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My New Year's Resolutions: Humor

I have tracked my New Year's Resolutions 
over the years these are my fantastic results.

Resolution One

2011: I will try to be more attentive to Lauren.
2012: I will pay more attention to what's her name...ah...Lori...I know I'm close.  
2013: I will try for reconciliation with Lo.
2014: I will try to be more attentive to Carol.

Resolution Two

2011: I will walk 35,000 steps a day this year.
2012: I will definitely start my walking routine this year at 10,000 steps a day.
2013: I will walk once a week.
2014: I will try to drive past a gym at least once a week.

Resolution Three

2008: I will not stare at women's cleavage .
2009: I will cut down the amount of time I stare at women's cleavage.
2010: I will stop being so obvious when I stare at women's cleavage.
2011: I will attempt to stop getting caught staring at women's cleavage.
2012: I will stop increasing the time I spend staring at women's cleavage.
2013: I will seek professional help as directed by the courts.
2014: I will try to stop starring at the female prison guards cleavage.

Resolution Four

2011: I will not let my siblings push me around.
2012: I will stick up for myself with at least one of my siblings.
2013: I will not let my siblings bullying depress me.
2014: I will talk to Dr. Potter and the group about my siblings.

Resolution Five

2008: I will read Clarissa this year all 1534 pages.
2009: I did not read Clarissa I will read Varney The Vampire all 866 pages.
2010: I will read the first 50 pages of Varney The Vampire this year.
2011: I will read some articles in the newspaper this year.
2012: I will try and finish the comics section this year.
2013: I will read one strip in the cartoon section this year.
2014: I will read the fortune cookie thingy the next time I have Chinese Food. 

Sponsor: Regina Riddle
Contest Name: New Year's Resolution 

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Long Goodbyes

Voices choral, chimes of clay ring out
oh so merrily to a wintry sky
And earthen sounds once silent, still, now shout
in harmony and majesty, they cry. 

A brightness sheers the air as metal sounds,
long cylinders of brass clink in the breeze
like childish laughter each fresh note abounds
a thankful note the past year to appease.

In churches, mosques and temples they sing
as clappers sound the tone around their rims
forged of metal, or blown in glass, they ring
resounding as the hours of this year dim.
Rejoice, rejoice a New Year has begun
Goodbye they toll and sing here comes the sun.

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Raindrop Butterflies

The snow slowly morphs into rain, a thousand cold cocoons that release raindrop butterflies into the frosty air. They glisten in the morning light, clinging to soft leather like tiny diamonds as he drapes his jacket across my shoulders.

The jacket smells like him: fresh soap and spicy aftershave--and that spearmint gum he always keeps on hand. It's way too big on me, but he zips it up anyway, pulling the hood over my head to shield me from the rain.

dripping icicles bleed beads of liquid light-- fingers intertwine
He's soaked, but he doesn't seem to care as water slides down his rosy cheeks, dripping from his frozen nose. He brings my hand to his lips and whispers, "Happy New Year." Even his lips are cold, but I lend him my warmth. As we stand there together in the soft tranquility of winter rain, I realize I'm happy. I want to stay here forever, in this life-sized snow globe of frigid weather and smooth, warm leather. For Giorgio's "Leather Jacket" contest

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A New Moon

A chalky moon rises, from still air, drawn on smooth, blue-black paper sky. A New Year's eve like this, seems too calm to be real, to feel nothing but peace; snow covers tree branches like fleece, yet I am warmed by a fire inside, wrapped tight in the starry glow of tomorrow's promise. As this year's memories glide across my heart, all the love flows through me like oxygen, beginning with the purest breath of youthful innocence, me and you, under a diamond-cut crescent moon. Many picturesque nights have come and gone since then - the me and you now we - a family. Somewhere a clock chimes twelve times, when your first kiss of the new year wakes me from my nostalgic dreams, my joy returns to the moment, a new year, new memories, a love more real, more true, than the chalky moon.

