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Embryonic Time Travelers

Time travel has always fascinated man
Could UFOs be steered by human hands
Consider this premise before you say no
So called “grays” resemble human embryos

Evolution proceeds, gene pool depleted
Mind power expanded but bodies weakened
Future man looks back in a quest to erase
Effects of the technology we embrace

With smog blocking sun’s rays, skin has turned gray
Bodies thin as meat exits the food parade
Reproduction is challenged by low-grade genes
Sad Earthlings search the past and like what they see

Tan, healthy bodies adorned by hairy manes
Fertile women who suckle innocent babes
Men of great strength who clear forests with axes
Strong immune systems when a virus attacks

In sore need of genetic material
Large-brained grays devise a means for time travel
Abductees are beamed to aircraft by bright rays
Frightened while forced to donate their sperm and eggs

Time travelers say nothing, perhaps ashamed
To be stealing from ancestors in this way
Capacity for learning greatly enhanced
But the grays know nothing of sex or romance

When farmers find signs of mutilated cattle
Such evidence should not provoke a call to battle
If future man’s life is genetically revived
Meat may be required to keep humans alive

Don’t hide in terror when you see colored lights
Spinning in circles on chilly autumn nights
Close encounters, but abductees’ lives are spared
Returned to their homes by captors who care

Consider the fate of new generations
If you’re called upon to make a “donation”
Experiments grays perform may seem absurd
But they may be trying to save our own world

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Christmas Carols

Trevor, Wendy and Sheila they all lived next door
Then there was me and that made us four
We all sang in St Peters church choir in my village home
On Christmas Eve we sang carols as round the village we would roam

We sang at every door in the village on that night
Wishing all a merry Christmas as they turned on their porch light
We sang the entire carol every single verse
Though sometimes the snow would just get worse and worse

All the money that we raised went to Overley Hall
To help keep the place open a benefit to all
Our last carol of the night was always at the York’s
He and his missus couldn’t they half talk

She would play piano and we would sing along
He would sit by fireside joining in the song
After we had finished they showed us to the door
With cake and fruit and a donation even though they might be poor

They had no children of their own so enjoyed our carol singing
We always left with words of thanks and exaltations ringing
We would find our way home it would be after ten
We used to count the money gat ourselves warm and then

They would go home back to the house next door
I would go up to my room and sleep deep that for sure
We would get up the next day and Christmas day was there
Yet Christmas Eve and carol singing was great for us to share 

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Hymn One

As the title says, this is a hymn sort of thing, though I haven't been able to think up a 
title that I'm really happy with yet.

The LORD, enthroned in Heav’n above,
Has shown his grace and perfect love.
While I was still to sin a slave,
Jesus raised me from the grave,
For at the cross, as Jesus died
A child of wrath was made alive!

And when I did my sins confess,
Christ clothed me with His righteousness.
God did not just the sinner spare,
But called him son and made him heir,
For at the cross, that great exchange,
What Christ had earned, a wretch has gained.

I cannot claim myself to save,
For all my sin was all I gave.
Yet Jesus took this foul donation
And by His blood bought my salvation,
For at the cross, I daren’t forget,
Jesus cleared my unpaid debt.

God removing my disgrace,
Made my heart His dwelling place.
Sealed by Holy Guarantee,
I am dead, Christ lives through me.
For at the cross the curtain tore,
From the heavens to the floor.

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Heartbreak over Yolanda: Link on how to help typhoon victims in the Philippines, thank you

I hope that it's ok that I am posting a link here 
on how to help the people who have been affected by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

It is a link from Yahoo, which sort of consolidated links/ways in which 
one can help, be they be from the Philippines or in another country.

This is in hopes that  I could reach out to even just one person 
who wants to help in any means that they can...

 Seeing the devastation of the typhoon, not only in Tacloban, but in so many
other areas in central Philippines as well, 
such as in other areas of Leyte, and other parts of Eastern Samar, 
and I cannot wrap around my head the force and strength of that typhoon. 

I cannot even begin to comprehend the horror that these people are going
through right now, with the loss of lives and destruction and I can't help but also cry, just so overwhelmed, what more for those who were in the path? 
Somehow though, I feel that my tears won't do anything to help alleviate
the pain and despair.

We all have heard about how every little bit can help, and I am holding on to that
as well...

