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A Declaration On Independence Day

On Independence Day
I declare  independence 
from American imperialism.
I declare U.S. out of Iraq.
And while I am at it
the C.I.A. out of the business
of supplying murderous thugs
with rifles and uniforms 
along with the strategies 
to extinguish
democracy in Haiti.
I also call for the pullout
of State Department funding
in the not so secret 
of the fair and duly elected
President of Venezuela.
On Independence Day
I have the right to say
we need a new policy.
Therefore, I call
for independence from oil.
I call for windmills 
and solar panels
and cool looking hybrid cars 
getting 100 miles to the gallon.
I am tired of chanting
No Blood For Oil.
On Independence Day
I look to a nation
involved in war for war's sake
war to simulate the economy
and make our leaders look great
and call for a different fate.
I declare our politicians
give up corporate sponsorship
and live up to this great nation's
highest aspirations.
Freedom from
illegal occupation.
Freedom from 
propaganda and torture.
Freedom from 
criminal actions
on sovereign nations.
I declare transcendence.
I declare we live up to
life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness
for all humanity.
I declare world independence
from monarchies, theocracies
totalitarianism, oligarchies 
and otherwise puppet regimes.
And I declare we all share these 
inalienable rights. 
Including the right to assemble 
organize and form unions.
Protect the health 
of our elders
newborns and the environment.
And I refuse those who would
deny blacks
the same rights as whites
by suppressing their vote 
with twelve hour lines
in the blistering cold.
Let us all have our say!
And while I am at it
give the poor a megaphone
on mainstream talk shows
let their voices be heard
in the court of public opinion.
I declare freedom from
billionaire owned media
Let independent democracy
infiltrating the television.
Thus let us all speak our truth
and be protected 
from the tyrannical majority
and those empowered by the muzzle.
I declare that our forefathers
envisioned this and much more
in the age of enlightenment.
So that one day
every one of us
on this magnificent planet
regardless of class or culture
national and religious origin
sexual persuasion or gender
would be endowed and empowered
by an independent
yet universal 
human rights agenda.

Dean Walker

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Feelings on Our Independence Day

Today 15th August, we are celebrating The 67th Independence day of India. My country Has yet to witness the glimpse Of an enchanting flowering season, When winds would be flowing On the rhythms of changing scenes And Birds and Butterflies Would show their alluring dances To every singing and rejoicing souls with wings. 01 I want to celebrate my independence day And I am trying to bring a smile On my gloomy face But, how can I be cheerful and Relish the celebrations When the freedom of my country is in peril And perennial forces surrounding us Are trying to distract and destroy The peace and prosperity Of a developing nation. 02 How long, We can keep on watching And waiting and believing O’ Dream makers Your false promises of dreams Of a colorful and bright future, When a large number of dream makers Are in the drowning deep waters Of corrupt practices And some even of crimes Of serious nature. 03 Many still want to again secure Their vote banks by dividing people On caste and religion basis Even at the cost of the security Of the nation And at the cost of the forced drifting Of innocent inhabitants Who have left their ancestral homes In search of peace and a shelter Away from their dream place and homes and companions. 04 Many such dream makers Are standing knee deep In the intoxicating river of greed And are carving for For more and more endless wealth, For more power with arms and ammunitions’ And above all a bigger chair From where they can create Nonsense for the nation. 05 Some dream makers For their gains and selfish interest Choose many such persons Who are down to earth corrupt With deep colors and marks On their hands and Even on their faces too Which often proves them As worst criminals. 06 What a pity it is for a nation That has a mighty and strong army And a huge young generation Watching and looking helplessly The ongoing regular game of enemies On its borders And the game of enemies Who are trying to harm my country Within the land, in our own borders. 07 Both the outer and inner enemies Are constantly busy in planning And in creating Infiltration and war like scenes Created by the trained hate mongers As they work in disguise Of a peaceful citizen and Even sometimes In the disguise of a politician. 08 The enemy surrounding the nation Believes in snatching Peace not only of my country And of the Himalayas But even of the entire earth And believes in lies and In violence and destruction Of every kind As their masters wishes to Conquer the earth Not by spreading Love and Peace Like Buddha and Jesus But by Hate and violence At the cost of every possible destruction Of humans and even of Nature. 09 But these countries And the war mongers, who stands on the Foundation of falsehood and cheating Do not understand the strength And courage of our masses and nation and The moral strength and courage of our Armed forces Which is capable to give them A lesson, If some day it would be Necessary for saving the sovereignty Of this peace loving Nation. 10 Ravindra Kanpur India 15th Aug. 2013