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snow is melted
the ruin that is winter
overwhelms my eye
beneath the sun trees stand
like crowds of ragged beggars

the once beautiful
is denied all memory
of where it has gone
the icy house top drippings
ping the head    stark reminder

those cold months ahead
but i’ll wait out the next snow
the white blanket fall
marvel the icy branches
wish happy new year to all

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Happy New Year From The Unicorns

So far I've done everything I could possibly do this year.
I've given thorough thought to cleaning up my act.
These early-day hours have been rough-house
The storm shudders inside me are all grimy, they need tending to,
I just need to find them first.
So tired from last night,
Riding unicorns through the stars.
(No one believes me.)
Trouble is we're all blinking too fast for our own good as it is.
I've done everything I've promised to do this year, so far,
And I haven't even made the promises yet.
That's how interesting I've been lately.
You have no idea how hard it is to be this interesting.
Riding Bellyglow through the thrushes of song birds...
I probably don't know, either.
What a bucket of letters this is.
Thanks for Peking, thanks for Hong Kong.
Happy New Year.

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My New Year's Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution

The New Year, soon upon us now…
A time to think about just how
I plan to see my year renew...
Perhaps improve on things I do
That are much better, and I pray,
They're not an act of whim or play.

For instance, should I plan to eat
The healthy foods and not the treat
That tastes too good to now let go?
The seems so hard to know. 
Or should I plan more exercise,
Run every day…or is that wise?

There are so many choices to
Consider as I think it through…
What is best for my solution
Of a New Year’s resolution?
For based on other years before,
They’re good, but easy to ignore.

So…now, this year, a different plan…
One which will surely fill the span
Of one whole year, never to end—
Be joyful in the task, attend
A resolution meant to last,
Not end in days just like the past.

One which I will be very proud
To share and talk about out loud.
I will resolve to be just me…
Enjoy my life, forever free,
To help my friends and family too
Just like the way I always do.

To give and take with gracious care,
And spread the joy of life with flair…
To do all things the best I can,
And finish all that I began…
To seek the ways to lend a hand
In gentleness without command.

To always see the glass half-full,
And even when dark days do pull
Me down a bit, to realize
The sun will shine with bright blue skies,
The tears will dry, and then a smile
Will fill my heart to last a while.

To count my blessings, say my prayer
For peace to come and fill the air
All ‘round the earth among all men
And women, children, so again
Sweet peace will rule our precious lands
And God will shield us in His hands.

So now instead of one big thing
For New Year’s resolution fling—
I’ll promise to fill up my days
In all the ordinary ways
I’ve done so many years before,
And never let them seem a chore.

I will resolve to be just me…
Enjoy my life, forever free,
To give and take with gracious care,
And spread the joy of life with flair…
To love my friends and family too
Just like the way I always do.

December 9, 2014
Contest: New Year’s Resolution
Sponsor: Regina Riddle

Iambic Tetrameter


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I have lost my P

                      I`m not ha_ _y  today.
                      No I`m quite sad and u_set

                     Sitting here with my cold sou_ and an old s_oon.
                     I have s_ent too much money,and feel  _oor.
                     I have not _earls or diamonds,that`s not why I`m sad and u_set.
                     As I sit here with my su_ _ er and my cold sou_,
                     thinking about what I do without my  _?
                     Dreams returns to ha_ _y days, when I  _layed  _iano
                     and had  _eace in my mind.
                     What shall I do without my  _ ?
                     _  is  im_ortant in my life.
                     I`ve lost my  _,I can no longer wish to you:Ha_ _y  birthday
                                                                                Have a ha_ _y  weekend
                                                                                Ha_ _ y  for you.
                                                                                Ha_ _ y  to see you
                                                                                Ha _ _y   new year ..........

                      I do not want _iano,_earl or diamonds.... I want my  _  back.