We have a word in Filipino-- "bayanihan", which pertains to the "coming together"
of each person to help a certain cause. This also comes from the root word, 
"bayani" which translates to "hero".

You can be a hero in somebody's life, in your own way, and I think this
particular disaster is calling all the heroes it can gather.

Tragic moments like these bring out something in us-- 
a solidarity that goes beyond borders and friction,
 where the pain is shared and 
compassion, empathy become  palpable...tangible.

I know I type in too many words right now 
but it is one of my ways of coping, not even sure it this makes sense.

As I type this, there have been updates about 
another tropical depression (Zoraida) that is headed along 
the similar path that Yolanda I pray and hope that these places
be spared... I am grateful that Haiyan weakened as it reached Vietnam,
and that they have prepared well for it.

Please continue praying for the Philippines, for those who have been affected,
to be given strength, patience and courage.

Rebuilding their lives could take a long time, but if we can help in some 
way, it would mean so much to them. Maybe we can try to counter the destruction
with the outpouring of support and care. 

For all those who have sent positive thoughts, prayers, concern, donations,
in behalf of my fellow Filipinos, I would like to thank You from my heart.

You can also give support through Doctors Without Borders (DWB)
-thank you, Chris for the heads up on this humanitarian aid organization

you can even opt to make the donation on a more regular basis

or also through the UN World Food Programme (WFP)

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In My Perfect World

In my perfect world let me ponder my thoughts
And tell you what should be, a world that's not fraught

To live side by side all colours and race
Before we implode and forever loose face

Protect all our children as they are our world's tomorrow
Appease their hurt and diminish their sorrows

Determine a sentence if your prepared to take life
Why should you live and leave others in strife

If the punishment declares that you live behind bars
Innocent animals are caged they never left any scars

Curtail the conglomerates who believe they are higher
Ceiling their profits and limit their acquire

Before they mine, deforest or drill
A down payment to be paid to compensate any spill

Health care to be made free for one and all
For those without Dollar why should they fall

To have to pay for a child knocked down by a car
It's a disgrace in our society that it's come this far

Schooling for all from kindergarten to graduation
Even University no pupil donation

If our country desires to prosper for it's future grow
Our working taxes should be suffice to allow it to flow

In all our cities, villages and towns
Keep our kids of the streets before they become clowns

For every population ratio, community centres to be built
By conglomerate profits that fester their guilt

Jobs to be created for many tasks to be met
Like coastal corrosion and border control to be set

There are many vast lands on our planet we call earth
So much space to be used, so deploy it for it's worth

Why can't we build pipelines bringing water to parched lands
Run by the government, creating jobs with these plans

Go down the green road using what nature creates
Wind farms and wave energy and become her soul mate

The above could all happen because we voted them in
If they don't do what they say, it's political sin

For my perfect world I have shared my thoughts
Please enjoy my words to your table I've brought

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Playing BlackJack with the Devil

He lay awaiting spraying cards

Beckoning with his forked tongue

Come here my son lay down your guard

Bet what you like it is only for fun

I started with a bet so small

A face arriving right at my door

The second led only to reveal

An ace of spades I had won my deal

This seems so easy it cant be true

I lay a bigger bet knowing it is due

Alas there came another Jack

He smiled at me as the devil played back

You have won again now bet it hard

You know you can beat me without any cards

Ride your luck as I did against God

And see where it takes so now bet hard

I lay the rest of all I had

Only to find the cards went bad

A five of diamonds shot out loud

Followed by the Queen as she did frown

His card was showing a souless ace

Asking for insurance I felt his embrace

I declined and waited to see with praise

He smiled as the card flopped over ..... a face

Thank you my son for your donation

Once again? He asked with quotation

I told him I have nothing more

He said dont lie you have your soul

If you win this you will be free

With all the riches and endless glee

I will even show you both cards

Double exposure for my disregard

I agreed and bet my soul

He lay both cards for the endless goal

His smile turned to laughter as he knew

His ace in the hole was on its way through

It dropped and so did my soul

I felt it pull out of my body whole

I lay in his chamber with all the rest

As I saw God next me in distress

For even he had bet his best

And lost to the one that he threw to the mess

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My Grandson

My Grandson

It really upset me the other day
To hear the words my grandson would say
He said he gets weaker day after day
I’m lost for words don’t know what to say

He has the illness muscular dystrophy 
It just words I do not understand properly you see
We all know what the illness will do 
We don’t talk of it much, would you?

