on you
I see the mountains - I see the waters
Still tracing the reflections in my id - my mind
Mentally I see blossoms - I see a solid rock
Of which to stand - God bless our land
May we walk paths feeding our eyes with colors
Predominant - Imagery now , I see the light
Painting the pictures in the beauty of daylight
In my world thus I appreciate and this I love
With the sunrise too in my eyes , from skies above
I am walking in life with God side by side
Instilling thoughts in my mind inside and outside
And may the world be always glistening
With thoughts in mind that God is always listening!

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Magnetic Force

Two magnets on the table lying cold and still,
Having much potential, doing good or ill.

When magnets attract each other, posts tightly bond.
Reversed, repel by the same phenomenon.

We too have potential; our influence reaching out
To our needy neighbors, suffering from doubt.

We also have ability, by equal force betray,
Our closed hearts repelling, turning them away.

By casual observation, persons looking on,
May miss the great sensation of reaching far beyond.

May our vast potential be magnetized for good,
Using our abilities that all good neighbors should.

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Love worketh no ill to his neighbor." Romans 13:9,10 KJV

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                              I look outside and see the snow 
                                   running from the clouds
                              and even though it’s hitting the 
                          pavement at top speed, it lands ever 
                                     so gently and silently.
                               This phenomenon amazes me
                         every time it snows, which by the way
                      may or may not be very often where I live
                               but it does happen every year.

                           It really is quite beautiful to look at
                       when it covers everything like a beautiful 
                           white fluffy blanket. My eyes wrinkle 
                           at their sides as I smile at the beauty 
                         of earths white crown. Children’s voices 
                            ring with laughter playing in the soft 
                      newly created playground and snow blowers 
                              start their engines with a loud roar.
                                  Also this happens every year.

                           I sit here in my warm cosy living room
                           with my fireplace burning, enjoying the 
                            warmth inside and the beauty outside,
                     until nature calls my dog to come check her out.
                  I open the door and the cold air slaps me to reality,
                      and those green eyes of mine turn greener as 
                       I think of my neighbors south of the boarder 
                        who are still walking around with shorts on,
                     and despite the cold my envy burns every year.

                                  Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
                                Contest: The Green Eyed Monster

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Never enough

It was never enough for my good friend Ben,
To be a well known personality as a witty comedian.
No, no! Not for him, to be merely renowned among men.
He had to insist on being a phenomenon!

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A Star is Born

One kazillion million miles away
Far off in a distant galaxy 
Is the most fascinating phenomenon
It is a star making machine
Berthed from a vast expanse of gaseous matter
Twinkling lights are born
Not a single one like the next
Each with its different elements and colors
Like a magical wand whisking illuminating bubbles
The greatest show this universe has ever seen
One million and one mystical stars have arrived on the scene
Even with the Hubble Telescope
The world’s greatest scientists are unable to comprehend this show
It is truly one of the most fascinating shows in the universe—when a star is born!
A single star
A twisting and twirling gaseous maze of wonder
A single star
Not a single one like another
Jehovah God will not even allow the world’s most sophisticated telescope to unravel the mystery of his stars
It is incomprehensible how the Creator spins the elements
Elements not even known to the human periodic table
He exhales a small puff of his glory upon them and POOF they are born!
In order to see how a star is born you must be a child of the living God
You must travel to the heavens and visit the Observatory Deck
At that moment and only at that moment will the Creator reveal this mystery
The mystery of the universe
How a star is born!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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To Tiger, With Love A True Story

To Tiger, With Love (A True Story)

"My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear"