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My Independence Day

The day dawned like any other day
time moving faster than I could
and me still not caring if time stopped altogether
I had no future, I only had yesterday
The dust of broken dreams floating in empty space
only served to remind me I had fallen from grace
with worn out excuses of being so misunderstood.
Then I found my long awaited answer 
It came from above and it came from within
shocking me right back into the reality
I had hidden an emotional cancer
with my apathetic shield of armor called skin
It was finally the hour to forgive my sin
to let go of the past, learn to live again
I no longer need to follow my shadow
It can follow me if it can keep up the pace
I have a crystal clear view from my window
of my gratitude exploding in a splendid array
at being given a chance to win my own race
I am at peace; today is my independence day

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We are Tausug Nation
Defending independence
Free from the enemies
Stood not to get oppressed

Our Nation ruled
Of the country’s independence
Never conquered from then
We shall develop our land

Our country, nation is known
Home of courageous person
Bound only in one faith
Never care of the death

Tumantangis, Dahu peaks of our land
To Bagsak, Sinumaan
And to all the mountains here
Only one God is aimed

Zamboanga, Basilan, North Borneo, Palawan
Centre is in Sulu land
Ruled by the Sultan
From the early point of time

Our nation is united
In the name of faith is complete
Only God is firm
Determined not to get conquered

Land of the pearl garden
Sulu Sea in the world is famous
From the South and North
And East and West

Blood of Martyrs flowed in the vein of the Sug Nation
Fought to defend
Flag rose like Vinta strip
Eternal pledge appeared

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Why to Sulu you cannot grant?
To Sulu you don’t mind!

Sulus cried for once!
Sulus need to embrace then…

Until this shall not achieve
Still the march towards it!
Sulus need this to happen
United Nations please do what is due to them!

Freedom and independence 
Are basic human rights 
For the Sulu to regain!

Should other nations feel
What was their will to have their freedom? 
They could have felt how Sulus 
Wanted to be like them!

Do not add time to waste lives!
Please act to help Sulu stateless nation!
This could be done by United Nations?
For Decolonization!

Justice! Justice! Justice!

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This Independence Day July 4th

To my fellow Americans, 
during this 4th of July.
I have a thought.. . Here's why…

When we salute our flag
 ever so grand.
Our country's foundation
 is sinking in "quicksand."

This is because.   From God...  
We're way "off course."
Driven by lust, greed
 and an "immorality force  ."

Much ungodliness continues to rule.
As God has been 
removed from our schools!

We hear of  "separation of 
church and state."
Anything of God...  
Many people seem to hate!

America!  Listen to what 
this message is about!
Everything of God is 
slowly being taken out!

We must return to Jesus!...  
He gives true freedom indeed!.
The truth word of God’s . 
Our country must read!

Living for God is worth the cost!
Without HIM... 
 America is forever lost!

By Jim Pemberton

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Nigerian Independence Celebration

