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The Writer In Me

Is a soldier
He uses original paint to avoid crises during his war paintings
To avoid worries he frames experience in simple pictures
He knows tears can erase many water painting on written walls
The writer in me is so mean he never falls

He dribbles my own calculated footsteps
Like mistakes and lessons when you walk pass six plus six plus six
Everything stay fixed
He staples his lips in smiles
Equalizers are irritating to adjust during rush hour gossips

Mini enemies minimizes energy to maximize external intentions
In real time the writer in me anticipates to test drive defenseless expressions
He smiles in mirrors defining his images of a convincing writer
The writer in me intends to testify less physical intentions
Like expressions written in useless reactions chasing perfection in tender loving courage

The writer in me is so dodgy
Dishonest but real in realistic dialogues diluted by real facts
An idiot so like a student translating Sepulana into meaningful alphabets
He paints images upside down so readers can read what’s not written
He escaped judgement day buy judging his days
The writer in others like those other writers who read and walk their readings re-think history's footsteps

They speak statements under shadows of their own pavements
Writing is the stupidest weapon 
It does shoot at bees spreading in million ways to play hide and sick
Love sick no approval from eggs to donate farts
Rotten farts from realities long boiled eggs

Hide and sick is the hardest champion ship driven by waves between chewing gums
Some dirty behaviors are thirsty for improvisational gums
The writer in me whispers a lie in a group of nothing
And receive awards for hearing nothing 
Painters can paint you pushing a wrong truck of your own hustle 

I wonder how it feels seeing the seconds between a picture snapped from a 1994 digital camera energy
Those expensive nothings that will always be something
The writer in me knows the answer to all combined maths and history's favorite soundtracks
Freedom is a prison located in your mind

© Raymond Ngomane 

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I don't know and what if

I don't know
I don't know
I don't know
Let it sink in
I don't know the answer
I don't know who you are
I don't know myself
I don't know how to get there
I don't know her
I don't know you that well
I don't know the next step

I don't know the answer
Or maybe I do
What if I am pretending
What if not knowing is my way of controlling you
Not having to take responsibility
What if I just want to see what you know
What if I am practicing to become a politician
Or maybe it's true 
I don't know

I don't know who you are
I would like to
Really I would
What if we spent more time together
I think that would help
What if you opened up a bit more
What if I listened more
That's not always easy
I'm still trying to figure out myself
That's right
I don't know myself

There are times I think I do
When I think I have figured me out
What if I'm deluding myself
What if I can't handle the truth
What if I need some time alone, to figure it out
What if I don't know, how to get there from here

I could ask for directions
Then what kind of man would I be
What if it would be okay, to question myself
To be able to say 
I don't know
I don't have the answers
What if like you, I'm just trying to figure it out
What if, I know myself better than I think
What if it's my way, of protecting myself

When I was young
A girl said "I don't know you that well"
Still she wanted to be with me
Not because she wanted to know me better
It was a hunger we both felt
I don't know her anymore
I didn't know her then
What if I had said no
Had not gone down that road to losing myself
What if I had waited
Waited, till I knew myself
Just a little better
I don't know
And yes sometimes I do
What if "I don't know" is the excuse I used
To do the things
I wanted to do
What if by saying, "I don't know the next step"
I wasn't responsible
I didn't have to take the blame
I could have waited
But I didn't want to

I don't know
I don't know
What if
I did
What if I do
I don't know
What if 
What if it's all nothing but a game
I don't know
Still round and round I go
What if
I stopped
I don't know
I just don't know!

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*****To the naked EYE, this poem may seem like gibberish,
but I assure you it is loaded with 24 palindromes,
3 palindrome phrases, 1 hidden palindrome phrase,
and is chock full with enormous wordplay...
oh and one more palindrome in this description. 
Can you find more? I challenge you word freaks!*****


Last night, around eleven or so, I decided to paint a pink castle.
To my dismay, on display, is what looks more like a pink asshole.
Picasso would've been so proud!
Today, upon recording nothing short of a colossal debacle,
I've chosen to
utilize the eyes of a hostile apostle.
Tossing docile scribble, I'm scribing.
Describing life like a diatribe conniving REVIVER at a revival.


Palindrome EYE to the side of my tribe.
Get in line, standing at the hands of HANNA.





We OTTO-matically 
DAD got so damn mad he DID the DEED
and split three XANAX with his MADAM and MOM!
(ALA the ABBA GIG way back in them AHA kookie KOOK days)

So anyways...
Back to peek hassle!
Do ya' think he might like ta' take a stab at my STATS?

