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-Enjoy life -

                      Do not search for why 

                      in love there is no why

                      no a doubt

                      you will not need an explanation

                      there is no formula or recipe 

                      you just feel it

A-L Andresen :)

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I Rather Enjoy Being Played

By different lovers I’ve been kept,
some skillful and a few inept.
I always respond, unafraid.
I rather enjoy being played.

A Spaniard picked me up one time.
His classic strumming was sublime.
Notes poured from me like a cascade.
I rather enjoy being played.

That man released me, and soon I
was picked up by a strange punk guy
who stroked me roughly. Though betrayed,
I rather enjoy being played.

My strings broke often from his touch,
yet thrilled was I by his thrum. Such
unique new tunes from me were made.
I rather enjoy being played.

His sister held me awkwardly,
but then she sang so beautifully
it mattered not my sound would fade. . . 
I rather enjoy being played.

She and her brother gave me to
some plucking fools without a clue
till an artiste came to my aid.
I rather enjoy being played.

He pressed my frets, this handsome boy.
My stings were vibrating with joy.
I climaxed with his smooth glissade.
I rather enjoy being played.

With him I hope to have remained
in years to come. His love’s unfeigned.
Although I know at times he’s strayed,
I rather enjoy being played.

for the Word Play Contest of Kim Morrison

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Happy Birthday Mary Duhart --Enjoy Your Special Day (Double Etheree Poem)

Great songs
On your day
In your own way
May your day be bright
Filled with special delight
Let your burning candle shine
From your yum cake royally dine
May your family and friends enjoy
Your birthday with a great poetess friend 

Now tell me the big number if you will
I will take it just like a sweet pill
Thirty-one and holding I see
Hope your day is full of glee
Wishing you more birthdays
Writing your own ways
Poetic thoughts
In great parts

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., 8/6/09
© All Rights Reserved

The Etheree poem was created about twenty years ago by an Arkansas poet named Etheree 
Taylor Armstrong. The poem consists of ten lines of unmetered verse. The lines may also be 
rhymed or unrhymed depending on the style of the author. The first line of the poem has 
only one syllable. Thereafter, each succeeding line adds another syllable. There is a total 
syllable count of fifty-five in the poem. The Etheree poem is similar to a Nonet poem with the 
exception of the 10th line and syllable count. The Nonet only has 45 syllables, which is 16 
shorter than the Etheree poem. One may get creative and write an Etheree with more than 
one verse. This may take the form of a Double Etheree: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, then 10, 
9, 8, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1; that is the style in which this poem is written.


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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short version-I Rather Enjoy Being Played

By different lovers I’ve been kept, some skillful and a few inept. I always respond, unafraid. I rather enjoy being played. A Spaniard picked me up one time. His classic strumming was sublime. Notes poured from me like a cascade. I rather enjoy being played. That man released me, and soon I was picked up by a strange punk guy who stroked me roughly. Though betrayed, I rather enjoy being played. My strings broke often from his touch, yet thrilled was I by his thrum. Such unique new tunes from me were made. I rather enjoy being played. He gave me over to a boy who makes my strings vibrate with joy I climax with each smooth glissade. I rather enjoy being played. With him I hope to have remained in years to come. His love’s unfeigned. Although I know at times he’s strayed, I rather enjoy being played. By Andrea Dietrich For nette onclaud's "Sound Madness Poetry Contest" This is personification of my favorite instrument, the Sexy Guitar!

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We'll Enjoy These Days

Whited again by a wintery mix
on this cold and bleak February morn;
it’s been nice, then again we get this
and we wonder how much more is in store.

We find it best to be content
as our fretting won’t change a thing.
Warmer days soon enough will be sent
and we’ll bask in the warmth spring brings.

As for the days that yet remain to us
of sleeping and white painted lands,
we’ll enjoy these days and learn to trust
that all good things come from God’s Hand.

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Please Enjoy (Spanish Lira)

I write daily with my heart
Capturing the essence of the chosen words
Hoping you become a part
Wishing you read and think that it’s not absurd
So I know to go out, making myself heard

SPANISH LIRA, Syllable count is, 7,11,7,7,11, Rhuming a,b,a,b,b,

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                                        Rider cracks his whip 
                                    thousand people enjoy race
                                    forced Horse leaps with pain 	

For contest:
Sponsored by: Dana'lynn Smith
Written by: bldevnath

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When stress and want are overwhelmingly unbearable,
survive by learning the simple steps to happiness...
why be another Onassis or Rockfeller and be burdened with anxiety?
I could have been a rich guy, having studied their money trade,
but would it have made me as happy as they must have been?
Wealth fulfills our many wants, not our special needs...
having more possesions doesn't make us any smarter or happier:
life's philosophy should be, " Let's live worry-free and enjoy ourselves! "

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Haiku's that I wrote while I was away. Hope you enjoy.