He is always so loving with so much to give all
It eats me up he’s so young so small
To have this illness to have to cope
All the doctors and scientists can give us no hope

Of finding a way to stop the deterioration
For a miracle I would give any donation
My life for his is a price I would gladly pay
Yet all I can do is give time, love and play

To take him to movies, play games watch TV
There the only way my pain I can relieve
So that I will do with my heart and my soul
Love my loving grandson to make his life whole

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The Heart Of An Angel

She has the heart of an angel
A blessed gift from above
A second chance to live
Through a donation of love.

Her scars are a reminder
To treasure each day
To follow her dreams
And lead others the same way.

Her strength and courage
Are an inspiration to us all
Teaching us to believe
And always stand tall.

With a gentle smile
Her eyes shine bright
A petite miracle
With a spiritual light.

Like a pot of gold
She harbors a treasure
A symbol of life
Only a donor can measure.

She has the heart of an angel
Embracing life’s chance
Through the gift of another
Living is her romance.

NOTE:  Back in 1997, a little girl from Mankato, Minnesota desperately needed a heart 
transplant--and God didn't let her down!  Today she is almost 19 and her smile lights up the 
room when she walks in.  This poem is dedicated to her--to her strength and courage--and to 
her energy and compassion!  

Though there seems to be alot of minut controversy over being a donor, I am very proud to 
be a donor--and --I hope that one day, if somone ever needs a second chance at life--my 
being a donor will make a difference to them!

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1st Monday After Retirement

Things to do: AM: Don’t wake up early! Spend an hour for breakfast, sip coffee , savor the flavor Open the TV, look for TFC (The Filipino Channel) Inspect Tori (my dog) for any fleas. Haul neighbor’s free wood for winter’s heat. Clean up the garden of drying dead daisies. Organize closet, set aside old clothing Call services for the blind for donation pick up Plan on organizing picture albums. Open poetry soup .com PM: Don’t cook! Buy a ready-made lunch! After lunch, nap. Put the carbohydrates to work. Wake up, blink, repeat! Stare at the clock on the mantle Plan on hitting the shopping mall Hit Ross, browse, don’t buy ( tight in budget now) Hit the thrift store , browse, don’t buy ( space is saturated) Hit the high end store, don’t buy (too expensive) Evening: Plan A: text my available friend until I run out of topic Plan B: Watch TFC: Walang Hanggan (Till Eternity) , A Tagalog drama series in TFC I wonder if the routine is worth repeating the following day!! EEEK help me!

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It is with real sadness and deep regret that we announce the death of Coronation Street. Born in December 1960 in a back street in Manchester, it grew up to become the most watched and best-loved series on television. Noted for all its wit, sharp storylines and strong characters, Coronation Street was unmissable. Fans flocked to Granada Studios to see the place of its birth, and videos of its life and times sold in their thousands.

Millions of fans adored its residents, which included Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner, whose presence and confrontations on screen crackled and mesmerised; the unforgettable Hilda and Stan Ogden who knew their place (deep in our hearts); and Ken and Deirdre with their continual rows and love interests. For years, it entertained and reigned supreme, regularly topping the viewing charts.

But, almost unnoticed, Coronation Street became ill. An occasional deviation from the script here, a far-fetched storyline there, and the introduction of characters who seemed to have lost their way en route to an Eastenders audition. Fans noticed. What was happening?

In denial, Coronation Street refused to go to the doctor. Gradually its main characters were usurped and suffocated as ‘modern families’, and ‘storylines relevant to today’ took over.

A cancer of political correctness set in. Terminally stricken, Coronation Street grew worse and, unable to watch the death of an old friend, viewers deserted it. There were many at the funeral: scriptwriters who thought, wrongly, that they could raise the dead, and actors and actresses who were glad of the work but knew little of the deceased.

The real Coronation Street was brilliant in its day. Now, friends of the late series can only mourn: they thought it would go on for ever. No flowers by request, but a donation to any organisation teaching scriptwriting would be most appreciated.



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Mosquito Pete, The rip Off

    Mosquito with a bloody mission

Taking what's mine without permission 

      Loss of blood and a bump
      Itchy scratch with a lump

  Donation of blood, no commission 

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Why buy your way to power
when giving is so grand!
A write-off ~ benefit or land
can salve the glut of fortunes bower
and give you back command!

