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Ice Cream

''Loving Ice Cream''

Having ice cream with you.
Relives the entire portrait in my youth.
Like catnip for a cat, the Reese's fun never stops.
Like monkeys in a zoo, one taste climbs above sherbet treetops.

Ice Cream with you,
How sweet the imagery of 31 different treats 
Placid lights topped with peaches in amaretto slushy sauce
Dandelion haven above a marshmallow rocky road
Fireflies flicker around the yummy fresh Lemon Drop Sky
A delightful sundae breeze on the tip of my tongue 
Soft frozen chocolate dessert, nothing can go wrong 

Ice Cream with You
So many to choose from, 
Relish the delicious flavor of Butterscotch homemade rum
There's no other place I'd rather be
Lost Inside this forever hazel green scenery and mint sticks of joy
The ultimate indulgence originates in one icy bite
A creamy coconut cherry delight -served on the side with apple pie
In a cup, on a cone, you my vanilla waffle boy 
Everything-- about-- you-- roams free like tubs of ice cream dreams

Listen to the soft sprinkles of cinnamon sound
The happy feeling that melts when you're around
I'm taking a giant scoop of Ice Cream from your heart
Adoring and Embracing Life
Every time you say the words
...I love you...


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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A Concrete Snowman

                                                    THE BLACK
                                                    SATIN HAT
                                                    SAT TIGHT
                                        ON THE YOUNG MANS BALD
                                                    HEAD. HIS 
                                                EYES BLACK AS 
                                            NIGHT STARED INTO
                                              NOTHINGNESS. IN 
                                                 FRONT OF HIM
                                                      WERE 3
                                              PATHS WHERE THE
                                           CHILDREN HAD ROLLED 
                                         PATCHES OF GREEN GRASS 
                                          STUCK THROUGH PACKED
                                                FREEZING SNOW.
                                        IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FACE
                                A CROOKED CARROT POINTED TOWARD 
                            THE HOUSE WHERE CHILDREN SAT LOOKING
                             OUT THEIR WINDOW AT THEIR NEW FOUND
                              FRIEND. HIS BUTTON MOUTH SHAPED FOR
                                HIM TO LOOK HAPPY SEEMED TO SMILE 
                                  AT THEM AS THEY STARTED TO BLOW
                                       KISSES AT THEIR WONDERFUL 
                                                  NEW SNOWMAN.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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The Elves Snow Party

Away up north where it’s snowing they say
the elves are preparing for Christmas day.
Big elves little elves, busier than bees
All building toys, for under Christmas trees.

Some work with hammers others building bikes,
some riding through the room on brand new trikes.
Tiny elf voices ringing loud and clear,
everyone’s full of love and Christmas cheer.

Suddenly the chatter stops; all are still,
Santa walked in the room with book and quill.
Looking down at his book, Santa Clause stared,
then lifted his eyebrows as he declared,

Today I looked inside my books
and I found that we are ahead,
and thought because you worked so hard 
we shall all go outside instead.
Misses Claus made lots of sweet treats
so let’s all eat and be hearty,
for today here at the North Pole
all elves shall have a snow party.

Quick as a wink the elves they disappeared,
Santa just smiled as he tugged at his beard.
Laughing he watched his little friends scatter
and soon the mountains echoed with laughter.

Snowballs were flying, snowmen taking form,
and hot chocolate kept little elves warm.
They were sledding, skiing, skating all day,
see, elves aren’t simply, all work and no play.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Children’s Christmas or Holiday Tale
1st place

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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D-Day in Malta:::co-write

We met in Valletta city on a fine November day
Introductions...hugs and kisses; we got talking straight away.
All agreed to go sight-seeing – architecture , harbour view
Made a stop to buy an ice-cream where there is a constant queue .
We strolled on and at Cordina’s chose al fresco to sit down
Next to regal Queen Victoria, a stone lady with a crown.
Drinks were ordered and pastizzi, which were followed by some cakes
Freshly baked and appetizing, all adorned with chocolate flakes.
We were served by cherub Fabio busy running out and in
Second time the badge said Mario, then we found that he’s his twin.
Jan and hubby soaked the sunshine, the Calluses hugged the shade
Those around spoke multilingual, a musician plied his trade.
We stayed there and spoke for ages, watched the tourists walking by.
Valentina took our photos; she is young and sweet as pie.

Jan and Bob will be returning in two years on Malta’s shore
Although Maurice has predicted it will be a year before!
They will then be celebrating married bliss with silver ware
All on Soup will be invited; this occasion is to share.
That’s a promise made for keeping – friends will meet for sure once more
We shall have some cake and snickers; sweet surprises lie in store!

Fun poem ~ co-written by Paul-Jan-Valentina  on 2/11/2014

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2014

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Poetry Soup Kitchen

-Poetry Soup Kitchen-

Grab your aprons and spoon
Today we will not think of the stars and the moon,

Open your eyes, be grateful for all we have
Together we can paint the world
In any which way we desire

Let's give, live and celebrate the New Year
Poetry Soup Style
Happy New Year 


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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The Flight of Bebo

Bebo was a bird
who could not fly
He kept flapping his wings 
'cause he knew he must try

There were two other birds 
that were laughing at him
As he was jumping and flapping
up high on a limb

It must be so hard 
to be stuck in a tree
Said, those two silly birds
That were laughing at me

I do not like you
get out of my tree
Don't you have somewhere to go?
Don't you have somewhere to be?

Bebo then said
let me get back to my endeavor 
Or, I'll be stuck in this tree
forever and ever

He knows he's a bird
he eats worms and sings
He just needs a good breeze
to get under his wings

Bebo worked hard all week 
to get into the air
Then he started to cry
Yelling, this isn't fair

With tears down his cheeks
Bebo looked at the sky
He said, I know I'm a bird
so why can't I fly?

The wind then spoke out
and said, It's not how you try
You must climb to the top
You must get really high

Then open your wings
and face into me
I will help you find flight 
just get up there, you'll see

Bebo went to the top
of his lonely old tree
He opened his wings
and, waited to see

The wind then picked up
and, carried him high
Bebo was laughing with joy
'cause now he could fly

From that day on
Bebo was happy with flight 
He said goodbye to his tree
and, then he flew out of sight

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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To the POETS who broke my heart-A thru Z

~Arthur Vaso~

He danced on hearts and graves
I became his words slave
Romantic a wink,
and I start to think
for me his bleeding heart raves.

~Lyric Man~

You fiddle a melody
that I know not meant for me
I can't help but smile
in romantic denial
your lyrics are my poetry

~Sebastian Aaron Baez~

Tongue like sexual honey
Writing right on the money
but so far away
and there will you stay
because you thought my proposal was funny

~Tim Smith~

All knows we played a game or two,
And you left me right out of the blue
There is no jealousy
coming from me
since I know that your honesty is true

~Adam Hunter~

So close but yet still far
I know just who you are
You're on my list
Yet you resist
Next round, you buy at the bar

~Richard Lamoureux~

Your words are so really real,
Your truth are the real deal
commitment on your finger
made for a real stinger
your a great guy that makes me feel.

Now its time to break all hearts in return
For you all my sweetest men, poetically I burn.
Keep on writing because you rule
and your souls are just dang cool.
Together let us all love laugh and learn! :)
Love you all my soup guys and gals :) Mwah
Happy Valentines day!!

For Contest: A valentine limmerick

Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2015

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On Halloween Night

I hear the October winds whispering and I think it knows,
as the witching hour arrives and a harvest moon glows,
only once a year, do we celebrate death on Halloween night,
it is a time for remembrance, and not a time for fright.

As dead leaves come to life, once more, somehow they know,
on the twisted claw-like branches, I see the excitement grow,
black bats take their flight and wise owls call out to you,
it seems strange, but I imagine that they all know, too.

I ask you now, my dearly departed ancestors, to arise,
come and dance with me, there is no need for disguise,
on this one dark, Halloween night, it is the only time,
when we can feel truly alive and so morbidly sublime.

Let me wipe away the ancient moss from your tombstone,
come forth with dust and decay, your shroud and bone,
feel the warm glow from this carved out jack o' lantern,
and watch his lit, grinning soul, may it flicker and burn.

You must still remember the candy corn's sweet flavor,
and those crisp apples, with juicy bite after bite to savor,
it is only on this night when we can taste this rare treat,
and it is only on this Halloween night when we can meet.

Tonight will not be your usual haunting among the graves,
or beneath the dead willow tree, weeping, shackled like slaves,
you are free to wander, to celebrate, and honor our past,
until the morning sun rises, on this Eve that will not last.

So come with me now and our spirits will live once more,
as we roam down our old streets, and visit door to door,
let us go, and lead them all in our mysterious nighttime parade,
where we can finally be ourselves, no need for a masquerade.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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A Debutante's Ball To Remember

A Debutante’s Ball to Remember
In the autumn of my life, oft have I recalled that superb summer night, when I finally experienced my long-awaited heart’s delight. Family and close friends were all ready for my entry into society, to celebrate it with a grand debutante’s ball filled with gaiety.
In a dreamlike state, I felt like a princess with a golden crown, making my grand entrance wearing a champagne chiffon gown. With matching gloves, and a pair of satin shoes on my tiny feet, my auburn hair was adorned with butterflies and posies sweet.
The ballroom was magically transformed with gas lights all aglow, and a glittering chandelier reflected on a highly polished mahogany floor. As the orchestra played, my body and soul were enraptured and consumed by its rendition of Ravel’s enthralling “La Valse” which pervaded the room.
Elegant ladies were all dressed to the nines in exquisite pastel gowns of winter white, baby blue, powder pink, pale peach and beautiful browns. In tacit competition to out-best each other, social charms were well-honed, as they daintily fanned themselves and gossiped animatedly in hushed tones.
Refined gentlemen in their finely-tailored tails navigated the room to mingle, keeping an eye out for eligible heiresses beautiful, graceful, and single. Wafts of mild masculine colognes came from discretely dabbed faces and hair; while the fresh feminine floral scent of French perfumes permeated the air.
Armed with a full dance card, I waltzed the night away with ardent admirers, curtsying and coquettishly smiling, moving on to more exciting suitors. My enchanting evening climaxed with Strauss’s “Vienna Waltz” filling the hall. Oh, what a tale I will have to tell as my granddaughter prepares for her first ball!

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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Poetry Soup Heroes

We're Off To See The Wizard.

Emotion, a storm that came, swept me into the poetry game.
A tornado, carried me to this place, a new face, I'd never be the same.
I was greeted with techni-color, I was black and white, out of place.
Munchkins, the whole lot, greeted me with aisles of smiles and glow,
Welcoming me to a whole new world, one that I would come to know.
They say go, find that wizard, take a journey to eternity,
Life will be a better place as I find the friends to walk with me.

My footfalls step one in front of the other, Toto, he is at my side,
He takes this trip with every strip and dip, to him my secrets I confide.
And we follow the yellow brick road, chirping and singing along,
When we come across the scarecrow who hangs strawed and strong.
He comes with great knowledge, a Wise Dummy, he is so smart,
A character with creative charm and clumsy grace, his poetry is art.
He thinks great thoughts even though he thinks he is just made of stuffing,
I could not journey this experience alone, this genius is quite somethin'.
From the mysteries of our histories, similarities begin to appear,
And I welcome him into my adventure, he is terrific to have near.

We skip along the yellow brick road, hearing a crinkled creek,
There stands rusted with nature trusted, a tin man mild and meek.
Tipping the oil can we lubricate and he starts to enunciate and pronunciate, 
A song beats as he moves his feet, he has no heart but wait...
As we all start to travel, his lyrics start to unravel, he has marvelous melody,
And he sings with all his mighty might, songs so very very right just for me.
I would not be fooled by his metal, his surface so smooth as a kettle,
He may be made of tin, but his heart beats strong within.

As a troop we continue to see the wizard who is our goal,
Every word we write along they way has be written in our soul.
Out of nowhere jumps the lion, roar, he tries to frighten us away,
But how cute he shies when we see through his disguise, a pussy cat, a stray.
He has no fear of the things he writes, he has mighty truth in his tongue,
Soothing the stings the stiff wasps bring, he laughs while being stung.
He joins our adventure, giving praise of plenty and being fairly fair,
I couldn't imagine my journey through life without him being there.

I have been so fortunate to find my scarecrow, tin man and lion,
To make it to the great wizard, that is our task, together we are tryin'
Three poets, so true in their personality will always walk with me.
Have a place in my heart, always play a part, making me see poetry,
A journey doesn't have to be alone, there is always a friend.
And they follow me to the wizard, and even then it's not the end.

We're off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of oz....

Date: October 16, 2015

Dorothy: (unnamed poet)
Toto: (unnamed poet)
Scarecrow: (Richard Lameroux)
Tin Man: (Lyric Man)
Cowardly Lion: (Arthur Vaso)
The Wizard: (We'll all meet him one day)

Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2015

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Triple Threat-Fantasy Becomes Reality-A Collab

Once upon a time, there were three poetic souls at play, 
 Wondering upon the stars, how to spend their Friday. 
 Hoping and praying that they each could find their muse 
 Write a few lines together and not explode or blow a fuse 

 Coming up with a theme, pass it along, from me to you to you 
 With one swift stroke and few little tweaks, hoping it grew and grew 
 With mighty pens high and fingers that stroked the keys, 
 Scratching at inspiration like a puppy dog scratches at fleas 

 Trying to have some fun together to dispel a little rumour 
 Jan is here to prove, that Brits, do have a sense of humour 
 When Jan was created God laughed so hard that He broke the mould 
 But her poems prove to us that she still has a heart of gold 
 Her joke is not funny, not getting a chuckle, a grin, or even a smirk 
 Let's keep that a secret, telling her it was, a hoot and a knee jerk 

 Then there is Tim, romantic the flavors both special, sad and sweet, 
 A bit of naughty, when he knocks on the door, with a trick or treat. 
 Sometimes if you read real close, you'll say "I can't believe he said that" 
 This sneaky fox is never outsmarted by the world wise alley cat. 

 Casarah's a real stunner and I hear that she has a really nice tush 
 Oh I’m not supposed to say that, nudge nudge, it's so hush hush 
 Quick with the wit, at home with a bit, and willing to try any thing new 
 Great friend we hold dear, always has cheer, getting you up when you're blue 

 So we are passing our poetry, like we are passing scents in the breeze. 
 May our words tonight shake the branches off your weeping willow trees

 Our days have become brighter and our nights a little less stress free
 Since we came together, this cheerful crazy bunch, our trio, us three

 We may be many miles apart, but our connection is crystal clear
 Poetry brought us together, we’ll be firm friends for many a year

A collaboration
co-written by:
Cassarah Nance
Jan Allison
Tim Smith

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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A Night At The O2 Bar With Maurice

Came in there slowly, gasping for air
Caught up by all our misery and despair
Maurice in the front, checking all things out
A breath of fresh air, is what he does scout

I come in shortly after, looking for a seat
Found one in the corner, dim lit and discrete
Maurice orders up, two huffs of pure gold
Supposed to stop us, from feeling too old 

A couple lovely ladies giving us the eye
Before I even knew it Maurice had said goodbye
He had left with a lady, the one with eyes of green 
Off to turn this princess into his personal queen

I was left alone, like many other times in my life
Feeling sad and lonely thinking about all my strife
Up walks this beauty and asks me for a dance
I couldn't get much sadder so I took a chance

She was a perfect angel and we held each other tight
Dancing and talking all throughout this great night
The bar was to close, so I took her by the hand
Walking under the moonlight, barefoot in the sand

We come upon a bon fire and two naked silhouettes 
Maurice and his lovely princess having no regrets
We lay down by the fire and gaze up in the sky
Dream about tomorrows, letting nothing pass us by

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Football Footles

block kick
score quick
big win
we grin
Cuts back
In doubt
time out
call blown
crowd moan
you lose
crowd boos
Our team
we scream

written by Jan Allison and Tim Smith

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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I knew this day would come
When I'd lose you from my sight
I won't be able to devour you
I'll miss that scrumptious bite

Seems everyday you were there for me
You were my afternoon delight
So rich, nutty, and delicious
I should have held you tight

I feel so down without you
My senses are getting numb
You gave me such a pick me up
To your pleasure I'd succumb

I see you through the window
With my sad and longing eyes
I crave just one taste of you
Can't you hear my heartfelt cries

This machine wont take my quarters
I've tried again and again
I need you, my snickers bar
Anyone got change for a ten

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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The Ferris Wheel

I can't describe just how I feel,
when I go round on a Ferris wheel,
the lights, they shine so bold and bright,
above the carnival grounds tonight.

My mood is uplifted into the air,
as my heart beats without a care,
I feel so free, as if I could fly,
with nothing between the ground and I.

The cool night wind flows in my hair,
the people look so small, way down there,
I hold my breath as I go over the top,
a feeling, surreal, I don't want to stop.

As fear escapes and I enjoy the ride,
I can't help but look down, over the side,
I am up among the stars and the moon,
an exciting feeling that ends, all too soon.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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The Dog of my Life

Shakespearean Sonnet

I remember the day I picked you,
With your sweet little puppy dog eyes.
For my heart was searching for love too,
When I looked down and heard your soft cries.

Your brothers and sisters were running,
They were after a fallen clothes peg,
But there was a puppy so stunning 
Trying hard to get up on my leg.

Four years it has been since that moment
And I thank God daily for his gift
Each day you give me such enjoyment 
Your love has given my heart a lift.

Today I know as clear as can be,
I didn’t pick you; rather you picked me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Sponsor Shadow Hamilton 
Contest: Pets

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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My New Year's Resolutions: Humor

I have tracked my New Year's Resolutions 
over the years these are my fantastic results.

Resolution One

2011: I will try to be more attentive to Lauren.
2012: I will pay more attention to what's her name...ah...Lori...I know I'm close.  
2013: I will try for reconciliation with Lo.
2014: I will try to be more attentive to Carol.

Resolution Two

2011: I will walk 35,000 steps a day this year.
2012: I will definitely start my walking routine this year at 10,000 steps a day.
2013: I will walk once a week.
2014: I will try to drive past a gym at least once a week.

Resolution Three

2008: I will not stare at women's cleavage .
2009: I will cut down the amount of time I stare at women's cleavage.
2010: I will stop being so obvious when I stare at women's cleavage.
2011: I will attempt to stop getting caught staring at women's cleavage.
2012: I will stop increasing the time I spend staring at women's cleavage.
2013: I will seek professional help as directed by the courts.
2014: I will try to stop starring at the female prison guards cleavage.

Resolution Four

2011: I will not let my siblings push me around.
2012: I will stick up for myself with at least one of my siblings.
2013: I will not let my siblings bullying depress me.
2014: I will talk to Dr. Potter and the group about my siblings.

Resolution Five

2008: I will read Clarissa this year all 1534 pages.
2009: I did not read Clarissa I will read Varney The Vampire all 866 pages.
2010: I will read the first 50 pages of Varney The Vampire this year.
2011: I will read some articles in the newspaper this year.
2012: I will try and finish the comics section this year.
2013: I will read one strip in the cartoon section this year.
2014: I will read the fortune cookie thingy the next time I have Chinese Food. 

Sponsor: Regina Riddle
Contest Name: New Year's Resolution 

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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 I don't have nothing really to post right now
 However, I will read your poems first, 
 In hopes inspiration follows and falls into place

Please do not think I'm here to drop a bomb 
It's just a fair warning on how, I'm here
"To Rock Your World"
Allow me kindly to introduce myself, 
I'm as Sweet as they come 
I'm not the enemy, but a poet friend
In time you will see, and hunger my name

 I'm not new to any poetry world
 In time you will notice I am not your average girl

I will play fair, If you do
I'll be true to you, if you are true 
I'm not here to judge what I can't see
However, I will reply and enjoy the imagery

 This Destroyer is not like a lawyer
 However, mess with me or my sis 
 I'll chew you out like the D.E.A.
 I'll mess with your mind 
 A brain storm cleaning you from bottom to top

Admiring those who love the world of wordplay
Today, I will end my WORDS
With the quote I've always wanted to say
   "I am no poet!"


