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New Future Of The Internet

New Future Of The

Cable cost are up
too high
You turned to the
internet and so have

My Youtube channel
is the way to go
Now I can even make
video shows

I group the videos
to make a show
To bring you the
best of where I go

For kids the mower
and stove videos
I also have vehicles
and some scarecrows

Kids can watch from
morn til night
with lots of things
for a kids delight
Light houses, ship
building, and horses
Antique barn yards
and tractor pulls
just for you

Aviation, taxidermy,
and crafty wood
Viewwithme Youtube
has all the quirks 

The historical homes
make a great tour
Contest and oxen
pulls are never a

Animal friends, I
haven’t forgotten
I have horses, dogs,
cows and sheep too

Plenty of petting
pens and milking for
And a simple click
is all you have to

A lot of shows with
a mix for all
Like demolition
derby or a stunt so

So if you dropped
the cable and you
have a need
I have three
channels for you to
By: Doris Anne

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Seed Of Friendship-A dedication

L-iving in a world of vast 
souls formed from 
another voided world,
E-ntering thru portals 
from their world to earth.
O-ozing spetacular smell 
and wail when the chips 
are down.
N-urtured from cradle to 
entity with a new world 
to face.
O-rganizes oneself for the 
task ahead,passing thru 
hurdles of life unabased 
and unabashed.
R-eaps the fruit of labor 
with joy or heavy heart.
A-ge sets in,mission 
accomplished or not will 
dawn on the entity.

I-n retrospect,he thinks 
about his childhood and 
how life was to him.

L-iving in confidence or 
shame,he bows his head 
in victory or defeat.
O-nly the taste of time 
will tell the durability of 
his achievements.
V-oid of preference the 
aim result bears the 
foundation for his lineage.
E-njoyment or lack lies 
with the works of the 
man,for there is no food 
for the slothful.

Y-oung ones,a stitch in 
time saves nine,make 
haste while the sun 
O-iling your lamb always 
like the ten virgins is the 
key to success.
U-rging you to shun peer 
pressure and focus on 
the course marked out 
for you by fate,so a 
fulfilled life you shall live.

An acrostic for you 
Leonora Galinita.

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To My Wife Grandpa Murray's voice

I wandered and travelled
Nor knew where I'd gone .
Life became a problem;
T'was one long cruel song.

My problems seem to multiply;
They came from every side.
I vowed to find the answer;
by this I would abide.

I looked into nature
And tore apart my mind.
Then put them on the table
To see what I could find.

I found that I'de been greedy
and avaricious, too.
Whenever projects of mine failed
I put the blame on you.

I found that I was lonely;
I thought you didn't care.
But what I really didn't know
Was you were always there.

You tried to fill the void
That always was in my Life.
you tried to ease the sorrow
You've been a real good Wife.
                           Yvette & Grandpa Murray  
          From James Murray to , Janet Murray ..his beautiful wife.
" In great respect of Grandfather Murray's poem he wrote for my  Grandmother Murray "

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Yes we are,
we are the poets of today
and tomorrow,
and we shall be forever.
Let them know that we are just writers
as our grand parents who had the talent we have!
Yes we are,
we are here to educate people
who knows how to read and write,
and those who love what we say and write.
Let them know that me and you,
and those of ours we are just poets.
They have to know what we are,
not to quote us wrong the poets of today
and those of tomorrow.

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a poem- dedicated to nirvaan

oh nirvaan ! truly dearly you ,
how should i tell you,
how much i love you,
i am your uncle,
you’re my nephew,
thats not all i have to tell you,
i can see in you,
astonishing wisdom and noble cue,

so i like to earnestly convey you,
in this world of disguise beauty,
nirvaan be the crown of integrity,
cherish the values of buddha,
knowledge, character and generosity,
and accomplish the ambedkar glory,
your parents nita and vivek,
working hard for your sake,

for you the platform is set,
to lead the rest,
born in wealthy country of opportunity,
don’t ever forget humility,
towards suffering dalit society,
strive for their prosperity,
your grand parents abhayanand and jhanaprabha,
devoted most of life as an ambedkarite,

be the reason for their pride,
by never giving up the quest,
that born american by birth,
you are equally devoted,
to spread the dr. ambedkar's word,
to make india pro-buddha,
oh nirvaan! truly dearly you,
buddha’s of past, present and future, bless you.
sadhu, sadhu, sadhu !


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I was one of many that had the priviledge
to live with my Grandparents.  The lessons
I learned from them will remain with me for
the rest of my life. My Grandmother was a 
very wise woman and her way of thinking
and explaining things made me listen.
I remember when one of my so called friends
set me up with with a blind date. A horrible 
evening for me. When I got home and told 
the story my Grandmother just laughed. Finally she ask me
"are you sure she is your friend", then she told me
the story of the rattlesnake.
Once there was a rattlesnake that got caught
in the freezing weather. A kindhearted man
found him and the snake said "please help me".
The man freed the snake and brought him into his
warm home and put him by the fire to warm.
The snake bit him and the kindhearted man
asked him "why did you bite me, I just saved your
life". The snake told the man, "you knew I was a 
snake when you brought me in".  I realized then
what she was talking about, choose your friends wisely.
One day I was helping this lady with some chores.
She was a  very unfriendly woman and expected you
to work till you dropped.  I told my Grandmother about it
and she said, "always remember, there are some people
that will work a willing horse to death".  I remember 
that lesson very well. My life was touched by this wonderful 
woman in a way that I now tell these stories to my children.
Everyone must learn lessons, I pray you can learn them
from someone that lived during times that were hard, they
knew the meaning of hard times.  The depression taught them well.

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Greatgrandma Loves Writing Poems

She really does...
She writes a lot about love,
crying, and
About someone dying.

She writes about flowers
In gardens,
Pretty crystal vases,
Gracing tables,
Layed out in lace.
Great Grandma wrote
Once, about my face.

She writes of the stars and
The moon,
Once dancing on it, as it smiled.
Said she wished she could have
Stayed a while longer,
But sunrise called,
Scattering through the
Morning woods.

Birds sang in mellow tones,
Ravens black, were seen
Soaring almost as high as eagles.
Robins are her favorite things,
Except for butterflies,
Which defy the idea that there is
Any creature more beautiful!

Greatgrandma wrote about the
Waves licking the shore.
I looked and looked for the
Dancing sun,
She said lingered.

She's writing now about
Some special thing.
I know this because always,
When she writes,
She sings.

2:50-2:51 p.m.
March 20, 2013 EST

Singing Still

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Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

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Grandparents they be two lights
Who may lead to wisdoms door.
For hopefully they've lived their lives
And made that journey to the core
And found the jewel buried there
Beneath the shades of sorrow.
And now these two be living life
No past and no tomorrows.

They be a pool within a desert
Where the grass grows lush and green.
A cool place where the kids drop in
To breath in air that's more serene.
They will be gentle, sweet, but stern
{If the need for this comes up}
But mostly kids look on these folk
To over fill the loving cup.

And when these ancient ones depart
And through the golden gates do stroll
The power that rules these mighty realms
{Once the aids have weighed the soul}
Will send them down as spirit folk
To help folks lives to flow
before they enter Earth again
To gain another chance to grow.

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!