*****(this was fun as fun can be:
hope you have half as much fun with it as I did:)*****


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My computer has a ‘smell chequer’ Alas it doesn't seem to work For when I make an error I just look a complete jerk I know that I can smell I can do that pretty well But when I make an error It often is a terror I’m wary typing duck, I know that F is next to D Because if I do a swear it could be a tragedy If I’m typing the word shots I need to take great care Because I is next to O and of this I am aware So make sure you use your ‘smell chequer’ I am sure you will agree Your poems will be ‘prefect’ You will get it ‘write’ like me Jan Allison 25th October 2014

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Dialogue of Place

Dialogue of  {Place}

Should I whisper words
that hang on memory’s peaks,
cumulous across my forehead?

A world of words - connected
like tides to the moon.

Words that mingle and rise,
as mist from a valley 
or, dwell in half forgotten dreams;
endless as ocean waves,
or vistas of flowering fields.

Beautiful words
that tell me of my place.

Suzanne Delaney

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A key to unlock the heart in loving thought to impart of simple words two lovebird simply find a way..... A simple wish A wish of love A simple love To wish upon To hold you near To let you in To let you hold Me once again I open up A heart of fear With opened eyes A love so dear This loving moment Held deep within Within a moment Gone again A simple wish A wish of love A simple love To wish upon I open up A heart of fear With opened eyes A love so dear

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How Poetry Began

How Poetry Began

Gentle spirit came to visit noble man
sent poetic verse throughout the land
Declared she, I am the original Muse
your heart , soul and mind seek to use

Write and sing,love so deeply with me
we together shall plant a poetry tree
As our hearts join to this world sail
love and hope shall forever prevail

The Universe I have long ago tread
every galaxy my words have been read
You , mankind are the last I will meet
the poetic ground now underneath my feet

Open your hearts and see with new eyes
this new way will defeat all the lies
Beam of true light shall open your mind
you will be the first in all poetic kind

With this visit the original Muse departed
poetry spread in each heart it was started
Now we seek ever to find this greatest Muse
to prove how brilliantly she did choose!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-13-2014

This is was written as an entry in the
 How Poetry Began contest....
Has not been entered.  Seems the deadline has now passed..

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Lust Is An Integral Part

You cannot merely dismiss me,
for I am part of your heart.
And play in every fantasy,
where lust is an integral part.

Innocence and sin commingle,
blending in perfect silhouette.
And although opposing shadows,
they converge with little regret.

Angels share the heart of demons,
good and evil are often twins.
And despite all their differences,
you cannot always tell which wins.

When erotic passions ignite,
l tap into more shady thoughts.
And if it's wanton sex you crave,
I'm the feeling that calls the shots.

Love provides credibility,
while l supply the energy.
And we are inseparable, 
coexisting in synergy.

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Words from the Oracle

We are in our fall before the season comes
Misting eyes and dropping a dandy heart
A sullen silence around the bee hive hums
History has no center left, facts fall apart

I have nothing left for honey but my words
Listening cleanse the eyes to see forever
Soon the sky flocks with all departing birds
Old bonds are unbroken, new loves sever

But to come again in heat and passion and lie
Cradled against the unknown of life's tomorrows
So summer goes, and sweet flowers will die
To bloom again as carpet for graves of sorrows.

Soon gold will fall from trees in a gray misty shroud
And all that was green will be brown and dim
And wild grass will bow where the land was ploughed
And wind will tap on its trumpet life's requiem

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Walk A Mile In Your Shoes

You pulled me in opposite directions until there was no slack.
In clenched hands, determination you did not lack.
Together and under, you threaded me through.
and you put me in a loop like you always do.
At the core, you had be wrapped, before you slipped inside,
If I said it didn't hurt when you tightened me, I lied.

And there you made the perfect bow, tying me for fun,
But as you walked on your soles, this knot has come undone.
As long as I am still threaded, I know we are going places,
Because I hold it all together, I am your shoe laces.

