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Sketching him

I taste his history from those thirsty eyes
Surrendering to the feverish hold of their intensity
Their color, my secret, orphic pools of potency
His strength deliberate, yet gentle on my senses

Brows knit thick and heavy from ancestral themes
Powerful, yet craving, sapient wings
The sharp angle of his nose haunts my desire
Dreams to die for, my lust turning wanton

The innocence of his jaw, they ignite my want
The proud swell of his maddening lips, waiting
His neck, riding desire on strength’s urgent whispers
Those arms around me, spilling infinities

His thoughts stalk my world, they come for me
Words to drown me, in the smell of his heaven
The svelte rise and fall of his words in chant
Tease me, has me, for the moments I wait for…

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Waiting for you

You sleep with yours while I watch you in silence
Nameless and formless, deep in your soul
I whisper to you in your quiet nights
Waiting for you to wake up and fall into my dimension

When you open your eyes and look at the morning mist
I am there with you, holding your lucid moments
Breathing my light into your being
Burning my presence into your existence

I am there when you need to turn around and look
I am with you when you listen to the quiet
I dwell with you on chance's subtle meaning

Waiting for you walk to me
as your soul keels towards my spiral...

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Love Battle

I rage, my need for you bleeding helpless
tied, bound by these silken ropes of love
my cries will never reach your side, my life
over our music that deafens my heartbeats
I stand mute and solo without you
till we belong to each other 
until you belong only to our love
even if that destroys who you are
even if that kills us...

There is a riot in my heart exploding me apart
the burning blood of your beauty razing reason's rampart,
defenses devised by decades of destructive love
surround my soul with swords sharpened on evil known of,
I need you to breech the war barrier, to rescue my red potential
break the black bricks of the sorrow wall with a woman's wherewithal, 
we will pay Fate's ransom for union legend
with unbroken breaths of lovers impassioned...

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Cannon Lee

The ocean shatters on the banks of my despair
where I stand above the cliffs in mournful yearning there,
amid the thunder and the lightning
that cracks the black of night
I curse the rocks below that took his precious life.
Oh Cannon Lee, Oh Cannon Lee!
my merman of the sea,
so beautiful a creature the world has never seen.
To gaze upon his beauty is to wake up in a dream
and drift forever in those tranquil eyes of green,
those dreamy eyes of my darling Cannon Lee.
I met him on the shore of Evermore
where he lay upon the rocks, his tail torn,
battered by the raging storm, so cold and so forlorn,
dying in the wake of early morn.
I wrapped myself around him, beneath my ermine cape,
and felt his shallow breath upon my tear-stained face
as he took me with a kiss
to his land beneath the sea,
the only place where he could ever live and breathe.
Visions of Atlantis were painted in my mind,
a castle on a cliff where liquid valleys wind
amid the blue and green
and all the shades of light that fall between,
the difference of awake and in a dream.
And in that final hour
his heart began to beat as mine,
and I knew for evermore that I would never find
a love so deep, complete and so divine
as the love that stole my heart, my soul, my mind,
my darling Cannon Lee.
And now I stand upon the cliff of Evermore,                
and fall into those dreamy eyes of green once more.


Author:  Elaine George

Inspired by:  Edgar Allan Poe

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Deja vu

There it was again, that familiar awakening
In your arms, in that ecstasy too exquisite
The intoxication, like traveling through light
Through those eons we did together as one

It all comes back to me the same way
One moment of your ancient presence
Your breathe upon me; I find my way back
Overwhelmed with memories of our lives together

The security that blankets over my feverish senses
One more moment with you, I thirst in elation
In your arms, not of this earth that binds me
I reel, I fall, I wake up in you, euphoric again

The ancient secrets of our mingled breathes
Your gentle kisses, ballads from all of time
I am alive in everything you witness, I am you
Rhythm me your secrets again, ecstasy unleashed…

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Ragnarok: The Storm

With the end of days upon them
Nears the time of final battle
In the halls of high Valhalla
Asgard senses its death rattle

In the forest crows the rooster 
In the sky the sun does darken
In the cave the hound is howling
To these signs the Aesir harken

