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What's the point in voting
it really dosn't count, 
I thought the highest scorer
knocked the others out.
But no,no, no............
I hear you shout
We are the people
we do not count.
Polititians rule the country
that is really true
They really do not listen
to the likes of me and you.
All this,' let the people have a say'
it's a load of rubbish
We all line up in the rain,
to place our'X' to vote and wish....
But it is all in vain I tell you
they won't let us have our say,
they get us in debt,.. we're up to our neck
they promise us this
And give a smarmy smile
and they promise us that
telling more lies, all the while 
when it comes to delivering, huh.......
I dont think they know how the truth is told
they come out with the same excuses
to come clean with truth,...... they're not that bold
Hung parliment...huh
I know who we'd like to hang
Guy Faulks had the right idea
send Parliament up with a 'Bang'

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What if - An Election Day Riddle

If doctrine and dogma
held a conference with reality 
and an agreement was reached  
on a common philosophy and set of tenants
Would that be a paradox or paradigm shift?

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Written In Indian Election Time

Oh God!
When this state be free
And an independent kingdom again!
India, a hypocrites’ country, is a Power,
And although we are famous for being straightforward
But, a small nation, in Arms and Weopens we are very weak.
Otherwise, now tired of Double-talk Dialogues and humiliating 
Invitations for Talks,
We’d make it, in a violent war in air.
And an another aggressive Muslim state,
Pakistan (land of the pure!) has kept us captive, there, 
Across the nonsensical border,
And gifted a part, of us, to its Mongol friend!

And Shame on their living! 
These petty politicians in this Indian election time
Are frequenting this forgotten village street.
Some scared of a villain Indian minister,
Others, licking her feet, a widow woman politician.
While others immature, in the nights' dark,
On the roadside walls, are propagandizing for Pakistan.

Ah Alas!
All great politicians are gone,
Like prophets, painters and poets,
These modern high standard schools 
Can not create.

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An Election Year Prayer

Dear Lord, we pray for Your guidance in this election year.
May those we choose for office uphold the values we hold dear.
We've heard so many grand schemes, some dubious to perceive.
Father, we hardly know which of the candidates to believe!

We ask for discernment as we approach that sacred booth.
May electees put national interest above self and speak the truth.
May only honorable people represent the citizens they serve,
And with insightful vision, our precious liberties preserve.

When facing tough decisions, may they seek counsel with You,
Praying for perception and wisdom in all that they do.
May they strive for peace and brotherhood among all nations,
Keeping in mind that their decisions will affect future generations.

We pray that our legislators will cast all bickering aside,
And that a spirit of goodwill and reason will abide.
May leaders surround themselves with advisors true and sage,
That they may reason together in this very demanding age.

When facing matters of principle, may they take a moral stand.
May they always look to You and heed Your guiding Hand.
Help us to recognize that Divine guidance should never be ignored.
As the Psalmist said, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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2012 Election Plan

Mitt's plan is to lend out the buckets
A life of grand funk on a junket
his partner named Ann
Wealth is their plan
From bucket, to bank it, to "Funk It"

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RICE SLAM new democracy african election rallies nairobi, kenya

Nairobi, Kenya  Nov 2012 (election rallies held Sept 2012 until March 2013 election day)

hey hey
voting day
go on strike
take a hike
smash a bike
wave a spike
hey hey
voting day

grab a bat
bat a man
smash and steal
if you can
man its fun
on the run
run and fight
fight all night
start a fire
slash a tire
man its fun
on the run
grab a bat
bat a vote
bat a cop
steal a boat
hope this day
will never stop
love to smash
smash and bash
smash and bash
the cop, cop
hey hey
voting day
call your chums
to play play

call your chum
he will come
tote a gun
twice the fun
knife and gun
day is won
slash a guy
smash a girl
life is in
a voting whirl

vote it once
vote it twice
then i'll switch 
fingers itch
make me rich

then i'll switch
scream another
candidate has
changed his brothers
scream another
stronger brother

one more switch
make me rich
make me rich
on beans and rice
ain't it nice
to be rich
fingers twitch
money itch
love the rich
rulers switch
vote vote
twice twice
more red beans
rice rice

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On Election Day

Whither those songs of patriotism 
Of which they so freely spoke?
They new-breeds have been fully clad
In old and worn-out costumes
The rickety customs are on the thrive!

Surely we are in a new heaven:
There many things must be amiss,
The old chant-songs of undue death,
Of rigorous riggers and their thugs,
Of vagabonds, vandals and more!

Where are the voters?
Those sands of men whose presence
Have been acknowledged in today’s books?
Voters indeed: they were there!
Isn’t today like former days?

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Awaiting Election Day

I long for Tuesday.
Politics invade through calls
each hour, begging votes.

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The general election.

The general election fast approach, reelin lies,
The political jellyfish elite, pretend to have spines,
For a short period, no vague indifference, the illusion of ties,
Not that bind, we’re all blind, alluded by schoolboy arguments and whines,
Their spin dominates the headlines, whilst
Natural disaster victims rot amongst the flies,
Why is false economic promise more important than human lives?
These luciferian suits are nothing they try to contrive, 
but a vacant lot, a vehicle for evil, running with knives,
so when they declare we all slaves or another war, who’ll be surprised?
The election, intelligence suspended in animation, 
succumbed to their eventual procrastination,
their balls out nature beggars belief and captures our imagination,
thinking these toads can change our lives for the better?
They're just a criminal organisation!