      A-L Andresen :)

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A February Mid-Life Musing

Another year has come - chillingly - and more chillingly for me than in decades heretofore. I watch it ranting from my window as I recall. . . . The year already past had tugged me from those tame and toasty days when I lay face up to sun dreaming that my summer would never end. It brought me to this winter when it withered up and died, but half a century and more of memories had fallen for me by now. Like pretty crystal flakes they fell, drifting through my mind - places, events and people. Oh, those people I looked up to in my youth - fallen as the snow! How many pretty snow flakes have melted now away? Only my memories of them remain. . . memories now piled up like snowdrifts in my brain. Yes, the newborn year has arrived. Just one month old and already, it has lost its crawl. This infant’s aging process parallels, on the larger scale, that fleeting span of time known as life - a time that all the living undergo. The new year carries on (as must we all) to soon complete its cycle. Let it bluster. Let it wail. Let it rattle at my door, for soon enough, all signs of it will cease.
For Chris D. Aechtner's "Free Verse for Winter" Contest And now for P.D's Latest Contest By Andrea Dietrich I am entering this one for three reasons" 1)It's getting so late and it was the first one that sprang out at me in my alphabetized poetry list 2) It is about the way I felt after the New year and it's about that same time again! 3) It's a free verse ,which I don't normally do, which I felt good about and even Chris liked it in his contest!

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New Dreams

The ending of an old week
the beginning of a new month
and the memories of an old hour.

The dawning of a new day
the setting of an old sun
and the rising of a new star.

A perfect year has begun
your dreams lay not afar.

Start it with a smile
and make this coming year
a year worthwhile!

Hey people...soooo sorry I wasn't here to read all of your lovely poems in a long while,
I've been really busy with school....I wish you all a happy new year and I hope it brings
lots more wonderful poetry as well....I missed you all!....:) always, Maryam

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My Sweet Past Tone

Once you filled the room which hollow for a moment
Couples of days before new year eve we indirectly met
Hilarious to remember how we know and admire each other that day
Without knowing it won't last forever

One song... One song keep chanting me back to the memory of you
The song of blue sky collapse
Year goes by, first, second and more
Each of my story buried you without trace

Until today you seek me through the mailbox
Simple words as "happy birthday" and more words as "still think about you"
Surprised, touched, even mine still one more day to go
You missed the day, but you caught my yearn

Thousands words would I type to reply
But the fact my hands stoned
I missed you even more, sealed beyond these words
But don't know how to say nor expressed it through the blank page

Once you filled this hollow room
Once I ever loved you
But I found my better way... better life...
And decide not to look back

January 7, 2013
Dedicated to the person who ever dwell within the past of my sweet memory...

Author's Note:
If you want this poem to be perfect to be read, I suggest you to open this link; 
"Blue Sky Collapse - Adhitia Sofyan" and hear it along while you read this poem, this is my favorite song and I drown already :)

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In the Snowy Brightness of that Moonless Night

It was the Eve of a brand new year,
so I’d gone out on my porch to say goodbye
to the prior year, having heard a blue moon should appear.
As I was looking all around me up into the sky,
no sign of a moon at all was I to spy!

Farther out from my front porch, I looked up at each slope
of mountains to the east, and it seemed as though
my spirit was now filling with new hope,
for the mountains shone so brightly, graced by day’s new snow
as Christmas lights still blinked in all the valley below.

All future things to come, which I had yet to rue,
were, in that one moment, completely out of sight.
And though I never saw a moon of blue
in the snowy brightness of that moonless night,
I reveled in the beauty of such peaceful white!

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Out With the Old - In With the New

The old year hobbles out - his path an aftermath of blunders. Glowingly expectant, the new year readies for a grand entrance - wearing nothing but fresh unstained diapers of naiveté. For the Sijo Poetry Contest of Rick Parise

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My New Year's Resolutions

In late December I'm snuggled here in bed
Resolution making whirling in my head

There are those pounds I wouldn't miss
But if I don't lose them I'll just be pissed

To study French would be cool I'll bet
Heck, I haven't even mastered English yet

I really vow to spend much less on shoes
Scratch that..make it - much less on booze

I really need to spend more time with friends
Naw, to many with whom I must make amends

Forget it-I think I'll just go back to sleep
And just use last years list I didn't keep

For Carolyn's Resolutions contest.