#haiku I imprint my heart . a fingerprint of my soul . the clay of your eyes #poem 

#haiku The delicate sound . a star makes when it twinkles . galaxy's whisper #poem 

#haiku I hear clear voices . resonating to my ears . my heart's fantasy #poem 

#haiku The shades of night fell . as curtains of the opera . Ending the act: day #poem 

#haiku Delicate detail . overlaying skeleton . disguising structure #poem 

#haiku Railroads of my thoughts . Locomotion of pulses . One to another 

#haiku Speakled mist in air . slowmotion movement between . scene to scene of town 

#haiku Nautical daydreams . her dress fluttering like sails . anchored to my heart 

#haiku Orange glow on ceiling . fades a dark eternity . these curious shades 

#haiku Yesterday's winter . a memory frozen for . tomorrows summer 

#haiku My heart is a time-machine . broken: out of order . doomed to the present 

If I was a fly, I would fly as high as I could, then just fall to the ground sniff 

asphalt glistens new . sparkling in the lamp-light . clean glaze of clear ice #haiku #weblit 

Let me tattoo her . heart and name onto my soul . to take on death's wings. #haiku #weblit 

Don't devour my words . try to reassemble my eyes . just listen to what's there #haiku 

Adolescence leaves . individuality . a thing of the past #haiku #poem #poetry #weblit 

Water containing . starlight sprinkles from heaven . colors of cosmos #haiku #writing 
#writer #art 

If I could delete . All of the sins from my heart . What knowledge would go #haiku #poetry 
#weblit #lit 

A shot through the dark . a single shooting star leaves . memories of then #haiku #poetry 
#weblit #lit #literature #poems #poem #writing

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Why I Enjoy Writing Poems

Why I Enjoy Writing Poems... I often have a thought or two on my mind. And have written them in the expression of a rhyme. I’ve tried to write as I feel God has led. And try to do it in love, in what's written & said. At times, I “have stepped on people's toes.” This is not my intention— God really knows. If you've read a poem that I wrote. I hope you were encouraged with hope There’s a message that I pray comes across... "With Christ... all is not lost!" I’ve tried to write poems from my spirit. As an expression of how I live it. The words written are from my heart to you May they be a blessing in whatever you do! By Jim Pemberton

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It gives me pleasure to see you enjoy your gifts


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I Want to Enjoy What Jesus Gave Me

I want to enjoy the life that Jesus gave me.
And want to receive the blessings he has for me.

I want to enjoy his gifts of love and salvation.
And listen to his words in sincere appreciation.

I want to share with others what he’s done for me.
And give of the life he’s given, ever so abundantly.

I want to listen for his spirit’s voice of direction.
And submit myself to him, 
for needed correction.

I must humble myself, and submit to his will.
It’s his purpose for me that I need to fulfill.

I must be careful, and be certain of his voice.
It’s his ways of living that must
 be my choice.

I ask you Jesus to come and sit beside me…
Please remove all of the sin that’s inside me.

I invite you to be the Lord of my home as well.
We all need you!  More than words can tell!

The life you gave me is what I always needed!
Because of you, my life
 is now completed!

By Jim Pemberton  09/18/14

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Let us enjoy the life

This life is so domestic that
We have no time to stay and stare
to the green gardens or
the gentle murmuring rivers….

This life is so narrow that
we have no time 
to enjoy the sweet songs of 
lovely wild birds or
the amazing colors of
blooming spring flowers…

This life is so shallow that
we have no time to enjoy the
sweet smell of unknown wild flowers
in the gentle southern breeze….

This life is so funny that
we have no time to enjoy 
the beauty of sunrise and sunset
Even the clean sky of a moonlit night….

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Prose : The world I live in, there's no sunshine - Hope you enjoy!

The world I live in, there's no sunshine.
There's no nature, just artificial remnants from another time
I live in blackness, conserving my energy allowance for the day.
Alone by myself, robots have become my friends.
Machines resembling a race that erased itself from existence: for all I know, I am the only 

Is there a world out there, an alien world, in all the void of the universe. 
A galaxy out their full of unimaginable creations. 
Is it possible for a technology to take me to the past, to another existence: full of abundant 
life: only God knows.

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Line by Line, Enjoy the Roar

Line by Line, Enjoy the Roar

Wrote my first verse at the tender age of nine
with my favorite blue crayon line by line

By age ten I was laying 'em down with a red ink pen
cruising along in a hurry only stop every now and then

Teen years saw me typing them out like a noted sage
spilling my heart and lost love crushes all in a rage 

As an adult I slowed down only to drink in my wife's love
pen was as silently dead as was the mountaintop far above

Cast aside, my pen soon called me back to inspiring heights
tossing out words of true love, jealousy and midnight fights

Middle age I had penned a book of three hundred works
shown only to friends, never to the many foolish jerks

Now returning to splash a few bright colors back on
memory willing I can play and sing a nice new song

Hope to write my last verse at ripe old age of ninety-nine
even if it is bad just making it will be so damn fine!
Robert L..

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I enjoy the rat race

Yellow lines, sometimes
they split up
like the papercuts on my
big toe, they
just can't seem to heal
up, stitched 
across this sh*tty state like
a lazy suture.
If there's grass on the other
side, maybe
I can catch a whiff from
a friendly
face with a can of mace.
I enjoy
the rat race.