As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion to import rice and another $2 billion on milk.
I produce rice, but don’t eat it. I have millions of cows but no milk.
I am 53, please celebrate me.
I drive the best cars in the world but have no roads,
so I crush my best brains in the caverns,
craters and crevasses they crash into daily.
I am in unending mourning, please celebrate me.
My school has no teacher and my classroom has no roof.
I take lectures through windows and live with 15 others in one room.
All my professors have gone abroad, and the rest are awaiting visas.
I am a university graduate, but I am illiterate. I want a future, please celebrate me.
Preventable diseases send me to hospitals without doctors, medicines or power.
All the nurses have gone abroad and the rest are waiting to go also.
I have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world;
and future generations are dying before me. I am hopeless, hapless and helpless,
please celebrate me.
For democracy’s sake I stood all day on Election Day.
But before I could ink my thumb, results had been broadcast.
When I dared to speak out, silence was enthroned by bullets.
My leaders are my oppressors, and my policemen are my terrors.
I am ruled by men in mufti, but I am not a democracy.
I have no verve, no vote, no voice, please celebrate me.
My youth have no past, present nor future.
So my sons in the North have become street urchins;
and his brothers in the South have become kidnappers.
My nephews die of thirst in the Sahara and his cousins drown in the Mediterranean.
My daughters walk the streets of Lagos , Abuja and Port Harcourt;
while her sisters parade the streets of Rome and Amsterdam .
I am grief-stricken, please celebrate me.
Pen-wielding bandits have raided everything in my vaults.
They walk the land with haughty strides and fly the skies with private planes
They have looted the future of generations unborn;
and have money they cannot spend in several lifetimes,
but their brothers die of starvation. I want a kit of kindness, please celebrate me.
I can produce anything, but import everything.
So my toothpick is made in China; my toothpaste is made in South Africa;
my salt is made in Ghana; my butter is made in Ireland;
my milk is made in Holland; my shoe is made in Italy;
my vegetable oil is made in Malaysia*** my biscuit is made in Indonesia;
my chocolate is made in Turkey and my table water made in France.
My taste is far-flung and foreign, please celebrate me.
My land is dead because all the trees have been cut down;
flooding kills thousands yearly because the drainages are clogged;
my fishes are dead because the oil companies dump waste in my rivers;
my communities are vanishing into the huge yawns of gully erosion, and nothing is being done.
My very existence is uncertain and I am in the deepest depths of despondence, please celebrate me.
I have genuine leather but choose to eat it.
So I spend billions of dollars to import fake leather.
I have four refineries, but prefer to import fuel,
so I waste more billions to import petrol. I have no security in my country,
but send troops to keep peace in another man’s land.
I have hundreds of dams, but no water.
So I drink ‘pure’ water that roils my innards.
I need a vision, please celebrate me.
I have a million candidates craving to enter universities,
but my dungeons can only accommodate a tenth.
I have no power, but choose to flare gas,
so my people have learnt to see in the dark and stare at the glare of Unclad flares.
I am shrouded by darkness, please celebrate me.
For my golden jubilee,
I shall spend 16 billion naira to bash around the bonfires of the banal.
So what if the majority gaze at my possessed, frenzied dance;
drenched in silent tears, as probity is enslaved in democracy’s empty cellars?
I am profligacy personified, please celebrate me.
Why can I not simply reflect and ponder?
Does my complexion cloud the colour of my character?
Does my location limit the lengths my liberty?
Does the spirit of my conviction shackle my soul
Does my mien maim the mine of my mind?
And is failure worth celebrating?

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It is fifty now
Yet what a pity now
It is difficult to say how
But at last you can't wait to shout wow!

Prior to independence were dead stones without ears
Ere half their days in a dark world and wide
Dancing to the rhythm of extortionist leadership for years
Wow! thank God for independence to confide

Optimism was our next option
But could nepotism ever let this option function?
creating a pseudo leadership and fellowership in duo
Oh what a pathetic status quo

Still swinging to sweep the days of the traitors
Their songs are wrong for these days
Let's blend their rhythm with our composition
And create a new song for her

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Nigeria at Independence, Yet Hopeful

As the pride of our continent
rolls out her drum of independence
With great achievements clearly evident ;
to groove an extreme life of Indulgence
She blows the trumpet from her resident

Once enslaved,now liberated
She dances ethusiastically in triumph
Her vigour and victory no longer defeated;
Gradually as she outgrows her nymph
and mounts up on platform elevated

Her days ahead are even more green
Though now myopic to see the Big screen
She'll win her spurs if only we get really keen;
and quit venting on her our spleen
but esteem her as a Queen

blame her not for the on-goings in her abode
nor openly tag her good-for-nothing dry bone
encourage her instead to keep up with the high-way code;
and she'll sooner become the chief corner stone
yelling out in a more cheerful tone

Call her not a nonentity
for she firmly stands as a true identity
she yearns for true diplomats to uphold her dignity;
as she gradually unfolds her creative ability
to nurture heroes of her nativity

I mean Her, our country NIGERIA
a nation envied from afar by foreigners
endowed with so great a treasure on every area;
birthing diverse calibre of World-class designers
Hoist the Flag as you go for Goals,NIGERIA!

