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Fourth Of July

Fourth of July, Independence Day for the United States, and
On the news political speeches praising the nations heritage, then
Reading of the declaration in deep proud voices and joyful singing.
The country will celebrate with parades and fireworks and ceremonies,
Hanging the flag outside their homes and having picnics with streamers.

On army bases there will be a salute of one gun shot for each state, and
From radios and TV the most popular song will be The Star Spangled Banner.

Jumping children with balloons red, white, blue floating, and
Under tents the barbecues will be cooking those big ball park dogs.
Love of the nation will be on every lip and in every single heart, then
Years of patriotic events will be re-enacted outside in a show of national pride.

June 29, 2015


For the contest, Celebrate Independence, sponsor, Kim Merryman

Third Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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Feelings on Our Independence Day

Today 15th August, we are celebrating The 67th Independence day of India. My country Has yet to witness the glimpse Of an enchanting flowering season, When winds would be flowing On the rhythms of changing scenes And Birds and Butterflies Would show their alluring dances To every singing and rejoicing souls with wings. 01 I want to celebrate my independence day And I am trying to bring a smile On my gloomy face But, how can I be cheerful and Relish the celebrations When the freedom of my country is in peril And perennial forces surrounding us Are trying to distract and destroy The peace and prosperity Of a developing nation. 02 How long, We can keep on watching And waiting and believing O’ Dream makers Your false promises of dreams Of a colorful and bright future, When a large number of dream makers Are in the drowning deep waters Of corrupt practices And some even of crimes Of serious nature. 03 Many still want to again secure Their vote banks by dividing people On caste and religion basis Even at the cost of the security Of the nation And at the cost of the forced drifting Of innocent inhabitants Who have left their ancestral homes In search of peace and a shelter Away from their dream place and homes and companions. 04 Many such dream makers Are standing knee deep In the intoxicating river of greed And are carving for For more and more endless wealth, For more power with arms and ammunitions’ And above all a bigger chair From where they can create Nonsense for the nation. 05 Some dream makers For their gains and selfish interest Choose many such persons Who are down to earth corrupt With deep colors and marks On their hands and Even on their faces too Which often proves them As worst criminals. 06 What a pity it is for a nation That has a mighty and strong army And a huge young generation Watching and looking helplessly The ongoing regular game of enemies On its borders And the game of enemies Who are trying to harm my country Within the land, in our own borders. 07 Both the outer and inner enemies Are constantly busy in planning And in creating Infiltration and war like scenes Created by the trained hate mongers As they work in disguise Of a peaceful citizen and Even sometimes In the disguise of a politician. 08 The enemy surrounding the nation Believes in snatching Peace not only of my country And of the Himalayas But even of the entire earth And believes in lies and In violence and destruction Of every kind As their masters wishes to Conquer the earth Not by spreading Love and Peace Like Buddha and Jesus But by Hate and violence At the cost of every possible destruction Of humans and even of Nature. 09 But these countries And the war mongers, who stands on the Foundation of falsehood and cheating Do not understand the strength And courage of our masses and nation and The moral strength and courage of our Armed forces Which is capable to give them A lesson, If some day it would be Necessary for saving the sovereignty Of this peace loving Nation. 10 Ravindra Kanpur India 15th Aug. 2013

Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to an earthquake-w

What a day you chose, Grandma Mine!
To quake, to move, to shiver, to shake
Thereby to ravage, to savage, to shatter,
The celebrations of Mother India Republic Day.
A female snake eating her own children!
What bad karma those school children had done?
What configurations of the planets took place
In the natal charts of those thousand killed?

Million years ago you jolted and rocked,
Opening up the Atlantic & creating Indian Ocean,
Delinking India from Africa and Sri Lanka.
Those oceans are widening & the Pacific shrinking.
Will North America & Asia drift into each other?
*The twelve plates mate and hate each other,
Caribbean to Cocos & Indian to Eurasian.
Your wanton ways to be taken as blessing in disguise?
Your natural acts as great levelers? Or
HE made the world to fit best to create & destroy.


*There are 12 twelve plates of our mother earth. It is based on the earthquake
that shook India's seaside area on 26th January 2000, the Independence Day of


Form: Ode
tenth place win
Contest by Linda
June 16, 2005
Dr. Ram Mehta
Form: Irregular Ode
Featured on PS on 3/20/2011
The poem was posted on the day I joined Soup. Originally it is one of the
Poem published in my Poetry Book "The Roamings" (2000) 

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2005

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4th of July

                               4TH OF JULY, INDEPENDENCE DAY ,YOURS AND MINE
                                                  - OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY

                                4TH OF JULY -UNITED STATES’ INDEPENDENCE DAY
                                   YOURS AND MINE - OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!
                                  COLLECTIVELY, WE ALL CELEBRATE IN A WAY
                                         SPECIALLY, TODAY, FOR EVERYBODY
                                   DONE THIS VERY DAY WE GAINED VICTORY
                                     YOURS AND MINE -OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY.

                                  IN THIS LUCKY PLACE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY
                                 HEREWITH ,LOVERS  OF PEACE AND POSTERITY
                                           TODAY, OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!
                               SO THAT HER CITIZENS  ONE DAY, TODAY, ENJOY


   *Islamic States of  Iraq and Syria                         


Copyright © William Labtis | Year Posted 2014

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World Wide Web

Horizontal trying to manufacture soothing snowflakes
Inside this deserts globe the coolness, in their touch...
An escape from realities pangful dust; walking away from
These venues a breath and somewhat fresh air; generic
Fourth of July independence day time square banners
A collective shout their cup of tea turning the ignition untying
Wild mules five minutes gone by yet all be lost; the thrill
Past do it again, they scream popping pills as cutting
Dreams atop golden rust in mildewed editing floors making time
Forming lines, endless here you are another jolt joe, then off you go.

Copyright © Rachel St.Cross | Year Posted 2013

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Still want to

I still want to tickle your funny bone
So here it is
Do you want due or no due?
Would you rather play or you rather display?
Would you say or would you portray?
The Independence Day is coming
Do you know what we are independent of?
Would you think first or wait?
Ask first or ask later?
Are you raw or are you well done?
Could you bless or could you mess?
Would you wow or would you howl?
Would you chow or would you doubt?
How do you know what you are getting?
Running late, aren’t ya?
So what this time?
The alarm didn’t go off?
Forgot and dozed off?
Couldn’t get up?
Ahh you may need better explanations than that
Like I forgot to set my alarm, lol
Running out excuses?
Don’t worry
I’ll make one for you
Do you ever feel like you can do anything?
Do you feel that or think that?
If you think that then you can
If you feel that I don’t know
You may feel ill who knows?
Would you want to be a President?
Wouldn’t you rather be a congressman instead?
You get more wins that way
Would you speak or would you reach?
I think I am done until next time
Would you wait or would you partake?
Ahh choices
Wouldn’t you know?

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2014

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Today was independence day in our country,
I dint know the exact date, I just woke up on it in the news,
Don’t call me unpatriotic, because of that.

I went to the shop, got a share of my breakfast,
I noted, the prices had doubled, 
I looked at the shopkeeper, I wondered if he knew.

I dint plan for that, now I was left with one way fare,
I walked to work, during the independence day,
Somewhere celebrations were being put in place.

In the independence day, I saw a notice in my mail,
Taxes and levies had gone up, it was circulated last week,
May be it was something to celebrate about, building the government.

How did it go? I don’t know!
Any difference from yesterday? May be none, may be worse,
For the first time, I had to think of it.

I went home at dusk, my wife asked if I knew,
“She so patriotic!” I wondered,
I sighed, and said I knew, just a lie she dint know.

I dint see any difference, just slaves inherited,
But to a worse master,
Don’t call me unpatriotic for that, it’s just how I see it.

I went to sleep, just like yesterday,
I saw it in the news, colorful celebrations,
Who knows what it cost, may be a hungry soul in the North.

I checked my site, and all other sites,
Cheers all over, with many “I love my country” texts,
I wondered whether it was for that or for independence?

Copyright © Alfonce Choi | Year Posted 2015

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July 4th: Independence Day

Every year, America celebrates it annual birthday. It's been going on for years and years,
even before I was even born. This American holiday is so great, I wish it was Independence
Day forever.  On a 4th of July, there's barbecue, and a lot of festivities like a
horseshoe toss, pin the tail on a donkey, and stuff. The President of the United States of
America should be very proud. There's specials for the 4th of July, even on TV. There's
also a lot of reference of America's birthday, especially when everybody's still talking
about the Constitution of the U.S., the Bill of rights, and the Revolutionary War. I bet
we all took American history back in school. By day, all of us U.S. citizens are enjoying
the 4th of July festivities, and at night, fireworks are popping in the sky. What everyone
is seeing on the night of July 4th is a lot of fireworks on a summer night. everyone
should record what happened on July 4th and post it on And when it comes to
celebrating Independence Day every year, it's a holiday for all of U.S. citizens to talk
about.I know I'm looking forward to doing something for Independence Day this year. And
when Independence Day ends as of midnight, it'll be an American holiday all of us U.S.
citizens will never forget.

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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Independence day

You told me to be strong 
said I would need to need to be strong 
I never actually thought that you would not be here to help me 
why why as I scream you were just so young 
I want you back I want you back 
Back with me back with me 
Back to where I can hold your hand and know that this world around me will be good 

I can still see that smile 
the one you gave me on independence day 
We will all remember you 
remember that you saved the world for all of us 
remember that your alive alive 
I still see you see you 
In my dreams and I dont dont ever want it to change

Copyright © Heather Bateman | Year Posted 2010

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The 4th of July

July 4th 1776
The birth of a nation
Decreed by the 56

Thirteen states
With their men of wisdom
The United States
The land of freedom

Precedence in place
Many presidents will grace
Their White House of power
This new American race

From all corners they came
For liberty and land
That's made this new nation
Oh so grand

My last Stanza says
To this American place
It's in my heart
To one day grace

" Have a great Independence Day my American Soupers "


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Are we truly independent?
or have we become enmeshed
overwhelmed by a desire.

A desire to afford the luxury
of independence to those
unwilling to fight for it.

Are we truly free?
or have we been taken captive
imprisoned by the impoverished.

Chained to the needs
of those who do not wish freedom
but inclusion without duty.

Are we still America?
or an amalgam of multi-colored
flags and visions. Tribal fiefdoms

demanding sovereignty
in the safety and sanctuary
of independence and freedom.

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016