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Her Name Is January

She rides into town with a storm as her steed
With clicking ice spurs, and rattling reins
With somber delivery and the bleak look of gloom
Bursting with pride as an old year must end 

She shoves her way into the house, out of spite
A gloomy gray cloud, who brings her own blight
Leaving a trail of mistletoe dust
Building a nest out of leftover crumbs

Flapping her wings and spinning her looms
Strutting her youth at the stroke of midnight
She stalks on wet feet, with some snow on her boots
She shouts out the news that some taxes are due
No care in the world she makes us feel blue!

Her windows are dark, and her doorway is bare
She holds a firm grip, till the end of her stay
Yet, slowly and surely, against her advice
Intrudes the domain, as she watches creeks rise
Then comes the sun, of a warm winter's day
It thaws her cold grip,  with frowns of surprise
With remorse, she announces... it's time for goodbye! 


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Burning Embers

Always we’d break up. We’d get back together, passion-thirsting in hot summer’s weather. We’d quench our desires from love’s brimming cup. We’d get back together; always we’d break up. Not long would it last, and around the fall, you would disappear. Then would come the pall smothering my joy, summer gone so fast. And around the fall, not long would it last! No matter where you went, I still harbored hope that you would return. That was how I’d cope. Through fall’s chill and bitter disappointment I still harbored hope no matter where you went. A fire still lingered there, deep inside my soul, and over it, my heart had no control. One thought of you, I’d feel it start to flare deep inside my soul! A fire still lingered there. A new year would come in gloomy autumn’s wake. A vow to never take you back I’d make! But after winter came the spring, you, and sun! In autumn’s gloomy wake, a new year would come. Oh, those burning embers - when you would return, for my resolve would melt; by June, I’d burn! How quickly I’d forget my sad Novembers when you would return. Oh, those burning embers! By Andrea Dietrich, another swap quatrain written 2/15/13 for the Burning Embers Contest of Gail Angel Doyle

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To Love Myself

To truly love myself- this I resolve
To guard with zeal my tenderness of heart
Of every sin and doubt myself absolve
And fortify and strengthen every part

To cherish and accept the inner me
To know and relish every single dream
The woman that I am, to set her free
To put aside each hindrance to love’s theme

I do resolve to be my dearest friend
To celebrate the wonders that I own
To spend time in my world and not pretend
To shine around the goodness I’ve been shown

A short time have I left to truly shine
And thus I vow to make my living fine

Entered For Regina's New Year's Resolutions Contest
On December 16, 2014

Learning to love myself has not been an easy task for me. Oh, it was easy when I was younger....perhaps I was overconfident then. Now, I have my good days and my bad days...days when self-loathing sets in and I find it hard to want to go on. I have learned...the hard way, that if you don't care for and cherish yourself, if you don't guard your dreams, if you don't look out for yourself, then no one will. It's a fact of life. You need to be confident and secure in who you are and what you have to offer. No matter how many times people tell you you are beautiful, no matter how often people tell you you are talented, no matter how many words are written in your praise, if you do not love yourself, you are unable to accept and believe and hope in the reality of these words. I'm not there yet, but I don't have much time to put this love into action. A healthy love of self is necessary. Christ said, "Love your neighbor...AS  YOURSELF: (as you love yourself).  I wish I had learned this sooner. I try to instill it in my daughter....this belief in oneself. I'm so glad that she is a confident, beautiful, and self-possessed woman. I can live on through her. Thank you all for your kindness to me. Thank you for loving me, when I've been difficult to love. May God bless you one and all. HUGS <3

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New Year's Eve Ballad

New Year's Eve Ballad

It’s true one year just ended
And that another one began
In places crowds did gather
They drank and offered cheer
There was singing and ‘twas dancing
Celebrating the New Year.

