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When You Coming Home

In the middle of my dark black night I feel a kiss upon my cheek a warmth upon my neck hugging me so tight the whisper of your soft sweet voice hand upon my chest fingers running through my hair God, I feel so at rest Your scent lingers in my dreams Your soul floats in my mind Your heart beats inside me Your thoughts are one with mine Tomorrow will you be with me? Will your gentle touches roam? Will the waiting be over? Baby, when you coming home?

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Oh I Miss You

Where are your eyes when I need to drown
Where have you gone, you're not around.
It's so lonely in the one horse town,
Am I screaming when I can't hear a sound.

Oh I..Oh how I miss you,
Oh no, Oh how I long to kiss you
Can't you see what this is doing to me
I need your soul I need your poetry.

When we have cut all ties I'm still bound
I seat my throne with a broken crown
I'm so lost in the lonely I have found
Tracks of my tears and a frozen frown

Oh I..Oh how I miss you,
Oh no, Oh how I long to kiss you
Can't you see what this is doing to me
I need your soul I need your poetry.

And there is silence in every second we are apart
When there is longing and love in a forgotten heart
I'd give anything to have you back again
You are my muse, my strength, my hope my friend.

Oh I..I miss you more than you know.
Oh I miss you...more than you'll ever know

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The Ballad Of Poet Destroyer

"The Ballad of The Poet Destroyer"

Destroyer, and creator of words
Flying high on the wings of a bird
Drowning every inch, by foes and friends
Where has she gone?

When push came to shove, 
She continued standing tall after every fall
Falling fearlessly like the falling star tapping the lips
Topaz, a star in the eyes of envy the enemy
A dreamlike, miracle mirage, fresh like mints
No reason in remembering yesterday's sad song
Slightly she moves in with the new barren breeze,
A maze in disguise, no way out
A feeling so good, you hate
The naming of names, that won't escape you 
Your eyes of lust, imitate PD's sweetest touch, 
Destruction, with pleasure
A new day, killed by the morning after pill
Everyone gone, shadows remain
Where, has she gone? 

A feeling so good, you hate
Your unmatched precision, wobbles your stability
She'll give you a taste of rays, despite your low self-esteem 
Happiness turns to sadness, making every jaw drop
Where has she gone?

She's not the painting of Mona Lisa, 
However, it does not stop you from spending your cash-
-To see a picture painted with a frown,
Look what you've done!

Never to return, what was, what is!
You say you love her, then you run
A dry barrel, an empty gun, 
Never will the enemy be number one, 
Nothing but a shadow, a rug for PD,
Like a dream, her imagery is haunting
Love her or leave her, her pen name remains
Poet O' Poet where are you?

Advocate of smiles, enjoy her copy paste kiss
Trace her silhouette found in the midnight mist
Blindfolded, indulge by the wind
Breaking, the Texas Hold EM' Hand
Her freedom, her land
Gone insane, she laughs, 
Untouched she remains, she lives
Inside of me

By; PD

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Soul mates solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing
nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender 
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories 
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised 
pens - by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist's pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings
but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

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Merely a child yet now she is running the house So many chores to undertake, her childhood is in tatters How can she forget the day her dear mama passed away Her father mourns secretly since he lost his beloved spouse Precious memories of her in their hearts forever will stay His darling daughter survived, and nothing else matters 02~06~15 abcacb rhyme form Contest: Angel in Disguise - Isaiah Zerbst

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Simply time to go, a little brother's lamentation

Too hard for me to say goodbye
For all apparent reasons why
Even though we all know it must be
Each heart will someday stop the beat
When the rhythm of life, and silence, finally meet
Yet I always seem so surprised 
To find that death is part of life 
Knowing that regret, will now haunt my every rhyme 
The specter called "if only", will inhabit every line.
Wish I could arbitrate a deal to have gained a little time
Just one more talk with Sissy, to ease my guilty mind. 
And the sun now sets on my regrets
I gamble on time and lose each bet
Thinking I'll move on and yet, 
here I set . . .
Wishing for one more time 
One more pun
One more smile 
That will never come 
If I could just recall the things you said that mattered to you most.
Memories un memorized
That now I'll never know
Years of conversation when I didn't pay attention
Times I should have said I love you 
And somehow failed to mention
Then when you tried to tell me you felt your time was drawing near
Your selfish little brother pretended not to hear.
Even when you did your best,  and tried to let me know
You'd made your peace and you were ready, and that for you . . . 
It was simply time to go

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I Wish

The last day I saw you,
You weren’t smiling,
You weren’t happy
The last day I saw you,
I didn’t know I’d miss you
The day I walked in and I heard you were gone
My heart crumbled into pieces,
I didn’t want to listen,
To the voices inside my head
To the thoughts that invaded my brain
Like parasites competing to gain,
A spot in my body