~gone without a worldly trace,
       I’m left alone, the world to face… 
            with one went my wholeness grace, 
                my treasure laid up in heavenly place…
~O my feline friend, my wholeness grace, 
        I’m left alone in the world to face…
              many days I yearned and did pace, 
                   missing your playful moods and face… 
~one year ago said Love, my grace, 
        very soon your absence I would face… 
             with one, was laid up wholeness grace. 
                  My Love said that morning to my face… 
“with your return Tiger will be gone,
        do not be alarmed, I do him no harm… 
             with your friend, there shall be not end,
                  wholesome grace is laid up for one in friend.” 
~I kissed the nature face of wholesome grace, 
       he meowed goodbye, later I would cry…
            as the dawn of grace later was to be faced, 
                 in sorrow, the human man would soon pace…
~I remember the morning as yesterday, 
        and the many ways we used to play…
             my neutered Manx possessed many pranks,
                   to him, I dedicate my wholesome thanks… 
~unique, you were wholesome, meek,
       your life to me was wholesome Love’s peak… 
             I hear his meow in wholesome ethereal Spirit, 
                  beckoning…beckoning… my soul bonds ever close to it.

                 My  Manx cat ‘Tiger’ is heavenly stored! This is a true story, believe it or not. 
My inner conscience said to me the morning of the 19 of July this year before 
I left to go into town, that Tiger would not be there at home when I returned  
for he would be taken and with him, my treasures would be stored in heaven. 
I said my goodbyes only half believing my sacred precept voice. Sure enough, 
when I returned, my Tiger was gone without a trace. Sure,  the concept of 
the human mind could explain this paranormal phenomenon away. 
But this was my eight year cat’s first and only leave from home, 
whom I had raised from a kitten. 

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Arrival of Our Long-Lost Cousins

To the people of the earth, we convey this greeting.
We are quite anxious for this long-awaited meeting.
Coming in peace, we are your cousins, as once before.
In a few hours, we’ll be reunited once more.

You will recognize us; our appearance you will know.
We see the sun we once shared ten million years ago.
The planet’s orbit remains between Venus and Mars.
History is forgotten, but we remember ours.

Our first arrival was with the great reptiles roaming.
Something happened, and we could not save them from dying.
Your entire world was completely warm and tropical.
This appeared to be the ideal place for our people.

Our interstellar travel made us masters of space.
However, we knew nothing of climate in this place,
or evolution and genetics within our race.
Your planet is in a section of isolation.
It takes many years to reach your civilization.
Our starships would be bringing news from the galaxy.
They would land three or four times in every century.

Your earth was once a constant tropical paradise.
However, climactic changes covered it with ice.
A strange phenomenon caused some harmless mutations.
Some of us were immune.  There were no alterations.
This did not kill, or cause destructive physical harm.
It did start to arouse inevitable alarm.
Two separate groups arose over thousands of years.
Suspicion was perpetuated and caused great fears.
Those who did not leave earth sank into barbarism.
Envy, discord, and conflict were caused by the schism.

We had thought the end came for your civilization.
Your first radio signals gave us indication
that your culture has survived all these millennia.
This discovery has given us euphoria.
We see you have made your long ascent from savagery.
We are here to restore the long-lost fraternity.

We have uncovered much since we abandoned the earth.
Now that you are re-discovered, there will be much mirth.
Perpetual tropical climate, we will restore.
You won’t have to withstand freezing winters anymore.
With genetic mutation, there’s no need to endure.
For your offensive, yet harmless plague, we have a cure.
For what is now wrong, we have the power to make right.
Only let us know how many of you are still white.

Based on the short story "Reunion" by the late Arthur C. Clarke

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The autumn sky attunes itself to hearts,
a sour grey murky wash where lost eyes tire.
with insubstantial dust it affects so,
that vision blurs and minds retreat to when
those aged weary organs last supped hope;
and still they seek to quaff before it fades.

Mere dregs they hunger as the last joy fades
to quench beyond their volume broken hearts
and rehydrate that desiccated hope,
rejuvenate the goals before lives tire,
that minds may ponder not upon the “When?”
but concentrate on “What next?” and “How so?”

To take uncertain step, and take it so
as not to fear the fall if stair it fades,
would stir adrenalin so’s not to tire
the fragile confidence of tender hearts,
that they might respond quickly, those doves, when
presented opportunity to hope.

This then the grace of God, the wisp that’s hope,
which we in arrogance might dismiss so
upon our slightest whim and if and when:
an employee who on our command fades.
this grace exists beyond the grasp, the hearts:
phenomenon which will not doze nor tire.