What is a favor worth ~ the how
the time that's come, envision not devour
a choice demand ~ position
confusion stands, this sewer of endowment
each scores command, who & what . . .

Election's hand, the fairness has gone sour
Oh, common man, be more of, from the collar!

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The Silk Demon

These people make me sick 
These false prophets
These religious money pits 
These well dressed demons of deception 
Nothing but
Con artists
Purveyors of pure sacrilege
Pretending to offer you salvation 
Offering you the comfort of the lord 
For a price 
Selling you a seat in heaven 
The more you pay the better your accommodations
Religious travel agents
Without their blessing 
You’re doomed to be left behind 
You wont get into heaven 
Without your donation 

I myself believe in religion 
Support all religions 
They may be different in their views and customs 
But the end goal is all the same 
Eternal peace 

But these people are different 
They to, 
Want peace… 
Your piece 
My piece 
And anyone else’s piece they can get 
Their goal is simple 

Fleece the flock 
Sell them promise 
Sell them an eternal ticket 
Guarantee them eternal bliss 
For a price 

Sell them anointed hankies
And blessed books 
Promise them wonderful lives
With their religious looks 

They are the one-armed bandits of the new age 
With a bible in one hand and a credit card machine in the other 

We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover  
But no checks please 
We need your “prayer” right now 
Not in 7-10 days 

These people make me sick 
There are so many of them 
Saying they represent God 

Flashing 800 numbers 
Requesting your “prayers” 
Which will only be “answered” 
As long as credit card is valid 

Are people that dumb?
I mean really that naïve?
Do they really believe? 
The cheap suits 
Silk ties 
And piss poor acting of sincerity and caring
Do they not see the obvious? 
Are they truly blind? 
Do they want to be spiritually slaughtered? 

Do they not remember the one very important rule?

You never have to pay to pray!

All God has ever asked of anyone is their faith 
Time, is your most valuable asset
It is what you have the least of in life 

And this is what you pay to God 
Your time devoted to him and your faith in him 

Wake up, before it’s to late 
You don’t have much time left 
Spend it wisely 
Spend it on God 

Eric (and sometimes not) 






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Give  away the real you
...our days are all too few

Give an inspirational word
...encouragement's too seldom heard

Give away your smile
...walk the extra mile

Give a hug & kiss was made for this

Give's never too late
life's ready to reciprocate

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Greed (Part One)

What's going on?
My bank just went broke again,
Once West Georgia Bank
Then Bank of Georgia
Now they try another spin
And go by Community Bank.

This just proves
Greed which goes unchecked
Will destroy any enterprise,
My local bank,
A local joke which wrecked
Our faith in all banks of any size,

But it's more,
Something's rotten to the core,
And I now say without hesitation,
Through and through,
We've lost control and so much more
As rampant greed tears apart our nation.

We sit here now,
On this terrible precipice,
Where the change they promised us
Must be given
The opportunity to fix
All of this greed which corrupts.

Two centuries
We've fought hard to be free
From oppression and depression,
Where we afford
Each of us the ability
To work hard and succeed in this nation.

Sure we had to grow,
And our country we've perfected,
As there's always room for improvement,
But now this ideal
Is what needs to be protected,
As this quality is now abused with ill intent,

Our candidates say,
"Let's rid ourselves of earmarks,
Powerful lobbies, and special interests,
Let's change our ways,
Reducing government is smart
And community level power would be best."

But I guess it's just
An odd perception problem,
For as soon as we vote these people in,
It soon becomes clear
They just have no intention
Of changing anything which got them voted in.

Their lies exposed.
Yet the problem ever grows,
And helplessly we watch as our country erodes.
The parties collude,
And our future's being sold,
While our land of opportunity explodes.

The three branches
Seem to be working hand in hand.
Budgets filled with pork barrel projects,
Even bills of best intent
Cannot pass through their hands,
Without back door deals and graft injects. 

Yet they have the gall
To keep asking for a donation
To further their interests and great causes.
They try to scare us all,
Correcting wrongs their explanation.
Then they rape the legislation - these sly foxes.

They pollute our laws
With loopholes and unrelated spending,
To buy them votes, influence, and future support.
Supposedly done,
For their constituents who voted them in,
But this is such a twisted and convoluted road...