Heimdall blows the Gjallarhorn
Dark the rainbow bridge is turning
Vivid lightning cleaves Yggdrasil
Then the central tree is burning

Aesir watch in fascination
As volcanoes spew like fountains
See the heavens splitting open
See the oceans climb the mountains

See the continents convulsing
See the forests burn to ashes
As the sons of Mim are playing
In the fatal lightning flashes

As the winds consume the wasteland
From the south Surtr advances
With his minions tearing corpses
Bright his sword and sharp his lances

Aesir then prepare their weapons
Eyes are clear and arms are steady
The Midgard serpent Jörmungandr
Upon the battle plain is ready

With his heavy hammer Mjolnir
Strides the mighty god of thunder
To do battle with the serpent
And to rend the world asunder

June 30, 2014

N.B. This poem is an Epyllion, a brief narrative poem with a romantic or mythological theme. It is written in trochaic tetrameter, like some of the ancient Eddas.

Ragnarök - Final battle and death of the Aesir
Aesir - The Norse gods
Asgard - one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Aesir
Valhalla - a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the chief Norse god Odin
Heimdall - A Norse god who blows his horn to signal the beginning of Ragnarök
Gjallarhorn - Heimdall's horn
Midgard- Middle Earth, or the world of humans
Bifröst - the burning rainbow bridge between Midgard and Asgard
Yggdrasil - The sacred Norse central tree that holds the Nine Worlds
Mim - an Asian renowned for his knowledge and wisdom who has been beheaded. Odin carries around Mím's preserved head and it recites secret knowledge and counsel to him.
Surtr- a fire troll with a flaming sword who sets the world on fire.
Jörmungandr- The world serpent or ouroboros that surrounds the earth and grasps his own tail. When he lets go, the world will end. Jörmungandr's arch-enemy is the god Thor.
Thor - The Norse god of thunder
Mjolnir  - Thor's hammer and principal weapon

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Dancing In The Sandpipers Ruins.

The walls have fallen and the grounds overgrown,
If you’d never been here you might never have known,

The stair that lead nowhere from the cracked ocean deck,
With the waves of the hurricane slowly it’s swept,

The light from her windows once lit up the Atlantic,
From all over they came for that weekend romantic,

To take long evening walks on a moon water beach,
While the laughter spills out and the music would reach,

Stirred in with the breeze creating crisp melodic sound,
In the flash of an instant discover paradise found,

For here moments were shared and each one becomes,
The memories of time in which we’re forever young,

A place to rekindle that once adolescent desire,
Here the poets retreated to compose and inspire,

Now these few crumbling walls are all that remain,
From a night of disaster that devoured in flame,

Now the patrons return their memories cupped in hand,
Hearing ballads of wave from the sea’s ethereal band,

I saw them closing their eyes once again hearing those tunes,
Traveling back to their youth…as they dance in the ruins

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The dance of enigma

He loves me, he says, with rainbows in his smile
And I write my song, a map to his destination
I didn’t tell him I noticed his tears
Crystal brilliance, from the blue of his strength 

We are the sun and the moon, not shared yet
Waiting on time that spills our legends
Surviving contradictions that haul our mysteries
I know I am his, just as much as he is mine

Unwonted enigmas, we circle each other’s orbits
Locking on chances as we decide to surrender
We cede for the moment to dry those haunted eyes
Prescient energies, we know our song is going to hurt

Promises quiet on the silence of our future
No hurt is going to quell the rage of our need
We move in sure on the thirst of our separation
As losses keen, their wails to haunt what couldn’t hold…

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Our First Gift Rediscovered

Those old memories crash
     Like frenzied hurricane waves
          Upon our sand and stone beach
     Our sacred moment
          Where innocent love blossomed
               We cast our childhood into the sea

That sweet July night beckons
     Two pure spirits from their haven
          Phantom lovers illumed before me
     Awash in newborn love’s passion 
          I buried a coal stone in the sands
               Promising you diamonds at nightfall

Laughing you covered every stone
     In that moment I truly found myself
          Under the summer moon I held you
     Gifting you the gems alight in the skies
          Embracing the lovers faded leaving a kiss
                On the spot where I laid it so long ago

…So I could return to you

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Activity #28

"Such beauty"
"Such grace"
"Such wonder"
"Such waste"

That is what they said to me
As she climbed the forbidden tree

Some said she'd make it
Some said she'd fall
Some tongues stood still
As she climbed through it all

When she reached the top at last
She found the magic had just past

She climbed down
Without a fight
As people left
Saying they were right

As the leaves began to stir
I stayed there, waiting for her

As people fled
Leaving just us
She came to me
Saying, "It's not lust."

