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Best Double Dactyl Poems

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Paracelsus by Bateman, Gary
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Prufrock's Symbolic World by Bateman, Gary
JE SUIS CHARLIE by Gnik, Nehpets
Yuletide Double Dactyl by White, Harley
Boast by Carey, Ninette
Complexus-Syntaxus-Maximus by Bateman, Gary

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The Best Double Dactyl Poems

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I can put things together
Sometimes I'm on what you wear
Sometimes on things
Sometimes I get stuck and you get mad at me
Its not often for me to break 
I'm made out of metal

I'm a zipper

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Beyond Your End

Look deep into yourself my friend,
if then, you need to look to me, 
and deep enough to see the end,
beyond your end is where I'll be.

Into the love someday you'll see,
becoming all the things you'll know,
before your very eyes, I'll be
already where you want to go.

I'll be your long and blinding light,
of which all life is awed,
the thread that reaches through the night
in search of what is God.

And in a while, if love is right,
and hope is not just more pretend,
though you have sought what e'er you might,
'tis me you'll find, beyond your end.

And I will love your death away,
removing from your mind
what'er your death might seem to be,
with love impossible to find.
Û  © RON WILSON aka vee bdosa

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Basketball limerick

A basket ball player with bounce
Said, “All my opponents I'll trounce.”
But thanks to a gale
He fell on his tail,
And off in a huff he'd to flounce!

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Have you been in love?
Have you shared a kiss?
Have you ever got a hug?
Have you ever gone thru all of 

I have not, nor ever been.
I have lost time and miss,
I have bitterness inside of 
I have nothing and noone to 
be with!

A lonely heart is like being 
A lonely man is a walking 
A lonely soul is trying hard to 
A lonely friend is asking your 

Will you not open your heart 
for me?
Will you not give me your 
tender touch?
Will you not kiss and make 
Will you not love freely and 
come to me?

Black Eyed Susan
loneliness contest

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Baseball limerick

A big baseball player on pitch
Developed a strange kind of itch:
The ball flew up straight
Then down on his pate,
So he blamed the whole thing on a witch!

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Incomprehensible! (A Brief Critique)

Monomaniacally, Thomas Sterns Elliot
wrote in The Waste Land a Lyrical Lay

Sadly for those of us hollow like other men
Incomprehensible! Take it away!

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Scarlett's Lament

Scarlett's Lament

Scarlett O'Hara, she
slew all the fellas--not
lifting a hand
'Cepting Rhett Butler proved
with, "Frankly, my dear, I
don't give a damn!"

deborah burch 

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Ezra Pound
Flamboyant expression
Poetic modernity new.

Seeking no rifacimento
Confusing readers so
Intricate verses makes us blue.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
Schoeningen, Germany (November 22, 2014) 
(Double Dactyl poetic format)

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Hunger Games

The Victor
Their cheers,
Your tears,
Blood drips from your hands,
Their lies,
Your cries,
You stand where the victor stands.
Was it worth it, worth the death,
Destruction, to your right and left?
Would you have, rather died?
Left someone else to bathe in pride?
Do you need the luxery,
Raid the Capitol's treasury?
A web they span to hide their lies.
A trick of the light in ways.
Jewels on your clothes stained red,
The blood of the childrens drained lives.
You must gt up in the morning,
Their haunting faces in your eyes.
You are the victor but you haven't won.

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Fifth time's the charm

Semi-creatively, Ludwig von Bethovan 
sat in his music room, sucking his thumb.

Heavens to Murgatroyd! After four symphonies 
more could be asked of me? Da Da Da-Dum

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Higgledy Piggledy
William Wordseeker
pins on the wall
all the words he has found.

He likes to say that his
treasure are now
erinaceously bound.

For the background of this rhyme:

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A Night Of Passion - A collaboration with Mystic Rose

Angel’s sing a chorus from cloisters that echo lustful cries of love 
While lovers drink in glances, passion turns to intimate desires
With trembling limbs they move, eager to entwine
Showing signs of hunger, in eagerness they thirst
Like a fine wine, they gingerly sip the taste of their sins
Soon to be committed
The Parish priest would be shocked at the debauchery
Yet why do the angels sing in unison?
The passion of love and life is the angel’s glory
A choir sings from above, at the happiness below
The coupling of spirits and raw desire
Gods design a miracle
To be celebrated

Note: This is a collaboration with Mystic Rose, and what a pleasure it was!!!!