See now how eyes do genuinely tire
as surcease emanates from new-found hope,
providing respite for those weary hearts:
hammock of restful sleep delivered so
the love embattled souls may rally when
their combined lumen some dark agent fades.

Thus through harsh winter flare as daylight fades
with fuel of ‘the multiverse’ entire,
the essence of which Lazarus lit when
his sisters had begged balm of Only Hope.
Such embers must be stoked to fierce blaze so
The Darkness may not touch creations’ hearts.

Faith should not tire when allocated hope.
Our God heeds not the ‘when’ of our say-so,
but stokes each heart with love that never fades.

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My Rhetoric Rhapsody

My Rhetoric Rhapsody

Oh! I am a Poet
It’s me again pretty poet of the century,
Breaking through till I reach mercury.
A pretty poet with popping phrases,
A poor poet with perpetual personality.
Praying that my poems pulls out pieces of pleasure,
Arouses interest, motivates and inspires.

Oh! I am a Poet
Who teaches as he preach
On every inch that becomes a cliché
And leaves your ears aching when reached.
Who frees frozen feelings of Refugees.
Who unfolds fundamental mysteries of false phenomenon.
Who washes and enshrines shameful ships on a sea shore,
Assuring Sheppard of Shelter by Lord Krishna.

Oh! I am a Poet
A rock solid hardcore poet
Self proclaimed Fundi
A super duper verse creator
A self sufficient professor
A prodigy not a protégé
A dictator not an agitator
A toughie not a roughie

I don’t recite to hear myself talk
I don’t talk to be noticed
I don’t take Hobson’s choice
Nor hobble to a hoax
I don’t settle for a bird in hand 
Nor crawl for half a loaf
My reaches exceeds my grasp
My wishes akin to my riches

My poems are my pillar
My wits are my tools
No hocus pocus for my hoi polloi
I’m not a hoity-toity poet who scribbles down hokum poetry
My poetry is impalpable,
Inexplicable and impeccable.
My creativity is infallible.
My verses so impregnable.
I am an imperious poetic licensee

I am a rusty epic epidemic through youth poets’ wannabes,
A penurious poet who indulge in perilous peripheries.
My masterpiece is not some common handwritten handiwork on handkerchief.
I craft them like a handicapped handyman with no haphazard!
And this is my Rhetoric Rhapsody...
See, when I rhyme my rhymes that hum like hymns
And step on my Poetic Stiletto heels to find open minds
And dine in a pile of my rhymes...
My mimes start to mime my rhymes

And this is a route where I quote that this is not over yet...

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Our First TV

Dad bought our first TV in nineteen fifty-two We were the envy of all homo sapiens Only two channels, one english and one french To us it was all very alien We were the envy of a very large neighbourhood Invited people to view this phenomenon With mouths agape, they sat there stunned We felt happy with great aplomb We were first on the block and I felt oh so proud My dad wasn't a very rich man But couldn't resist this astounding invention Gotta tell ya, I was his biggest fan Well of course, all these many decades later Each household owns at least one But when dad brought home that first TV It was a prelude of what was to come <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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F alling to my knees in prayer, A sking not but worshiping the Lord. I am only a crusader for the cause of creation. T herefore, I bow unto The! H e will hoist my spirit and embrace my soul into contentment. I mage forms via an informed acumen. S trength augments my strife in life. A mazing is the lucidity of the mind. P lease, may I have this honor of speaking to you? O rnate you with lavishing words. W isdom and knowledge you award. E verlasting faith bequeathed through imploration. R ising above my trials and trepidation, F or you is the keeper of my soul. U shering relevance in the most significant way, L ife guidance provided each day. T empered to the intensity of my faithfulness, H ow time is only the hourglass of eternity. I venerate in the privacy of my home. N othing is more invigorating than adulation of the Lord God. G ist is faith being that it is the most powerful entity universal. ______________________________________________________________________| Penned on January 07, 2015!