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A good night wish

As I lay here to sleep
I have thoughts of someone far away.
Holding them close to my heart
So the pain will go away.
We smile but so far away
how to see it until I dream.
Wish I was a great eagle
so I could soar upon the breeze 
and land close to her side .
The nights would be filled with joy
as we walked side by side
talking about life as I gaze into her eyes.
Through her eyes I see the scars
soneobe left behind
which only be healed by time.
We could dance the night away 
if we were side by side
but I can only dream
of this enchanted angel 
that is so far away.

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Slow Motion-Collaboration with Tim Smith-

I see the world in slow motion
From my tired and sleepy eyes.
I feel the nighttime closing in
Bringing darkness to my skies.

If only the days were longer
and the clouds a little less.
The heart could get stronger
My love I would profess.

Against my weariness I stumble.
In my shadows do I falter.
If I could change the outcome,
It would be my fears I would alter.

I'm tripping all over you
Trying to make wrongs right
Many awkward moments to undo
To make a perfect night.

I see you dance in slow motion
from my tired and sleepy soul.
I feel the weakness closing in
Where emptiness took it's toll.

My day is getting short.
The sun is loosing it's sight.
My feelings I must abort.
To this world I must say goodnight.

Casarah Nance &
Tim Smith

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4 in the Morning

At 3am you become your own philosopher, categorizing
the different genres of humans and wondering
if you fall even remotely close to anyone on the spectrum.
You debate with yourself the meaning of life, again,
and then regret everything you accomplished the previous day.

5am, that’s the breaking point.
The sun climbs out of bed, and chases away 
the comforting lure of night and all dreams of slumber. 
The damned birds start peeping and you curse and sigh, 
watching the room change colours 
until you must get up to join the others.

But 4am, it’s the gaping time of day 
that even the insomniacs deny.
As if night took a deep breath and forgot to exhale,
the silence is quieter, the darkness more pure.
You hide under covers and stare into emptiness
trying to make something of black space
but your mind remains impossibly blank.

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we got it on
mabe it was wrong
it was at the fire place
sitting face to face
than we kiss nuthin we miss
we started to do more
as we begin to go
we had 

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Good Night Verse

                                         Heaven is covered with stars
                                         All children should sleep now
                                           Eating the evening meal
                                         Milk and bread on the table
                                      Eyes are tired and cheeks are red

                                       The night has come my little one
                                          All children should sleep now
                                              A small body is so tired
                                             Brushing small milk teeth
                                               Little feet need to rest

                                      The moon glows through the window
                                            All children should sleep now
                                             Safe and warm in their bed
                                                Soft pillow, warm hugs
                                       The sleep comes with beautiful dream
                                            Angels watch at your bedside

A-L  Andresen :)

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- Small Steps Walks Carefully X 2 -



    Hush my little child 
    No more tears 
    Your mother and father 
    will be your guide 
    Beautiful as an angel 
    Fragile as glass 
    Like a little bird 
    that will learn to fly 
    Sleep now my child 
    Dream about tomorrow 
    Angels of the night cradles you 
    On the path to the dream of paradise 
    there is no fear of the dark 
    Small Steps Walks Carefully 
    Tomorrow is a new day
    together we will be 
    Dear child one day you will be brave


    An old man
    He is more than 80 years
    Alone - His wife's death
    Sitting in his chair - has difficulty walking
    Small Steps Walks Carefully
    The phone marks with red tape on number one
    Number one is his daughter's number
    He remember that
    Diapers Size X-Large, he sits in his chair
    Evening comes - the old man is tired
    He is not afraid of the dark
    But loneliness is painful
    Small Steps Walks Carefully
    He has his dreams
    Wakes up in the middle of the night
    and look at the stars and the moon
    Tomorrow is a new day

    Life ....

    A-L Andresen :)

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A Good Night's Sleep

I gather my dreams Place them under my pillow Drift out of this world Sleep softens the rough edges Awake with new day's promise
For Brian's contest

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I Lost You That Day

I lost you that day 
when it was 

And drops 
of your face 

r o l l e d away.

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My Last Nerve

No sleep One revision after another Publisher demands-too demanding TIRED My last nail broke My last pen ran out of ink My last pad - my last sheet! My keyboard sucks My monitor's dim Can't see for yawning Words, words, words in my head I'm done I said My last nerve! Going to bed

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Lonely Nights


                                                       Lonely Nights
                                         A picture to say good night my honey,
                                                    no more sweet kisses.
                                         A picture to hold, all I have left of you,
                                                     kept by my bedside.
                                        No sweet embrace, left are memories
                                              of my nights, shared with you.

