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Grateful Freedom

How to thank you, Service men,
I have not got a clue
the hardships that you suffer
for freedom, sweet and true

Deployed, away, overseas,
the heart break you endure,
away from your own families
our safety to ensure

I can't imagine living
that way from day to day
with greatest of sincerity
I truly want to say

Your sacrifice, your honor,
courage, faith and heart
will be a shining beacon
for generations to impart

Please accept my gratitude
humble though it may be
for through your selfless sacrifice
our land shall e'er be free.

Thank you to all the men and women who serve this wonderful country!
Trudy Diane Rider

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Eternally Grateful and Forever Satisfied with you

Why was I ever blessed by you?
You came to my life and you've been my rescue
Why did you love me when I couldn't love myself?
You died for me and saved me from hell
Why did you stand up for me when no one else would dare?
You really love me, and to this I will share
Why actually listen to me, when I ignored you in the past?
I know now your love is never ending-always it will last
Why help me, when others need it more?
I guess it's really true that I can open all doors
Why put up with all the burdens that I bring?
I kneel to you Jesus and it's your praises I will sing
Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me this life
And for sending your son so I could live in paradise

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The Grateful Guilt of Greatness

I'm just barely trying not really fitting in Age wiser the miser who keeps transcending lessons and blessings keep him grounded in hell this wild child lives not in fear but much with it, far and near Sustaining any bit of stress nothing's important when driven into madness then you've lost, beyond the control that brought you close to greatness exiting down inside the hole of emptiness on which my house was built it landed it on the wicked witch killed her in a grateful guilt The worst think they're better the rest think they're dead the little you know should be invested into knowing a little more to use on the road when all luck is licked I take my luck in the cold world for it's no existence of diamonds and pearls spoiled souls are ugly and twisted while lesser men shine bright for they got used to the void of nothing while the greedy wish to get higher to steal the heaven light Now everything is wrong they bottle their pain exploding, as they fall victim and pass on the blame never at fault stone solid in guilt a champion devours until their dreams are fulfilled nothing can stop them moving like a train up a hill giving up not an option I don't need no one that's my favorite lie I wish it were truer than the darkness of night for I once knew her she kissed me just twice then walked away from my sadness and on with her life I carry that with me as a mistake of my former less informed harmless soul It took all the alone time for my conscious to grow and repair all the damage I gained in defeat defeat now her destruction is nothing but another demon I beat Don't blame me for your limitations they were probably placed there not by mistaken so the potential for evil can never take root and your seed never spreads into a new movement of youth that wears your menacing glance I shake your shaky hand I see the way of the culprit in your uneasy glance and the way you carry yourself high above all the rest I'll give you that feeling that to me is the nothingness Much like the nothing you come to realize your doing for the better spreading your lies as if you believed them like the false belief in yourself happiness is that door that you haven't opened yet or you wouldn't so freely steal it from those who have always so jealous you don't know what its like living without it As I say in final thought I put in the work now so later I'll not and when I reach greatness I'll remember the way with your own shovel you dug such a deep grave.

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Reflections from a Grateful Heart by Tom Kesting

Reflections From A Grateful Heart

An attitude of gratitude makes your day go right. . .
Because we’re enjoying God’s blessings from morning until night.

He gives us food to eat and a place to sleep. . .
And if we should die before we wake, our soul He’ll keep.

God is so good; there is no doubt about that. . .
Learn to thank Him no matter where you are at.

Things could be worse we all agree. . .
So I’ll thank God for you and you thank God for me.

Remember, an attitude of gratitude makes your day go right. . .
Blessings from God – morning until night.

Love and friendship from those who care. . .
And the Holy Spirit to live within while we’re here.

A thankful heart for the wonderful blessings He gives. . .
Praise and thanksgiving because our God lives.

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Be grateful to the Lord Almighty

When there is chaos all around suffocating
You have in your kindness kept me secure
I have no justification at all to fret and fume
I cannot but be grateful to you; my dear Lord.

When millions of masses are undernourished
You the compassionate one have granted me
With a square meal for self and my household 
I cannot but be grateful to you my dear Lord.

When I find my fellow beings in torn clothes
Fending themselves from vagaries of nature
You have provided me with enough apparel
I cannot but be grateful to you; my dear Lord.

There are thousands with no proper shelter
To protect themselves from rain and wind
You have given me a cosy roof over my head
 I cannot but be grateful to you; my dear Lord.

When I am aware of awful suffering around
And my comfort zone with your benign mercy
I feel ashamed of my silly protests against you
Please forgive me my Lord, I am grateful; ever.
Ramesh Deshpande

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Be Grateful For What You Have

F Is for Family standing together,
Through Thick and thin for now and forever.
There for each other no matter what,
This is more than some people have ever got.

