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Goodnight My Friend

The day must end
Sleep must come my friend
I say goodnight
Walk your mind's fissures filled with light
The mind Is ready to dream
Before you a starlit scene
God's tiny fires alight
To guard you through the night
Feet do dance on an ethereal plain
Visions of night beauty held within your brain
Tiny stars shine brightly
Round your feet that dance so lightly
Dance the starlit path unto Its end
I have to say goodnight my friend

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A good night wish

As I lay here to sleep
I have thoughts of someone far away.
Holding them close to my heart
So the pain will go away.
We smile but so far away
how to see it until I dream.
Wish I was a great eagle
so I could soar upon the breeze 
and land close to her side .
The nights would be filled with joy
as we walked side by side
talking about life as I gaze into her eyes.
Through her eyes I see the scars
soneobe left behind
which only be healed by time.
We could dance the night away 
if we were side by side
but I can only dream
of this enchanted angel 
that is so far away.

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Slow Motion-Collaboration with Tim Smith-

I see the world in slow motion
From my tired and sleepy eyes.
I feel the nighttime closing in
Bringing darkness to my skies.

If only the days were longer
and the clouds a little less.
The heart could get stronger
My love I would profess.

Against my weariness I stumble.
In my shadows do I falter.
If I could change the outcome,
It would be my fears I would alter.

I'm tripping all over you
Trying to make wrongs right
Many awkward moments to undo
To make a perfect night.

I see you dance in slow motion
from my tired and sleepy soul.
I feel the weakness closing in
Where emptiness took it's toll.

My day is getting short.
The sun is loosing it's sight.
My feelings I must abort.
To this world I must say goodnight.

Casarah Nance &
Tim Smith

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we got it on
mabe it was wrong
it was at the fire place
sitting face to face
than we kiss nuthin we miss
we started to do more
as we begin to go
we had 

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Good Night Verse

                                         Heaven is covered with stars
                                         All children should sleep now
                                           Eating the evening meal
                                         Milk and bread on the table
                                      Eyes are tired and cheeks are red

                                       The night has come my little one
                                          All children should sleep now
                                              A small body is so tired
                                             Brushing small milk teeth
                                               Little feet need to rest

                                      The moon glows through the window
                                            All children should sleep now
                                             Safe and warm in their bed
                                                Soft pillow, warm hugs
                                       The sleep comes with beautiful dream
                                            Angels watch at your bedside

A-L  Andresen :)

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- Small Steps Walks Carefully X 2 -



    Hush my little child 
    No more tears 
    Your mother and father 
    will be your guide 
    Beautiful as an angel 
    Fragile as glass 
    Like a little bird 
    that will learn to fly 
    Sleep now my child 
    Dream about tomorrow 
    Angels of the night cradles you 
    On the path to the dream of paradise 
    there is no fear of the dark 
    Small Steps Walks Carefully 
    Tomorrow is a new day
    together we will be 
    Dear child one day you will be brave


    An old man
    He is more than 80 years
    Alone - His wife's death
    Sitting in his chair - has difficulty walking
    Small Steps Walks Carefully
    The phone marks with red tape on number one
    Number one is his daughter's number
    He remember that
    Diapers Size X-Large, he sits in his chair
    Evening comes - the old man is tired
    He is not afraid of the dark
    But loneliness is painful
    Small Steps Walks Carefully
    He has his dreams
    Wakes up in the middle of the night
    and look at the stars and the moon
    Tomorrow is a new day

    Life ....

    A-L Andresen :)

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A Good Night's Sleep

I gather my dreams Place them under my pillow Drift out of this world Sleep softens the rough edges Awake with new day's promise
For Brian's contest

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My Last Nerve

No sleep One revision after another Publisher demands-too demanding TIRED My last nail broke My last pen ran out of ink My last pad - my last sheet! My keyboard sucks My monitor's dim Can't see for yawning Words, words, words in my head I'm done I said My last nerve! Going to bed

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I Lost You That Day

I lost you that day 
when it was 

And drops 
of your face 

r o l l e d away.

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Lonely Nights


                                                       Lonely Nights
                                         A picture to say good night my honey,
                                                    no more sweet kisses.
                                         A picture to hold, all I have left of you,
                                                     kept by my bedside.
                                        No sweet embrace, left are memories
                                              of my nights, shared with you.

                                                   Anne Rutherford
                                                    Copyright 2011
                                           Poem From The Heart Series.