As a child I do remember
This special time of year
When bedtime was extended
And the neighbors were all there
Together at the strike of twelve
Celebrating the New Year.

And as I grew much older
As did the other friends I know
We continued all to gather
As this special time did near
We talked of all the years past
Celebrating the New Year.

So many friends are gone now
So many that I knew
But always I remember
The times that we did bear
I think of them now as I am
Celebrating the New Year.

Last year we met such challenges
Not all glory, not all fun
But stood each with the other
As we chased away the fear
We faced just ‘one day at a time’ and now are
Celebrating the New Year.

Cheers I say to others
As I pop the cork and drink
Thinking now all days are special
Though life sometimes does seem unfair
Still I drink to health and happiness
Celebrating the New Year.

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Hello, January, We Need To Talk

I've been waiting up late for you,
watching the clock like a featured film.
Suspense waits no longer.
Here you arrive at 12 am
with a firework's bang.
At this hour,
this is your greeting?
Hello, January,
we need to talk....
I haven't seen you in months,
and you come barging in.
You come on so strong,
but sometimes you can be so cold.
You let me down last time you were here,
like torrents of hail and snowy hills.
Snow can be fun, though,
and you did warm me up
with hot cocoa and a blanket.
Thanks for your reviving comforts.
What I'm trying to say is
that I've missed you,
and I forgive you.
I hope you can forgive
my past as well.
I'm sorry about my negative attitude
and my disorganization.
We should go on walks more
and eat healthy meals together.
I promise I'll be kinder,
and I'll try to appreciate
all the good you offer me.
Can we now start anew?

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The eve of beginnings, of new hope and belief

As the January  month awakens from sleep

Creeping her way the new year unfolds

With optimistic magic for what she will hold

The pen has fresh ink, the paper is white

As the author creates a new passionate write.

From January forward

To December the end

Poets all gather to share, love and befriend.

So with winter breaking and Spring waiting to start

I blow out the cobwebs and open my heart.

Anticipating, the words ebb and flow

From what secrets I'm keeping and the secrets I'll show

Gathered together we write with desire

About  the sun and the moonlight, the rain and the fire

To the last line we celebrate as a new verse is born

Whilst the muses still whisper from dusk till dawn.

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Spin of Time

The season is here
On this typical Maiden morn
 Of week days
It’s by this hour
Though slightly late
I rose to take my bath

The ointment was done and gone 
What’s more was to
Nestle on the well placed
Soft sofa by the corner
Of my reading room
And to await my breakfast
To be served.

Well has been done to the belly
What’s needed (from me) was 
After settling on the round
To dress up and find my way
To the lecture room

Alas an indignation
Though a natural inclination
That crept into the scene
When I was about stepping 
Out of the room

Here I picked up the cast 
Of the rolling sound
Escorted by the heavy gale
 At the fore
Of my chamber door 

The cloud I glimpsed
Beckoned on these 
Natural commotions
The rumbled 
Of this morn thunderstorm
Took me by surprise
As I felt the tremble of my abode 
As though the roof and the wall would cave in

How heavy this morning rush would be?
Certainly it’s heavy and took charge closely 
Three hours of the entire day

Blessing showery hours
Wasn’t it?
That would best be related
In the meantime
By the soaking swamp
The well wet weed
The saturated sea pool
And the colorful field 
Of bloom cherries and roses

Posted on 23/04/2013 

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Good Luck Meal

A good luck meal on New Years Day, consists of many things,
They say it makes a difference on what the New Year brings.
I got to thinking ,wow, what luck, for the pig that gave that chop,
that i stuffed with the dressing and put sour kraut on top.
He wasn't very lucky as anyone could see, and when I served the black eyed peas,
they were staring back at me.
As if to say, "your lucky meal was bought with a great cost.
It wasn't very lucky for the pig whose life was lost."
To myself I wondered , How can I eat this meal?
I was thinking about that piggy, I could even hear him squeel.
I bowed my head and said dear God, I know this food is blessed,
Help us to be so thankful for that pig who is at rest.
So as I passed the food along I said in words so clear,
Thank you pig for being food for my lucky year.