A is for Appreciation - though usually not expressed,
We are often too involved in our own interests.
To show that you care never really takes too long,
We can show it by writing a wrong.

M stands for memories that we share,
The smiles, laughter and trouble if we dare.
This is the backbone to our family history,
Often dissolves any sad or unhappy mystery.

I is the Insight offered by the elders - knowing and wise,
They help young children to open their eyes.
They've been there before - know how it's started,
So listen carefully to the wisdom that is imparted.

L is the Love that is given - mostly unsaid,
This is what helps chase away insecurities and dread.
To tell your family you love them takes three little words,
Give a hug or kiss to keep them assured.

Y is the Youth - they carry the name through,
They'll remind the next generation of you.
Never withhold what you learn - it's better off shared,
Especially with the next generation who know you cared.

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I've felt the warmest and newest sunlight at sunrise,
and welcomed it gleefully with a thankful sigh
at an early hour when nobody seems too alive...
a cardinal with yellow feathers brought me a surprise!

That gorgeous bird was surrounded by butterflies
with colors brighter than wild flowers,
swirled around them, to acccompany them
to my silent doorstep and start his usual, daily hymn.

"Thank him with a grateful, happy heart,
look up and His image will appear among clouds;
and although nobody has ever seen Him but Christ...
believe that He'll reveal Himself to us!"

And who will be the chosen ones from every present race...
when this event will occur? Those who have kept the faith!
So pray and with your gratefulness ever alive, give praise!
That promise can be visualized by the multitudes that wait!   

"Thank Him with a grateful, happy heart,
take along those good friends who have separated themselves
from a worldliness, which kept them apart...
they run to greet Him in the traquil evening to exalt His kindness!" 

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Into  the sunrise lake of my own sunset 
I  shall wade and sink with nary a ripple.
There in the penubra of the dark skyline, 
               I shall be, blissfully, 
                   nothing again.

Blown  away  by  the worst  wayward winds,
Trapped, stranded in the dreariest doldroms,
I  have stayed  undaunted, kept unshaken 
                 the faith in better 
                   things to come.

The  heaving  halo of  the partly sunken sun 
Now  sends thin shafts  of  shimmering light
That streak through my lengthening shadow. 
                 Still, I shall remain 
                  grateful and true.


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Giving thanks for what you have.
Roasting a turkey to share.
Always being thankful.
Thanksgiving for all.
Everyone giving thanks.
Faith in our God.
Undivide we love.
Love we have to share.
           Teresa Skyles

Entered in[Thanksgiving day]contest by
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Hope Your Grateful!

To the Lord!
No more negatives!
Kick illness out!
See the power
God loves
Island? Heck no!
Very good
Idiot - not!
No more attitude
Go for food!

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Through Grateful Hands

Colorful rainbows
Pouring from 
This deep rosemary sky
Through grateful hands
This autumn forest
Knowing how bright
To shine her maple leaves
Always sharing nature’s glory

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Be grateful for what you've got (1999)

Looking back at what I wrote,
Why did I leave on such a bad note?
I need to be grateful for what I've got,
Forget what ever went wrong and what not,
Because you don't ever appreciate things until they've gone.

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Forever grateful

Yesterday my daughter made my day
For the first time 
She gave me pink roses for my birthday 
I was shocked elated
 And appreciative 
She melted my heart
Later that day she had to depart 
 Back to college
Now I stare at these breathless flowers 
In reminiscence, for hours 
They shadow off the wall 
Timeless beauty 
So tall 
Soon they shall blossom 
In a day  
And show of there vividness 
Transfixed they have addictedness 
What I know shall last 
 In foreverness
The memory of 
A wonderful day 

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I'm Grateful For Every Beating

I'm grateful for every beating that I have ever received.
As a child I was bullied. As an adult I've been mugged 
and suffered major injuries at protest rallies.
I welcome any future beatings that may still befall me in vein,
because you see, every survived beating provides for me
a much greater, stronger tolerance for pain.

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Things I'm grateful about

Things I'm grateful about
I've had a lot of mountains to climb
and valleys to travel through in my life.
I've had to live with health issues.
and struggle along no matter the trouble.
Some days are harder and takes more time.
to do simple things as a mother and wife.

I'm  grateful to still be here today.
I'm thankful for WHO I am now,
Because of WHAT I've gone through.
I grew stronger as I got past the hurdles 
It  all taught me lessons along the way
as my time and victories would allow.

I'm grateful Because it is God's hand
that sheltered me from the worst.
After each difficulty there were miracles
Some  things I was so surprised to find.
Sometimes it is small, others maybe grand.
but I  have to go through the fires first.