                                                   Anne Rutherford
                                                    Copyright 2011
                                           Poem From The Heart Series.

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I want to say good night
But its night as yet to you
I can see darkness now
If maybe you never left

I have to say good night
Darkness has defeated me
Only your love can resurrect me
I am afraid to go now
But I have to go and live under the shads
Love me to my silent place

Good night when you see the moon
Flower me with roses from abandon garden 
Cover me with what i was and be now
Good night sleep with elevated power

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Bedtime At Grandma's

Small one
Playing is done
And your bedtime has come.
Wind is moaning
rafters shifting.
Inside closets 
ghosts are sniffing.
Dare not move. Dream you fly.
Sun in your eye

Butterfly Cinquain

Gene Bourne.


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Friday the 13th

riding out the night 
searching for that solar storm
instead, up ahead
columns of wind 
breach the scene
green trees clobber the place 
as bedlam pulls out the white swords
and once again it's on

808 Boom! 
808 Boom!
808 Boom!

moonlight exsanguinated
even though it was full as can be
no sign of Jason Voorhees either
maybe he's graduated from the mask

this place ain't so scary
I said, 
(stirring up the devils)
only 15 minutes 'till we're in the clear
Saturday 14 is near

©2014 ~JSL PoetTreez Publishing

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A cup of coffee we met
Miles of ride we went
Ideas, opinions we vent
Few minutes we spent

On the coolness of the light
I heard laughter so dear
High up staring to the skies
Picture of you not a liar

You play jolly to quiet songs
Asking me sometime what wrong
Fallen short yet been long
I didn't know, we can get along

by: olive_eloi


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As sundown bares her rhinestone- hair
Turning meadows green to wavy gold,
Lattice of blooms swirl beyond compare
Mild the air's hum, slumber for the soul.

The rays float in tranquil repose
While winds clutch her glint, that beholds
An owl swooping in circled rows
When night of prayer touches stars.

Come sunset, rest your hands with life
All lovers cite their young, red years,
Man and wife forget heat of strife
And linger after beams dip, farewell!

Into The Sunset Contest
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton

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Wise Old Owl

Perched upon my window seal while looking up at the moon
I was listening for the night bird's song when an welcoming
"Who", echoed across my room.

Hello Wise Old Owl, with your bright eyes and gentle call.
Tell me how to achieve such wisdom sitting in the trees
that stands so tall.

He turned his head and again he gave a "Who".
You, I said, Your the one I am talking to.
Don't you have any words of wisdom for the one
sitting in you audience and talking to you?

Another "Who" danced into the air and just then I realized
why he didn't share. It wasn't because he didn't care.
He is the keeper of knowledge in the forest place and he
charmingly protects the animals from the human race.

I understood his wisdom and questioned him no more,
and wished the Wise Old Owl a goodnight before closing
the window and heading to bed, across my creaky floor.

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Time Won't Wait

Awake, I lay still, Waiting day, under review. Tempted to fall back Asleep, and hold the day at bay. I rise instead. Time won't wait. I gather my thoughts Over coffee freshly brewed. A strategy formed, To accomplish what I must. I move on out. Time won't wait. At end of day's length, Assessing successes strong. Smart to prepare first. Then to put legs on my plans. I rest a bit. Time won't wait. The children come play. Suspending all that is mine, About cherished time. Smiles and laughter reminding, I choose to love. Time won't wait!

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I Pinky Promise

I am, in moments apart
though dark,  looking
in-between the shadows

Always, a whisper away
a footstep behind..
echoing doors

And the hand that
brushes, softly on
your cheeks

I stain my kisses
each time you sleep

Closer, than far
the star of stars
in the sky of skies

I lie, inside your heart
inside the beats, I hide.

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Lovers' Tryst

In whispered silence two hearts run in league
Reluctant each to raise the wakeful mist
By mantle of night and moonlight’s sweet mystique
While forbidden fate hides a lovers’ tryst

The moon espies what hides in gentile guise
Though fate forbid a love one can’t resist
To live, to love and chance a heart’s demise
While dreams hearken to this lovers’ tryst

Bright moon, stand fast!  Pray, ‘yond dawn, be stayed!
For Juliet, knowing well they’ll e’er desist
Wills not this blessèd night be here waylaid
For fear this dream remain a lovers’ tryst

Her surrendered heart belongs to Montague
The ‘morn will show if his own love be true

Christopher Thor Britt
Motif: Romantic

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Falling Star

(A Children's Poem)

I see you
          little star
sidling up to the moon
          to steal a kiss
from off his brow.