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As We Celebrate Independence Day

As We Celebrate Independence Day… At this time, which we celebrate our independence. Perhaps we should look at this country’s dependence. It’s like we want to be independent of God’s commands. And have brought a dependence of evil all over the land. Do we have the freedom that helped us get started? Or has the freedom we once enjoyed, long departed? We’ve allowed a tide of wickedness upon our shores! And have no idea what God’s freedom is meant for! Only Jesus can give us the freedom that we need. Only he can break the bondage of lust and greed! Only he can bring a salvation and hope that will help us! Before the corruption begins to fill and overwhelm us! Only he can provide the freedom from the bondage of sin! And bring a peace and stability to our lives again! Through Christ, there is no God and man separation! Only his blood can cleanse the heart of this nation! During this Independence Day, here’s the question; “Have you thought about going in God’s direction?” Through Christ, independence can be a daily experience. You can be changed by his power and glorious appearance! Dear Lord Jesus, as we begin our celebration… May we honor you, as the God of our nation! By Jim Pemberton

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July 4th: Independence Day

Every year, America celebrates it annual birthday. It's been going on for years and years,
even before I was even born. This American holiday is so great, I wish it was Independence
Day forever.  On a 4th of July, there's barbecue, and a lot of festivities like a
horseshoe toss, pin the tail on a donkey, and stuff. The President of the United States of
America should be very proud. There's specials for the 4th of July, even on TV. There's
also a lot of reference of America's birthday, especially when everybody's still talking
about the Constitution of the U.S., the Bill of rights, and the Revolutionary War. I bet
we all took American history back in school. By day, all of us U.S. citizens are enjoying
the 4th of July festivities, and at night, fireworks are popping in the sky. What everyone
is seeing on the night of July 4th is a lot of fireworks on a summer night. everyone
should record what happened on July 4th and post it on And when it comes to
celebrating Independence Day every year, it's a holiday for all of U.S. citizens to talk
about.I know I'm looking forward to doing something for Independence Day this year. And
when Independence Day ends as of midnight, it'll be an American holiday all of us U.S.
citizens will never forget.

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Happy Independence Day

Blow up them firecrackers.
Light up the sky.
Because it's Happy Independence Day.
I've been meaning to say..

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happ..
Happy Independence Day, Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day.Happy Independence Day.

Sparklers glowing.Stars and stripes showing.
Nothing but happy people.Celebrating the Fourth Of July.
The birth of our country.The birth of our flag.
Because our founding fathers.Always wanted it this way.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happ..
Happy Independence Day.Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day.Happy Independence Day.

Fifty stars and thirteen stripes.
The flag still flies.The American way.
Old Glory's the name.Old Glory's the same.
Join with the crowd, for the American dream. 

So blow up them firecrackers.
Light up the sky.
Because it's Happy Independence Day.
I've been meaning to say.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happ..
Happy Independence Day.Happy Independence Day.
Happy Independence Day.Happy Independence Day.

Independence Day-Song Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2006,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

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Chocolate Covered Independence-Valentine's Day

Vividly, you can see that you're perfection is only natural.
Averting commercial tides, while you continue
Licking the uncooked cupcake batter off the spoon.
Excellence on its own merit, without any reused romantic tricks,
Noticing the lonely,
Tend to eat chocolate by the pounds while
Inside, their hearts swarm with bitterness
Nonetheless, all wise women should know,
Eating all your feelings never fills the emptiness
Such atrocities have "hopeless romantic" and 
Danger written all over them, hence they must stop. 
Applaud your independence and simply love

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Thirteen Days In Summer: Independence Day

Crimson candlelight burnt orange: Ancient ?
Blue notes in purple lines; breaking telefaxed
World news a drop of blood trickling; moist lips.. 
Hungry for more these factory boys as girls; props
Their silhouettes raising his white washed, cue cards
Black balloon, playing on the radio racing to her editor
New York Times live at five this first edition regurgitated....
Pages ripped from trash bins and, has been; but another day
Here at the office of slip knot ties as mini skirt lies blue made, notes 
Be purple lines in suicide bombers breaking news; where we win, you lose.
           .... |*.*\ The Book Of Isaiah Chapter Forty Seven *.* ....