What was I supposed to do?
How could I understand?
You were gone
You disappeared into the ground
The hard,
Cold ground

I wish I knew you
I wanted to know you
I wanted to know everything about you
I hadn’t seen you in months
I told you good-bye more times than I said hello  
I pushed you away,
Look at where it got me

When you left
Everyone around me hurt
Thinking about your name hurt,
The material things you left behind hurt,
Everything and everyone hurt

They say the dead find peace
One way or another,
I want to know if you found the peace you deserve
I hope you preserved
The memories of the ones you adored
I wish you were here
I wish you could see the dent you left
Because my heart is bent

My legs can’t walk anymore
Because walking means moving
And I don’t want to move on 
I can name 365 people for every day of the year
That miss you 
For every precious day that goes by
We miss you in a different way

52 people who still cry every night
Thinking of you,
You were astonishing
I never got to tell you that,
I probably would have never told you that

Sadness isn’t part of what I feel now
I feel resentment,
Why were you taken away?
In the most cruelest of ways

Call me selfish because I want you back
Not to make you feel bad or anything,
But we needed you,
We still need you

After all,
I wish I knew you
I wanted to know you
But, I never got to know you

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Now and Then

Now And Then My heart still thinks about you – Now and Then -- My arms still want to hold you – Now and Then – And, even though I know you’re gone, Your mem’ry just keeps hanging on And I still think about you – Now and Then. My friends all ask about you – Now and Then. I tell them I still see you – Now and Then. Though you have someone to take my place, When I close my eyes I see your face – And your mem’ries, they still haunt me – Now and Then. My heart keeps on rememb’ring How much I loved you so – And though I know it’s over – My heart just won’t let go. And, when I think about you – Now and Then. I always see a love that should have been. My life will never be the same ‘Cause I’m always haunted by your name – Each time I think about you – Now and Then. Yes, I still think about you, Now and Then.

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Violet tulips
Each petal flips, another
Memory of you

©Drake J. Eszes 

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Since Youve Been Gone- A 24 Year Old Poem

Since you’ve been gone….
	The flowers have lost their color
		The sun refuses to give its light
			The moon weeps in her sorrow
				And days have turned into night
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone…
	The birds sing a mournful requiem
		The wind moans at the windowsill
			The sea threatens and billows
				The starlight has grown suddenly dim
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone…
	My world has crumbled down
		The people laugh at my pain
			My strength has withered away
				My tears mix with the rain
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone
	I’m haunted by the beauty of your smile
		I count the endless seconds and days
			I moan your name to my bedroom walls
				I wander around in an endless maze
					Since you’ve been gone

Nothing, no nothing has been the same…
Since you’ve been gone

Eileen Manassian
Circa 1991- 1992

I know there are some changes that need to be made to this, but I wanted to share this with you as I wrote it when I was about...24ish. I wrote it for my then boyfriend who is now my husband. He is the only man who has ever made love to me. I've known him since we were 12....

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splitting heart ache

visions of you
romantic visions of just us two
can these visions be possibly true

dreams of you
wonderful dreams of just us two
are these dreams really really true

my heart is now black and blue
my heart was once for you
my heart is now broken

in two

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A Tribute to Jayson, My Brave Warrior

A Tribute to Jayson, My Brave Warrior
My dear son, Jayson When you called late last night to let me know You were deploying to go overseas tomorrow In spite of my great resolve I broke down and sobbed.
The little boy I lovingly nurtured So witty and good-natured So kind, compassionate, and loving You’ll always be my sweet boy Even though the world now sees you as a grown man.
Recalling special times when I showered your baby face with kisses Or tickled your armpits Howling with laughter, you would beg me “Do it again, Mommy, I love it!”
I remember all those moments we had At times rocky, sometimes sad But most of all memorable and enjoyable. I remember your growing pains All your questions, anxieties, and mixed-up emotions Yes, we made it through hurdles you and I Making me laugh, making me cry But taking that journey together was quite priceless!
You’re now a strong, valiant, young man Willingly putting your life on the line Many have thanked you for your service And, my brave warrior, I am so proud of you When I hear your humble, heartfelt reply, “Glad to do it!”
You’re just simply the best! While you took a minute to leave the nest I’m grateful for the extra time we were given But I know It’s time to let you go – Go take your rightful place in the world.
You’ve grown wings like a fierce eagle It’s your time to fly high! Now soar! But remember that you are always a part of me And even though we may no longer hold hands We are still holding hearts.
These tear-splattered pages Reflect my anguished heart Knowing you’re prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for your country I pray that you will return to me safe and sound I love you, my hero - my precious son. Godspeed! ¡Vaya con Dios!