To prove her love, she climbed the tree
So now I know that she loves me

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They dance in the shadows, Darkness and her
In tireless mystery, pouring out her life
Lighting paths that go dark again relentlessly
She holds secrets from beyond all reaches

Some mysteries he won’t grasp, ones he can’t fathom
She dances on, on the highways of discarded time
Bracing to destiny, their coherence veiled 
They dance in masks - Darkness and the Shell-girl

Dusty highways disappear under their phantom feet
As they dance around the fires of void
Round and round, Darkness and the Shell-girl
To music that Silence surged into the Ether

Then came a morning when she was sure to leave her shell
But daylight had his prejudices, and had her heaving in fright,
The mask was not his that she could have him discard
It was from Time, while she had thrown hers away

Waltzing in the dark, they dance on and on
They move in repeat rhythms; brilliant under the moon
But a hint of the daylight, yet another day on Earth
And Darkness disappears, while the shell-girl runs back to her shell…

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A Phantom's Story

His light steps on the cobbled streets
Caught fire from those feverish memories
They had walked hand in hand everywhere
Kissing moon-beams on each other

That thirst he knew so well, parched him again
His lenses heavy around his solo evening
He seared away every curious glance his way
Turning inwards, into her, his sole memory

He had loved her every sun-kissed way,
She had lived his dark hours on her song-wings
Their memories entangled from ways and lives
He is a phantom in places now, lone from her death

Water-stories from Venice, marble-history from Florence
The groves that sung their purple-flowered doorways
Nectar that seduced swollen bees and wine evenings,
Were all just cover-page beauty now, shipped to the waiting world

Another set of frames, relentless in their beauty
Their allure tossed in carelessly, for his survival
He warms icy winters, living their tales
A lens-man stalking worlds he once lived in…

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Venus danced

He wrote her a song, his strength gentle and hesitant
 In the night sky, their future caught in the moon
 Dream catcher patterns, they spiralled together 
 Painting sunsets, danced creation in innocence 

 Moonbeams stood guard, tangles of silver
 The dew glistening on her heaving shoulders
 Vulcan whispered his ancient secrets
 Easing her into the dance, lulling her fears

 Venus danced, her dark eyes sated
 As they swirled through lifetimes of waiting
 He had been walking to her from all his pasts
 Reaching her side through impossible walls

 Warriors of life, they churn love’s hollows
 They slake their thirst as riddles weave stories
 They fly with each other defending dreamscapes
 They dance together on mysteries deep and high…

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The Sculptor

His chiselled arms coaxed the reticent rock
To hew out life as he soothed the stone
His gentle blows rang to ancient notes
Sounds of heaven threaded to creation’s dance

His thoughts caressed to sculpt her alive
Urging her softly to a hypnotic consent
Toiling hard in the enthralled union
The sculptor carved his poem in granite

Her long-eyed gaze came alive to arrest his tawny eyes
A helpless captive to her moulded perfection
Brooding darkly at her beauty and allure
He lost his soul to her in lone nights

Remains of time when insanity reigns
Reality playing ruse at a dark table
Haunted desires stalking a Creator
Driven to submission by his rage to create...

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A pursuer at an precocious age,
Instantly able to set the stage.
Unaware of the glare from a piercing stare,
Calculated thoughts and moments planned; the prey would be snared. 

Indulging in oratory flights of beautiful language,
Enticed by a venomous tongue the prey languished.
Striking the first note of genuine eloquence,
The Huntress pillaged without rendering an element of forbearance.

The impending execution of the venom ignited an explosion,
That there was an instant expulsion.
From the impending death,
The prey took a long deep breath.

The craving of the Huntress had grown,
The prey subsided with a shuddering moan.
Towered by the Huntress’s shadowing eclipse,
Impetuous feeling the softness of her kiss.