And we all really know
They're not doing any of this for us.
They just do this corrupt back-room trading
To maintain their power,
For personal financial gain and lust,
And prop up the good old boys who made them.

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The Importance of Organ Donation

I’m not sure how you feel about this
But it’s an extremely important decision
That you may choose or choose not to make
Which is the gift of life for someone
Through the gift of organ donation.

Just think if you do decide to be an organ donor
You may have the chance to live again
Although not in the physical sense
But just think a small piece of you
Might be helping someone else to live.

It’s not a definite that they’ll live
But if they do you can feel a sense of pride
In knowing that it’s your organs that’s helping them to live
Because the risks sure do outweigh the reality
After all isn’t that what you should do help preserve life.

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Flowers for Mama

“In lieu of flowers, make donation
To your favorite charity”.
This was written very plainly
In death notice for our mother.

We knew that she dearly loved them
And her passion was her garden.
She shared flowers with her loved ones,
With her neighbors and her friends.

I was glad to see the chapel filled
With bright blossoms in profusion.
It was if spring had come early
On this day in January.

Mama, will you please forgive us
That we didn’t mind your wishes?
We remember you surrounded by
The beauty of your garden.

We couldn’t bear to bury you
Without your beloved flowers.
“For the poor is always with us”,
But our mama's gone away.

By:Joyce Johnson  1/26/2011  6th place

For Francine Roberts' contest "Flowers"

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A Theme of God

Human World has Natural growth,
Sun grows and contributes rays,
Heat touches to all to feel,
Sun sets and stars appears,
Moon shines and produces dream,
A tired nature enjoys sleep,
And plans for further growth.
Birds they eat,
Animal they eat,
Trees they eat,
Human they eat,
To maintain their energy,
A system is lingering on over the centuries.
Flood, earthquake, cyclones, tornadoes,
Altered the natural growth,
A question is still questioning,
Who is the architecture of the nature?
Who produced so variety of languages and colours?
One after one human claimed them a messenger,
Identification of God committed its worship,
Messengers were born in different languages and different communities,
When Monarch was fencing the barriers,
And seeded the discrimination.
And misinterpreted the deeds,
To devalued the moral virtues.
A different message of God,
In a different mind of a human,
A creative role is of human distinctions.
Fanaticism seems childish,
The bureaucracy of terrorists,
To kill innocents to proof their God’s Mercy.
Forgiveness for slavery,
And donation for poors,
To establish a theme of God,
God is one; we all are sisters and brothers,
Breed, Colour and language,
A distinctive growth is natural.
But human belief,
A worshipper of innocent killings. 
Killers believe that God will reward them,
Heaven, Where they shall enjoy fairies.
Natural process grows and dies itself,
A power balanced them all,
We are the factors only.

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The greatest gratitude

Words can paint a picture, meant only for the ears to view
As thoughts can spark the actions for the will of the body to do

The ground is full of footsteps of the path from roads taken
As the sun rising in the distance reveals that the dawn has awakened

When perspective sits atop the world for the showing,
The goodness of the moment passes without the mind ever knowing

But when the brilliance of the moment ceases and the sweetness has become rotten
The darkness grabs the mind's attention when good thoughts have been forgotten

When disparity assumes perspective, it is thought that all light has ended
But when perspective provides the spark the loss of emptiness can be mended

Donation of the self is the act of the most valuable giving
As quality exceeds survival in moments of better living

One cannot receive that which one does not bestow
For knowledge is meant to be used it is not enough to simply know

But when attention is paid, the revenue of the mind
Attention is given in return for the solutions the mind quests to find

Like the gift receiver that appreciates with thee greatest gratitude
The universe rewards the soul with the greatest attitude

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My name is Nicola Sturgeon,
and I am a lady jock,
I was the only candidate – It
really was a shock!
No one else stood against
me – they knew I was the
My PA staff kept them out –
until I had finally won!

I’m now in full charge – of
Scotland and our decisions,
We don’t need those
Westminster lot – and we’ll
knight all our patrons!
We want to say goodbye,
to Cameron and the elite,
Now we can play at; ‘being
in control’ – and finally take
our seat?