Vote UKIP.

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Elected in Election's

Elected in election's, year after year
They stand on their podiums, declaring their seer's
Telling us proudly in the hope that we'll sap
Basically it's all lies as they tell so much crap
How can they stand there and lie through their teeth
It beggars believe it would make a blind man weep
Promising their portfolio to do for the best
It doesn't come from their heart, but an ass full of zest

The next time I vote I shall think really hard
They'll have to be true for their words to be absorbed
I doubt this will happen as they like to be heard
And they forget where they came from, which is totally absurd

'Not an entry in Carolyn's contest'

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Election Day Blues

Election day is a short time away,
  And each candidate has pretty much had their say.
So now the ball is in our court and we must choose,
  As to whom will lead this country’s next four year cruise.

One offers change while the other offers truth,
  So search your heart while you’re in that booth.
The one with the experience seems to be trailing right now, 
  While the other mesmerizes his followers and I don’t see how!

The man that I choose would take a bullet for me,
  And never stop fighting to keep this nation free.
Question, how can you be Commander and Chief,
  If you’ve never been in the service, Good Grief?

How can you tell someone how it tastes if you’ve never taken a bite?
  And we need a proven warrior to end this fight.
Please use common sense when you cast that vote,
  A lot is at stake, and a wrong choice may not have an antidote!!!!

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Racist on election day

Tennesseans probably won't like what I have to say.
The majority of them were racist on election day.
The majority of Tennesseans admitted that they voted the way they did because of race.
If I had voted against Obama because of his skin color, it would be hard for me to face.
It's sad that most of my fellow Tennesseans voted against him because he's black.
Tennesseans need to change because racial harmony is something that they lack.

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Heavens Election Day

He woke unto the morning sun
His halo cracked from sleeping wrong
For today’s the day elections take place
Today’s the day for the saving grace

He promised all that vote for him
To do what the current cant for them
The promise was to regain the throne
And destroy the devil so they could roam

Democracy still rules the gates
Every 1000 years a new challenger debates
As the ruler of the current prepares
To combat the challenger for the coming years 

“I promise all that vote for me
To banish the bad unlike the hero you see”
These were his words to gain the votes
As all the angels gathered to hear the quotes

The current ruler stated this
“We need evil to balance” as there was a hiss
All the Angels heard this bliss
As the current ruler let his tongue slip 

The challenger out of fury replied
“I think we have an imposter I tell you he lies”
Heavens population did not believe
As they thought it was a trick by the new one to deceive

The current one stated unto the crowd
“My fellow angels here me out loud
The one you see before my eyes
Is truly a devil in disguise”

The challenger now taken back
Turns to crowd and hastely attacks
“If that is the case why does he not see
Those horns around his head higher than me”

The crowd notices and begins to smeer
As the current removes his robe and gear
Revealing his true form unto his peers
Revealing scars of battles through the years

“What do you think of me now?”
I got these scars from fighting the you
I did my sentence now reformed to true
I used to be a devil but now I am like you

The crowd stood back and cheered him on
As forgiveness does reign in the kingdom 
For he was right there needs to be bad
For without it there would be no reason to be glad

The challenger of good in shock and disgust
Relieved himself from heaven to dust
For now he is challenging the world down below
Who knows the new Satan could have wings and a halo

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The Loser in the Election Revealed

The Loser in the Election Revealed Here

By Elton Camp

“You are nothing but a blatant liar”
“Keep you & its consequences dire”

“If you win, then wars it’ll bring”
“In office you haven’t done a thing”

“As governor you didn’t do any good”
“As prez you didn’t do as you should”

“Half the public you surely do hate”
“As POTUS, you are second rate”

“Your positions you constantly shift”
“Government must show more thrift”

“It’s mainly the rich you’d protect”
“Socialist stench I surely detect”

Back and forth the accusations fly
To win, most anything they’d try

So who is the loser going to be?
It’ll be Uncle Sam, many agree

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Analysis (Election 2010)

Against the castles walls tonight
The broken assemblage of squires and knights
Dance around the damsel in delight
Her distress dispersing dreamers into fights

This America deserves a better show
While the bugles rage, against the muffled heart 
The cold winds lean their grief to show
Look, now the citadel of hope falls slowly apart

No spleandour here for peasants
Though, just a long trek of silence into gloom
Against clamor of rancour incessants
Against the shallow weave of uncringeing doom

For what this gust and fuss long
Impaling our lives with emptiness and anxiety
I do not want to dance this song
It is too much noise, too much prise in vanity

I told him that people ought to be first
When he was giving all the sum to greedy corporations
He kept talking while the sick got worse
O we are so broken bereft of honor, bereft of visions

The splendor falls away from the mist
And shivering cold the day, polled and wearied
The workers insulted, stood to resist
The avalanche flow of words in which fools are burried