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We are not all chasing our tails in the very same way
We are not all praying for the same thing every day
We are all just hopeful that he or she will come along
And we will find the embrace in which we belong

She’s chasing her tail with cockiness and guile
He’s using his witticisms and cogent smile
Other people use some subliminal style
While that one over there uses her tail to defile

There are people chasing their tails all around
And it’s discouraging not being aware to where you are bound
So we spin in circles getting to a place called “nowhere” with speed
All trying to get the satisfaction from someone else to fill our need

Our needs are invisible inside us but you can still see our tails
And some even resort to lies and deception when all else fails
As for me I’ve stopped chasing my tail and now simply chase peace
and if you ask me the cyber-deception should be sequestered and cease
   (c) 2011....~free cee!~ Phrepoetree

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Welcome To Heaven Enjoy Your Stay

Grey clouds break and give way to moonlight cast upon this part of earth as 
magnified by the glistening lake,silence is a warm welcome as if forever I could
sleep here and never feel loneliness. If ever serenity was a virtue I would want to 
stay here lost in beauty a careful unity that guides perfectly in this place called 
serenity.Untouched from the dull reality of what is happening beyond this place 
no constant pace time stands still which doesn't bring about lost hope and ill 
remembrance. Romance and fantasy is the future the outside world can't 
understand what keeps me here dazed in tranquility plush in green fields mystic
in what feels real.

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enjoy the Ice cream.. while it lasts

Entrapped with Wires

Hands bound behind my back


The wires go on for miles 
Covering every inch of our city

Vibrating with electricity. Humming excitement 

Our happy little friend??



Like a dog on a short leash

Tugged by  its master


By the flicker of light from the fillament

Are we now but  0's and 1's?

Turn it off 


Ceaselessly the wires continue on their path of domination

They have found me here in my safe refuge

The world's  end  and innocence is due to our undoing

I am their prisoner

I shout for someone to rescue me


 The noise of Traffic


The sound of my tears dripping

Honking away those little monsters

Gasoline chompers

 leaving their waste 

Which harms us

Oil from the dead

Is what fed them today

Poisoning the air

Like fish gasping on land

The Result: Dead like the oil

We'll be buried in the ground


The wires are waiting to entangle our caskets

 Like it has every inch of the underground

Infrared signals

Dance across the sky

Our invisible enemies


Cooking flesh for human consumption


The cancer eats us from the insides

This is a plea of a young girl seeking refuge

for something pure


Devil's breath 


The stench is unbearable

OH Gaseous Death

You billow from the smoke stacks

Licking  Away layers of the Ozone


The universe's ice cream

A treat that used to be sweet

But now after years of abuse 

Turned  out to sour

How long will we last?

Lets hope our ice cream won't melt fast

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just enjoy the ride

I will take my Chainsaw and pruners too
Just to see what I might run into
I will ride the trail to the end
Then turn around and ride back again
It is a pleasant ride around the place
Just ride slowly with no sun in your face
If you ride too fast you will miss the view
So ride slowly and look all around the place
I will make a four wheeler path down the power line 
It is all grown up and very hard to find
Ride the logging roads up and down the ridges
You will not be bothered with any  bridges 
Now it is a very smooth pleasant ride
In the past we walked it with pride
You may think I am insane or crazy
It just proves to me, I am not lazy

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I Enjoy Your Touch


I enjoy your touch in the morning, when I kiss your velvet lips.
It lets me know the night was good, and lets me come to grips.
Your kiss puts tingles on my body, it knocks what sleep away.
Your touch feels so good to me, an indication of a beautiful day.

I enjoy your touch in the afternoon, your finger tips give me strength.
They let me know everything is fine, no matter how long the length.
Its magical when you hold my hand, my whole body feels like fire.
Just the way you look at me, I see the passion and your desire.

I enjoy your touch in the evening, after a hard day on the job.
We hold each other passionately, you can always turn my knob.
You make me feel on cloud nine, like im covered with fine lace.
I get excited to know that you`ll be there, ready to embrace.

I enjoy your touch after dark, while we both snuggle in bed.
Even the places where the sun dont shine, my face changes red.
Your touch amazes me every where, I love you ooh so much.
Not a day goes by no matter what time, that I enjoy your touch.

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enjoy for just a moment

 Her shoe lace is dragging on the ground behind her, a leaf stuck to it.
 Her cheeks all flush with heat from rolling on the grass.
 She smiles as she watches a butterfly cross her path,
determined, she trys to catch it, her hair hanging acrossed her face as she 
watches it fly away
 Will she always look at everything with such inocence?
 The dirt under her nails is not a bother, her skinned knee is no big deal.
 Her day was full of excitement, playing laughing and blowing bubbles,
It now comes to an end. bewildered with exhaustion, bath time is so very quick,
She can't wait to sleep, just to start a new day again.
 As we watch our children enjoy the simplest moments , stop for a moment and 
take a deep breath, share with them a minute . Run after the butterfly, blow some 
bubbles,catch the rain drops on your tongue,and for just one moment remember 
how life once was. never lose sight of the inocence of our children and escape 
for a moment to live it with them.

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stop this race thing
just cause pain
let the love rain
come in  and make friends
we did 
do it for the kids
for the girls and the boys
they  godly sister and brother