Yes, I had some challengers –
but they were kept at bay –
I didn’t want to fight for my
perks – I couldn’t feel dismay!
So I ordered my PA – to keep
them at arm’s length,
To dismantle any challengers –
and to really show their

I’ll eat a lot more haggis –
and talk a load of tripe,
But when the media come
invading – I’ll wallow in
the hype!
I eat my Scots porridge
oats – every morning and
with lots of milk,
Then I’ll say to Alex
Salmond: ‘What is under
your kilt?’

We will decide our own
future – that I know for
We should have gone for
independence – we really
know the score!
Yes, we love our expenses,
and accept large donations –
Just line our pockets full
of cash – as we proceed
with our negotiations!

We will pay our members –
the above inflation pay –
Because we intend earning
more – especially after May!
I’ve spoken to Cameron,
and Osborne and to Clegg,
But I would get more sense
out of – little baby Oleg! 

We really don’t care for
the Westminster
politicians –
All we want are more and
more – of your Westminster’
We have our own
Parliament – and we do sit
occasionally –
Just like the MPs in
westminster – we work part
time only!    

We are making savage cuts –
and to cut the welfare bill,
But if it does get too bad –
we can always take a pill!
I will abolish the bedroom
tax – for all the wealthy
They can donate to me
instead – and sod the poor
and less able.

Yes, there is a lot of work
to do – our economy we
shall grow –
But if we need a top up –
the English will pay us
No! I’m not biased! But I
need to balance the books –
Not be like the TESCO
bosses – and act like
“honest” crooks!     

There really isn’t any
difference with any
politician –
We all are so corrupted –
but so innocent at an
We will also come
knocking - on your new
double glazed front door –
And hassle you for your
vote – it really is a bore!

My name is Nicola
Sturgeon, I am now in
charge of Scotland –
And all we’ll really do
now – is to take more
cash in hand!
We are the canny jocks –
and we now are so
independent –
But we’ll still scrounge
from the Westminster
elite – it is our Scottish

So, I welcome you to
Scotland – were I am
now in charge, 
But, who is that man
who’s taking Scottish
seats; ‘why it’s Nigel
I will ask him why he’s
here – and if he wants
a beer?
Then I’ll flash my kilt,
and my rear - and he
may give me a cheer!

I welcome you all to
Scotland – please feel
free to roam,
But don’t forget to
leave a donation –
before you head off
We now have a new
border control – to
keep the English out –
But there just might
be an exemption – if
you can show a lot of

Farewell from me as I
take my seat – and start
to line my pockets –
Oh, what a lovely life it
is – especially if you’re
I must now go and eat
my lunch – my tasty
haggis stew,
All of it paid for – by the
likes of...oh, if you only



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With that rare gift of gab for deceiving,
wooing, unsuspecting victims of his,
a shrewd, forked tongued charmer he truly is.

He hoodwinks the naive into giving
hard-earned money as gift or donation
to this sect or that denomination

for a VIP banquet reservation
or some kind of lay-away plan seven
for a future six-star suite in heaven.

With serious crimes he has been charged lately :
perjury, fraud, swindling, embezzlement.
He claims, as man of God, he's innocent.

As one among Eden's pre-chosen heirs,
he says his faults are divinely forgiven.
That's why he owns a six-star suite in heaven.


