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Concerning Math and How To Say It

The British call it maths,
but the Americans ditch the s
causing much international scorn.
But for our sake, p'raps it'd be best
to keep subjects
only halfway grasped
in the singular form.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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School is actually a fun place to be
To learn, enjoy and finally be free
For advisors and students to come together
To share secrets and tell us how are life can be better
But classwork, projects, tests and more
Is one thing I am positive I won't adour
You have to get a higher grade on this and that
To be the scholar that the principal would attract
For this there's a reason and always will be
We need our education to accomplish our dreams
To be a lawyer, singer, teacher and more
I learned that this is something I definitely won't ignore
That school can be rough and it can be hard
But never give up and you would achieve that far

Copyright © Natalia Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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Motherland (Eclogue) 

In the country of my forefathers, 
Economy is friendless and upset, 
Politics are sleeping with labour, 
Justice is seducing foreign crime, 
Poetry is turned on, but it fears, 
Traditions keeps history hostage, 
Religions are attempting suicide, 
Nature is busy biting its tongues, 
Fruits are swearing at their trees, 
Education shows God axis finger, 
Seas gets shallow, graves deepen, 
Life confront its first nightmares, 
Death is satisfying its final desire, 
Future is stinking nothing but lies, 

June 13, 2003

By Mohlouoa Ntsasa

Copyright © MOHLOUOA NTSASA | Year Posted 2013

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minus b

plus or minus root(b squared

minus four times a times c) — all above divided

by two times a — this is the quadratic formula and is absolutely correct

Copyright © Paul Geiger | Year Posted 2014

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2009: My Senior Year

  The first day of school I had not yet come to grips with what being a senior was. To me, this was just another year and another grade level. One day, when I was on my way to school, it hit me that this was my last August and my last September not only in this academy, but in high school. This was my last leg of the race and my last time making memories here. A new beginning of my life is waiting for me not in years, but in just a few months. 


                                                   ©2013 Honestly JT

Note: My English teacher gave us an assignment to start writing about our life experiences so that one day we could possibly have autobiographies of our own.

Copyright © Honestly J.T. | Year Posted 2013

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Eyes of Seminary

Eyes of Seminary – Zamreen Zarook

Every day in our lives has different fragrance,
God give us various things in abundance,
Day by day knowledge is gained in accordance,
Things depend according to the attendance.

Two years of studies,
Helped us to come out with various abilities,
Extremely joyful moments with buddies,
But life said every aspect has its boundaries.

Teachers become very friendly,
They approach us very kindly,
They speak on us exaggeratedly,
Because they know, if not we might behave badly.

Big shots in the school boundary,
These are years of foundry,
It helped us to find and go for laundry,
Marvelous days, fully packed with sundry.

Various angles the kith and kins are civilized,
It’s because our knowledge is enhanced,
Guys and girls turned well experienced,
That’s why we call it levels of advanced.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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My Boredom Disease

Like sick allergies, 
Boredom can be passed around

Like a horrid storm,
Boredom can catch you off guard
Hold on for DEAR LIFE!

Like the whooping cough,
Boredom can be serious
If I were you, I’d
Get a vaccination ! 

Copyright © J. W. Earnings | Year Posted 2013

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Homework oh' homework
All kids say it stinks,
They say they wont do it,
but that it would disappear once they blink,
They say who invented it;
and who brung it forth,
They say they wish teachers would stop giving it,
And all though I agree
Homework is a good thing,
It will help you, you'll see
It will help tomorrow, today, 
and years later
It will help you be smarter
it'll help you participate
So don't say that you hate it
All though you clearly do, because
you know that you need it
Don't you?