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Bryant's Necropolis Conceit

Bryant’s Necropolis Conceit
Silent halls of death so cometh
William Cullen Bryant
Thanatopsis supremeus now
A sepulchre awaits us all.

Dour darkness and shroud forever
The spirit world so beckons us
We all shall so wither and fall.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
(January 15, 2015) (Double Dactyl)

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Wrap the good and pass you should
Come down your ivory tower
Wrap the good and pass you could
Relinquishing your power

Show the good and pass around
For all to share the glories
Wrap the good and pass your could
For real to them not stories

One with good not understood
To hold and not to seed
Pass the good for all you could
Of poor and desperate need

Too much for one and none for some
How can you hate dictate
Too much for one your time will come
Not now but near you wait.

Simone Cordery

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Valentines day

Hearts to you-hearts to you
What can be said about
Valentines day that's not
been said before?

Only to say that I 
love you so much that I
gave up my whore.

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Photo memory

(Photo memory )
 Raining forward with the honey hue of summer.
I beg for the expression which reflects a smile.
I am but a boy growing.

So my breaks are short...

Logic provides nothing without action expect for positive 
Which grew lazy.
I am no hero nor saint.

Just my dull emotionless self...

Trying to break away from my immature flaws.
Not everything stays like the family movies.
But not everyday is a day of rain.

Anyone can scream.
But few can sing without a song.

- Robert

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Birthday double dactyl

Hap-i-ty Birth-a-day
many long years ago
then was a guy named Sid
born to his folks.

Now on this special day
everyone celebrates
one of lifes jokes.

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In the heart of the rock
In the depth of the sea
In the room with the lock
At the end of the lea
Is the key to the gate
To the room of your gold
And the knob to your fate-
An event to behold!

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Hippety Hoppity

Hippety Hoppity
Willowby Wallaby
Bound for Austral-i-a
Land he called home

Hadn’t the money so 
Rode on the wing, but then
Wound up in Nome

Double Dactyl written for The Contest of New Terrains by Matt Caliri  

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My Wife Came Up With This

Piggable - Jiggable
Ivan the Terrible
Strangely proposed to 
Elizabeth One.
Russian society,
Made her refuse him
And spoil his fun.

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Fuzzily Wuzzily
Benjamin Gib-a-ney
Grew him a beard which was 
Coming in fine.

Then he found out he had 
He can shave his, but he'd
Best not touch mine.

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Can we play vets?
Yes Abbie
My Tiger is ill
Yes Abbie
He swallowed some stones
Yes Abbie 
Will you take them out?
Yes Abbie
17 stones
There were 20 Nanny
Love you Abbie 
Love you Nanny

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Colorful Sins

                            Colorful Sins.

What should I do with my pain ?
Throw it away again 
What have you done with your love
You once told me that it goes above
Above all the limitations of sky
you even painted it, but did it dry ?
Go ahead and wash me with fire
Enjoy my sorrow, it is your smile that I admire
Burn my sins with clean water
And drag my heart to the slattern
Just please let me whisper the sea in your ears
Let it feed your soul with my fears
I shall be a native heart breaker
An international crime maker
Will you Emancipate my soul from sanity
And free my useless body from gravity
Clean my eyes from all that sparkle
Let them participate in the real battle
Explode my hallucinations
Grief on my imagination
You can turn me to ashes 
Watch my little heart crashes
Change the architecture of my smile
Rebuilt it in the Greek style
So my laughs will be philosophical thoughts 
And  we shall be two ghosts 
You who hunts my dreams when I an awake
You have always been an ocean, yet I can only be a lake
Sweep my touches softly from your skin
But know that it will become so thin
And then wave me goodbye
Ill bow mull think am just shy
Until you will see these drops falling in the yellow grass
That same grass that used to be green before you pass .   

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i'll feel often.
not that you hurts me.
its because i hurted you.
when my emotion volcano bursts,
i lose my control.
and thoughts in my heart flows out as lava.
it may be imaginary or real.
but., after that i feel relax,
not for the flow of lava. but for,
you will understand, my feelings.
its all because of love, affection, caring and possessiveness,
which i had and still have on you.
because, my every heart beat is for you.
every time when it beats not lup tup but.,
by your sweet name.
that is love which i have on you.
how much this world believes.
that much i believe,

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In Abasement In A Basement

OH - nonny, NO - nonny
Nicholas Goalsworthy
Promised again to
Renounce alcohol.
Muttering epithets,
Cursing the wall.