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WOW!!!! I've just received a phone call (which I thought was a hoax) from a spokesperson at Buckingham Palace. They did ask me some "ID" questions - as I just might be an undesirable - linked to terrorists! But after I cleared security they very calmly asked me if I was Darryl Ashton, the poet? Originally from Great Harwood - now living in Blackpool? I said; "yes, I am". Then they very politely asked me if I could possibly write a special poem for both Kate and Prince William as a special tribute for their second baby? I am very honoured - and so very flattered to be asked. I have agreed to write two poems for them - but on one condition - they make a donation to a children's charity for children who suffer with cancer? They have agreed to this. They also asked me; 'will I make both poems of a comedy nature?' Of course I will. Anything to oblige our royalty!! Now how's that for a welcoming phone call call on a Monday morning?! Please stay tuned for more details. Sorry, but I will NOT be informing the local Blackpool newspaper the Gazette. They just hate any kind of good and positive news!!!! hopefully, I do hope to get an invite to actually deliver the poems in person. And maybe ask for a...KNIGHTHOOD!!!!!!!!!! LOL. You know folks - it isn't every day a poet gets a phone call from Buckingham Palace requesting them to write a couple of poems! I do feel so very very honoured. Have a great Monday - and that also includes all the lovely staff at Buckingham Palace. God Bless the Queen - Kate and Prince William.
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Teri Franks Every credit Darryl, you must be very proud of yourself, I know your dad would be proud of you! Xxx
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CheChe Pama Wow congrats Sir!
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Darryl Ashton Hello Teri. Yes, indeed. I do know my dad's looking down and saying to God - and the other angels in heaven: "That's my boy." I wish I could go up there for 24 hours - what a surreal poem I'd write for Good God - and all the angels. And, yes, I do feel so very proud - this just doesn't happen everyday to all budding poets. But I do think this is absolutely amazing local news. Take Care. God Bless You, Teri. xxxx
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Darryl Ashton Thank you, CheChe. God Bless You.
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Matthew Selwyn Fantastic news - nice to think the royals will be chortling along with the rest of us.
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Darryl Ashton Hello Matthew. Yes, fabulous news like this - is so very very rare. I am expecting to hear from them again - as to when they want the poems for - and if they want them signing. But to be asked in the first place - really is an honour. Cheers amigo!
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Valerie Vincent That is awesome! Congratulations! BIG HUG sent your way.
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Lila Hamilton Fowler Awesome news Darryl!!
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Evelyn Bartonico Congrats my Honey. I so proud to you.xxxxx
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Peter Chikritzhs brilliant, darryl. well done. congratulations
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Susan Miller That is an honorable request. Congratulations.
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Vote for Me

Yall have always known me, been right there by your side,
And thats exactly why...You should VOTE FOR ME.
You all shop at the same stores as me, I've seen you in the line
And again, at the same places we go to eat...there's nothing to decide.
You should VOTE FOR ME and you know why!

We know what we want for our own country & know what it needs*VOTEFORME*
So we're campaigning on every road & street, because we believe:
it's time for our nation to be the way it's supposed to be,
and we're not gonna make the same mistakes like those before me.

I promise to give the poor money, and lower your tax
Everyone will have a J-O-B, credits cards, loans & cash
A brand new house with a lawn so green, and a car so fast
Cheap, reliable & free engergy, and students can have shorter class

I'll make you wealthy, Make you healthy,
Feed the hungry, Save the country,
I'll give you land, Shake your hand,
Govern Millions, Love your childrens,
I'll stop the war, Make prices lower,
Go to church, Build Heaven on Earth,
No foreign firms, Domestic first,
We are the best, They are the worst.

So please go stand in line, make a sign
Come & reach, hear my speech.
Let your pockets do the talking
One donation and the world is changing,
two or three, then we can beat them
Send your checks, send your cash,
or they'll turn our country into trash,
put signs on your grass and wave your flags,
hurry and VOTE FOR ME, time is running out fast,
We love Amalgmia, we're the best it has.

I promise if you vote for me, I'll take time every week,
to visit you, where ever you may be, to help everyone in the country!
I'll paint your house, Graze your cows,
Thresh your wheat, Shear your sheep,
Raise your barns, Rake your yards,
Get your cat out of a tree, VOTE FOR ME.
I'll open doors, Sing background on tours,
Kick your mules, Drive car-pool,
Do the chores, Sand the floor,
Pick the kids up after school,
I'll make us free of our countries past guilts and crimes.
We'll achieve diplomacy without compromise

I believe in government transparency
at no risk to national security.
I believe in freedom of expression
and maintaining conservative responsibilty.
And the rights of all the people protected
by consensus and constitutionality
I would only wage a defensive war on enemies
in the name of humanity and stability

dont you worry, you can trust me, yall know me;
I'm honest, openly, completely and totally
I'm the last and only hope for our country,
so please VOTE FOR ME.

