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Best Naat Poems

Below are the all-time best Naat poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of naat poems written by PoetrySoup members

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New Naat Poems

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Takhleeq-e-do Alam Hai Bafaizaan-e- Mohammed by Muslimi, Akhtar
Ek Kali Punna Komajali by Pimple, Akshata
Twilight Of Spirituality by Azam Shah Bukhari, S. Nadia
The Way Towards Great Hope by Mendoza, Jacqueline R.

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The Best Naat Poems

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Ek Kali Punna Komajali

Ek Kali Punna Komajali

Ek kali umalt hoti,
Aaichya garbhat khelat hoti,
Tich hot swapan shoth,
Jag pahav aapan moth.
Aaich hot jiv aaplya balavar,
Babanch hi hot swapan aaplya babavar,
Kunas thauk najar kunachi lagli?
 Ya aanadachya shanala !!!!
Jevha kalale aaji-aajobanna,
Mulacha varasa nahi gharanya,
Tisakar ticha hou lagala
Kay dosha ticha ? Ti mulagi asalyacha?
Aani keli tichihi hatya janmnya aadhich…
Aani punna ek kali phulanya aadhich komajali…….
Aani punna ek kali phulanya aadhich komajali…….

Akshata Pimple
Gundawali ( Boisar )

Copyright © Akshata Pimple

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Twilight Of Spirituality

Twilight Of Spirituality

The world was dark
Before the Islam
Prophet after prophet came to the world
But the glory was very short
The twilight of spirituality had never stayed so long
They worshiped in wrong way
It was the time when truth was lost and there was no peace
No mercy on living beings
Then the finest creation came to the world
Last prophet of Allah, Mohammad (PBUH)
It was a night
Moon was shining bright
Then permanent twilight of spirituality begun
When the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was nearly forty
He started the meditation
He was a man who made a transition
Our Prophet showed so much dedication
Revealed to him the book named Quran
The holy shades of Allah’s Noor spread everywhere
The messages of Allah through his messenger
Blossomed like flowers of spring
This twilight of spirituality
Calm and peaceful like gentle breeze
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was a person who never uttered a lie
He was recognized as a truthful man
His appearance was like Allah’s Noor
His beauty was like shining stars
He taught us the things we ought to do
He taught us that Allah are one
Allah have neither a daughter nor son
He taught us to be good to our mother and father
He taught us Paradise lies under the feet of our mother
He taught us our appearance, family, mission in this life
He taught us how to perform Salah
He taught us how to give Zakath
He taught us different kinds of Jahad
He taught us Hajj, Honor, Truth, Love, Peace,
Humanity, Sympathy, care and so on……
With most excellent mind………
He taught us justice and understanding of mankind
He taught us human brotherhood and humanity
He was hurt to see bloodshed in the society
He possessed the knowledge which was a cure
The disease of ignorance, arrogance and many more
He (Last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) had broken all falsehood and evil way
He was the beloved Prophet of Allah
Through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Allah brought……..
Everlasting twilight of spirituality to this world.

Poetess S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari
All Rights Reserved

Copyright © S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari

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The Way Towards Great Hope

Prayer gift of the Spirit
Makes us men and women of hope
Prayer keeps the world
Open to Eternal God

To pray alone is good
Even more beautiful
To pray together

Many ways to become acquainted to Him
There are experiences, groups
Encounters, Courses
To pray

Take part of parish liturgies
Be abundantly nourished by the word of Eternal God
With active participation
In the Sacraments

The baptized
Confirmed by the Eternal Holy Spirit
The Holy Eucharist, communion
So as to live as authentic friends and witnesses of Father Christ


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza

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Takhleeq-e-do Alam Hai Bafaizaan-e- Mohammed

Takhleeq-e-do Alam Hai Bafaizaan-e- Mohammed
Duniya ki har ek Shai pe hai ehsaan-e-Mohammed
Yeh Rutba-e- Ali hai yeh hai Shaan-e-Mohammed
Khud Khalique-e-Alam hai Sana Khaan-e-Mohammed
Bakhsha hai laqab aapko Rahmat ka Khuda ne
Har ek ke liye aam hai Faizaan-e-Mohammed
Tauheed ki daulat se bhara daaman-e-Insaan
Kya kam hai Zamane pe yeh Ehsaan-e-Mohammed
Pahchaan le Allah ko mumkin hi nahi hai
Haasil na hua ho jise Irfaan-e-Mohammed
Kyon larza bar andaam na ho satwate shaahi
Shaahon se bhi badhkar hain Gulaamaan-e-Mohammed
Aa dekhun tera zor bhi ai mahr-e-qiyamat
Hai sar pe mere saaya-e-daaman-e-Mohammed
Akhtar mujhe dekhenge to bol utthenge Qudsi
Aya woh sare hashr sanakhaan-e-Mohammed
(Akhtar Muslimi)

Copyright © Akhtar Muslimi