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Below are the all-time best Hamd poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hamd poems written by PoetrySoup members

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New Hamd Poems

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Karun wasf kya main bayan tera teri shaan jalle jalaluhu by Muslimi, Akhtar
AUTUMN TREES by austin, daver
People of the Book by Alhemaidy, Abdullah
All powers belong to You Almighty Allah by H. Chouhdry, M. Shahid
All Power Belongs To You Almighty Allah by H. Chouhdry, M. Shahid
OWED TO DOLLY by Hopkins, Denise
Allah is the one by abid, hamza
Glorifying 'Hamd' by Oyewole, Abdulhafeez

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like some huge wild beast
this hollow tree, dead limbs spread
two children inside

three wolves in the snow
patiently look up the tree
some nut shells and tracks

hear their wild clucking
three ducks in the snow look up
strewn red berries, tracks

bare trees and lamp posts
this empty, snow covered bench
man with saxophone

branches split skyward
a few yet cling at the top
flock of geese fly south

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2014

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Allah is the one

Allah is the one,
neither he is father nor he is son,

and the things get done,

Allah made the sky,
seems to like fly,

Allah made universe,

Allah gives anyone without reason,
Allah do not tired in any season,

Allah is everywhere,
nearer than your heart nears,

Allah is the one,
neither his father nor his son,

Copyright © hamza abid | Year Posted 2013

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written 28th June 2013

Raised in a world without any morals
Lead me to a lifetime of sorrows
Words that were written within Dolly's songs
was the only reason I even took this challenge on
Refusing to have my children raised that very same way
I focused on this world that she always sung about
From singing Dolly's song's, it would see me begin to pray
 the crossing over into this world of happier day's
Was much harder than her song's did ever say
believing only in her words during the hardest of time's
I'd sing her song till it would eventually calm my mind
but with Dolly as my guide
I took it all in my stride
twenty-one years after my first step onto this hopeful walk
It is the one thing I did right, to seek out for this world she spoke
unknowing, it was her alone that filled me with strength and hope
To leave the only world in which I'd known
And guide us to this little town, we now call home
So "thank you" Mrs Dolly Parton for letting your lyric's be known
they alone were the power in which I 'finally' found our loving home.

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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All Power Belongs To You Almighty Allah

You the omnipotent and Merciful For All,
O my Lord !All power belongs to You,
Whether who is Muslim or infidel doesn’t matter,
Your blessings are uncountable through,

Rainfall or waterfall cold breeze to warm,
Mountain to land , Sea or the endless sand,
Heat or Cold ,everything we hold,
The measure of everything in your hand,

Whom You will grant, Woe or pleasure ,respect or contempt,
Life and Death, wealth and poverty,
Your dignity and beneficence cover the whole world,
Though the vast eternal is your Sovereignty ,

Mitigate the burden of crimes, Supplicate for forgiveness,
We are your sinful creature, pardon us clemently,
Rogation for real success, show us the right way,
As You listen to those who don’t have tongue and they utter silently!!!

M. Shahid H. Chouhdry
Bahawalpur, Pakistan
All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © M. Shahid H. Chouhdry | Year Posted 2013

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Tu hi hay meri banddagi ka markaz,
Tujhe hi paana hay meri zindagi ka maqsad,

Tu hi hay jo meray kaam dekhta hay,
Aur meri zaat ka Tu hi hay aik sarparast,

Tujhse mohabbat meri fitrat main hay shamil,
Tu hi hay Malik-e-Khaliq-o-barhaq,

Tujhe hi main din raat yaad krta hun,
kyun kay Tu hi hay meri mohabbaton ka maslak,

Tu hi hay khud Nazir-o-Manzoor bhi,
Main Tujhi ko chahta hun har dum har waqt,

Teri mohabbat ne meri zindagi sawaar di hay,
Warna Teray bina to jeena mera mahal hay,

Qurbaan jaye sharqi Tere andaz-e-hukmirani par,
Tu hi hay Rab-e-zuljalal aur Muhafiz-o-Nighban-e-Momin....!

Copyright © zaka khalid | Year Posted 2013

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All powers belong to You Almighty Allah

When I breathe and beat you know my nerve,
Whether am in trouble or in twisty curve,
Alpha to infinity you knows my pain,
Alas! All my endeavors yet null and vain,
Oh my Lord forgive my err and sin,
Am not more than petite thumb pin,
I am not more then eccentric smoke,
But Neither my pulse vanishes nor I get choke,
What am I? Mere a fickle soul and surreal thought,
Without your blessings, zilch and aught,
You made me concrete yet fragile,
Oh my Lord your mercifulness heaps and pile,
Wish I die while reading holy book kalam,
And meanwhile praising salat-o-salam,
And occult angel may welcome to main,
-abode, But I wish to die once again,
You give us faith and the best,
You the lord of two east’s and two west’s,
Sanctify my soul, make me free from evil,
And demonic thoughts of devil,
And I supplicate that You,
Allah ho, Allah Ho,
Nothing is invisible to you,
Oh My Lord, All powers belong to you!

Written By
Muhammad Shahid Hussain Chouhdry

Copyright © M. Shahid H. Chouhdry | Year Posted 2014

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People of the Book

White hands, faces, minds, hearts, and souls
My love my lifetime!
You and all good people worldwide.
I may be gone soon, have no time to lie anymore. 

Copyright © Abdullah Alhemaidy | Year Posted 2014

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Karun wasf kya main bayan tera teri shaan jalle jalaluhu

Karun wasf kya main bayan tera teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Teri zaat laaeqe har sana teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Teri kaarsazi se aashna na hue Payambar-o-Auliya
Tera bhed koi na pasaka teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Jo mareez-e-gam ki kare dawa dil-e-dardmand ko de shifa
Nahin aur koi tere sewa teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Tu sukun-e-dil tu qarar-e-jaan tu moeen-o-haami-e-bekasan
Mere dil ko karde sukun ata teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Main gunahgaar hun sarbasar mere haal-e-zaar pe rahm kar
Teri rahmaton ka hai aasra teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Woh Rasuul-e-Khatam-e-Ambiya Shahe Deen Mohammad-e-Mustafa
Hamein aisa raahnuma diya teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Tera banda Akhtar-e-Muslimi tere dar pe sarbasajud hai
Hai labon pe uski teri sana teri shaan jalle jalaluhu

Copyright © Akhtar Muslimi | Year Posted 2015