Copyright © Mariam Traore | Year Posted 2014

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Your Own Reservation

As Mother Teresa words Echo with in My Mind.
So,"You can not save The World,Then save Just One."
This is not about Me Anymore My Friends,indeed.
It is about the Existence of To Be or not To Be...
It is All about You and Your Own Foot work deep inside.
Where A Human Heart truly beats repeatedly and harps to reside.
I can hear You crying in deep Mercies of agony and defeat.
When shallow no longer exist between Our true Minds in the depth of Heat.
Never knowing what or how to serve You in times of need.
Standing right next to You as You see Your terrors Bleed...
The Only thing that We control is;Us Ourselves...
Pulling Our Heads from beneath The reprehended Clouds...
Work hard on You My Friend and do not let the fear over ride Your Faith.
For You will find the thing that You hated most are full of Grace...
For fear and faith can not exist in that same hurtful place of chance.
It is Your Own Self-willed desire that will forever change Your Own Glance...
As I stretch this to Your Hand;A Garden will unfold upon Your Heart.
In one instance of Hope to repel a spell that whispers from deep with-in to start.
Open Your Doors and Plead for Help and let All hear You cry out...
No longer will You feel loneliness,Selfish Desire,or even doubt...
In that motion of remorse it is God holding the Other Hand...
Looking behind Your footprints in The taunted minds in Your Own Land.
Weep no more My weary Friend and never feel like it is an end.
For Life is The Portal to Eternities Heaven for We All are destined to descend.
The options may not be apparent but choice is offer to those that listen to wear it.
It is like a policy condition to appease You Own Personal Kit...
For just to accept Our Holy Son in Gods Graces as Our Sire...
For God created You with All His Passions and desires.
Your word needed here and now is not My Own created Plan.
Swallow All of this well and adjust The Digestion before it drowns Your Glands.
It is Your Plan My Dear Child to comprehend and learn with style.
After All One lit the match of Our Lives Perfect Beginning like Your Smile..
Walk into Your Own Garden to Behold The Center were You look...
It is most likely A Pathway that You skip or have forgot to book.
As We live and attempt to grow grey and Old.
Only an unblemished Heart of innocence will repair Your heart to Gold.
Get Selfish if that is what it takes to see Your Own destination on Your Plate.
For Inspirations to last belief has to stand behind an open minded new slate.
Never forget I saw You standing their and that I truly care as You commit.
For Every Commitment that You can honor guides devotion to its heights lit.
There will stand a single Flower with essences of Love and Your scent of Power...
Bloom not against the wind ever;for like a Butterfly You will flutter and then soar.
Growth is Acceptance being brought to Your knee When You Pray more...
The visit on Earth may be bitter or sweet or both to accomplish My Friend...
The Choice of A Happy Ending is Yours to commence and send.
For The Perseverance is Your Own Reservation that We respect as Precious Wills.
To All The Unnecessary  Grief, Drama, Madness,and hurtful words in place still... 
I used a Quote Mother Teresa.The word Game was word of Achievement that give You as an Individual the abilities to work on Your Own inside job...The Key to Game being inner Happiness...
1.)The Only thing We control is; Us Ourselves.
2.)The options may not be apparent but choice is offered to Those that listen to wear it.
3.)Bloom not against the wind ever;for like a Butterfly You will flutter and then soar.

Copyright © Charlene Wilcox | Year Posted 2014

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hours sitting at the computer 
typing typing typing 
where has my life gone?
No friends no Siblings 
 just homework.

Copyright © Amanda Hay | Year Posted 2013

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A Little Reflection

The notorious gang
Clearly stated in the news
Is now declared Saint

And a pretty slut
Infamous to everyone
Is now called Mary

This political thug
Who attacked lives' belongings
Is now made the judge

In a time like this
Where vices are made virtues 
What's that all about

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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who cares

Maybe if you tried a little harder you could get that grade up. Maybe if you did some more homework you could do well on that one test. Maybe if you stayed up later and studied more you could get into the college of your “dreams”. Well, kiddo just tell me this, who cares? When all your friends are making memories do you want to be curled up studying? Do you want to miss out on the best days of your life just because of school? Well, who cares? Do the things you love and work your a** off for the things you actually care about because you could die at any moment. You never know when you’ll be gone and you must live a life that you are happy with. If your best friend is up all night crying, you need to be the one to drive to their house and get them out of bed. You need to be the one to drop everything and run to their side because when all of this is over, when you are nothing but that same young teenager laying on the side of the road, you need to ask yourself who cares? You must live a life that is cherished. Screw your homework and grades. You need to go outside and play that one game of football with your family that you usually skip out on. You need to sit around that fire with all of those strangers at summer camp. And you need to stare into that flame and love yourself, truly love the person you are, because this is your life. This is your life and you better cherish it because there are people that would kill to have a second chance at life. There are people that are just so depressed that they can’t even get out of bed in the morning. There are people that are wandering the halls unnoticed, feeling as if no one cares. And you think that you don’t have the “time” to care or at least to show it because you are drowning in homework? Well, who cares? Work your a** of for the things you love. And you better learn to care. You better learn to drop your homework and show your love because this is your life. You are alive. You are living and this is your life. Now act like it.