March 11, 2015

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The Undyings' Curse

Deep in the earth, a crypt of rock
slumber guarded by casket locked
Lips grope silence ‘ever more
 rasping thought, remembers whispered lore
Outstretched palms the roots do clench
tranquility stilled by festered stench
And eyes, sleep caked, are propped ajar
ignites no life, but collapsed star

Burned blades sigh, Winds’ dying gasp
bones brittle snap within her clasp
A lonesome howl the moon does draw
vigil broken, it twists its maw 
Upon an arena of endless stone
the granite gates they’ve passed alone
And entered a world of burning eyes
eluded the judge of smoldering cries

A faultless gait, no stumbled draw
a reaping brought  by scythe and claw
Opal edge which shrouds a cause
aberrant blade shapes nature’s laws
Dictate a script, the stars can share
an open secret, a language bare
Steps continue, feet are drawn
across gray grass, undying pawn

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POETRY FOR POETS: i own this- edition

Well hopefully you've read the last "Poetry for Poets", now here's the one I wanted to write, enjoy...

(I own this- edition)

more organic than fertilizer
rooted in the shit of life

Some grow wild
seeking their light
through a gnarled thicket
of images
and symbolism.
Ill watered
or sprayed with chemical defoliants
they strangle themselves,
managing to blossom.

Poems thoughtfully precisely planted
to achieve optimum yield

			though occasionally
		poems require		to be forged
	beaten into shape
like a horse shoe
with a few holes
	accurately placed
		ensuring they		will be nailed
			to their purpose

dead words and metaphors 
selectively snipped away
stunning display

There are times when it’s best to live with your poetry
Cover yourself with its words until they stretch and become sloppery
For its comfort increases as the stanzas begin to fray
Patched elbows illuminating what you intend to say
And eventually you’ll have a poem to slip into by the fire
To savour with hot chocolate as it ignites your desire

more organic than fertilizer
flourish when tendered
with love

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                Language is the gift from the world ancient

                     Because from sapiens it did orient

                         Later we created grammar

                       To give it shape and glamour

                   Once all the people were together

                   So was a common glot, none did differ

                     Later the continents moved apart

                    Steadily to form the languages a lot

                    It's a purely geographysical process

                      Soon they got their own address

                    There are really many things common

                   Since all these fall under the same union

                   All languages are from the source asame

                     Who are we to differentiate them..??


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My Celestial Life

My life goes on and on
without any breaks nor rest
it’s like an icicle that melts
but never goes away.
My life is as perfect as it could be
like a rose to be seen
A garden of such beauty
from the fence to the house
My house is warm as a
fire burning in a forest
Music as Grace to the winds in a meadow
my room is messy as a tornado to a house.
The color of Red rose to blood
Color of the Night Sky to Black Sheets
those are the colors to life
Everyone else is happy with life
while I’m looking at stars in the night
Searching for a friend’s light
which are Galaxies away
Once I find her
She brings me happiness and joy
from her heart that chines at night
My life is as perfect as it could be
As we soar though the Nightless Skies of Day and Night.

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This wind is not alone because it stays on the height,
And waits for golden dawns that follow after night;
It crossed many tempests, islands and an ocean dark,
It met the fairies and hobbits and the joyous lark.

While flattening blond fields, it thought a paradox 
How Little Prince was taught on Friendship by a Fox:
While playing with the grass, and with the yellow maze,
While caressing the flowers’ feet, it heard a poet`s case…

This poet is like the hottest wind that lives on height:
Suddenly, his “light poetry” is seen as “poetry of light”.

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My Plea if You Please

Cop-out - there is nothing new under the sun. Do they mean all is already done? A measured game plan, foresee like fait accompli? To prove my plea, reason why for this repartee. A new form I guarantee. Here I will end as I have begun, cop-out - there is nothing new under the sun.
a name for the new form – rhym-ethree as it has three rhymes and is a new type of etheree.

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W85th and Broadway

Does time matter to a sleepless city?
Waiting for the train to come…it'll have to come eventually
Most likely it won' even have my stop.
Hop on hop on while others hop off.
This particular track wasnt meant for them.
Next stop lexington and 125th street
UPTOWN. The voice crackles over the speaker.
5 more stops
5 more stops.
Close but not exact, the train is never exact.

The weak scavenge for a place to sit 
while the sturdy stand upright.

Stand clear of the closing doors. 

Humans packed tight together, 
cause for complete strangers to share conversation

Stand clear of the closing doors.

Open Close
The breaks screech again.
Open Close
On and Off
Still I stand strong keeping seats open for the ones who deserve it.

Does hard work really pay off? 
A city worker with a broken back is still broke. 
While a Wall Street broker affords to lose enough money 
to feed his family for an entire year.

On and off they go 
On and off they went 
busy bees and worker ants crawling on a ball of dirt.