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Thankfulness: the opposite of complaining
This isn’t going to come easily, it will take a little training
It’s the concept of being content with all that we own
And being grateful for all the love that God has shown
We so often think that our lives are so rough
Because we are so focused on getting, because we think we don’t have enough
But stop and take a look around
You’re sitting alive in luxury safe and sound
We really don’t understand how fortunate we are
We have food, water, a house, and usually more than one car
There are millions upon millions of people less fortunate
People that we don’t share our fortune with
There are people out there who have absolutely nothing
And this is for real, I’m not bluffing
They’re not sure where they are going to get their next meal
Take a minute and imagine how that must feel
C’mon, let that sink in
And that’s only one place I can begin
So many people are completely broke, struggling to survive, have failing health, live in way, and have nowhere to live
And you’re trying to say that YOU have nothing to give?
We sit here in our beautiful homes, brand new clothes, full of food, iphone in hand
While there are people out there who are too sick and weak to stand
Now to this, how are we going to react? Cause this sure isn’t fiction, it’s 100% fact
Are we going to ignore this and just sit around?
Are we comfortable just sitting in the background?
I say as children of God we need to take action
We need to get out there, not being swayed by every little distraction
Serving and giving generously to others doesn’t follow “The American Dream”
But maybe that’s not the right way to live, as though it may seem
I say it’s time for us to lay down our pride
Are you going to serve? It’s your turn to decide
We are all one body, we all have the same worth
That’s true for all the people here on earth
By Jesus we are called to love and not just sit around
Cause when we die, we don’t want to be just another corpse in the ground
In James chapter one we are called to serve the orphans and widows in their distress
We know exactly what to do, we don’t need to guess
Now this subject I really want to address
And my feelings, I want to express
If we were really thankful for all that we own
We would be OK to step out of our comfort zone
And if we are truly grateful
We would serve others in any way we are able
By doing this, we express our care for those who need it
That we can go out and DO something, we actually believe it
I may have just rambled on, but I wanted to make a point
But now you know my personal viewpoint
Now I’m not just talking to you, this also applies to me
So often I don’t fill the role I was called to be
But I believe that thankfulness isn’t just an emotion, it requires action to make it true
So now here’s the big question, what are you going to do?
Are you going to get out there or continue to stand on the sideline?
Are you going to be absolutely thankful or continue to whine?
You can try to convince yourself that people are fine
But think about it while on that $50 meal you dine
You can help change a life for pennies a day
That’s right, only one dollar a month you have to pay
“Dollar for the Poor” is an organization that’s making a change
Only one dollar a month? That just sounds strange
But it’s true, they’re making an impact
What if we all heard this and could properly react? One dollar a month and you can change a life
For that little donation, you can save someone from a cycle of strife
But it’s not just about money, it’s also about giving your time
This is real talk, not just a pantomime
There are so many things we aren’t thankful for every day
What if all of it was suddenly stripped away? Could we still be thankful and love God without all our stuff?
Will his constant love and providing actually be enough?
Our thankfulness shouldn’t be based off our prosperity or wealth
We so often blame God when loved ones have failing health
We should be thankful for the lives that we already live
Because God’s perfect gift of salvation is the best anyone can give
So don’t forget today, offer God your true thanks for life and your daily bread
Because apart from him, we would be left for dead

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A Candy Coated Jesus

Why is it that we always try
To candy coat the truth.
We treat our congregations like
Impressionable youth.

We let them think they do enough
In following their goal,
By tending to their own affairs,
And saving their own soul.

But anyone can save themselves,
For if such deeds sufficed,
A lighter path would have been walked,
By those who followed Christ.

Prophets would not share prophesies,
No saints would risk their lives.
Paul would have told the faithful few
To go home to their wives.

But that was not the road they walked,
They shared God's truth, and grace.
They did not build THEMSELVES a church,
Nor tarry in one place.

They were as free upon the earth
As animals and birds.
They roamed the world, in search of souls
Who wished to hear their words.

They didn't candy coat the truth,
Or promise salvation,
In order to inspire the crowd
To make a donation.

For the truth had made them wealthy,
Their spirits full of light.
While the world saw only beggars,
They were rich in God's sight.

They did all that was asked of them,
They carried our Lord's flame.
And if this task was asked of you,
Could you have done the same?

That question was rhetorical,
We both know you could not.
You'd have to give up everything...
Your life, and all you've got.

It's easy using empty words,
To boast of things we'd do.
IF one day the Lord should choose
To chart this course for you.

But if we do not have such faith,
Would Jesus even ask,
If He knew it would prevent us
From completing the task?

The truth is...we don't do enough,
To walk the righteous path.
We think our ways will lead to grace,
When they might lead to wrath.

Put your candy coated Jesus,
And pretenses away.
If you don't face the truth right now,
You will...on Judgment Day.