Copyright © Sarah Baker | Year Posted 2016

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Between the Teacher and the Student

The coin snaps off the fingers
As gravity works the spin
I turn for you, flip and land
I see your patience running thin

It's heads, not what I want
So I choose tails and I choose you
Past indecision, I now confront
Our mess I must attend to

You don't need to explain our love
It's really between you and me
They may not understand, respect
A mother/teacher/ student reality

I refused your many lessons
From constant pains that bruised fast
Most hurt caused by self
unhealed wounds brought from the past

When your tries bring on a new sting
I resist though I want more
I only see the pain and so lose
The lesson's blessings in store

I don't need to explain our love
It's really between you and me
The may not understand, respect
A mother/teacher/student reality

I go to you, I run from you
What you give I misconstrue
Let's prove them wrong with how we do
I'll honor what we've been through

Letting go of darkness everyday
Bowing with the homework you give
I choose to learn thru the pain
And be the light we all will live


Copyright © Richard Bates | Year Posted 2015

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Who pays this roaring mass?
Which pretends it has nothing to do with me?
Yet keeps pulling its antenna, 
To watch what I do?
Who pays these seat feelers?
To gawk at me 
Even when I am yawning?
Who pays this swam

To creep into my bolts
And unlock the secrets 
Of My private business 
Who pays us?
 For I have been possessed by their intrigue
I find myself doing what they do
Yet I am not paid at all
I am going on strike

This boss has to pay me
Because I am becoming a workaholic 
yet earning Revenge 

Copyright © Rodgers Roger Muhereza | Year Posted 2013

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Walking Dead

Numbness as I walk in halls
A heavy load in my hand I bear
Tome of the ancient past
Portrays a fog in my mind

Emptiness, void and vanity
As I look at zombies like me
Consumed by an epidemic...
Which left us cold-blooded

At the darkness of dusk
When the sun shines no more
I lie below the tombstone of my grave
Devoured by a sleepy hollow in my coffin

Vitality where are you?
Where are your streams of life? 
I' am lost, Where am I?
Oh wait, that's right
I'm in college

Copyright © Dorlan Tiu | Year Posted 2013

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I sit, chewing on my pen tip,
Trying to look as if I am deep in serious thoughts, 
Tapping my foot with an air of restless efficiency,
Fussing over my spellings and ink blots.

I glance at the somber calculator,
It seems to glare at me in quiet reprimand.
I make myself type in a few numbers and symbols,
And the answer comes up sooner than I demand.

The numbers, the symbols, the words of wisdom,
Swirl around me in incoherent randomness,
As I sit, and ponder, trying to hold my senses in my slippery grasp,
The immaculate rungs of logical thought swiftly become meaningless.

So I give up, or rather, give in
To escape to that secret land of foolish fantasies,
Which had been tempting the edge of my consciousness for so long,
Causing my homework to be a series of blunders and idiocies. 

I dream of happy endings, of forget-me-nots;  
Of stormy emotions, the sweet pain that accompanies love,
The sparks that fly between you and I, the carelessly concealed attraction
Of star-crossed lovers, the suns, the moons, the heavens above.

I dream of rain, and sensuous nights,
Of raptures, and laughter, and mischievous delights.
I carve out a perfect picture in my mind, with my imagination as the frame,
I have gone too deep-long forgotten that this is just a game.

The sound of my own joyful laughter brings me crashing down to earth,
The tick of the clock, the sweat on my brow,
And other subtle reminders of reality registers on my fuzzy mind;
I sigh, and go back to doing my homework for tomorrow.

Copyright © Saika F. | Year Posted 2009

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Nothing seems to thus allign
In this Void of Trapezoids 
Rhombus Squares and Hexagrams
Dance with Parallelograms
Diamond Stars and circle Scars-
A Paragon will lead me on
What Circumference? Length and Width?
Dimensions of a Cubic Myth
Radius high; Volume low
A Symmetry Divides my Soul

Copyright © Just That Archaic Poet | Year Posted 2013

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Where’s home if i keep getting lost/ 
The jungle is packed with animals/ 
Nobody screams the tigers will wake/ 
Where’s home if i dream getting silenced/ 
Space cooked parables are buried with ancestors/ 
Left untold/ 
A place that promises different shapes of life/ 
Bird sounds/
Beauty holds the key to the eye of the visitor's mind/
The language is a massage to the hunter's ears/
Every street corner lives a poetic animal/
Where's home/