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Missing My Friend

You are sunshine giving me warmth on a pleasant day
Shining through the sadness showing me how to play
You are the rain tending to my garden with tears of love
Washing away my heavy heart as you watch from above

You are the beautiful flower swaying gently in the breeze
Growing stronger every day urging me to do as I please
You are the wind lifting away the sorrow freeing my soul
As clouds float softly over the tree tops making me whole

You are the butterfly stirring in the early morning light
Dancing with the sunbeams then playfully taking flight
You are the sky showing off prisms of color and hope
Eagerly displaying your amazing beauty helping me cope

You are the dear friend I long for as I realize a new day
Knowing you surround my heart you will never go away
If I had one wish granted today I know it would surely be
To give as much to you as you always gave to me 

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A message from Emilly

A message from Emilly
By Angelo Casiano

A message from above to those of you I love.
I love you more than you’ll ever know,
Even more now that I’m gone.
And my love for you will grow and grow,
Like the chorus to a song.
I had to leave much sooner than
 I thought, I must admit.
But you know mom, until I’m done,
 I’m never gonna quit. 
I left behind some parts of me,
 I have so much to give.
Because of you I’m strong enough,
 to help some others live.
So Daddy when you think of me,
While you watch the Phillies play. 
I’ll be sitting next to you. I’ll be with you every day.
 You’ve given me the best of you.
And now I’m giving back.
I will love you for eternity. No matter were I’m at.

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Living In the Past

Play for me, Long May You Run,
to shed a tear and reminisce
of open roads when life begun,
to think of those now gone and missed.

Play for me a tender song
to share with some good friends like you.
Let's laugh and cry and sing along.
I know you feel the way I do.

Faced with the choice of moving on
or falling in the past's abyss,
I'd rather meet each day's new dawn
with those dear souls I love and miss.

Long may they run, sun-kissed somehow, 
though I have changed so much since then.
I wonder if they'd know me now
and warm me with their love again.

Inspired by Neil Young's Long May You Run, 11/12/2014

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White Shoulder Dreams

Oh the images we freeze in time

the sweet, sweet scents that bring recall

the sharp and painful longing that belongings bring

for those lost or lingering on sheets of lavender

on shelves of shaving mugs - Old Spice

soap roped in shower stalls.

Oh the images warmed and torn, sun burnt to brown

upon what's left of glossy crenulated sheets

showing frozen plumped out peeks of

blistering love, gape toothed girls

and sour apple dreams.

We freeze in time on scrapes and shards

on compasses far from the woodlands scene

the tobacco scent of Papa, his yellowed fingers

as they touched my dimpled chin,

blue eyes behind wire rims.

The sweet, sweet scents that bring recall

White Shoulder's between her wholesome breasts

Mother's satin, Chantilly drenched negligee 

and father's black onyx ring

ah, I still have him.

The sharp and painful longing that belongings bring

guilty pleasures hidden from the public's tut-tuting eyes

hoarded in ornate boxes, or pressed between stout boards

relentless, heartless is the passing

passing into the frayed, worn fringes

of our dollop of mirrored time.

For those lost or lingering on sheets of lavender

with drawers of balsam pillows to recall the olden days

bring forth the buds which bloom on taffy and apple pie

do not forget the taste of the love

the cotton candy kisses 

their first chocolate cone.

On shelves of shaving mugs - Old Spice

soap roped in shower stalls, no sense comes

without its call to memory. Oh you do not sit alone,

play all the old tunes from radio days

and invite your loved ones

to come home.

This is my form it is called Etcetera. 

Definition: Write a line or a stanza, take from that line or stanza words in the 
order they were written [ from 1 word to whole lines or phrases] begin your 
next stanza with it continue until you have written using all the words in the 
order written in the line or stanza being explored in depth in a stream of 
internal dialogue. ALL poetic devises/tropes may be used INCLUDING internal 
rhyme. The verse may be as long or short as you wish, no meter required, no 
syllable count.

I would say Etcetera and Blitz are sub forms of Free Verse - Stream of 

Consciousness - Etcetera- Blitz

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You told me we’d always be friends Out of the blue our friendship ends I was your ‘forever friend’ - you told me so Now you simply don’t want to know Thought you the one on who I could rely A comforting shoulder when I wanted to cry A shining beacon that brought me light Our friendship was a pure delight You vanished, didn’t say a word Now all my questions go unheard No reply I need so much to know why How could you not have said goodbye! A tear I shed as I think of you tonight Of all that was so happy and bright I love you still more than you could know I am desolate that I cannot tell you so Soul mate and friend we were one Linked in a bond that could not be undone Yet here I sit the bond broken My heart aches, my pain unspoken Jan Allison & Shane Cooper Collaboration 23rd January 2014

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I Think Of You

I think of you
When the smell of patchouli drifts in the air. 
We hugged for the first time, that scent was there.
It mixed between us along with the pheromones,
Silently caressing the air between our body moans.

I think of you
With every tingle on my skin that rises with your name,
One touch from your heart and I was never the same.
A thousand tiny pin pricks of excitement collide,
Blushing from my cheeks and my smile I couldn't hide.

I think of you
When my heart song starts to sweetly sing,
Your voice as we danced is worth remembering.
You moved me and carried me to the sky.
The ropes of your strength helped me to fly.

I think of you 
As the sand man sprinkles my night eyes closed.
Lights flash when in your arms I was posed.
Every night I think of my wants and my wishes,
A thousand more of your feel good kisses.

I think of you
In the hours of the day that torture my wake,
Waiting for a moment with you I can take.
The drum of my heart beats melancholy,
All the times that you are not with me.

I think of you and think how lucky I was to have the chance
to be a part of your history and a partner to your dance.

For Contest: I think of you
Date: February 15, 2014

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lucky one

She walked like rain, my heart went pitter-patter.
Tear drops remain when emotions splatter.
I think of her then, spinning like the willow tree.
I was so in love with her, wild woman soaring free.
Space and time blur the scent of her perfume.
Once she was my wife, I was her tuxedoed groom.
For her I lived my life, she made my heart smile.
Her body is earth now, but I see her once in a while.
Warm red rainbow is how I see her entrancing lips,
Green grass as it tickles my skin, that is her fingertips.
To forget her would be a sin, she was a forever love.
Kisses are clouds, eyes the sun, she watches from above.
This romance will never be done. I know I was ...a lucky one.

For Contest: Interlocking Rhyme
Date: January 26, 2015

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Behind the black olives redianted*
the moon this night
is handing over a bloomed sign.
Why are you going to bed alone
in colorful bed sheets?
Hear! In Syracusae troubadours are singing
in one love,
about that while you burn into,
you burn endlessly.
But you are falling asleep.
A domestic bird, hidden
behind curtains of brocade
and pressed her lips on a golden spider.

A homeless night in the black olives
and a sound of our Beyond.

* ? neologism created by the author expressing that something is shined on by radiance

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Gift of Golden Days

Golden the rings upon our fingers rest,
Those were the days I loved the best.
Fingers twisted like trees, you and I,
Reaching the heavens, reaching the sky.

Marry me my love after ever, I do,
God blessed a union, joining me and you.
In the wind and waves we danced as one.
Upon the ocean, restrictions became undone.

Golden the sun that caressed our skin,
Those were the days, my life would begin.
My wife, I gave you my attention and grace,
Waltzing in a world without a challenging face.

Loving me with every smile, you completed me.
Those were the days I look back and envy.
Every heartbeat was bliss, I was a fortunate one.
Even as the threads of your life became undone.

I watched you, my angel, as you met fragility,
Without you, I wondered, what would become of me.
Every moment you died, I worshiped your life,
The days were golden with you as my wife.

In heaven, do you wear a halo, like that angel you are,
For you still light my way, for you are my shining star.

For Contest: Golden Days
Date: March 27, 2015

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Some Friends Aren't Forever

Some friends aren’t forever
This is as far as we go
We’ll exchange dishonest smiles
Ignoring what we both know
You’ll say “See you later”, one last time
You’ll give me your number, and I’ll give you mine

but we won’t call and we won’t meet
though you think I’m funny and I think you’re sweet
Your company has done me good
We’ve talked much longer than we should
From the dark a face watches, the shades are drawn
my home life waits with the porch light on

and the gloom of “if” will hide the track
the many miles that I walk back

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Vainly I Stand

Vainly I stand before you
Waiting for an utterance
Any word of understanding
But these are days of famine

The honeysuckle flow of verse,
And kindness has abandoned
No words can repair this ruin 
Too late, too late, to wait

My memory of you will fade
Yours of me will never be
And thus is another chapter
Of broken dreams and lost love

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I Miss You

They say .... 
Do not  live in the past 
But it's so hard not to when it's where I seen you last.
I miss him so much, 
that friend of mine
If only, I could turn back the hands of time 
I would go back to the day that you and I first met 
Knowing that in the future I would miss you and change what I now regret. 
That moment I let you slip through my fingers 
Left with only memories of you that will forever linger.

                     I Miss You!

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You're the Only One I Need

I find myself praying for the strength, to take
all of your problems and make them go away;
It's those three little words, I wish I could say
“I love you”; Maybe I'm afraid to get hurt
Maybe it's something worse.

I want to be the guy you rely on, a shoulder to cry on
Wipe the tears from your eyes when you cry,
Make that smile reappear that’s as deep as the sky
They say you never know love from fake

But I'm giving you my heart, in hopes it won't break
So to the owner, Here’s the deed,
You're the only one I need.