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Beast Of Beauty

I've the shadows on the sidewalk Touching the ground, so...smooth.. as I stalk. Strut unleashed, Lust released. Listen to the sweet as I talk. Capturing your imagination with harmony. A candle light dinner for two...I'm your delicacy. Taste explosion Delicious sin. Emotions raging wild, a beast of beauty...I am free. Temptational Sensational Explicit desire Sin-sational Highly flammable Soul on fire. I'm higher than the clouds...riding on rainbow dreams. Priceless pot of gold traded for cookies and creams. Inspired lies Desire flies Tightrope walker pirouettes on the steel structure beams. Preparing Wearing All eyes on me. Daring Staring The beast of beauty. March23, 2015

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Out Of Control

Gifted Shifted hands lifted Crashing D O W N Spiraling Losing control My world was once whole now a black HOLE consumes my soul. . .. ... M.U.S.E I choose you, but you turn away. man-i-cal la-u-ghter Blue stains my day, Melancholy madness, Shat.t.e.r.ed bliss. Poetic kiss. Where for out thou Romeo? I Don't Know How To Live With Out You, so I die with you. Sweet tears of mOURning dew. ... .. . I remember when I.Loved.You. ...I loved you.. I.l.o.v.e.d.y.o.u and six feet surrender wonder if under remember when you had loved me then. Date: April 10, 2015 I learned this form called Dirty Pretty from poets on Allpoetry, it is unique and artistic in form as the words themselves. Give it a try :)

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My Perk

My Perk

When the daylight comes I know,
after hours of rest,
I will have another go
doing what is best.

Use my time to finish work.
After this is done,
then I know I get my perk—
writing verse for fun!

Contest: Have You Tried a 7/5 Trochee?
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich


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Wonderful Words

Words,words,flowing through my mind,
I'm chilling,having a wonderful time,
Words,words,forming into lines,twisting,turning,tying up my mind,
Flowing with a beat,generating crazy rhymes...

Words,words,they are pulling my strings,
A puppet to these words,ohh what a beautiful thing,
Controlling my fingers,my thoughts,my mood,
Have me sitting on the toilet,writing in the nude...

Words,words,treating me like a punching bag,
Words of a dying old man or a playful little lad,
Love I have felt or an experience gone bad,
Whenever I am sad a few punches makes me glad...

Words,words,sending chills through my skin,
Explosion in my head,from deep,deep within,
Words,wonderful words,keep calling,keep calling,
Lost in these words,i'm falling,i'm falling....

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And there stood still, was I along with persistence
Staring at this book, longing it to be in my existence

Browsing beneath books decorative cover
Eager to read each page carefully before lips stutter 

Is the inside parallel to that of the outside?
Stereotyping cease as one takes a peek on the inside  

Aroused by the few first pages
Wanting more, but the book is neither for rent nor any other wages

So then, I'll bookmark where I left off beginning again on tomorrow.


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Nail Art

Nails grow long and shapely
Standing out against the 
Finger where it is filed
Down to a silhouette
That forms an erotic
Design against
The backdrop
Of fleshy
Colored with
Reds, pinks, auburns,
All the colors of polishes
Meant to reflect the glowing
Profiles of these well-rounded
Voluptuous digits that correspond
To the beautiful hand they are attached
To and are used to do the their daily tasks

Double reverse Etheree Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton
Written on September 24, 2014

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I went out walking to the woods today

I went out walking to the woods today
I saw some canvas cities there
And many empty houses along the way
With yards overgrown or bare
And some building still in a heedless way
I met the paradox of man's dismay.

I went out walking to the woods today
To find the road not taken there
But following fire and cloud turned away
To  wipe my friend's uncomforted tear
And watch the jays and the magpies play
All around our descending disarray.

I went out walking to the woods today
To escape the cities cold despair
But from earth's predicament could not turn away
The sunlight withered gardens everywhere
And there the road not taken made of clay
God with us amidst sins decay.

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Poetr-E For Dummies

Once, I think, you said to me
That poets are like the sand in the sea
But each grain plays a part in that ocean
To set each wave in motion.
Taste this
Little oasis
So you feel
The appeal.
Listen, my friend, to know what we are
How writing, in rhythm, does take us far
Every word takes our soul on vacation
To the culture of a new nation
We are open
When broken
For we know
How to grow.
Open your eyes, and you will see
That though we are like sand in the sea
Our work is parchment coated in emery,
Every word a recorded memory.