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A Million Thanks

I was searching my mind for a theme to choose
for my very first poem of the year
turns out it was an easy choice
to thank some friends who I hold so dear.

I've never met any one of these folks
but I consider them friends none-the-less
I established their friendship on Poetry Soup
and I consider them all the best.

For their kind and generous comments
to express how I feel is real tough
the right words really escape me
I just can't thank them enough.

There's Sweetheart, Bob and Larry
Wilma, DR Ram and Barbara G.
Debra, Andrea and Sara
who have all been so gracious to me.

p.d., John F. and Hitendra
Carolyn, Carol and Francine
C.L., Audrey and Doris
all friends who I've never seen.

If it weren't for all these nice people
I would have given up a long time ago
Their encouragement made me keep trying
and helped me much more than they know.

When retired you tend to get dormant
just sit sleeping or watching T.V.
till I got involved with Poetry Soup
that's what was happening to me.

I don't want my brain to retire
it needs to be active for sure
My writing and the challenging contests
help my brain to endure.

So I thank all you wonderful Soupers
believe me you are the best
you kept me from becoming a bump-on-a-log
of that I will attest.

There are others who I haven't mentioned by name
I hope no one feels slighted
cause everyone I've ever dealt with
I've always been highly delighted.

A Healthy and Happy New Year to you all!

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T'was The Night After New Years

(True story...!!)      
T'was the night after New Years, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings and tree stored away with a sigh,
Finished the eggnog, and the last piece of pie.
Me in my nightie,  while Pa fed the cat 
We had just let the dog out, and said, "Goodnight, dear, that's a wrap!"
Then we both settled down for a long winter's nap

When the phone by the bedside, cracked the silence with a clatter!
And I awoke in a daze to see what was the matter!
Neighbor Dan on the phone.....he needed some help!
I laughed when he told me, in spite of myself!
A cow's in his pool, so chubby and plump!!
He needed some help to haul out it's big rump!

Rushing over, my wondering eyes should appear
There's Old Bessie in water, her eyes full of fear!
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof,
Old Bessie was frightened, she had made a big goof!

Friends ran to the rescue, and went straight to work...
Taking care that poor Bessie wouldn't get hurt.
They put heads together and laid out a plan,
Getting ropes 'round Old Bessie as fast as they can.
Tied the ropes to Dan's truck, then gave him a whistle
And up came Old Bessie like the down of a thistle!
She shook from the cold like a bowlful of jelly,
So they patted and prodded, till she rolled on her belly.
Then off ran the cow, with relief and so merry,
Her cheeks a bit frozen, her nose like a cherry!

We were offered hot chocolate to warm up again,
Four o'clock in the morning, and it was time to turn in!
Our neighbor called out, as we got out of sight,
"Have a good year and thank you!! And to all a good night!"

That's how our New Year began,.... Country life is, seriously,....NOT boring!!
So you think, I'm way off track, mixing holiday stories?
The gift of friendship, where neighbors help their neighbors
What better gift for a Christmas, much better late, than never
Sometimes, Christmas shows up later.  It's no cause for alarm
The charm is often hidden, one you'll laugh about forever

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Happy New Year Friends

Friends are like icicles,
Sparkling with brilliant light.
Friends are like snowflakes
Each one is different and beautiful.
Friends are like sunshine
They add vigor to life.
Friends are like fire
Each one radiates instant warmth.
Friends are like a fever.
They vanquish the ills of life.
Friends are forever.
Forgiving misunderstandings.
Friends are faithful.
Remaining true through hot or cold.
Friends bring joy to life.
Filling the soul with delight.
Friends are special.
I thank God for friends like you.
…each one as diverse as a snowflake!

Happy New Year, my FRIENDS!

Sincerely, Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen