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No play or fairy tale

Fee Fie Foe Fum…

Scream the irregular beats of my stricken heart
as I pour my all into the cauldron of love

Ignoring the witches panicked looks
I cast aside their spell books
and concoct a potion
from the sweat and tears of my own desire

A base of the blood that courses through my veins,
too hot to hold,
red as the darkest rose,
runs from my wrist
spilling silently
into the stream of a sentence
spelling soundlessly
the words I write

From deep within my battered body
I collect the essences
of those values
that ease the workings of my very existence

Love, honour, trust and respect…
ingredients in inexhaustible measure
pour prodigiously onto the page

Strong arms to support you
hold you and enfold you…

Gentle hands to explore you
caress you and cherish you…

Lips to kiss you and whisper words of love
…and the making of love…

Draw themselves into the letters of my lines
words of wanting
paragraphs of passion

Fee Fie Foe Fum…

I smell the blood and tears
of another love letter
written in the media of the mind
daring itself to drip
from lips and pen
to explode in a kaleidoscope of colour and sound
to engulf and excite expectant and eager ears and eyes

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

To send or not to send; that is the question

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A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale
     By the Poets Listed After the Poem

Once upon a time, long-long ago there was a wishing star.
She, unlike a billion other bright shining stars, was magic.
Bored with her galaxy, she began to wander far away.
Streaking through the atmospheres was very hot, but not tragic.

Pausing to wonder with much time to ponder, she cast her spell.
“Tiny goblins on Halloween, by light one wish I will grant.”
Who should be the recipient of this very special wish?
Earth children roaming streets that night in one hand my gift, I'll plant.

Oh who should receive my amazingly special gift of light?
So many young ones, in who's humble heart this wish I could grant.
Out of all the precious children that have come within my sight.
The child who has the purest wish is the one I will enchant.

I'll sprinkle on my chosen one, crystal glitters, gold balloons.
A ride follows to fairyland, ending on the golden moons.
With a magical flight through a rainbow high where dreams come true,
And a house of candies in the land of Marshmallow-Lagoons...

Oh, that magical light shining through sweet cotton candy clouds,
Her wish she may...her wish she might...there's one ghoul she'll bless that night.
Of princesses, fairies and goblins, a good heart will be found.
Quickly child, make your pure wish, before the magic star takes flight.

CONTRIBUTING POETS: Charmaine Chircop, Carolyn Devonshire, James Marshall Goff, John 
Loving III, Robin Gass, Raul Moreno, Ruben D. Ortellao, Patricia Prescott, 
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Changeling Prince

The air was filled with sparks so bright
as ash and flick'ring fire abound
The night was filled with fairy light
and from deep down the drumming sound.
And all about did wander round
in forms both large and shimmer small
walked spirits old of yesternight 
to lend a charm to each and all.

The sky o'er head was filled with light
and night wore the king’s Northern Crown.
The stars fought with the fire flies flight
as shadows marked the unknown.
A royal night when love was sown,
and bardly singing did enthrall
their poetry did rich resounded
to lend a charm to each and all.

Around the fire stood bold knights 
and their ladies most well, unknown,
secrecy was their honor-bright
and amongst them stood the Throne.
Changeling bride brought forth to atone
promises too old to recall,
tonight a fairy wife enthroned
to lend a charm to each and all.

Upon their heads set holly crowns
their scepters of ash, I recall.
Cloaks as light as gossamer shone
to lend a charm to each and all.                                                           

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Reality Check

I play with sorrow hide-and-seek
For love will hide and I am weak,
And when I locate the pot of gold
I find the rainbow has been sold.

I explore the real life of this fairy tale
The gingerbread house is up for sale.
The frog is not what he proclaims to be
A wolf in grandma's nightie is all I see.

The prince is having a bad hair day
The beauty is not in the beast I say.
The carriage 'till midnight will not last
I'll have pumpkin pie to break my fast.

I climb the beanstalk way up high
Open Sesame I cry and cry,
Look there's a dragon at my door...
I don't believe in fairy tales no more.

So tell the seven dwarfs to stay away
Tell the ogres I don't want to play.
The damsel in distress I'll never be
For I'm the ugly stepsister, you see.

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The Fairies of Motherhood

I bet you didn’t know about the fairies
assigned to all the infants that are born.
At night beside her precious charge each tarries
while softly crooning lullabies till morn.

An extra special fairy will be sent
to first-time mothers of a girl or boy, 
for when the harried fretting mom is spent,
she only has to look upon her joy.

As magic dust releases from above,
the mother sighs and holds her baby near.
Then particles illuminate the love
of one who coos while cradling her dear.

As fairies go, there simply is no other
as blessed as she who serves the child and mother.

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The Fairy of Motherhood

Have you heard about a certain fairy,
the one assigned to infants newly born?
Unseen, beside her precious charge she’ll tarry
softly crooning lullabies till morn.

She is the special fairy that is sent
to first-time mothers of a girl or boy, 
for when that harried fretting mom is spent,
and as the mother looks down at her joy,
the fairy sprinkles dust down from above.
The mother sighs and holds her baby near.
Those particles illuminate the love
expressed by mother cooing to her dear.

As fairies go, there simply is no other
as blessed as she who serves the child and mother.

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A Fairy's Fantasy

Somewhere deep in these enchanted woods
a fairy is perched upon a delicate daisy
she yawns and stretches her transparent wings
as all around her in the dim purple glow of twilight
the fireflies shine and dance 
with the butterflies as they fly away to hide until dawn
the frogs and the crickets prepare for their midnight symphony
a majestic unicorn approaches the stream to drink from the cool waters.

The fairy now rests on this delicate daisy
gazing up at the darkening purple sky
filled with misty stars that twinkle like diamonds
through the tree branches she can just see
a perfect crescent moon looking down on her
as she drifts off to sleep
this fairy lives in a fantasy world
so, what wondurous thing can she possibly dream about?

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Sweet Dreams

Beside the slab of granite step
bluebells bloom 'neath southern sun
a saucer full of milk thumb deep
sits waiting for the wee small ones,
beauteous ones that no one shuns.

Feed them fine with sweets and cream
so they'll not steal your child new born.
Gift them tokens you hold in esteem
jewels as small as dew drops formed
and perhaps you'll be transformed.

A night you'll spend, but no more,
'neath the Fairy mound within the glen
with the Fairy Queen well loved adored,
then back at dawn with a prayer amen,
left to dream of might have been's.

*suggested meter correction made my a new friend..what do you think?

Sweet dreams 

Beside the slab of granite step 
the bluebells bloom 'neath southern sun 
a saucer full of milk thumb deep 
sits waiting for the wee small ones, 
- the pretty ones that no one shuns. 

With tasty sweets feed them and cream 
so they'll not steal your child new born. 
thus gift them tokens of esteem 
and jewels small like dew drops formed 
and perhaps you'll then be transformed. 

A night you'll spend, but thence no more, 
beneath the magic mound - in glen 
the Fairy Queen by you adored, 
then back at dawn with an amen, 
be left to dream of might have been's. 

Date: 4/11/13

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Princess Fairy Silver

In the land of Jasmine Valley
Lived a fairy of repute
Her glow was of soft silver
And she lived among the fruit
Of the Roses and the peaches
And her beauty was renowned
Wherever folk did speak of love
Her name it could be found.

Yet fairy silver {That’s her name}
She could not speak at all
For a wicked witch it seems
Had treated her real cruel
And placed a nasty curse on her
Which made her voice go mute
She was a wicked witch indeed
There‘s none that would refute.

She was loved by all around her
For love was all she knew
The wild beasts gathered round her
And all the flowers knew
Of the loveliness within her
It made them want to grow
You should have seen that fairy
With her lovely, silver glow.

One day an Elfin gentleman
Came riding on a steed
A beast of purest, pristine white
Of a strong and noble breed.
He was a handsome man indeed
A Prince among his folk
And always laughed with all his subjects
With them he’d share a joke.

One day he spotted Fairy Silver
She was there among her flowers
The Elfin Prince he gazed at her
And felt such benign power
That strong compulsion overtook him
He Kissed her on the cheek
So then this lovely fairy maid
She made as if to speak.

As she did this such sweet music came
And flowed from her sweet lips
The Fairy she burst forth with song
The Elf’s soft heart just flipped
He asked the Fairy “Oh maid of beauty
Oh please do marry me”.
She looked into his deep blue eyes
He felt such ecstasy.

And now the two, they live together
For they be man and wife
The princes speaks her words of beauty
In a land so free from strife
As the two they rule the elfin Lands
And the two lands come together
And peace and harmony do reign
As the two they love forever.

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Of Fawn And Fairy

Inside this forest
so bright and mild 
a fairy lived
her name, Wonder Child

For all the forest
knew of this girl
to which they knew
she would change the world

A fawn she crept 
upon one day
it sensed no danger
no need to escape

Her acquired ability
to speak with those
on four legs with fur
scurrying would go

She was as a spirit
in the woods she did walk
she would talk to the animals
to her they would flock

She'd gentle reach down
and with the smallest of hands
much like the grains of sand
beside them she'd stand

Together as one
the fairy and fawn
if you close your eyes tight
you may see them at dawn

Donna G Fowler

by Donna G Fowler

"I have seen the fawn wake up at dawn...
and then she did not tarry.
This tiny deer so full of cheer
set out to find the fairy.

She knew that the winged one
would help her through the day
and with the sun at end of day
would quietly slip away.

But fawns grow into beautiful deer
and time just passes on.
Now the mother deer, it is so clear,
seeks the fairy to teach her own."

Donna, I hope you don't think I am presumptuous to think this would improve on your beautiful poem... No, It is just an example of how perfection can trigger creativity in the least of us...
You have my honest admiration and respect for this and many other fine works in your portfolio... Love Ya! Jake  

Reviewed by jakepayne  

Your review received: 
Very helpful

and the following comments about your review:
TY Jake. I admire your wit. What I'd like to see you do is write a continuation of this like you have started. Name it whatever you want, and post me back a message

Mother Doe and Fairy
Inspired by Donna G. Fowler’s
‘Of Fawn and Fairy’

I saw the fawn wake up at dawn...
and then she did not tarry.
This tiny deer so full of cheer
set out to find the fairy.

She knew that the winged one
would teach her the right ways
and with the sun at end of day
would quietly slip away.

 Fawns grow into beautiful deer
as time just passes on.
Now the mother deer, it is so clear,
seeks the fairy to teach her own.

The fairy knew her language
and all the others too.
She had tutored many youngsters
in the proper things to do.

The forest had been good to her
and the years had been kind too.
When the Doe felt life within her
she knew just what to do.

She knew just where the fairy should be
each and every day.
She wanted her to teach her fawn
to live the forest’s way.

The mother doe was nearing
the birth of her first fawn.
She arrived there at the clearing
just at break of dawn.

She sensed the fairy knew --
for she felt her presence there.
The comfort she had sought to find
Could be felt in the morning air.

She lay down in the comfort
of a nearby grove of trees
And quietly awaited there
in the cooling morning breeze.

Then she heard the quiet flutter
Of tiny little wings
She saw the fairy coming
as the birds began to sing.

She now relaxed and soon she knew
the peace the forest sends
And she found herself surrounded
by scores of tiny friends.

They all had heard the news
and all had been invited
To come and see the miracle
of  two friends reunited.

The fairy knew why she’d been called
to this very special place
She was here to help the deer
receive God’s special grace.

It was not long – it had begun
And quickly, it was over.
There lay the mother doe and fawn
in the comfort of the clover.

The fairy then took stardust
and sprinkled it in their eyes.
Now when they exchange gazes
their love is not disguised.

The fairy and the doe and fawn
then went their separate way
knowing this would not be the last
of many special days.

© Jacob Payne
October 20, 2006

Jake, I knew you could continue this after what you placed in my review. First I am honored that you were inspired by something I started. Secondly, this is an amazing continuation of my poem. You are so visual in this and I could see the field of clover and the new baby fawn. I felt as if I were there watching. Fantastic job my friend.. I'm so excited!!!!  

Reviewed by Donna G Fowler