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Come my friend on a Slow Ride
through Photographs And Memories 
You don’t need to Runaway
just close your eyes and Drift Away
We’ll soar where the Freebird flies
ride the Ball Of Fire in the sky
Take the hand of the Dreamweaver
for a Magical Mystery Tour

Hey Jude come and go with us
for a ride on the Magic Bus
Or maybe in my Chevy Van
to search for Nowhere Man
It will be an Afternoon Delight
find Paradise By The Dashboard Light
The Carefree Highway will take us there
by Sundown if we only take care
It will be fine in The Long Run
We’ll find our dreams when we Follow The Sun

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Sylvia’s Mother said we left them all alone
Hotel California is being constructed
We’ll save it from The Eve Of Destruction
I see One Tin Soldier
having trouble with The Joker
Remember guys    you’ll have the Last Dance
if you only Give Peace A Chance

China Grove is our next stop
into the Black Water we’ll drop
A Long Train Running up into the sky
to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds we’ll fly
We’ll play some music with a Slow Hand
sing with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Here Comes The Sun    our trip now is over
We’ll turn for home with thoughts of Crimson And Clover
To the Island Girl we’ll wave
but our Time In A Bottle we’ll save
Touch Me In The Morning     I’ll be the same
To stay as we are is The Name Of The Game
We found we’re still The Way We Were
Our Strange Magic needs no cure

Copyright © Monterey Sirak | Year Posted 2014

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My Wish

Hello Ms. Johnson, I’m sure this sounds strange
our mutual friend, said you need a change.
She told me how hard you work every day, 
come home to your children, no time for play.

Your husband left you without any money
and traded family, for tainted honey.
You work as a nurse, working hard for each dime,
yet nothing’s left over at holiday time.

A holiday spent solely enjoying life,
playing with your kids no worry and no strife.
this dream keeps you going, each and every day,
my dear Ms. Johnson I believe I have a way.

I have a house with an awesome ocean view 
for two weeks Ms. Johnson, it belongs to you.
I’m going on a journey and would find it grand
if you could watch my house and enjoy my strand.

If you and your children would like to come here,
believe me Ms. Johnson you’ve nothing to fear.
When you call Janet, she’ll give you my number,
my wish for you is a little less cumber.

Sincerely Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: My Wish For You 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Ninja Girl

   On the Isle of Man lives a Ninja girl
   Daring in her act, makes your toesies curl
   She has a pretty face
   And sips her tea with grace
   Be not taken in – she’s no fragile pearl.


   Sent with hugs by Lulu` Pascal

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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- Footle for Jan Allison -


  Make it
  a hit

   07.07.2015 A-L Andresen :)
   Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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Low Cost Airline

With the rules she is quite savvy
Yet she has to pay a levy
She knows for a fact
The weight is exact
But, madam, she is top-heavy.

This is an offshoot to Jan's "Lets All Embrace Big Boobs"

Contest: A poem you have not entered in a contest # 7
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Placing: 4th

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2014

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Suck It

My mouth is watering at your sight
I can't wait for a taste, pure delight
One bite of you and my mouth quivers
Sending tingles up and down, I shiver 

Sweet and flavorful, juices drip from my chin
Leaving me happy, satisfied, and with a grin
It's been too long since I tasted that fruit
Ripe, round, and a little fuzzy, you're cute

Heaven on Earth, the perfect wet taste, slurp
Sucking her succulent juices dry, another slurp
In the height of summer up in the tree I reach
For my refreshing sweet fruit, I love you my peach

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Andrea's Poem Buffet - Tribute Limerick

A Lyrical Chef we'll call 'Dre',
whips up Writes for her Poem buffet.
She bakes Words into Rhyme
and roasts Prose in the time
it takes most just to cook a Cliché!

This limerick was written for 
my Soup buddy Andrea Dietrich. 
Thank you for your positive 
input and excellent support - 
you are appreciated!. xoxo

Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015