Copyright © Raymond Ngomane | Year Posted 2013

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Tin Ribs

Well good golly her name is Holly and she has a lot of front
The first time that she met me, named me granddad elephant
Called her nanny, nanny coffee pot so she would have the set
Very forward is our Holly and I hardly know her yet

I gave her a nickname as a tease, just for a jest
Tin ribs what I call her so skinny not a pest
Likes Hannah Montana, club penguin and doing make up with sis
Dancing, high school musical and sweet and sour chicken is bliss

Loves pasta, reads Jacqueline Wilson, likes pink
Shooting basketball hoops after school is a must I think
Hates doing homework can’t stand candy floss
I even bet she thinks she’s the boss

Just a little tin ribs with much time to grow
Granddad elephant is glad we met don’t you know
See you soon Holly till then just take care 
Try doing some homework it seems only fair

Eat lots of candy floss to help you fill out
Then one day maybe I’ll be able to shout
No tin ribs any more but grand daughter elephant instead 
Perhaps not though its just  a tease in my head

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2012

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I write notes
but do not apply for insurance quotes
I sit under the tree in the rain writing a note
while laying beside me is my rain coat

I write notes to memorize
but not to visualize
my notes can be abstract
but not take from an extract
while my manager makes me sign a contract

My notes is my poem
my poem is my hearts home
My notes can be informative
but cannot be affirmative
my Facebook are my notes that I post
traveling in a plane going to the coast

Copyright © Jasper Matthews | Year Posted 2014

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Which balance best

        Which balance best 
Is like world gone mad
Destruction all over places
As illusion is the king of the 
Trends of their motto
To rule our minds to live
Under a way design with 
Out our knowledge 
Either is it
for our benefit

Oh life is a choice
Check the balance 
And make a choice 
Of your life

Which balance best
Like a circle 
Life Goes round like a 
As the choice you make 
Connect back to you 
To how you connect to life
In life you either live a bless life
You live a false mysteries 
From which darkness comes 
leading you to a strange world 
Out and far away from nature 
What is the worth of life
To live with a hate
Where bitterness rules
A choice of no humanity
As pains is the product 
Of it all like a reward
Check the balance 

Oh life is a choice
Check the balance 
And make a choice 
Of your life

Which balance best 
Nature is beautiful
For life is love
Here you live with a 
And joy will always 
Make your days better 
Every new day
The fruit of love is 
The choice to live 
With love is more above
Religion and mere pulpit
In life you need
Peace, joy, care,
On and on
All comes from the choice
To live with love 
check the balance

Oh life is a choice
Check the balance
And make a choice
Of your life

Which balance best
you have a choice to love
You have a choice to hate
Both are a choice to live
Now check the balance of
It both to life
Then chose 
Which balance best

Oh life is a choice 
Check the balance
And make a choice 
Of your life

Copyright © richard nnoli | Year Posted 2014

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soon the summer clover
will be over
thing indeed you need
not  a whip paper clip
smile and and a grim
a writing pen
many other tools 
on the lot
at the

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

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Why am I writing this sonnet for class?
On a beautiful day, like today is,
But I must, so I’ll make it very crass
This is, sadly enough, like a pop quiz.

Usually I’d be watching some Netflix,
So why, Mrs Steinberg, why make me write?
You make me swear it upon River Styx
Each word written takes up a gigabyte

I’ve used allusion and apostrophe
To enhance my beautiful sonnet here
I’ll even try using hyperbole
This pain I can only barely endear

But wait! This line here means we are almost done
Goodbye, I leave the lime light now, have fun.

Copyright © Hufferfish Blob | Year Posted 2016

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Exam Revision

A constant murmur,
with bickering voices
and occasional shriek of glee.
All when I'm trying to revise,
down in the library.

[written in 1988 - do they still have libraries in universities?]

Copyright © David Sollis | Year Posted 2013

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Prison Break

You cant just ground me here
Just because i am a lunatic to you
Lunatics are never grounded, remember?
In the wall i see a door
On the floor i see an endless pit
You think i am doing the home work? No way!!
I am doing the map work
You see, I have party to night
I even have a date
But mum
Are you now so foolish not to remember
how much headache you gave to my grands
Just because of the guy with long hair
Who now has a bald head?
Play the homeland security
I will play the prison break
We will see 
which movie sells best

Copyright © Rodgers Roger Muhereza | Year Posted 2014