@  Tunisia Torres

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It's your attention to detail

Gentle caresses sweep my skin
with creeping tenderness,
devouring every curve of my body
and feeling its sizzling melt 
against your skin.
Your loving gaze enters my soul
striking away all attempts 
to keep the padlocked
heart and mind 
shuttered from any harm.
Your finger tips tantalize 
my womanly form
raising delightful awareness.
You lead my chin towards you
brush your nose and lips 
over my face as you slowly
move towards my mouth
then meet, magically.
Explosive emotions 
dynamite through my mind 
as we meld together
I become putty in your hands
and you play purposely 
mastering your art
knowing it’s your attention 
to detail that matters
in loving me.

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Late Night On Salisbury Ave.

The meadow's radiance gradually dimmed
and evening littered far and wide
it encouraged the unfamiliar 
and everything uncertain.

The night accelerated sounds of anticipation 
as a thousand strangers loomed
and I thought him to be a foreigner 
until he glanced twice 
as his smile slightly dropped
 astonishment plagued him

Insecurity encompassed me
as I turned away in doubt 
betrayed by the numinous... 
that often guides my thoughts

He left with lady and child, to merge 
With a thousand anticipating strangers 
 and the northern lights sheltered me
  the explosions across the sky 
gave satisfaction -to so much expectation 
that unexpectedly emerged 

Then the night was briefly soundless; 
the applause prolonged 
as were my my immersion
and within what felt like only seconds
he was passing, 

 through a thin pane of glass 
all I could yield was a smile, 

a smile to the incredulity within his eyes. 

Enclosed with the evening...was the meadow, 
and the difference was indistinguishable.

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This Dream

She sits in the dark
Gazing out that window pane.
She's there every evening.
She sees the stars as anything but plain.

She looks so lonely there.
She appears as if one day
Someone special enchanted her,
Then had taken her heart away.

Suddenly, she stops her gaze and gets up.
She stumbles in the dark for her other shoe..
That lovely grin, I swear, seemed as if
She knew she had someone, somewhere to run to.

She walks out to that lamp-lit
Cobblestone street, and, with one whistle,
Calls a stagecoach to go north to that
Green valley full of thistle.

Once she arrives, she stands and looks
Down at the valley so full of beauty.
She then begins to walk closer to what
Appears to be a tall oak tree.

Still grinning, she draws closer to this 
Tree standing beside a river...
What's this? It would also appear
There is someone there awaiting her!

When she gets to this scene, she dantily sits
Next to him. He wraps his arms around her tight,
Kisses her, and tells her not to cry,
Holds her closer, then told her everything's alright.

With a tear in her eye, she looks at him,
Then rested her head on his shoulder.
They then begin to fall asleep 
Gazing at the moon's reflection on the river.

The couple falls to a deep sleep
Just after admiring the moon above,
While I'm sitting and crying to see
There are two so deeply in love.

It brings tears to my eyes 
To see such a beautiful scene, 
But also to know I have to wake up
Because they fell in love in my dream.

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Torturous Twenty Four.

Forlorn in midnights vastness
Twinkling cousins as patient companions
She covets him
Her blushing glow pacifying the empty night
Descending toward dawn
Anxious Lingering

He will come for her…

Slowly the stars fade out and night dissipates in morning mist
Ocean breezes begin murmuring the promise
Life begins again this new day

He ascends the heavens upon brilliant light
His rending ardor glowing sultry upon her face
Almost becoming one they embrace in chaste love 
Only for the moment before she falls away

Mirroring souls caught in a cyclical lovers dance
Reaching out for the other at dawn and dusk
Losing one another time and again

Forlorn within the midday skies
Gentle clouds and albatross as patient company
He yearns for her
His heavy radiance granting the gifts on the new day
Descending towards twilight
Restless Lingering

She will come for him…

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Motherland (Eclogue) 

In the country of my forefathers, 
Economy is friendless and upset, 
Politics are sleeping with labour, 
Justice is seducing foreign crime, 
Poetry is turned on, but it fears, 
Traditions keeps history hostage, 
Religions are attempting suicide, 
Nature is busy biting its tongues, 
Fruits are swearing at their trees, 
Education shows God axis finger, 
Seas gets shallow, graves deepen, 
Life confront its first nightmares, 
Death is satisfying its final desire, 
Future is stinking nothing but lies, 