I see you
          little star
twinkling in the sky
          winking at me
as you pass by.

I see you
          little star
gliding past milky whey
          on your way
down to where we are.

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                                            Smiling expression 		
                                Two hearts dream love at first sight  		
                                       Sweet good night lasts long	

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A Good Night's Sleep

When King David was old they covered him in clothes, but he got no heat,
So they sought for him a pretty girl who was innocent and sweet.

Let her stand before you lord and in your bosom nestle,
We think that it might warm you up if you should start to wrestle.

So they tacked up signs all through the land and put an ad in the paper,
“Wanted one beautiful girl to sleep with the king;” it really was a caper.

One day Abishag the Shunammite came to interview for the position,
They could see that she was qualified there was no need for an inquisition.

For Abishag was a beauty rare with charms displayed in generous proportions,
And was so flexible that she could warm a king with several notable contortions.

There was a time in King David’s life when this would run into trouble deep,
But he was now way too old and he just wanted to get some sleep.

What if this would have remained the accepted way to beat the winter chills,
I can tell you one thing for sure; no one would have invented sleeping pills.

And even though it’s in the Bible it won’t ever be a part of my life,
I don’t think that I’d be able to talk fast enough to ever convince my wife.

The First Book of Kings - Chapter 1
1:1Now king David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he got no heat. 1:2Therefore his servants said to him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and cherish him; and let her lie in your bosom, that my lord the king may keep warm. 1:3So they sought for a beautiful young lady throughout all the borders of Israel, and found Abishag the Shunammite, and brought her to the king. 1:4The young lady was very beautiful; and she cherished the king, and ministered to him; but the king didn't know her intimately. 

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Magical Forest

Hey!, are you a sleepyhead
As you nod in your cot bed

Here's a story for you
From this book that is brand new

Magical Forest it is called
With a Gnome whose head is bald

Pointed ears and a red nose
Sniffing a lovely pink rose

See a fairy is inside
No place to play seek and hide

Wake! Wake up! the Gnome did shout
Fairy awoke and flew out

Help me please she said out loud
I fell from a rain cloud

When I slipped in climbing
Painting the silver lining

Cloud burst and my wings got wet
Could not fly away, and yet

A feather floated me down
Into this bud's pollen crown

The Gnome said I know a way
A wishing flute I do play

Nodding said are you ready
Playing a sweet melody

Yes, I shall make a wish now
To be home milking my cow

Then do you know what then passed
No, as you are asleep, at last.

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It’s pick on Jan day What else can I say No more will I write I’ll bid you goodnight Maurice, Tim and Cas Have all had a laugh Some fine words they have written In his lastest poem Tim was smitten But the truth it is out So I’ll cry and I’ll shout My real name is Stan I once was a man Jan/Stan Allison 3rd October 2014

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A Good Night Kiss by Kenny Davis

A Good Night Kiss by Kenny Davis

Oh! How I wish I could
Give her, but one good night kiss
Affection shown from my heart to hers
As she drifts off into a slumbering bliss

I could see laying, but a gentle kiss
Upon her soft, angelic cheek
And whisper to her, “Good night love…..”
“….I’ll await you in my dreams.”

A kiss from lips as soft
As the pillow where lies her head
Such relaxation for her that she had never felt before
That she lays her head on my chest and in my arms instead

Her ear pressed along my chest
To get the mere chance to listen to my heartbeat
Like a lullaby, music to her ears
As she drifts slowly off to sleep

As I cherish the privilege
Of watching her sleep
I think to myself, “God….”
“….I don’t deserve this blessing of having this angel of yours next to me.”

“Lord, I couldn’t thank you enough.”
“There really are no words.”
“I can’t help, but to always wonder….”
“….am I really worthy of her?”

Through all of her frights and fears
Her smiles and her tears
That when awakens from them all,
She knows that I am there

As she opens those eyes
To the blessing of another sunrise
I can’t help, but look at this stunningly, beautiful woman and say,
“Blessed is the man that wakes up by her side.”

With bright light of her eyes
Glaring from that very somber sunrise
Is the most majestic image of God’s creation
Enough to make a man cry

Cry out tears of joy, happiness
Cries of Thanks unto the Lord
For the blessing of this angel, here on earth
The best blessing, I never deserved

You would never have thought
The intimacy from a good night kiss meant so much
What it means to have our lips draw us closer
By just allowing them one last touch

Such love from a single kiss
By God, might it be made to last
Oh, but to lay, but one single kiss upon her cheek
Even if it is to be, but my last.

© October 2011 k.davis