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Below are the all-time best Epitaph poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of epitaph poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Yellow Press -

He undresses rumor to reveal lies
this is how the desperate man cries,
Extra Extra he tries to sadden ya,
a bundle of rancor rambles from the shambles of his shame
finding form on a page of purely personal pathos
what he can't have he taunts,
flaunts falsehood as fact in commiserating style,
vulgar and vile such as pornographic propaganda
designed to compell despair with poisened air,
what does he care, loyalty he knows not how to share,
decorum just a ditch in the swamp of his heart,
hurt hurt hurt is the mantra of his yellow emotion
a mud temple is his refuge,
burn love, ravage respect, ruin reputation
is the curve in his grimace, the grime in his game,
even the news stands have rejected his rank rubbish,
a character assassinator eliminated the Poet's assembly,
take your delusional drama to the closet playa
hang it on a hanger of humbled heresy,
your rusty razor shall not go "haymaker" anymore
remain in your "hayfever" brought on by Truth's retribution,
a wedge maker is your legacy, a virtuous man your fallacy -


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Forever In My Heart

A million times I've needed you
A million times I've cried
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died
In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place
No one can ever fill
It broke my heart to lose you
But you did not go alone                                            
A part of me went with you
The day GOD called you home
Your precious memory is my keepsake
With which I'll never part
GOD has you safely in HIS keeping
But I have you forever in my heart

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Someone Special


In your life you will meet SOMEONE SPECIAL sometime
Listen now as I tell you how death has took mine
Not a rock or a film star but a father so true
I lost SOMEONE SPECIAL when dad, I lost you

My heart it was aching when I saw my mum
Her crying, her shaking disbelief left me numb
I could not believe he was actually dead
Even after his name in the paper I read

At his funeral I carried his coffin with pride
Trying at all times my great hurt to hide
But my heart at last sank and the tears they did flow
But good memories stay with me where ever I go

His laughter, his smile, his quick cheeky wit
Were qualities that I admire, I admit
All children loved him with passion and fire
He showed love and kindness, which we all should admire

He left many people who cared a great deal
He touched their lives and their hearts he did steal
For to know him was pleasure and only brought joy
I was blessed to have loved him as both man and boy

dated 26/06/2011

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 You was the love of my dreams.
With you my dreams came true.
 But everything is not as it seems.
I was always so very blue.
 There were times I hated to come home.
My love became a obsession.
 There were times I felt so alone.
That left me with many of questions.
 So many times I hated you.
There where times I wanted to kill you.
 All I could see was just us two.
You did not stay true.
 You asked of me way to much.
I gave you everything you asked for.
 My soul you did touch.
But left lost and at war.
 You where the love of my life.
And now you are gone.
 But you were my wife.

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A Police Man's Grave

No Loitering, Skating, Skateboarding or Cycling.

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(a peculiar christ)

the dead man does 
no justice, 
and yet he sees fit 
to bask in his own 
perceived lack 
of glory,

for one without 
he remains receptive,
idly ignoring the 
calamitous claims 
of those who have 
yet to die,

he remains,
if only for a promise,
a covenant of 
grandiose reckoning,
a covenant of truth,

he remains, 
a dead man,

(a peculiar christ)

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My Prayer for Kevin

How could I forget this spot, Kevin
a serine Japanese garden 
we sat right here
and there is the river birch that brought us shade
it was about six years ago today

a warm breeze collects thousands of ripples and sends them over the pond’s soft surface 
you brought Heavenly, your new step daughter
and I brought Mika , your new favorite niece
it was the perfect play date for our children who were soon to be cousins
belly laughs echoed from the gazebo, as we dipped our toes in the cool  pond
splashing and kicking our fins as dandelion seeds parachuted  across  the water

today it’s quiet…

I notice the cracks in the sidewalk

ants moving  in circles

moss-covered rocks 

and turtles …

rhythmically darting their heads to peer above the water…

I miss you, Kevin

and your son that I knew so briefly

he was so tiny when you left us…


                                                       name !

your wife remarried and moved out of state
She hides your son from us
afraid that he will love us like he did you
I know he must look just like you
blue eyes and long eyelashes
your extra wide shoulders and long arms…

a dead twig lies in the water where we once dipped our feet
there is no more laughter…
your mother is sad and your brother, Roger, has your photo on our mantle
we purchased a picture of you and affixed it to your grave 
you look so happy in that  picture  wearing your Buckeye  jersey 
a scarlet and grey flower are in the vase next to your photo

please guide your son to meet us one day, Kevin
direct his paths while you wait for us from heaven
Uncle Roger and Aunt Gwendolen will remind him of you


in the meantime, 
please find a spot like this one 
with a towering birch  and cascading branches that twirl in  the wind
we will  sit and reminisce 
and share great big belly laughs…
this is my prayer, dear brother –in –law


By Gwendolen R.
A.gain Free Poetry Contest 
Sponsor	Chris D. Aechtner

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No name appears on my stone
there are no flowers strewn
grasses grows knee high
full of thorny brambles

How did this come to pass
that so soon I am forgotten
no longer in memories am I
no one tends to my grave

Yet but a few short years
have passed since my death
my name once on many lips
now only sighed by the wind
as it passes my resting place

Now, forsaken, forgotten
out of sight and out of mind
nothing now remains of me
just my crumbling bones
moulder away deep in the earth

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My Epitaph Will Read...

Here lies Deadline Devonshire, tardiness she did abhor
     Her editor will tell you, "She was never late before"

Her sister laid claim to the gene pool’s beauty and brains
     Carolyn took credit for writing verse that’s inane

Believed in reincarnation; wasn't Cleopatra
     She merely adopted "been there, done that" as her mantra

She was the first to acknowledge her imperfection
     But writing her own epitaph?  Too much self-reflection!

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My Father

I miss you dad every single day
The wonderful Times I remember 
Are the times we spent together going 
To dinner and church
The times I will cherish always on this earth
Your gentle ways and smiles and hugs
Made Life worthwhile for this is true
Forever you are missed in my heart and soul
But the forever is Heaven and you are there basking
In the Light of the Lord
I miss you dad and loved you so much 
But eternity is yours to no longer hurt
Cancer is what took you far too soon
I am always remembering your hugs and 
I loved you so much too.
Eternity is there for you now and forever
Remember I love you and Kisses from here
to you in the forever they call Heaven from earth