June 13, 2003

By Mohlouoa Ntsasa

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My Purple Hibiscus

She arrived the year I thought I broke free
From the seductive hold of art and all art-meets
I shunned the temptation
But she broke into my tube
Televising purpose and purple hibiscus
Her first fine flower of an early budding
In an enchanting voice and visage...
And something in me sought to pluck
At the comind of Half of a yellow sun
I trod from La Campaign Tropicana to Jazzhole
To keep a date with a daydream;
Sniffing into all the farflung path of her purple 
And there she was,the lady in my tube
I gazed longingly upon a stately sight with a well-
Laid out  body structure
That mates so well with her sentence structure
There she was,the ancient child in a haste to change.

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Right Person, Wrong Time

Right person,
Wrong time
Holding to this moment
Forever intertwined
The perfect fit
My hand in yours
We have this moment
But we can't have more
Our time is short
So savor the now
No room for words
Just silent vows...

Our eyes are locked
He holds my stare
So secure and safe
An answered prayer
Soft touch, smooth skin
Poetic on its own
Like a movie scene
Perfect in its sweetness
Content if I could add
This is all I'd need
If today was all we had

Every dimension
Stained in my mind
I see your heart
You feel my smile
Your thoughts are mine
Both souls refined

Maybe in another life
We will find our way
This one I'll spend 
In reminisce of today
I'll look back with gratitude
As you've changed me in ways
And everyday
I'll say your name when I 
In a different timeline
Our story will transcend
But in this life
Our story has to end.

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Cherishing moments, their memories flee time
Living their lives away by themselves
Solitude marks them, their dance without the other
Threading secrets into their lone existence 

She trails his footsteps, and he goes where she would
Tandem in life, their rhythm in perfect symmetry
Their silence fall gently on each other’s universe
Keeping them together in two separate worlds

The prince of darkness cannot hold her light
It’s a sequence they are cloaked in, to battle out life
Their times together cannot be revealed
That’s the price they pay, to live out their truth

Grant them a wish, and it would be, each other
Just the one thing their lives would not hold
Ways of realties steel meshed into the matrix
Locked in love, forging on through layered realities…

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Outta Love Wilderness

We exchanged glances
Slugs from her eyes exploded into 
I couldn’t dodge, maugre I flinched 
With a flick of her blinkers she 
brought musical box
Playing unceasing medieval ballad in 
my head
I realized the duration I had 
whistled in the dark.
As a deer fly pants to spread 
So my  gentle soul hankers after her
My eyes glued to her inviting 
Epitome of a pictorial archetype 
depicting an Arabian princess
I read the instructions on her face to 
the letter
I could make out letter of intent on 
her fickle lips
Her lips are nature’s nectar!

Take me out of this wilderness, she 
whispered in hushed tone
Beneath the veneer of my tender 
I felt the gentle touch of her auburn 
The smell of her womanly scent 
smeared the tip of my nose
Shivers fluttered in drops across my 
If only ululation could bring down 
angels from heaven
I would summon the whole angels in 
Feelings of unfailing anticipation 
buck up every nerve in my body.

A gentle touch from my velvet hand 
moistened every fiber
She had in her squishy and tanned 
skin body
All over her plummy body were 
In plain sight even to the blind eyes
We were receptive of our tingly and 
sensual hunch
Leaning on each other nakedly in 
brazen openness
We could feel our spirit sync our 
heart desires
In deep winter garden our burning 
passion streamed
We serenaded our souls as we 
prayed to live in winter melon.


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Chanting you

Last night I sketched you out yet again
Your lost silence wrapped around my mind
Your voice hovered, its spell soothing dizzy heights
Chanting possibilities, in fevered distances

Would you wake up to magic, I wonder
Your freedom scarred by your own captive goals
Wood-fires whisper waiting secrets, your warmth
The enchantment spiralling, waiting for you to wake

Forget your world please, for a brief eternity
Our lives would soar, your destinations reworked
I guard your time unknown, quenching riddles
Hunt with me a while, till our mystery rests…